Friday, August 14, 2015

AMC Asia replaces MGM Channel

As of midnight MGM Channel India which is ceasing transmissions has been replaced by AMC Asia which was formerly known as MGM Asia. Even though Dialog called it a rebrand it is actually a replacement. 

The channel telecasts older movies like MGM did in addition to some brand new programming from the AMC stable such as "Fear The Walking Dead" & "Into the Badlands", this network is behind the hit TV series "Breaking Bad" & has also acquired Global broadcasting rights for the UK Sci-fi series "Humans".

This channel is no doubt a great channel in comparison to the likes of Star World & Zee Cafe. AMC Asia is operated by AMC Networks Asia Pacific which also operates Sundance Channel Asia.

In other news there are reports that Dialog TV have removed Sony Six from the Pearl Pack & added channels such as Trace TV, CCM, Discovery Science, Outdoor Channel & Travel XP. however there is no confirmation of this from Dialog TV FB Page or it's web site.

For more information please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

AMC Website:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Now MGM Channel to go

MGM Channel which was brought in by Dialog TV to replace Star Movies when it pulled out of this region will be discontinuing it's services during this month, probably by the end of the month. This leaves Dialog TV now looking for a replacement to the channel.

MGM which was renamed in most territories as AMC, retained the MGM branding in this region and are calling  it quits. The channel will not be undergoing any rebranding in this region & will cease transmissions. There has been no official statement from MGM regarding this.

Dialog TV which was in a limbo over the replacement of Star Movies, find themselves in deeper trouble. Either Dialog will have to come sort of agreement with Star Movies & reintroduce the channel or work with Fox International Channels to introduce Fox Movies Premium. One stumbling block over the retransmission of Fox Movies Premium initially was the broadcast of UFC for which regional rights were held by Sony Six. Now since UFC has been moved to Fox Sports, we believe that it probably would be easier to secure the channel however with HBO Asia securing second run rights for some of the movies premiered on Fox Movies Premium, there might still be a problem.

Also now Sony Six is acquiring rights for La Liga, FA Cup & Serie A football tournaments & this channel isn't available in this country. The channel will also be used to broadcast the SL vs India Cricket match in Hindi we believe but it also has some prime English content which will be missed. Dialog should secure this channel too.

Please keep us update on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dialog's HD dilemma & solution

Recently Dialog TV have been sending SMS to Dialog TV subscribers offering the HD channels at special rates for a limited period of time. This comes hot on the heels of a free preview for HD channels which ended a week or so ago.

It seems that the adoption of the HD package among even those of the Gold package is low. It's a well known fact that those who really want the HD Channels are opting for the Indian DTH services where they offer a higher number of HD channels at almost half the prices offered by Dialog TV for the Gold package which doesn't have HD as standard.

Even though Dialog introduced HD several years ago they haven't been exactly been able to make inroads to the HD market. Most of the HD Channels are the same provided by the Indian operators except in the case of AXN HD & Setanta HD. Dialog doesn't have a dedicated HD movie channel now after the pull out of Star Movies HD. Many have been requesting for Fox Movies Premium but it does not look like that will ever materialize. Star World Premiere was a good addition but regional rights have been affecting the programming, however it's a channel that should be retained.

To solve Dialog's HD dilemma we propose that they add the HD channels to the Gold package FOC, this would prove to be a incentive to attract subscribers to the Gold package, in addition they will be able to better attract those who opt for Indian services. If this situation goes unchecked the Indian services will gain a strong foothold on the HD market in Sri Lanka.

The ball is in Dialog's court now, will they opt for making a short term profit or for benefiting in the long run

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Software Update....

Last night a software update has been made available to all Dialog TV subscribers who are using the HD Decoder. The update doesn't contain anything in terms of terms but is probably related to it's Internal functions.  According to some SupremeSat 1 which was listed as a satellite is now no longer on the list.

This means that the rumored satellite switch over may not happen or has been delayed for now. Other than that nothing significant has happened on the platform as of late, there are a few more channel slots that Dialog has to fill, the most awaited being the movie channel on the slot allocated for movies. The is space for a few local channels which maybe filled by local channels or International ones.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dialog TV adds Setanta Sports HD

Dialog TV added Setanta Sports HD with effect from yesterday. This now becomes the third HD sports channel on the platform. The  content is exactly similar to what is provided on the SD feed.

The channel is presently available FOC due to the promotion celebrating 500,000 subscribers but we expect it to be more highly priced than the present HD channels. With the addition of this channel, Dialog has no transponder space for any more HD channels.

Slowly but surely Dialog is filling up it's empty slots, the most anticipated empty slot which is yet to be filled is the one that is in the movie channel group. Everyone hopes that it will be filled with Fox Movies Premium, although nothing can be confirmed as yet.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

500,000 subscribers & re-adding test channels

According to information coming out of the Dialog TV camp, the Dialog TV subscriber base has hit 500,000 subscribers. This includes both post paid & prepaid subscribers. It's a good achievement by far taking. However the time to celebrate is short since they are facing increased competition which has no doubt done a lot of good for Dialog TV.

In other news Trace TV, Travel XP, Da Vinci Learning & Zee Cinema International have been added permanently to the channel line up with effect from yesterday.

Many are eagerly awaiting to see what new movie channel Dialog TV will add to the platform. Our hope is that Fox Movies Premium will be added to the line up on both HD & SD.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dialog halts "test" channels

In a surprising move on the 1st June, Dialog halted test channels, Trace TV, Travel XP, Da Vinci Learning & Zee Cinema International. These channels which went on air just a week or so ago vanished completely. Surprisingly all channel were made available for all packages which was more of a technical failure than a free preview.

Now almost 4 days later, the channels are still unavailable. We wonder whether the competitor had anything to do with this. Since they did not pose as much a threat that Dialog expected they may have decided to launch these channels over a longer period of time.

Only time will tell the true reason behind this move but Dialog stay on track cos if they are not on their guard, the day competition gets their act together, Dialog will be in big trouble.