Saturday, May 23, 2015

Da Vinci Learning - now testing

German based childrens educational channel "Da Vince Learning" has joined "Trace TV" & "Travel XP" on test mode on Dialog TV.

This channel focuses on children/teens educational needs & has many of Discovery Kids programming too. Unlike in this region Discovery Kids is not a dedicated cartoon channel in other parts of the world.

It looks more channels will join the lineup soon as Dialog TV looks to fill up all it's blank slots in the near future.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Trace Urban & Travel XP on test

With effect from last night Dialog TV have begun testing music channel TRACE URBAN (Ch. 42) & travel channel TRAVEL XP (Ch. 66). Both these channels are HD by default, however Dialog is downgrading them to SD & relaying them. Trace TV which originates from France telecasts Urban Music & Travel XP which is head quartered in India telecast travel related programming mainly focusing on Asia & has many programmes based on Sri Lanka too. In time to come we will likely see the channels being upgraded to HD once they have secured some transponders.

Unlike the past we feel that these channels will be made available to lower level packages & will not be limited to the highest Gold package.

It great to see Dialog TV add some interesting channels as of late after some lacklustre performance over the years.

It seems that the rumor mill hasn't subsided either on the launch of "MTV Europe" on Dialog TV in the near future & it may just come true.

Please keep your eyes peeled since you never know what will show up on those test slots.

Websites: Travel XP -
                 Trace TV -

Monday, May 18, 2015

Panicking or Preparing

The last few days we have seen a spate of extra channels being allocated to Dialog TV packages such as Diamond & Pearl. These two were possibly some of the cheapest packages on Dialog TV & were designed to contain a bare minimum of channels.

In case you wondering why there was a sudden change of heart, it's because competition has decided on a launch date. We know that Dialog have dreaded this day for the past few years & have been taking positive steps towards this day. The recent addition of channels, conversion to MPEG4, as well as the allocation of all channels to the Gold Package instead of the creation of a super rich Vibranium Package (Vibranium is the metal used by Captain America on his shield :) ) were all indications that Dialog was preparing for the competition, however the recent allocation of channels to the lower packages suggest a bit of panicking too.

To be fair it should be said that the competition is most likely to include Indian feeds for channels for which we have traditionally enjoyed Asian feeds. Also we don't see too many reductions in the HD area because competition is not looking into HD at the moment.

Dialog indeed has an edge over the competition, in terms of Asian feeds, HD & channels that competition lacks. If Dialog can get Fox Movies Premium it will help them. These advantages that Dialog has over the competition is not hard for this competitor to achieve. Being touted as Asia's largest DTH provider it will be a simple task. Unless Dialog does something drastic, competition might just eat into Dialog's share of the market. Maybe not immediately but in the foreseeable future.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cartoon Network Asia returns

The on going Cartoon Network saga underwent another surprising turn with the return of Cartoon Network Asia to Dialog TV. This decision was taken most likely after several complaints were raised regarding the Indianised nature of Cartoon Network India which consists of Indian accent English, Hindi toons, etc.

This means that parents can now rest easy, however it seems that the Toonami channel is still running the Indian feed. So far the channel telecasts non-Indianised content which however will change very soon. Dialog will have to take steps to switch it to Toonami Asia. The other two channels of concern as Pogo & Nick channels which mostly telecast Hindi language programmes. Dialog should take steps to switch Pogo with Boomerang Asia & Nick India with Nick Asia takes steps to switch Disney Junior India with Disney Junior Asia or Disney Channel Asia.

With the impending entry of serious competition, Dialog should do these changes to differentiate themselves from competition. The switching of all kids channels to an Asian feed will keep them ahead of the competition.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A move towards Asian feeds, Syfy....

So are we seeing a move away from Indian feeds at Dialog TV? Seems so at least where available, with the decision of Dialog TV to replace Fox Crime India with Syfy Asia.

To be fair it should be stated that Fox Crime India is closing down over this weekend, for some Dialog is citing a withdrawal of South Asian rights as the reason however reports coming out of India suggest otherwise.

Some would  have thought that Dialog TV will revert back to Fox Crime Asia, however the recent "regional rights" issues by Fox International Channels means that Dialog TV would like to steer clear from channels operated by Fox.

Universal operated Syfy, Diva, Universal & E do not have any Indian counterparts, so there is no regional issue when it comes to them.

Syfy will be added either tomorrow or the day after (18th/19th) when Fox Crime ceases transmissions. Syfy judging by programming content doesn't seem to have great programming but have been improving with their content.

It seems that on Sony operated AXN, Warner TV & Universal have understood that Indian feeds don't work in Sri Lanka. AXN in spite of having an Indian feed continues to provide the Asian feed to Sri Lanka, the same can be said of Warner TV, Universal doesn't have any Indian feeds as yet. This is a good thing unlike Star India which is trying to trap Indian feeds to Sri Lanka.

However when it comes to cartoon channels we saw Asian feeds of Cartoon Network & Toonami being replaced by Indian feeds. This might be a blessing in disguise since the channels would be more adapted to the cultural norms in this region.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celestial Classic Movies & Fox Crime

So with effect from yesterday Celestial Classic Movies seems to be officially launched on Dialog TV, since it is no longer on "Test" mode. It's clear that Dialog is targeting the expatriate community with channel. It's got English subtitles so no need to learn the language.

The package allocations for this channel aren't clear as yet. In other news Fox Crime India is closing down on April 19th. Dialog could revert back to the Asian feed but taking into consideration how Fox International Channels treat pay television markets like Sri Lanka, it's more or less unlikely. FX India could be a probable replacement but expect more blocks on programming.

With Star India launching two channels called FX HD & Star Movies Select HD, it seems unlikely that any of those channels will be available in Sri Lanka.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dialog TV testing "Celestial Classic Movies"

Dialog started testing "Celestial Classic Movies" with effect from yesterday, the channel which telecasts mainly classical movies of Chinese, Japanese & Korean origin. The channel runs movies with English subtitles.

It's hard to understand why Dialog added a channel such as this, the market for this type of channel is not clear as yet. Whether the channel will move past the testing phase & be added to the platform is yet to be seen.

At the moment this channel looks to be on course for failing on Dialog TV unless they are planning to lure expatriates from that region who are residing in Sri Lanka.

However what most of us here want to see is a channel with similar content to Star Movies such as Fox Movies Premium on the platform.