Friday, June 29, 2007

"The Buddhist" launches today

The channel known as "The Buddhist" is said to launch today on Dialog TV. This will be the first religious channel to be introduced on Dialog TV and is part of the two religious channels that are planned on Dialog TV, the second channel being God TV.

The entire studio for this channel which is situated at the Sri Sambodhi Viharaya has been donated by the father of DTH in Sri Lanka, Mr. Muhunthan Canagey former CEO and founder of CBNsat (now Dialog TV) and technical expertise has been provided by Dialog TV.

Most new channels except the Star Package are expected to be available by tomorrow and the Star Package probably during the first two weeks of July.

We are unable to ascertain on which package the channel will be available though. We hope that all our fellow bloggers will update this blog on the latest happenings regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


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arnold perera said...

What to do, other then these religious channels for all other channels you have to upgrade to 1400/- package.

cableguy said...

Thats great news! I am very much looking forward to Pay-per-View channels.
This is exciting news.

And thanks for the caution on 850+ package software update(for the additional channels)

Hope you figured out your Ad Aware problem. I have also had many problems with it, but I use it because it helps a lot to run my laptop faster.(esp startup and shutdown)

cbnsatcustomer said...

Still no changes except "SRTV" now changed to "SR--TV".

alf said...




cable said...


Will DTV Technical guys do anything
about the pixelisation now it's evident in CNN & sometimes HBO

Is 18 channels per transponder too much? i was looking at the Dish Transponder usage in lyngsat and some transponders they have crammed 20 channels but in other transponders only 12-13 channels are present.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

To disable mcafee right click tray icon and choose disable as soorapappa said. If that option is greyed out, right click tray icon and open virusscan console.
There will be a choice called 'Access protection'. right click that and open properties. Untick 'prevent mcafee services from being stopped'. Ok and close the console.

Now right click tray icon and choose disable.

riky said...

Thanks LST.

Gamini said...


they have started to give bhisduist tv i think. For like 5 mins it was there. They were showing the proggramme which is shown in rupavahini now.

Gamini said...

sorry!! it was in the SR TV channel. They have changed the name now. Do a rescan and see.

cbnsatcustomer said...

yes but picture appears from time to time.

cable said...

Further to my posts above reagrding channels per transponder in Tata Sky there are only 12-15 channels per transponder so we have

Dish TV - varies 20 -13
Tata Sky - 12-15
DTV - 18

will we be stuck with pixelisation?

Hanees said...
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Hanees said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hanees said...



Lisura said...

Dear AMD,

Please don't show you are a premature baby !

TechnoGuy said...

The Buddhist
Yes, the channel is now working. But the sound keeps dissappearing and the test card appears from time to time. But anyway, its there. THey are still testing. It should up and done by tomorrow for Poson.

This channel gives Dialog TV the ability to add whatever religious channel they want with immunity from the government idiots. Becuase if the governemnt tells to stop broadcasting religious channels, they will be in deep shit with the people mainly for deleting the Buddhist channel. And if they tell to remove all religious channels except the Buddhist one, they will still be in shit. So ultimately it is good for Dialog TV.

And many thanks to good old Mr. Canagey. Even though the government caused him to lose his position at CBNsat and sell the company, he still shows that he has forgiven them by gifting this channel to the country.

So let give
THREE CHEERS FOR MR. MUTHUNATHAN CANAGEY! For such respect for other religions and his good heart. HE was also the TRUE father of DTH in Sri Lanka.

Religious Channels
The religious channels are likely to end up in the lower package. Becuase normally in other satellites they are Free to Air.

@ cable
Yes DishTV channel amounts ange from 12 to 20 or so. This is one point where Tata Sky wins over DishTV.

DishTV locates channels in a rather biased way.

The channels like Zee (which belong to them), and other channels with no problem for them are spread out carefully to give good quality.

The channels like STAR, belonging to their rivals like Tata, are put in to more populated transponders. This results in lower quality of such channels, sometimes worse than DTV. This is mainly to promote the Zee channels. But in many cases it results in DishTV losing their own customers!

If the above is not correct, I cannot think actually why they do not spread out the channels equally among the transponders they have.

@ Riky
Thanks for all the information.

Out of the topic of this blog, sorry!
Actually I just realised, the truth is I never us any self-installed security software.

Only Windows Firewall (and Windows Defender on Vista).

But surprisingly my computer has never been attacked by viruses or anything! I have never had any problems. How could that be?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

hey can anyone let me know if there is any pixelisation on DTV now with 3rd transponder and so on?

How does DTV look on a 29" TV?

Yeah technoguy is correct dishtv allocates transponders in a retarded way they have their zee crap beaming with 4MBPS bandwidth allocated for each (only worthwhile channels from zee are zee cafe and zee studio) and good channels in Star package such as Toon Disney at 1Mbps.

Anyways dialog too has some channels beaming at 0.5Mbps bandwidth so some pixelisation must be there.
Check here:
Do they use compression?

TechnoGuy said...

@ Lightning Struck Tower
TP3 has higher pixelation that other channels at the moment. I doubt it will be fixed by tomorrow or 1st July. When fast movements occur, the picture is hardly seen in TP3 test channels.

I have a 31" TV, and the pixelation is clearly seen from close. But once you go about 5 feet back, the pixelation is less evident.

Dialog TV uses Scopus Video compression in MPEG-2. But I doubt they have actually allocated exact bandwidths for each channel. The channels just take whatever they need according to the quality setting given. Thats why the bandwidh keeps going up and down. On other DTH providers, the range bandwidth change is less.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"When fast movements occur, the picture is hardly seen in TP3 test channels."

The same thing happens with low bandwidth channels on dishtv. For example, when a fight is going on, all we can see is brick sized pixels covering the screen if channel bandwidth is in the 0-1 Mbps range. I think they have installed some new compression technology recently coz now even channels beamed at 1.5MBps show little or no pixelisation on a 29" tv. They have somehow managed to clutter one transponder with 25 channels with most channels having good quality. Anyways it still seems to be in testing stages.

I saw an article on web about MPEG-4 compression for DTH. It is said that with MPEG-4 you can carry double the amount of channels in one TP than with MPEG-2. The only drawback of switching to this tech is that all existing STBs will have to be replaced with MPEG-4 compatible ones. So i dont think existing DTH providers will go for MPEG-4 anytime soon.

TechnoGuy said...

MPEG-4 compression is better than MEPG-2, definitely. But as you said, it won't be coming near us any time soon.

But Dialog TV can launch HDTV using MPEG-4 to save a LOT of bandwidth. It will definitely be worth!

American DirecTV and Dish Network are already giving HD channels in MPEG-4. They are also planning to convert SD (normal) channels to MPEG-4 as well, within this year or the next.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Arent there Discovery HD channels on Intelsat 12?

By the way, does anyone know whether Star Cricket will be added on Dialogv? Ricky?

I head EspnStar is going to charge 25-30 Indian Rupees per subscriber for that channel. But it holds the broadcast rights to many upcoming cricket encounters so i think it will be worth it.

riky said...


I did install the script/disabled macafee/rebooted and then tried to uninstall ad aware 2007,but the problem persists and continue to give "error 1720",Please inform of any other option.

Star Cricket is defeneitly on their plans and its a possibility with TP -4,(If launched,) any how they are positive on that.

riky said...


If there are any new channels which you think are good and feel should be in the DTV line up,Can you please mail those to LISURA at the subscriber unite.

KIDO-CMB said...

Tri Nation Kick-OFF Rugby
Today Match: 30-06-07

All Blacks vs Australia Wallabies

Local Time: 3.30pm
Australian Time: 8pm

Catch the action on ABC Network

cbnsatcustomer said...

Will they add new channels today?

Are they planning to add Disney channels,DW and TV5onde channels?


KIDO-CMB said...

The latest season of the International hit television series is will be telecast on ARTV from July onwards.

For More details:
Prison Break

Thanura said...

@ riky,
Do u think da IRD upgrade will be available from 1st july, like the new channels.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Download ad remove Pro and remove ad aware with that. The issue you are facing is a common one and is acknowledged by Lavasoft.

Ad-Remove Pro:

And i did forward my request (to add Boomerang SE Asia) to subscribers unite. thanks.

AMD said...

@ Lisura

May i know which comment of mine ur reffering 2 ?

alf said...




riky said...


I did download ad remove pro and did it even then it shows the same error then i deleted the entry but the files are sill intact.

There is a big demand for bloomberg from financial institutions and they were seriously lookking at it,but for some reason it has not worked out,LISURA will defeneitly make it a case for TP -04

riky said...


Sorry,you were refering to Boomerang the cartoon channel,Isnt it a DISH Tv exclusive channel?

I dont think Disney,They had the plan of having them from the CBNsat days,But they now feel they have enough of cartoon content,DW and the French channel are a possibility with TP -4.

I am not sure on the first but they will do it very soon,when the software is checked and confirmed by iderto.

Vishkid said...

Hi can any of you who hv the old 850/- package, watch buddhist or abc today?

For me both are scrambled.

But I can see neo+ along with SET and SAB.

Is tomorrow the big launch day????

TechnoGuy said...

I sent my new channel list to Subscribers Unite.

Reliance Magic DTH and Sun DTH are going to use MPEG-4 for their broadcasting. Just found out of

Gamini said...


i have a small problem regarding this new package.( Rs. 100/=)
According to my knowledge they are giving the local channels, al jazeera and the zee package for it. My question that is it worth buying? Bcoz all of them are free to air channels. If some one buys an fta decorder he would be able to watch those channels plus more channels for free. Dunno wheather there is any sence with the new package.

@ riky

are they going to give DD sports too? are they giving the new channels (exept star package) today?

pls comment.....

TechnoGuy said...

The Buddhist channel is now working together with sound. They are repeating yesterday's Opening Ceremony.

The Buddhist will be carrying out TEST TRANSMISSION for the next 3 months or so. This is to fix technical problems and sort out the programming.

I'm sure it will be a good channel, with the backing of Dialog TV and Mr. Canagey.

Dimu said...

Is the channel"The Buddhist" an exclusive channel to Dialog TV? According to th newspaper ad on yesterday's papers the channel's vission is to bring the Buddhism to the world.
But if it is a Dialog TV exclusive channel, even the pepole fallen in to the footprint of Intelsat 12 salellite can't watch it.

I think if the channel vision is to bring the Buddhism to the world, then it should be available in other satellites or atlease available FTA on Intelsat 12.

cableguy said...


I sent the channel list through the Blog Admin. Let me know when you get it.


Priyantha De Silva said...

now, received a Mail information that Buddhist TV will begin at 5.00 pm today. see...

Lasa said...

Guys i can view all channels now. Seems DTv is keeping there word. I couldn't see any test channels till today morning around 1:30(i have 1400 package). But while i was watching a movie channel seach happened automatically and after it ended all the test channels(ten sports, Hallmark, HBO Hits, Neo Sports, Buddhist etc.) was there. Cool...

TechnoGuy said...

Yes, I noticed the channel search. Now all channels have the proper names. Everyone has the channels. Maybe they are providing us all with a preview for promotion of packages.

I really wish there was more patience by bloggers around here. Nevermind, now that the channels are here.

And The Buddhist started showing yesterday's opening ceremony again at 5.00 pm as notified by the message. I'm interested to see what they will broadcast.

Good Job DTV!

@ Dimu
Maybe the channel is already available on another satellite free to air. Because people in Thailand, Burma and other Buddhist countries would have been able to watch the opening ceremony yesterday.

I hope cable television providers in other countries also broadcast The Buddhist on their networks so that Buddhist people and others do not need a seperate satellite dish to view the channel.

hsjaya said...

Mates Lets congratulate and wish all the best for DTV.

We konw that you have tried your best to give something good for customers during past month. Today it has become reality.

So DTV We are happy for what you are doing for DTV customers.

We congratulate everyone in DTV.

Free-man said...

I'm playing the waiting game and haven't yet switched over from CBN pkg. to the DTV pkg. till DTV sorts out the channels. I can see Neo Sports plus already.

TechnoGuy said...

It was all a matter of patience.

Some, like I, could not wait till today. So we upgraded to the DTV package.

But the old CBNsat customers also receive the new channels.

Nevermind, it was only Rs. 25/=. But also I was the idiot talking about patience without practising what I preach.

arnold perera said...

Could you please tell me the highest package at LBN?
Then you will understand what i mean by comparing the DTV and LBN for the channel prices concerned.

TechnoGuy said...

@ arnold perera


LBN is a cable based network. Cable networks are cheap to implement and maintain. But they cover only a limited area and are subject to disasters on land.

Dialog TV is a satellite network. Satellite network are expensive and the cost of a transponder per year is around US$100 million. But it covers a large area and is not affected by problems on Earth.

Therefore it is clear that LBN can provide around 70 channels at Rs. 1100/= for the highest package.

Dialog TV charges Rs. 1400/= for the highest package to cover costs of satellite and channels.


MERINO said...


I am also a 850 package user i have only 2 hindi and neo plus

MERINO said...

i am very much disappointed with dtv regarding tamil channel first they say they will lounch tamil channel in april then june they said but nothing happend, now they say another 2 week time, but 2 day one customer care person said they will lounch tamil channel 2 day buy.......

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Ad remove pro removes most of registry entries associated with the software.
But it may leave the system service running. To remove this, type 'msconfig' in the run dialog box (Star menu).
Navigate to the 'Services' tab.
Tick 'Hide all Microsoft services' button at the bottom.
Untick any ad aware service if it's mentioned in the services list.
Ok and close the window.

Boomerang SE Asia is not a Dishtv exclusive. It's available in Hong Kong as well.

Thanks for the info about mpeg4.

Is there heavy pixelisation on POGO in DTV? Only 0.5Mbps bandwidth is allocated to POGO!

bank_dude said...


"They had the plan of having them from the CBNsat days,But they now feel they have enough of cartoon content"

Macho I don't think they have enough cartoon channels. Animax is not fit with ours, POGO has mix programs less cartoons and more hindi stuff. Only cartoon channels we have is CN. But none of above show Disney cartoon which I beleave has wonderful for kids as well as us. I would very much appreciate if they stop introducing more hindi crap and bring channels like Disney, Boomberg into DTV lineup.

By the way DTV CS agents are lieing like nothing. I'm trying to change my package from 1375/= to 1400/= from Friday morning. Every time they say it will be ok in 5hrs. Finally yesterday evening they say, since Sat & Sun are holidays, package change will be done on Monday. Sucks.

hsjaya said...

Hi Mates, Good Morning,

Could you pl let us knows what are the cahannells available for OLD CBN customer's pkgs.( for500, 850 and 1375/-)
after channell launch.(30 june 2007 )

Is everyybody getting evry thing after June 30th. Are there restrictions.?

Could any one who are using old cbn pkgs inform about the new channells availabilty

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

ya ricky,
i agree with what band_dude said.

POGo is becoming increasingly hindi infected. Nick has only few shows not dubbed in Hindi. Even CN is beginning to show indian made cartoons about their goddamn history.

On the other hand, even the Indian feed of 'Toon Disney' has very less hindi content. Others are original Disney programming.

And Disney Channel (other one) is not all about cartoons. Majority of its shows comprise of live action programming and Disney Movies. However the indian feed of this channel has about 40% indian made hindi bullshit programs in its lineup. But the rest are worth it (specially Disney movies)

If DTV can get hold of the asian feed, that would be great. Otherwise even the Indian ones are ok.

Ishan said...

Hi guys

What happened to Fashion TV?

Aren't they going to give FTV?

Today is 1st July so far no sign of new channels!

SetMax is not working the now (who cares ha)

riky said...


Thanks i did what you said and deleted the files manualy.

Yes even i have noticed that most of the POGO programmes are on hindi,we will try to make a case of it through the DSU and Boomarang is supposed to be advertisment free,Is it?

Priyantha De Silva said...

Muhunthan donates a Buddhist TV channel

Former Chief Executive Officer of the CBNSat; Muhunthan Canagey donated the Country’s first Buddhist television channel to Ven Welamitiyave Kusaladamm thera recently.
Explaining the objective behind the new channel he said that it was a dream that has become a reality and had been in the plans of CBNSat for many years, however it was delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.
“We wanted to launch a Buddhist channel on the platform; but subsequently with the political interference into the CBNSAT, mostly known to many as the CBNSAT fiasco, the project had to be almost abandoned with my moving out of the organisation and having sold-out the shareholding to Dialog Telekom. The Ven Welamitiyave Kusaladamm thera was one person who was keen over this idea. So, we have donated a complete channel with state-of- the-art equipment. In fact, this is the first ever HD studio in Sri Lanka,” Muhunthan told the LAKBIMAnEWS FEB ,

The channel will be available across the whole of South Asia on KU band and some southern parts of China; with the idea to make it a global Buddhist channel with multilingual features so that each region will benefit from it. Sri Lankans can have free access to the channel through Dialog TV.
“My focus of the Buddhist channel was to enlighten the rich cultural, art, education, and teachings of The Buddha; which was quite important for people to know the facts beyond what they have been seeing in the past. I mean, not the political ones that they usually see on local media. There are temples in countries, like Thailand doing so much towards nature conservation programs; monasteries in Tibet, overlooking the Himalayan mountain ranges. Therefore, these great cultural sites should be shown to the Sri Lankan Buddhists particularly,” he added.
-------Lakbima News

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"Boomarang is supposed to be advertisment free,Is it?"

Yeah mate it's commercial free.

And guys,
if you have any movies which you would like to download, post here.

We're running out of movies lol.

Dimu said...

"The channel will be available across the whole of South Asia on KU band and some southern parts of China"

In what satellite tis channel available for those countries?

Gamini said...


what channels are to come before the star package? are they hoping to do the software upgrade soon?

(u know, after the upgrade i'm not getting colours to my second tv, and it realy sucks. lol.)

pls help...

TechnoGuy said...

Sunday Observer - 1st July 2007 - Page 31



Pease of mind to all


Muhunthan Canagey has gifted the nation its first Buddhist TV channel.
This exemplary act that has crossed religious and ethnic boundaries fulfils the true aspirations of Sri Lankans.

'The Budddhist' was formally launched on June 29th at 3.00 p.m. at Sri Lanka Sambodhi Viharaya, Gregory's Road, Col-7.

"Go now and wander for the welfare and happiness of many, out of compassion for the world, for the gain, welfare and happiness of gods and men...proclaim the Dhamma" - The Buddha


This is a copy of the original fullpage article, together with the bold and italic letters. It also had a picture of Mr. Canagey handing over the deeds of the land to the priests. The first time I actually saw Mr. Canagey.

TechnoGuy said...

Sunday Times - July 1st 2007 - Page ?


Sri Lanka gets its first Buddhist TV channel

The first Buddhist TV channel in Sri Lanka, “The Buddhist” was launched at the the Sri Sambodhi Vihara in Colombo on Friday. The channel went on the air yesterday on Dialog satellite TV to coincide with the Poson poya day and is telecast from a state-of-the-art studio at the Sri Sambodhi Vihara donated by Mr. Muhunthan Canagey former CEO and founder of CBNSat (now Dialog TV) with technical expertise provided by Dialog TV.

Speaking on the occasion, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that with the introduction of this channel, Sri Lanka will be able to take the message of Buddhism all over the world as well as inculcate proper values in the younger generation in the country.

“One Poson Poya day more than 2,000 years ago, Mahinda Thera brought the message of Buddhism to our land. Today, using modern technology, we can send out this message to the entire world,” he said.

This channel is the first religious channel on Dialog TV and the first out of a total of two religious channels planned, the other channel being God TV.


So GOD TV is definite. This once more defines Riky's position and truth teller.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Buddhist television channel launched

By Dilrukshi Handunnetti

As Sri Lanka launched the world's first ever Buddhist television channel on June 29, the day prior to Poson Full Moon day, it is perhaps a quirk of fate that it is completely funded by a businessman once vilified by the same government for being an LTTE sympathiser.

Sri Lanka's first Buddhist television channel, 'The Buddhist' was ceremonially launched by President Mahinda Rajapakse on Friday.

The channel can be accessed via satellite and will be operational from 7a.m to 4 p.m daily.

According to those who are behind this channel, the first Buddhist TV channel will not be traditional.

The trilingual programme content is specially designed to promote Buddhist culture and overall spirituality, according to the team behind the project.

Why a special TV channel for religious propagation? According to Muhunthan Canagey who financed the entire project, it is to promote Buddhist culture taking into consideration that Buddhism is the foremost religion practiced in Sri Lanka.

According to those handling programme content, it will be an independent television channel catering to 'every possible Buddhist spiritual need.' They promise a lot of Discovery Channel programmes on Buddhist heritage being included.

'The Buddhist' is a channel that evolved to its present stage. According to the initial discussions, the idea was to create a 'God Channel' to promote Christian spirituality. It next got expended to all four main faiths and finally settled for a channel exclusively catering to the Buddhist identity.

Interestingly enough, it was the owner of Sonic Net Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Muhunthan Canagey who ran the successful CBN Sat cable TV channel who invested Rs. 45 million in the project. CBN Sat was promptly closed under special orders over a year ago for alleged links with the LTTE.

Canagey had a tough time with the authorities when CBN Sat was first shut down denying satellite TV to over 30,000 subscribers over allegations of being linked to the LTTE. The dispute ended up in court with both CBN Sat and LBN, another cable TV service receiving rough treatment. At the end, Canagey sold his company to Dialog TV which at that point had some 30,000 subscribers.

A year later, the dynamics have completely changed. With the intervention of a respected Buddhist monk, Ven. Welamitiyawe Kusaladhamma Thero of the Sambuddha Vihara assisting the project in a big way, President Mahinda Rajapakse has given his fullest blessings for the channel.

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse has paid visits to the Gregory's Road temple to help get the channel off the ground speedily.

Amaris said...

To TechnoGuy:

Regarding your reply to someone called arnold perera....

>Dialog TV is a satellite network. >Satellite network are expensive >and the cost of a transponder per >year is around US$100 million. >But it covers a large area and is >not affected by problems on Earth.

US$100 million = SL Rs. 11 billion

DTV has 3 transponders now. So are they paying 33 BILLION rupees to the satellite's owners as rental per year?

On the other hand lets say DTV gets 1500/- per customer per month. If we assume that they have 25,000 customers thier annual turnover is Rs. 450 million. Who's going to pay the balance? the Police?

Machang in your eagerness to defend your company, you seem to have got your zeros wrong!!!


>Therefore it is clear that LBN >can provide around 70 channels at >Rs. 1100/= for the highest >package.
>Dialog TV charges Rs. 1400/= for >the highest package to cover >costs of satellite and channels.

If the end product is the same then isn't it wiser to go for the cheaper option if you have a choice??
Who cares how much the company spends to bring you the service and WHO ELSE is covered? If your house is covered isn't that all we need as a customer?

Priyantha De Silva said...

Good Morning...

Here is Dialog Tv's JULY Schedule. Nearly 30 channels included.

In last month, nearly 300 downloads. Again, Only to share my personal DTV schedule of the month with you. See it.there are 2 links to down load. Click one of them.



(It's a ZIP file. After the download, you must Unzip it.Only for ones who don't know to use Winzip.))

1. Click the Download Button
2. Select "Save to Disk"
3. Unzip the file to get the Excel Sheet

cbnsatcustomer said...

One transponder cost per annum should be less than 1 million USD according to some satellite related websites I have seen.

riky said...

There seem to be some technical complications with the new channels (freezing) and the delay in launching of channels is due to that.HBO family will come up in the next couple of days and NDTV and Star Package after that.

hsjaya said...

Hi Priyantha,

Thanks for your DTV July schedule.

This is somethig DTV marketing buggars should be doing to show us they are doing " INNOVATIVE MARKETING".

They are still having June 2007 schedule in their web site.


Any way thanks for your efforts.

Looser said...


What happened to FTV?

NDTV is an Indian News Channel and it is useless for us.

Looser said...


Thank you

I was looking for this

TERRY said...

@ cbnsatcustomer,

Your asumption is correct the transponder cost for DTV is around one million dollers per anum(Each transponder)

riky said...


Officialy they have it and may launch when they have pay per view,and thats to avoid the complications arising from giving it to differant packages,with the above it would be given on the request of the customer at his discretion.

Vishkid said...

Hi Guys - after 30th and channel search. I can only see the Buddhist, SET & SAB (only once in a while when pixelization is minimal :D) and Neo+ from the new channels.

Can any CBNSat 850 customer confirm if it's any different to them.

And DTV 900 customers, what new channels can you see today?

Also the whole day yesterday SET Max was showing test stripes. Any idea why?

Yesterday on sunday papers there was an ad by DTV promoting the slashed installation price. But they hv made no mention of any new channel there (only about ESPN, STAR, HBO and HBO Signature - which are already there). So I guess the channels are still on test and the official launch is sometime away.

Riky, any idea when?

Waruna said...

@ Ricky,
Do you know what old 1375/= CBNSat Customers are going to get for their package?.

CN said...


My first post in the DialogTV forum, though as an ex-cometcable customer for around 7 years, have several posts in the Cometcable forum under another alias.

I wonder if some of the senior DTV bloggers could kindly help me out... I got 2 DTV connections, one of which at my parent's house, outstation. Their remote packed up recently. My father tried to "repair" it n sorta ruined it :)

1) Hence, can these remotes be found in Pettah?

2) Is there a way to enter the installation mode (9949) without the remote? I need to re-scan my parent's decoder, to get them the latest channels.

I can use my remote, but wont be going to visit them for a few more weeks...

Jesika said...


The DialogTV official lunch was 30th June.
But what was the difference? only names test changed to channels name?
Have they lunch any new channels that day?
Even there website shows old lineup !!

Looser said...



Are their any health education channel available. It will be great if DTV can get a health channel on their platform

Becuase we don't have that kind of channel. Not even DishTv or Tatasky

soorapappa said...

Regarding cartoon channels. Most of the guys told right. I think boomerang is a good channel and it will add good variation to DTV toon lineup. Because it shows good 3D animation movies(like bugs life) as well. I'm also not even switch Animax (too bad).

I'm also looking forward to pay per view. Do you have any rough idea about when will it be available ?

bank_dude said...


You can purchase an additional remote from DTV head office @ Kotahena. I bought one and it costs me around 1200/=. I'm not sure whether remotes are available in Pettah.

As per my knowledge, you cannot enter 9949 without a remote

hush said...

i am on the old 1375 packages and only bhuddist, neo plus, sab and set is visible for me.

CN said...

Thks for your feedback bank_dude to my July 2, 2007 9:47 AM

riky said...

They didnt launch officialy as planned on the 30th due the technical problems encountered in some of the channels under the test mode.

Once launched,850/- will have to move on to 900/- and they will keep pogo and espn and the 900/-,As per 1375/- they will have to move to 1400/- and will get all channels.

They will have pay per view very soon after the launch of channels(say around the 15th with all channels) and they will have HBO family in about 2-3 days as posted previously.

arnold perera said...

@ TechnoGuy
When i talked about the price, I ask in the name of customers. Dialog also provides Sat mobile phones for high price which can be used any where in the world, it doesn’t mean that all are going to throw the GSM and go for the costly Sat phones.
Don't be foolish to think that high cost is the best solution. If DTV has to compete with other services providers, then have to cut the price also.

soorapappa said...

Thanks a lot Riky,

One small question. Will there any restriction for this pay per view or can we choose any channel (by paying extra) ?

arnold perera said...

Amaris, i was trying to tell the samething you have mention, its the "Cheap" that will be the matter not the way it will be delivered.
If DTV says they are getting customers, then they can reduce the prices just like how they did for mobile calls

cable said...

heavy pixelation yesterday on NEO sports & Neo Sports Plus leading to E48 No signal error during the broadcasting of the India Vs South Africa match. Luckily The picture was ok during the end stages

Even comet was showing the match from DD sports without any signal loss. This is really not acceptable by DTV They should get their act together. from a few days back HBO is also experiencing a minor amount of pixelization

Rather than going for new channels we should first persuade DTV to sort out the pixilation issue and then give Star Package can we have a poll here to find out what are the issues affecting DTV customers and their priority on which should be solved first

We can then make a summary and e-mail it to subscribers Unite for further persual.I will go first with my issues according to their priorities (higest 1,lowest 3)

1. Sort out the pixelation issue
2. Introduce Star Package
3. New Channels

AMD said...

1. Sort out pixelation issue - esp
Neo channels.
2. Introduce Star package
3. Introduce other new planned

TERRY said...

As rikey said they have identified the problems and continuesly working on it, thats why they didnt have the launch as planned.

And i dont think DTV will change their plans of adding the Star Channels last just reading the comments,as a person named Laksiri Fernando has sacrified the credibility of the blig to gain peronal favours from DTV.

cableguy said...


Thank You very much for all your hard work in putting that EXCEL sheet together. I can see that it is getting better and better. Its a fantastic guide and an all-in-one document for easy reference.

DTV should take note(or take Priyantha's file) and make a nice monthly schedule available on their website. The printed version is OK but each month the channel lineup changes.

Keep up your good voluntary work Priyantha. We all very much appreciate your kind services.

CN said...


I got addicted to Star World n Star Movies during my Comet years, but the past few months without it has been rather tough (after I disposed my Comet in early '07). I was considering getting DishTV from Telecave just to bridge the Star channels, but then decided that was not worth it @ 19,200 + 1200 monthly. As LBN is not in my area, the only option I see is DialogTV to rope it in...

1) Is there a definite date (dumb question...?) for the Star Package launch on DialogTV? Many bloggers speculate mid-July?

2) Any reliable information on Disney, Sky channels, or other Discovery channels coming in?

cableguy said...


Thanks for the update on the technical difficulties over the weekend. These things do happen, and I urge everyone to be patient until they sort things out.

Two Questions for you Riky
1. Did you get my Channel list from the admin?
2. I have the old CBN 850 pckge(and I trust it will be moved to the 900 pckge with ESPN, POGO and some new channels. Apart from this, the only channel that I am craving for is STAR WORLD. Is STAR WORLD a channel that maybe available in Pay-per-View?

Once again keep thanks and keep up the good work you doing on this blog.

riky said...


1.Admin will send it to the subscriber unite and i'll check with them (they will take it up from there)

2.Two star channels are supposed to be included in the 900/- package and will revert with the details once i get any confirmation.

3.They have not realy marked out, what will be availble on pay per view as yet,Once they roll out the plan we will be able to get some sort of information.

Dude said...


Hope you and the others had a good weekend.

Any idea when God TV will be introduced. Will it be b4 or after Star Package.

I too think NDTV is useless for us. Bloomberg would have been a better choice. In addition Disney and Toon Disney is a must.

AMD said...

@ Priyantha,

Tks for ur detailed schedule.

I think there is a mistake in the tensports line up. it says:

2007/07/03 07:30
Sri Lanka v Bangladesh 2nd Test
Day 1 1st Session

The match cant be starting at 07.30, it should be 09.30.
can u check pls,


Hanees said...



IS IT CORRECT ????????????????

soorapappa said...

Welcome to the blog cn !

I'm also a Comet user previously (before my assignment in Scotland) and enjoyed ESPN, TEN, STAR SPORTS along with Star movies and star plus very much (all these for about 1200). But after coming back I've decided to get DTV (since comet is still not digital and their future is not very clear and DTV promised star package and pay per view).

But DTV don't have ESPN, TEN (and seems like Star movies and star world also) for 900 (1035 total) package. So I'm much disappointed and the only hope now is for pay per view (I don't like to pay 1600+ since 20+ channels I don't watch at all). Most of my friends (also got comet connection with me) needs to change to DTV, but they also worried about the above reason.

cable said...


Can you explain how this laksiri fernando got (what)personal favors from DTV and how the credibility of the blog was sacrified? As far as i know this blog dosent belong to any
one particular person (maybe expect for the admin) and i am bewildered as to how this laksiri could discredit it? and by discredit do you mean this blog has been discredited in the opnion of DTV Call Center people?

As you seem to have some sort of connection with DTV can you give a time - frame on when these pixelation issues will be sorted i am asking because every day its "problems have been identified and they are working on it" from the date the 3rd transponder was launched

soorapappa said...

not star plus ... star world in above post ... :-) Star plus is a hindi crap.

CN said...

Yes Soorapappa, sorta figured that out :) Star plus is only channel-surfing fodder IMHO too...

DialogTV seems to be the only stable/risk free option these days (the only exception being if you are living in an LBN coverage area and not expecting much in value added services, or gutsy enough to go with Dish...)

Anyway, most of us who used Comet had no choice but to "migrate", but having studied this blog since the CBNSat days, its obvious Dialog/ex-CBN staff read this. Hence the importance & gravity of getting Star into their lineup should be obvious. Sincerely hope it doesn't take till mid-July though...

AMD said...

@ Riky, tks for all ur info.

Do u know when they are planning to launch the EPG for the ZEE channels, at least for CAFE & Studio ?


cableguy said...

Thanks Riky

Will wait for your details, whenever you are able to share it.

Roshan said...

The dtv connection is only 12,000 which is good. but they say if you have a gsm connection , all your outstandinds has to be settled. does this mean that after getting DTV if you fail to pay your phone bill they will disconnect the dtv donnection???? other wise why should they be bothererd about the phone bill when buying DTV???

Also want to know if star cahnnels are on DTV or not. someone please respond as i need to know urgently.

cable said...

The star channels are still not on DTV

soorapappa said...

First one you should clarify with cust care.

Have you not read previous comments/posts ? DTV still don't have full star package yet. But will be available in mid July :-)

Roshan said...

Ok thanks for the info guys. i did call cus care the one who answered said star channels are on thats why i wanted to clarify here.

Can anyone respond to my previous GSM connectiohn issue. will they disconnect if there are outstanding GSM bills after buying dtv? or why they want the phone bill be fully paid before giving dtv????

AMD said...

Called C/care,

reg the star channels: they said
"we are still working on it, i cant give u and exact date"

Anyways he said that they may give these before the star package:

laksirif said...


I'm the only Laksiri who write comments in this blog. T4 I presume some fellow at DTV cc may have referred to me. Cos they ask for full details whenever, we call them.

However, I do not know on what basis can you jump in to conclusion that I have sacrificed this bog for personal favors? I have only asked the DTV guys, not only those CC jokers who are eternally bluffing even, Kasun the Snr Executive at the call center to read the comments in this blog, which would make them at least open their eyes about the way the contributers of this bog feels about their attitude. What is wrong in that? In my opinion that would even help them to improve the services.

For your information I have not gained anything personally. I always maintained that we should collectively fight for every one who has this facility with DTV including the old CNB customers. I stand by that principle even today.

hsjaya said...

Hi Mates,

About laksiri,

I think we should not jump to conclusions about fellow bloggers without any conclusive evidence.

Unnessary doubts will definitley hurt genuine people.

Any body can give a call to DTV CC as laksiri and post comments in this blog.

It is always good to get any doubts clarified from the person/s concerned before making remarks.

Dear laksiri, your explanation seem to be acceptable one and it is ok with me .

By the way can you fax the CBN agreement, if you have one with you at the moment ?

TERRY said...

I dont know whether you are the same Laksiri or not,but i am refering to one Laksiri Fernando,and if the hat fits you put it on.

Whats all these fuss about agreements etc,as rikey said 850.00pkg will move to 900.00 along with pogo and espn and the new channels allocated to the package and 1375.00 will move to 1400.00 with all the channels.

I dont think you can do anything legaly about the 25-50 rupee increase,as far as i know they have all the right and we have to realistic on the costing factor.

laksirif said...


It may be your opinion. But others have the right to dissent, since we should have the freedom of expression in this blog.
I do not wish to repeat what I have said in my previous comments. Here the question is not about whether they have the legal right or not. But unfair & unethical trade practices adopted by DTV. Several others who publish their were of the same view.

If you give me your fax no., I will send you a copy.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

One thing i have noted with DialogTv is that some of the channels being allocated unbelievably low bandwidth.

At last scan:
HBO Signature - 0.9Mbps
Discovery - 0.93 Mbps
Pogo - 0.53 Mbps
Animax - 0.37 Mbps
Cartoon Network - 0.22MBps
Zee Cafe - 0.85 Mbps
Zee Studio - 0.75 Mbps


On my experience with dishtv, whenever a channel is allocated less than 1MBps bandwidth, it gets pixiliated like crap (on 29" tv).
Do the above channels get pixiliated too (Specially when action sequences occur)? Then why are some crap hindi channels allocated as much as 4MBps B/W and premium ones such as CN allocated 0.2Mbps? Or is the quality fine?

and ricky, are they still negotiating with Star or is it just technical faults holding them back?

Micheal said...

hi guys,

I have a small situation. Can some one ples help me?

On my channel list, channel names 1 to 36 are duplicated.Channel 37 says "software Loader" and is telecasting Ten Sports. Again "Ten sports" on channel 56 and the new testing channels (already telecasting) thereafter up to channel 64... and the remaining test channels not yet testing...
Whats happening? Especially channel 37- Software Loader?... Please help. Thanks.

Stay cool!

Kasun said...

I Have the 900 Package. Yesterday I Gave a call to CC. I told I cant see the Buddist TV. Then the Guy I spoke He Activated it. Now I can see All the Testing Channels without Ten Spotes & HBO Hits. All Other Testing channels are Working for me. (Hallmark, SET,SET SUB,Australian NW,NEO,NEO+,Buddist TV)

alf said...



TERRY said...

@ laksirif,

fair enough,get a unit formed to fight the unethical trade practices of DTV,If their is any substance we will join you,

good luck.

hsjaya said...

Hi Micheal,

I had the same problem and did " Restore Factory Dafaults " as adviced by Priyantha and it solved my problem.

You can do the same thing if you know how to do it.

AMD said...

@ Michael,

yes do a "restore factory defaults" and check. That usually solves most problems. Password 1234 or 9949.

hsjaya said...

Terry, Laksiri, Alf,

This very good. No harm having different opinions, But we should be able to discuss the issues with
due respect to others opinions.

Ok mates lets discuss.

First this is not a matter of Rs. 25/- or 50/- I for once never think that any body who is having 850/- or 1375/- pkg cannot afford to get their pkgs upgarded to higher ones.

If that is the case what the big issue. Why is taht lot of people have complained about this.? That itself tells you something.

Bcoz Customers have felt that they have been victimized or dicriminated by DTV's " INNOVATIVE MARKETING " policy.

Let me ask one question from DTV ?
What prohibits them allowing 1375/-customers to view all new channells which 1400/- DTV customers able to view. Why Cant they do it ? What is the reason ?

If questions are raised why customers are worried about Rs.25/-or 50/- why same question cannot be asked from DTV ?

Do you know what is the Last years Proift of DIALOG group of companies ? It is approximately 4 .0 billion

Do you think such a company should be worried about 50/- and 25/-.

For a matter of Rs. 25/- 1400/-pkg DTV customers are able to view all TEST CHANNELLS.

There are lot of people who think that this is unethical.
Specially due to this policy it is OLD CBN cutomers that have been deprived of viewing of (Test)new Channells.

Agin this ethical or unethical position depend on how you are looking at the issue.

For some people there is nothing wrong with this DTV mkt policy.

For DTV this is innovative Marmeting.
But so many others this is discrimination and unethical.

All are entitled to have their opinion and express it. Lets not not argue on it. WE respect each and every opinion of every mates who blogs here.

Secondly, If you feel you have been discriminated and have been treated unethically, you have the right to fight against it.

No body can challange that right.

At the same time lets try to undersatnd about the CBN agreement. What and what provisions are there ? It will cause no harm. We will have a better understanding about our rights and DTVs Rights.

As sombody will rightly pointed out this may be a futile excersice. But I think we should not stand still. If anybody feel discriminated lets get together and figgt for it.

At the end of the day we will will not get nothing. But doesnt matter.

This world has evolved because some people have not accepted the status quo and fought for justise and freedom, found new ways of doing things.

hsjaya said...


My Fax no is 011 - 2392277

This is a direct fax no. If you can fax it now so much better

AMD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...

"The Buddhist" details have been added to the DTV site, it says the channel is FREE for all packages.

hsjaya said...


Do you have the agreement with you.
If so can you fax it now to 011 2392277

AMD said...

The DTV July is has been uploaded on the DTV site.

HBO hitz have been included and a brief summary of Hallmark is also there.

As of 7 am, today, The EPG for ZEE Trendz & ZEE tv have been activated.

SAG said...

I received the DTV programmed guide for July yesterday by post.

cable said...


Not only the channels on your list but other channels also get pixelated. The new channels Neo & Neo plus are so bad But from yersterday night Neo plus pixelation is reduced. I dont know why DTV guys allocate 4 MB for hindi crap. It would be really nice to hear some info from DTV side as to what are the "technical issues" and what DTV is doing to rectify them without the usual "DTV knows the issues and will rectify them". This is being said for some time now without any noticable change in the pixelation issue.

This issue could have been execusable when CBNsat was there but DTV is part of Dialog which in sri lanka we equate with state of the art technology.

From our pint of view the problem seems simple not enough band width allocated to channels. Rectifying this issue may be be vaery complex issue but what i am saying is to give us at least a outline of those issues so that as customers we are not frustrated that we are speaking to a blind wall everyday

But Dialog should be ashamed that they havent fixed this pixelation issue for all this time

Gamini said...

when will they introduce HBO family? will it take a lof of time? Whatas the presnt state of things going to happen?

whats up with god tv? are they hoping to give DD sports?
Will they do the Software upgrade soon?

Jesika said...

Guys !

Now you can Divert SMS to another Dialog No!!

Check the dialog GSM site

AMD said...

@ Gamini , as riky said earlier, HBO family will be launched in the next few days and star by the 15th.

C/care told me that God TV will come before the 15th.

I beleive they should 1st concentrate in fixing the issues with the NEO channels before launching any more channels.

@ Jesika,
yes the feature is now available, but once diverted u are only able to receive SMS sent from DIALOG nos, not from any other network.

laksirif said...


Sure I will fax it to you now & good to know there are so many like minded customers among those who contribute here.
Probably Terry may have missed some of my earlier comments where I mentioned clearly that DTV should have done this more diplomatically. Otherwise we don't make any fuss about paying an additional Rs.25 or 50.
All bouquets & brickbats to DTV is with the idea of improving their services.

Bud said...

Just got the new TVguide and its considerably cheap looking compared to the previous ones. Man are they going down hill? And thats with the front page has a full page Ad.

I am all for getting just a PDF version of this and may be saving a tree or two if pricing is such as issue for them.

hsjaya said...


I am available. You can fax it now.

Thanks for your response

hsjaya said...

Hi Laksiri,

I received the faxed agreement. But most of the clauses are illegible since it is smudged.

Re Faxing will not solve this problem.

Yor fax ended up at clause no 11.7 ?
Is this the end of the document.

Is not possible for you to type this in a word document and send it as an attachment to my email address.

Am I asking too much from you ?

It seems that there is no cluse regarding introduction of new channells ? But I am not sure as it cannot be read properly.

alf said...


hsjaya said...


Before you label people as mad or lazy try to understand what is going on.

We are trying to get a CBN agreement. Not a Innovative marketing DTV agreement.

Who says we dont have work ? Why dont you ask same question from you and give us a reply ?

alf said...


laksirif said...


No specific clause re new channels. There is one more clause after 11.7 & it covers provision for jurisdiction for disputes.

If the fax copy is not clear I can e-mail if you pass your e-mail address. File is about 4.8MB. If you have ADSL no issue.

hsjaya said...


I dont have DTV agreement, and I am not worried about it because we are not pary to those agreement. It only applies to new DTV costomers .

DTV by their letter dated 19th Jan 2007 has informed all CBN customers that they are going to continue all the facilities and services provided by CBNsat.

These Services and facilities are subject to the terms and condition stipulated in the CBN agreement.Thats why we want to refer the agreement and obtain a legal opinion.

Regarding the Rs. 25/- matter we have alredy discussed and I have nothing to add.

I know all of these questions have been sarcastically raised.

Doesnt matter mate. As long as you have made them in right sprit I am ok.

You have the right to ask those question as I have the right to answer them.

hsjaya said...

Hi laksiri,

Ma email address is |

you can send it. No problem

cable said...

hsjaya & laksirif

I like what you are attempmting to do and wish you the best of luck.we all know it isnt about the 25/- Rs but a matter of principle.

Even if you get nothing in the end dont be discouraged you are speaking for the little people like us against giant coroprates
so you have achived something

D.L.R. said...

hsjaya, Laksirif, Jesika & Admin
what's our plan? we , old CBNSat customers still watching DTV's bullshit. 30th passed.
My self & lot more are waiting here.
Unfortunatly we don't have good source from DTV end, as our Kalu is not responding.
shallwe write to TRC.
Anyway I'm & more here wating for your command

laksirif said...

@ hsjaya,

I'm e-mailing the file to you.

Latest I heard from DTV is that the new channel list will be completed within two weeks & also the S/w upgrade for the old decoders to facilitate the weekly EPG.

Pay channels option is for the lower pkgs.

AMD said...

@ laksirif

can u email the agreement to me:

hsjaya said...

Hi laksiri,

I got your mail and the document. It very clear.

Thanks for that.

Lisura said...

Now What is your problem friends ???

Could any one explain it briefly to me ????

hsjaya said...


I have already sent the doc to you.

So dont bother laksiri.

soorapappa said...

Does anyone have zee studio July program guide ? I've tried several times from and failed to do so :-(

alf said...




alf said...


Dude said...

Guys whats the problem now.

Riky said that Rs 850 will be moved to Rs 900 with ESPN and POGO plus new channels and all Rs 1375 will be moved to Rs 1400.

Should we not wait till the official launch to see how DTV has sorted out the packages.

The last time CBNsat was sealed because of the authorities. This time something may happen because of the subscribers. Remember there are still those who want to see the company close. So we should be careful in what we do.

First I suggest that all have to wait till the official launch. Yes everyone planned to wait till the 30th but we were under the impression that the official launch will take place on the 30th.

Yeah Alf I agree that Dish TV is more easier since there is no agreement. See if we have a problem with DTV at least we can use the agreement to reason out with them but in Dish TV we may have to squeeze or fax your bXXXs.

Lisura said...

Dear Friends,

What we should concentrate on is that to get quality content for a better price.

Jughead said...

guys (i.e hsjaya,laksirif,amd etc)

hope you guys will not misunderstand me. but my advice to you is not to start an issue abt descrimination cos YOU REALLY DONT HAVE A CASE here.

as I've mentioned here before still they have not officially launched the channels as well as usually Testing is done to get their (DTV) suff in order and not to please customers.

If things take place the same way as Riki said(re 50/- and 1375/- packages), i dont see any reason why anybody should seems very reasonable.

So guys please wait till they officially launch the new channels.

Jughead said...

oops sorry it should be(re 850/- and 1375/-

AMD said...

DTV has updated their channel list on the site. ( SR TV is also included )

TERRY said...

I agree with Jughead,Simply there is no case here and DTV has not even officialy launched the new channels.

And there is assurance that the 850 package will move to 900 with ESPN and POGO and what else are you seeking,1375 will move to 1400 with 15 pr more premium channels,so whats the fuss ?

I dont think we should waste our time on silly and useless topics like this.And some people seem to jump the gun,even before DTV has launched the new channels.

cableguy said...

Hey lisura

Any reason why your blogger profile is not revealed. Only reason I am asking is because we have had many a problem with wanna be's. If you are the Original lisura, could you please let us view your blogger profile?

And guys, until we get assurance that it is the real lisura, please be cautious.


hsjaya said...

Hi mates,

I also feel at the moment there is no case against DTV

We have to wait and see what DTV is going to do at the time of their Channel launch.

All of these issues and and concerns have cropped up because there have been no communication from DTV and unfair treatement given to CBNSat customers.

DTV may be having some palns to give some channells to CBN customers or not.

The information we have is all unofficial. and has come from third parties or our contacts in DTV.

We dont know to what extent these plans will be implemented. We hope DTV treat all customers fairly and without discrimination.

As for the agreement, I am definitely going to obtain legal opinion about it whether DTV treat us fairly or unfairly.

Vishkid said...

Yeah - the comments didn't sound like Lisura I knew .. and I may be wrong :D

All those who are asking what is POINT of making a case against DTV .. well, ONLY NOW do we hear about 850 being transferred to 900 with ESPN and POGO - a week or so back it was either stay at 850 with ESPN and POGO with NO new channels .... or transfer to 900 with SOME new channels but no ESPN/POGO. This is the information coming from guys like Terry and Riky - you can check previous posts and comments.

And they were baiting customers to UPGRADE to 1400 package giving the illusion that older packages wouldn't get the new channels. And some customers did upgrade.

And even NOW, they are deliberately holding off some channels from customers - i.e. if they are TESTING - then there is NO issue in ALL customers seeing ALL channels - but are they really testing? They seem to hv included new channels in their site and that is equivalent to an official launch! If it's on their site-if they are marketing it - it's a GO! But still we - the existing customers - hv received no communication on any upgrade - nothing.

Also, they hv mainly discriminated against OLDER customers buy not upgrading their decoders and not allowing them to see some channels while others paying SIMILAR amounts to them CAN see those.

That's why there is a case against dialog and that's why it is valid.
I don't care about 25 bucks, which is peanuts. But there are bigger issues here and DTV really stank in the past few weeks. And they still do - as they seem to hv launched the channels without upgrading the existing customers first!

If above is not a case in point - then what is????

Jesika said...

Zone Reality also a New channel

Very Funny !!1

TechnoGuy said...


The Lisura posting here is FAKE. I have proof.

New Lisura ID - 09346780361184501691
Old Lisura ID - 13369030849598228453

I got the good old Lisura's ID from the original CBNsat blog.

The ID is the code at the end of the link, when you click on a blogger name.

Maybe I'm wrong and Lisura has got a new account. But I agree with Cableguy and VishKid, the current Lisura seems a little different.

And BTW: The old Lisura too had his profile hidden. See

riky said...

Guys,Its the same LISURA,I got it confirmed from the Dialog TV subscriber Unite.

If anyone has a doubt you may get it confirmed from their email address.

Vishkid said...

Well an addendum to my previous post. Riky was one guy who did not ask ppl to really 'upgrade' their packages to view test channels (although he claimed that it may be due to a technical issue that we are not seeing them - which we now know is crap).

He also tries to give out much info as he can so I hv no grudge against him. But there are other DTV promoters who changed their colors (or tunes) several times the last few weeks. Too bad for them .. :P

Anyways, as per Riky - we are to wait a few more weeks till DTV finalizes these new channels shit. And can you guys remember this was supposed to happen in APRIL!! Phew .. this has been a truly off-color performance by Dialog.

But at least the channels are now here (except for a few) but we still can't see them (unless we are on 1400 package). And we continue to be discriminated for Dialog's incompetence and their opportunism for how long? Urrrgh .. when will they finalize this shit?

hsjaya said...

Vishkid ,

I think I owe you some explanation as I said that there is no case against DTV at the moment.

What I rellay meant was that there is no point eriting to TRC or any auhority against DTV, as this period is called as Testing by DTV and these test channells are selctively available for some people.

If we make a complain, DTV will definitly will counter argunemnt saying that this is only Testing, and they are having technical problem, etc which is their ususal crap.

And for that we doont have any argument. At the moment best thing we can do is to wait patiently and see what is going to happeen.

However, if there are people who still want to do something you can count me .

russel said...

so at last what i said became true. ( I said that the lauch will be on the 2nd of August. So that it. 2nd of August.....

AMD said...

Received the program guide today.
Its has icons of the new "testing" channels and also GOD TV, NDTV & HBO family.

Free-man said...

When is the official launch of the new channels? When are the rest of the new channels going to come?

Still, some channels have sound only one one channel (left). Its hard to listen to audio when your system is connected to surround sound.

sonik said...

does anyone have a problem where the picture gets stuck along with the audio.. until you change the channels again? i experienced it this morning.

anyway, the quality of dtv service has not improved. yes they are giving new channels... but there is nothing good about the quality. and why do some of the new channels have only audio on 1 channel? including axn. im pretty sure they're not "testing" the channels on tp3 anymore. nor have they allocated sufficient bandwith for the channels on tp3....

sonik said...

hehe...... what happened to that HDTV trial thing??

Micheal said...

@ hsjaya & amd

thanks guys. I tried another way by going to channel edit abd then deleting. Your method also works.

Thanks again guys.
Stay cool.


laksirif said...

Hi All,

Since late last night the new channels are all gone. Same situation this morning. If you do a default setting, TP3 channels will completely be removed from the list and will show only 36 channels.

From 5.30 to 6.0o a.m. both English & Sinhala stream CC guys are very very busy & 'no response from the agents'. Tbey are supposed to provide the service 24 hrs.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ laksirif .

I've check it now. But nothing different for me. All the 36+9 Channels are there.All are working as before.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ sonik ,

"does anyone have a problem where the picture gets stuck along with the audio.. until you change the channels"..........

Yes, it's happening. In 5 minutes for BBC and CNN, for 2 channels.I've checked.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Now can't watch any channels. All are getting Stuck.

nishantha said...

Have You any one got something Different in Your Monthly Tv Guide.

There is a New Company name in the print.
"Dialog Television (Pvt) LTD"

The Have remove ''Asset Media (Pvt) LTD.''

It means Now dialog won't have any connection with Asset NETH) TV Licen.

If Some one Know this Issue tell us.

Riky or Kalu please Inform us about this.

AMD said...

All channels are ok for me

AMD said...

Nishantha is correct:

No more Asset Media -


About Dialog TV:
Dialog Television (Private) Limited, a subsidiary of Dialog Telekom Ltd., operates Dialog Satellite TV, a Direct to Home (DTH) Satellite TV service....

D.L.R. said...

I watched 6a.m. to 7.30 ITN & Swarnavahini. But didn't notice any problem.

riky said...

There was a problem as they have shifted the location of some receivng equipment within the premisses and by morning they have seem to have completed the exercise and it should be OK by now.

HBO Family/God TV/NDTV will be activated within the next couple of days and the bad news is that Star will take some time and the official launch may further go upto somewhere in August as Russel commented earlier.

Amalka said...

now we have very big problem...problem is more live cricket matches showing on "STAR CRICKET"..(Eng VS WI one day,End VS IND)...i thin 20/20 world cup also showing on "STAR CRICKET"..DTV plz adding "STAR CRICKET" to u channel list as soon as's very good for the Cricket Viwers..

plz comment others

laksirif said...


I too rechecked at 6.35 a.m. & the new channels list appeared.

Received July Programme guide & should thank DTV staff for responding to our requests & providing the guide in the first week of the month. Hope could even improve further by providing the programme to all customers before the month begins.

I would always appreciate anything good and will not hesitate to criticize the bad.

AMD said...

@ Amalka,

why dont u send a mail to subscribers unite

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Sonik,

After AMD's confirmation, I've switch off the rear black switch and turn on it again.Now the problem is OK.If there's any miner problem, It's better to Re-Activate Using that switch always.

AMD said...

I now have 7 day EPG for ZEE Cafe, TRENDZ ( old decoder ).

Dude said...


Does your decoder have the old software or new software. What I mean is did you do the updation the day the "IRD Update" function was active.

AMD said...

@ Dude,

Yes i did the IRD update when it was active.

Dude said...

I think only those who did IRD update are able to get the 7 day EPG. Can anyone who did not do the update and has old decoder confirm whether he/she can get the 7 day EPG.

@AMD are you able to get 7 day EPG for other channels also.

AMD said...

For anyone interested, the channels in the Rs. 100 packaage are,


AMD said...


Yes for other channels which the EPG is active, i have 7 day EPG. It loads faster now than earlier, earlier it took about 2-3 mins. Today when i checked it took about 1 min.

cable said...

I also had the signal loss problem last night but since it was raining heavily I thought it was due to that but when I woke up today at around 4.00 am, the decoder red light was on and no channel was visible with the message No signal. Turned off the decoder from the power switch and turned it back on again same problem with even the time defaulting to 00:00. Did the power turn off and turn on about twice with the same result made a call to customer care but no answer (so much for 24 hour service) when I checked again at 7.30 am everything was ok and all channels were visible

If DTV was doing a system rearrangement shouldn’t they have informed customers first? But now we have come to expect this kind of unprofessional behavior from DTV I think that the Dialog management needs to evaluate the personnel working at DTV and do some changes I am sorry to say this but I am so frustrated with the speed and the way they work. Its almost like a government department

cable said...


Do you know if your RF Out gives the picture in Black & white or Color. I heard that with the new software the output from the RF out is black and white if that is so my parreled connection will be useless if i do the upgrade when it becomes available

AMD said...

@ Cable,

yes i also heard the same.

Ill hav to check after i get home.
Will tell u tomorrow

D.L.R. said...

Is that IRD upgrade is available now? or yesterday?
If the official launch is on Agust we have to wait another month to watch new channels, is it?

Who said now everything is cleared? Is that Dude or Lisura.

Real problem is we ,
who paid 17500+ for decorder & who wait in dark more than 6 month still not receiving any new channel but people who paid 8500 to DTV can watch all

Gamini said...

@ AMD and cable

guys,, ya true. There is no colour reception from RF out if you have done the system
upgrade at that time. But no worries if you do it later when they activate it,
bcoz they would have sorted out all the problems with the software. so no worries...

according to riky they were only testing at that time know.

@ riky!!!!

so does that mean they will do the Software upgrade after August? and does that mean the star package wont be there by the 15th? If they havent lauched offically by now, why are they advertising about it?

hope to get a favourable reply..

AMD said...

@ soorapappa

The ZEE STUDIO July guide is available now for download on their site.

riky said...


The problem is,DTV and the content provider has some minor problems be sorted out(I dont know what they are),but once they are sorted out,boxes are received from Star and testing will take a fair bit of time and they still have some issues to sort out on the channels already being tested,If everything goes well we may have it in one or two weeks but realisticaly their asumption is end july.

They will do the the software upgrade very soon and once they get confirmation from iderto on the accuracy of the software.

I dont think they are advertising the Star Channels anywhere at present,but the other channels, yes they are up and running still on test mode.

Vishkid said...

So ... the wait is now 5 months?? And discrimination just got longer?? There's no technicality here my friends - this this them fishing. LOL - I can but laugh at this shit!

I work in a very big organization (and yes, we get special offers from DTV) but now with this shit happening all hell is breaking loose and DTV name is being liberally smeared with mud, rot and everything else.

The stinking reputation that Dialog is getting in this blog is legendary in our office (where half the DTV subscribers are OLD and half are NEW - and our office connections all are OLD - i.e. CBNSat). I think many people and their families are staying off DTV despite their new promotions.

But they actually should not hv any worry as they will be able to watch most channels unlike older subscribers!!!

But as one of the prospective (but now lost) customers of DTV asked me this morning "machang what will happen when WE (the new customers) become OLD customers? Then Dialog will discriminate us as well - they will give the connection FREE to some new bunch of customers and give them all future channels and force us to wait or upgrade like what they are doing to YOU now!!" And I really had to agree.

So things are definitely not gonna be rosy for DTV as this stink is going to spread!

Free-man said...

Does anyone know if it is OK to switch off DTV decoder directly from the plug ON switch without turning off the switch at the back of deocder? However, we must put the decoder to stand-by mode before you off.

Any comments?

alf said...




Vishkid said...

Well, Capital ALF we know you lie why bother?

TERRY said...

As for my expereince selling new connections is not a problem for them,and they have enough and couple of guys in my office wanted to get connections and the sales guys were so busy that he was only able to come to Wellawatte the next day and that was for about 7 connections.

But I have notice that the outdoor unit (Dish and LBN)is of very low quality when compared to the one we got from CBNsat.

cable said...


I wouldn't be too sure if the new tested software will have the RF out in color because a friend of mine who got the connection very recently talked with the guys who came to do the installation and they told him that all new decoders RF out is black and white but after arguing with them they said that they had a decoder with the old software which they fixed at his place. The software date is 2006 for his decoder

So be aware when doing the upgrade

alf said...



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