Thursday, July 5, 2007

HBO Family, NDTV, SRTV, God TV and Blog Improvement

After the initial fast paced updates of new channels, things seem to have slowed down a bit on Dialog TV. According to rumors the Star Package may be delayed to the end of this month and in the next few days HBO Family, NDTV and God TV will be introduced. SRTV which was taken off to include "The Buddhist" will be also brought back.

It also seems that the programme guide is reaching subscribers early this month but there are errors in the guides for channels such as Discovery Channel and AXN. We hope that errors in the channel list in the Dialog TV website will be corrected since they have indicated that "Zone Reality" is a new channel, this may be due to an oversight by the person who is updating the site.

The new channels seem to be pixelating still but they are much better that when initially launched and still the problem of sound coming on only the left sound channel still exists for many new channels plus AXN. We hope that these are sorted out soon by Dialog TV and we believe that they are working hard at it.

In addition we are planning to improve this blog to provide our fellow bloggers with an enhanced experience, we require your feedback on how to carry out these improvements. Please tell us what areas of the blog should be improved and how we should improve it. Please email us these suggestions/ideas since we might need clarification from you when they are submitted to us. We thank you in advance for all your suggestions and ideas and will be implementing the improvements from this blog and then implement them to our other blogs.


TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

We are planning to improve this blog to provide our fellow bloggers with an enhanced experience, we require your feedback on how to carry out these improvements. Please tell us what areas of the blog should be improved and how we should improve it. Please email us these suggestions/ideas since we might need clarification from you when they are submitted to us. We thank you in advance for all your suggestions and ideas and will be implementing the improvements from this blog and then implement them to our other blogs.

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soorapappa said...

Thanks for the new post. (My first suggestion is add new thread once comments > 100. Otherwise it'll take much time to load and difficult to comment :-)

(repeat from last post.....)
Riky is the the one who posted inside info on DTV after kalu. What you say is bullshit. If you cannot understand the difference between plans and actual implementation go somewhere else and find out more. I think you are a pimp who don't do any work. In any technical work, there are difficulties and unexpected results. So when doing such work there are no hard fixed plans (unchanging plans). Even though targets are set, those will not reveal to outside.
Something is better than nothing. If riky don't post those, who else is going to do that ? Are you say that we have to go to your fu**ing blog ang get info. Ok... I've visited your blog on
and there is nothing except "Hi guys your're welcome to post anything here". Fu** off !!!

Please ignore these kind of pimps (who cannot even create simple blog) and continue your help for us !!!

Regarding level and quality:
Previously, I've level 70+ and quality 49. What happened then is, when there is a small rain(even before that, with heavy clouds) quality drops to 30- quickly and picture goes totally out. Those days my dish was connected in overhead tank and mostly covered with side wall. So, I've called cust care and explained the problem. Then they've changed a dish location to tank's roof and now I've 64 quality and 70-75 level. Now above problem is almost vanished and signal quality down to 30-40 for heavy rains and still can see DTV :-). So I suspect quality is the important factor for pixalation.

AMD said...


My suggestion is not to allow any filth on this blog and to immediately remove any that is and maybe posted here.

Repeat from ealier blog:

Guys, can anyone of ull confirm if SAB & Neo channels are working now ?
As of 7.15 this morning, i had
a " NO SIGNAL " message.


SAG said...

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Gamini said...

today CNN is not working. ( It has the test card.) Even tough it has EPG. Neo and neo plus , SAB is also not working. ( It says e48 no signal)
the freezing problem is also there. Is there any way to stop this freezing? if we switch to a new channel and swswitch it back there it will work.

cableguy said...


Please refrain from making generalized statements. If that is your style then we have a very generalized statement to you from the bloggers. Here it is:
"Nathan does not know what the heck he is talking about most of the time!"

Please ignore these baseless comments from Nathan and keep up the good job of providing us with whatever info you have. We fully understand that plans do change and things dont work out as planned at times. But you have been excellent in informing us of those changes and hiccups too. So please continue your good work for the sake of all the bloggers (except Nathan. He can check his own blog for more info). He is just an offshoot we have to put up with in a democratic forum.

Look forward to hearing from you soon on the blog, Ricky.

soorapappa said...


This is a hoax. Generally comes once a year :-)

AMD said...

Jus spoke to C/C and a sweet girl said that there is a problem at their end and channels will be back on air in a couple of hours.

What a difference from some incompetent C/C guys!!

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

You are doing a great job with the blog and my only request is to remove the word verification (if spam comments begin appearing, you can re enable it).
Sometimes its a pain to post comments using a slow SLT connection with word verification on.

cable said...

On the plus side

In HBO Hits they have enabled right & left channels. I think they have purposly disabled 1 channel before because in between films when they show whats coming next and previews we get a chinese voice as well. we'll have to live with it as we are getting the singapore HBO package and it isnt a problem at all since there is no chinese audio when movies are playing and stereo sound is availabe.

On the minus side

From yesterday night no Neo+ and from today morning no Neo,Neo+, CNN
seems like the service is getting from bad to worse

p.s:- thanks SAG for all the info

Dude said...


Maybe they are going to add the new channels such as HBO Family, etc.

Lets wait and see.

Jesika said...

Dear admin

I suggest to remove the "Word verification" from this blog like "FILEnetworks Blog" blog.

I think LST doesnt have any spam comment problems

I had the same problem. The channel stucks after wile (around 45 secs) When whe change it again it will remain for a while again

Then i switched off the decoder from the decoder switch and switch on it without switching off it from the remote. Then the freezing problem was gone.

Pls try this and comment

Nathan said...

@ all who remarked about my comments to ricky

....Shows how narrow minded you all can be. Shows furhter, how easy it is to get people pissed off about I enjoyed that!

Is'nt this a blog? to post w/e we feel like saying...and Ricky he's the man!

Keep up the good work ricky thanks to you we are all enlightned!

Nathan said...

@ admn

Great blog!

Keep up the good work.

One suggestion is that to limit comments to about 100 and then start on a new thread.

Its better than my

AMD said...

@ Nathan,

Dont think u can jus come in here like that without knowing head or tail of what we are discussing here.

Riky has been our trusted source of CORRECT info for a long time now, and he will always be.

For your info, in the implementation of any system of any kind, there are unexpected tech issues that may come up which can delay the implementation of the systems. Thats common sense. Thats why u do "testing". Looks like u are the one who is narrow minded.

Free-man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free-man said...

@Laksiri F

Thanks for the advise. Yes, we must unplug applianes during heavy lightning.

So, God TV is finally going to come within a week?

alf said...



Priyantha De Silva said...

DTV July Schedule, If anyone want to share My DTV July schedule ( On Excel ),
Cliick on,

(It's a ZIP file. After the download, you must Unzip it.Only for ones who don't know to use Winzip.))

1. Click the Download Button
2. Select "Save to Disk"
3. Unzip the file to get the Excel Sheet

Jesika said...


Thanks for sharing your DTV Schedule !

Even Dialog Team cant do a complete work like this


Priyantha De Silva said...

Now Zee Studio Channel guide of July can be download,

@ SAG,
Thanks for giving new inforation

AMD said...

Are the channels back on air ?

@ Admin, Tks for removing word verification.

Jughead said...

just came back from the official launch of the Dialog CDMA in Kurunegala.

Good show by Dialog where they had short presentations on CDMA, DTV and Broadband.

They mentioned that Star movies, Star Plus, Star World together with Star TV and Vije TV will be introduced in the near future.

There will be a facilily where one can lock channels through the internet from a remote place (like while in office). i couldnt get any details on that cos i had to leave the place in a hurry.

talked about ala carte menu as well. (pay per view)

They are planning on introducing channels for all the religions in the country. said that other than Buddhist channel & God TV they are looking at Islamic and a Hindu channel as well it seems.

The CDMA unit was given to the audience to try out. it was really good. and they say that their charges are the lowest ( i repeat THEY SAY) compared with the market as well as they dont have start-up charges too.

all in all it was a good show but the best was the FOOD. mmm yum yum.

just thought of sharing my experience with you guys/gal:)

Jughead said...

btw well done verifications

AMD said...

@ Jughead,

Tks for the useful info.

Yes infact i beleive their call charges are the lowest, its available on the website. There is also a CDMA phone with mp3 player & radio too !

C/C told me that they are launching coverage in the Colombo & Greater Col on the 2nd of August.

dini said...

it's nice to be back. i've been following all the developments closely. anyway, dialog have done a great job so far and so fast after taking over from CBNSat.
as far as the upgrade is concerned, i think the old customer (the original CBNSat subscriber) is faced with what is known as a conundrum. that is to say if he/she needs new features, in this case channels, then he/she will have to go through the upgrade. this happens all the time in the software industry i suppose where a new version is released and the existing owners will have to pay a small price for the upgrade to reap the benefits of new features. every CBNSat subscriber waited six months with nothing whatsoever to have dialog get into the act and save the day. i'm sure that most of you would join me in saying a thank you to DTV.

the important point to note here is that it is impossible to squeeze new channels into an existing package (eg 1375/=) for it will only bite into the profit of the business. any person who has done or doing business wouldn't want this to happen. customers and service providers need to cohabit the market since one cannot survive without the other. hence, without aggravating each other too much, dialog have initiated the concept of upgrade with a nominal extra charge attached. i personally don't mind waiting another month to see what unfolds and the conclusion to this test transmission and final upgrade to the bouquet. there are two reasons for this 1. waiting paid off once. i'm sure that it would again 2. there are enough good channels to watch already

CN said...


Please forgive me if this question has been posed earlier (I sort of saw a related question a couple of months ago in another thread...), but I need a rather quick clarification.

1) Has anyone else experienced that the S-Video out put from the CBNSat Decoder is more grainy that normal Video out? It definitely is on my widescreen TV. This theoretically cannot be the case right?

NOTE: My TV S-Video is working fine, as I use S-Video on AV2 from my DVD player.

2) I feel like upgrading to watch the Wimbledon finals, and downgrading later. Can this be done with just a phone call to Customer Care, & without any upgrade/downgrade cost?

alf said...


Fahim said...

@cn - As far as upgrades/downgrades go, when I asked CC, they said that upgrades and downgrades are free of charge. I know that the backend system that they use supports pro-rated package changes and so that shouldn't be an issue. Of course, given that you always get multiple different answers depending on who you talk to, what I was told might not be what you would experience when you actually try to do it :p

TechnoGuy said...

@ Lisura
I am very sorry for trying to prove you were fake. It was my mistake. Please forgive me.

@ CN
I'm not sure about the 1st question of yours.

But for the second: When I upgraded to top package in 2006 under CBNsat, they told me I would have to pay Rs. 300 if I decide to downgrade again. Maybe the same applies now.

The problem won't be there if they have ala carte.

Best option is to call and ask DTV yourself. They may not be very helpful to existing customers, but they are normally OK if you want to upgrade and pay more money!

@ Admin
Thanks a lot for removing the word verification and adding the message on top of the comment box.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Admin

Could you make the comment box appear on the side of the screen, on the page which appears with both the blog post and comments (when you click on the title of the blog post). Like in FILEnetworks.

Jesika said...


Thanks for removing the word verification !!


TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

You are welcome everyone.


Doesn't the present commenting screen load faster than when it is on the main page? When we checked it we found that this loading is faster. How is it for all of you?

Most of the times the comments exceed 100, if that is so then would the way Technoguy recommended be faster than the present system.

Awaiting you feedback.


laksirif said...


Picture quality would definitely improve if you use quality S-video cable & connect s-video Out from decoder to s-video In on yourTV.

I use this method & found a definite improvement in picture quality.

Gamini said...

what if riky wont come again to this blog? It could be a real disaster right?

anyway, lets hope for the best. he would come...


ya it worked. thanx

soorapappa said...

I think popup window is ok for commenting and loads faster than no pop. I'm using firefox and open comments in new window. No fuss.

If you want non pop up way, just remove final part(&isPopup=true) from the URL and load agin :-) like below:

Anyway... I like the present way (since it's faster).

Micheal said...

Jughead said...
just came back from the official launch of the Dialog CDMA in Kurunegala.

Good show by Dialog where they had short presentations on CDMA, DTV and Broadband.

They mentioned that Star movies, Star Plus, Star World together with Star TV and Vije TV will be introduced in the near future.

There will be a facilily where one can lock channels through the internet from a remote place (like while in office). i couldnt get any details on that cos i had to leave the place in a hurry.

talked about ala carte menu as well. (pay per view)

Hi All,

Looks like what I commented on earlier in a previous thread re the "Ala carte" pay per view channels, seemsto be coming true. It has just been confirmed at the Dialog CDMA launch.
@ jughead
Thanks for the confirmation.
I was wondering why there was no news from dialog re the A La carte issue.

Stay cool.

cbnsatcustomer said...


I have also connected the DTV decoder to TV using a S-Video cable. But I don't see a much difference. But if you connect your DVD player to TV with a Component video cable and select Progressive Scan option in the DVD player there's a big difference in picture quality.

soorapappa said...

Same story for me also like cbnsatcustomer. I'm also cannot see a BIG difference with S video vs AV out. But component video vs AV has a visible difference. But technically AV < S video < component video.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Admin
Well, for me loading the seperate comment page (popup) takes an unusually long time to load. FILEnetworks page with everything together loads much faster. I compared and checked.

I use Opera 9 browser with a 512k ADSL connection.

Micheal said...

Hi Just a quick question,

can you get audio as well as video signal from componant video output?


TechnoGuy said...

Composite, Component and S-Video, as well as Audio L+R

Composite consists of one wire which transfers all video data. It is the most commonly used cable. It is supported by the DTV decoder. It is normally yellow coloured. But It can only carry SD (normal) signals, not HD (high definition). We normally refer to it as AV Cable.

Component consists of three wired, coloured yellow, green and blue. It can transfer video at high quality, and supports both SD and HD video. But the DTV decoder does not support it.

S-Video is another common single cable. It can carry video signals with less loss of data. This means that the quality is better. It is different to the two above cables types, because S-Video cables have pins. Any pin gets bent, and you have to replace it (the wire or pin). But it is better than Composite.

I have two television sets. One uses composite, and the other uses S-Video. They both connect to the DialogTV decoder. As far as I see, I have rarely noticed any difference in quality. But since the TVs and next door to each other, probably the distance will change the quality.

Audio cable consists of two cables: Left (White) and Right (Red). These are used to carry audio signals for all of the above cables.

The only exception is if you have a 7-pin S-Video cable, it can carry both Audio and Video together. But the cable is very thick, and I don't think the DTV decoder supports it.

cbnsatcustomer said...

All 3 cables in a component video cable carry video signals.


Component video is a video signal that has been split into two or more components. In popular use, it refers to a type of analog video information that is transmitted or stored as three separate signals. Component video can be contrasted with composite video (such as NTSC or PAL) in which all the video information is combined into a single line level signal. Component video cables do not carry audio.


A signal that's recorded or transmitted in its separate components. Typically refers to Y/Pb/Pr, which consists of three 75-ohm channels: one for luminance information, and two for color. Compared with an S-video signal, aY/Pb/Pr signal carries more color detail. HDTV, DVD, and DBS are component video sources, though most DBS material is transcoded to component from composite signals.

Micheal said...

@ technoguy / Cbnsatcustomer,

Thanks guys for the enlightening explainations.

I have learnt a lot.

Stay cool!

KIDO-CMB said...

Hi Everyone….
 STAR TV packages available before 15th.
 850Pkg (CBN) users able to get the ESPN, STAR POGO.(not the new 900pkg holders)
 Form 15th July there is no more 1375Rs or 850 Pkgs available.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Admin
Now I checked this post after removing the &isPopup=true part from the URL. It appeared faster than the popup version. Maybe its just my connecion, since others seem to be loading it faster.

(I hate SLT)

NEO channels, SET SAB and CNN
Still not working. Whats up?

Can we trust you. I think so... Lets wait and see.

@ Riky
I know that you are still around here. You don't care about idiots who think they can joke about in serious situations. I trust you.

Please inform us of new information as soon as possible. We all thank you for helping us and making us knowledgable about the improvement to DTV.

TERRY said...


Thanks,but i think the above details are the same which were confirmed by riky 2-3 weeks back.

So Mr Nathan I think Riky is right on the dot.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Riky,

I've seen today's blog now. I think something has missed today. Only, KIDO has given somewhat future information. as TechnoGuy has said, we all know you are around here. There are different people with different feelings in the world. It's unfair to stop some good work for others who trust you because someone blame .

We, as human, everyone can't get the good treatment from others as we except, But to do our best for whom, they believe us and trust us.

Keep going, you did a good job. I've never asked from you anything till now. Because I don't want to see you tired, 'Cose you get so many question from others, (Also I had the same questions, others asked them)

sonik said...

now all channels on tp3 arent working... nor is cnn....

dannymot said...

Hi Technoguy,

Thank you for the info on the use of a S-video cable connector.

I was previously using Comet Cable and with their DTV decoder, I was able to view through two TVs in separate rooms with 2 SCART connectors.

My TV does not have a S-video connector. I wonder if I can connect one tv with a S-video/3 RCA male connector adapter, and use the other TV with the supplied RCA cable adapter?

Will there be a loss of quality in botn TVs??

Will very much appreciate you views.


nishantha said...

I think Dialog Trying To Bring back theire Promotional channel On No 1 channel. thats Y they put test colour srips on it. In Unconfirmed News They are Planing to give some more good entertaiment to Sri Lankan people from this promotianal channel. Under the name of Dialog television Pvt Ltd. And dont Know weather they are planning to launch a telestrial Tv channel by using there new licen.

Ricky It's good to hear that espn and pogo will keep on 900 (Old 850) and adding some new channels with the Offical launch.

Thanks Machan For the news.

Jesika said...

Last Night All the TP3 Channels are gone suddenly. This morning also same
I did a manual channel scan.
I found another 5 new channel names called

Are they for new channels?
Anyone tried this?

laksirif said...


I presume your TVs have scart In. Then I suggest the following:-

1. Get a scart cable which has scart jack on one end & the other separate Red, White & Yellow jacks. i.e. AV for video & the other two for audio.

2.Second set of cables with one end scart & the other s-vidoe + Red/white audio.

Another option is, 1st set with Three cable configuration (Red/White/Yellow) at both ends.
Second set with 3 jacks in one end & the other with s-video & two audio jacks.

Using any of the above configurations you can connect Two TVs to the decoder, without using RF out.

I have done a similar arrangement to connect my TV & DVD player separately with decoder.

Fortunately my TV has a s-video In. T4 I used 1).a direct s-video connection with decoder together with audio cables to TV.
2).Since my DVD has a scart-in/out, I have used a scart in for DVD & the other end separate cables (R/W/Y) for decoder. Then from DVD to TV with component cable connection for video & normal audio connections.

Trust the above will assist you to connect your TVs.

CN said...

Fahim, Technoguy, LaksiriF, Cbnsatcustomer, Soorapappa: Thks for your feedback. Sadly, in my setup S-Video has a grainy output compared to Composite. I faced this with the Comet decoder as well, earlier. But no worries - composite is fine, until a day DialogTV goes HD.

But, as posted earlier, my DVD/HDD recorder is connected to the TV via S-Video which gives a better image than Composite on DVD playback, hence there's no issue with the TV. I would love to connect the DVD/HDD recorder via Component (for playback), but my TV is a 2001 WS model hence has only composite & s-video inputs.

hsjaya said...

KIDO-CMB said...  STAR TV packages available before 15th.
 850Pkg (CBN) users able to get the ESPN, STAR POGO.(not the new 900pkg holders)
 Form 15th July there is no more 1375Rs or 850 Pkgs available


Could you please further clarify on this.

Is DTV going to do this without any notification to the old CBN customers ?

Does this mean 850 and 1375 pakg will be automatically upgraded by DTV or we will have to do it ?

dannymot said...

Hi Laksirif and Technoguy,

My TV DOES NOT have a S-Video jack nor a Scart jack. It is equipped with RCA female jacks and a Y/Pb/Pr female RCA connectors.

This morning I purchased a S-video/RCA connector and checked out the signals on both TVs and I was surprised to observe that both TVs had a Black & white video signal.

As soon as I connected either of the TVs to the DTVs RCA Video output jack, I get a perfect colour video signal.

I wonder why I am getting a B/W video signal from the S-Video output terminal of the DTV??

The technician who came to connect my DTV told me that I would get a B/W signal from the S-Video output.

Can you let me know what I should do to get a colour signal from the S-video output of the DTV??