Friday, April 17, 2015

A move towards Asian feeds, Syfy....

So are we seeing a move away from Indian feeds at Dialog TV? Seems so at least where available, with the decision of Dialog TV to replace Fox Crime India with Syfy Asia.

To be fair it should be stated that Fox Crime India is closing down over this weekend, for some Dialog is citing a withdrawal of South Asian rights as the reason however reports coming out of India suggest otherwise.

Some would  have thought that Dialog TV will revert back to Fox Crime Asia, however the recent "regional rights" issues by Fox International Channels means that Dialog TV would like to steer clear from channels operated by Fox.

Universal operated Syfy, Diva, Universal & E do not have any Indian counterparts, so there is no regional issue when it comes to them.

Syfy will be added either tomorrow or the day after (18th/19th) when Fox Crime ceases transmissions. Syfy judging by programming content doesn't seem to have great programming but have been improving with their content.

It seems that on Sony operated AXN, Warner TV & Universal have understood that Indian feeds don't work in Sri Lanka. AXN in spite of having an Indian feed continues to provide the Asian feed to Sri Lanka, the same can be said of Warner TV, Universal doesn't have any Indian feeds as yet. This is a good thing unlike Star India which is trying to trap Indian feeds to Sri Lanka.

However when it comes to cartoon channels we saw Asian feeds of Cartoon Network & Toonami being replaced by Indian feeds. This might be a blessing in disguise since the channels would be more adapted to the cultural norms in this region.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celestial Classic Movies & Fox Crime

So with effect from yesterday Celestial Classic Movies seems to be officially launched on Dialog TV, since it is no longer on "Test" mode. It's clear that Dialog is targeting the expatriate community with channel. It's got English subtitles so no need to learn the language.

The package allocations for this channel aren't clear as yet. In other news Fox Crime India is closing down on April 19th. Dialog could revert back to the Asian feed but taking into consideration how Fox International Channels treat pay television markets like Sri Lanka, it's more or less unlikely. FX India could be a probable replacement but expect more blocks on programming.

With Star India launching two channels called FX HD & Star Movies Select HD, it seems unlikely that any of those channels will be available in Sri Lanka.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dialog TV testing "Celestial Classic Movies"

Dialog started testing "Celestial Classic Movies" with effect from yesterday, the channel which telecasts mainly classical movies of Chinese, Japanese & Korean origin. The channel runs movies with English subtitles.

It's hard to understand why Dialog added a channel such as this, the market for this type of channel is not clear as yet. Whether the channel will move past the testing phase & be added to the platform is yet to be seen.

At the moment this channel looks to be on course for failing on Dialog TV unless they are planning to lure expatriates from that region who are residing in Sri Lanka.

However what most of us here want to see is a channel with similar content to Star Movies such as Fox Movies Premium on the platform.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Star India restricting programming to Sri Lanka

Over the last few days it has been noted that Star Channels have been restricting to programming to Sri Lanka citing territorial rights as an excuse. When it started on Star World Premiere HD with the blocking of "The Blacklist" it was assumed that this was due to AXN Asia also carrying the same programme. However this has now spread to "Sleepy Hollow" on Star World (and probably Star World Premiere) & "The Goldbergs" on Star World Premiere, not forgetting to mention "The Guardian" on Fox Crime. It should noted that these programmes are not available on the Asian feeds of channels on Dialog TV.

It looks certain that Star India is not interested in acquiring rights for Sri Lanka. This started with the pull out of Star Movies citing territorial rights.

Dialog TV should take immediate steps to rectify the issue, like we suggested some time back, lets kick Star India out of Sri Lanka for good. Dialog should approach Fox International channels and  do the following replacements
  • Bring in Fox Movies Premium SD & HD to compensate for the loss of Star Movies.
  • Replace Star World India with Star World Asia.
  • Replace Fox Crime India with Fox Channel Asia.
Already the Hindi channels on Star on Dialog TV are the Asian versions so it's best to extend this to the English channels as well.

Very soon at this rate Star Sports will stop acquiring rights for Sri Lanka when it comes to sporting events then it's time to move to Fox/Star Sports Asia.

Either Star India is not happy about Asian feeds being available to Sri Lanka or they have suddenly employed someone who doesn't like Sri Lanka. Anyway this maybe a blessing in disguise with the ability to break free of Indian feeds altogether.

The question is, what will Star do on their channels which may be available on the Indian operated competitor to Dialog TV who will enter the market soon. Most likely the same or give them an unfair advantage.

It's time to start a campaign #kickStarIndiaoutofSriLanka 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cartoon Network feed switched

With effect from yesterday Dialog TV have reverted to the India feed of Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network feeds have been switched before too but this time it looks permanent. This is probably not a decision of Dialog TV rather seems to of Turner broadcasting that runs the channel. Cartoon Network Asia website has been blocked too & redirects to the Indian website.

The other channel from the same operator Pogo was Indian & will always be Indian since the channel is available only in India, Toonami has a Indian feed too but we still continue to receive the Asian feed. The difference between the two being that the Asian feed broadcasts Marvel & DC comic toons whereas the Indian one concentrates on DC comic toons & Anime. Marvel comic toons in India are part of Disney XD which is not available in Sri Lanka. Hopefully Turner doesn't switch Sri Lanka to Toonami India.

In other news it seems that the MTV Asia story has not materialised, however it looks like Dialog TV have halted adding new channels until the World Cup is over. We can expect new channels to be added after the World Cup promotion has run it's course.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

MTV Asia headed your way

According to reports Dialog TV will test MTV Asia on Ch. No 48 commencing today or within the next few days. Subscribers have been asking for good quality English Music channel for a long and it looks like those requests are bearing fruit.

MTV Asia will exist alongside MTV India. MTV India on Dialog TV is a non Indian feed since the Indian feed is moving away from music to be a general entertainment channel. MTV Asia also has music content alongside from reality programming.

In other news the test transmission of new channels introduced on reshuffling day will end on Feb 28th. However channels introduced this thereafter might continue testing for just a bit longer.

Please continue updating us on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Disney Junior, Star Gold & CNBC....

As of yesterday Dialog had another 3 channels on test, namely Disney Junior, Star Gold & CNBC. The Disney Junior feed is Indian while the Star Gold & CNBC feeds are non Indian & most likely to be Asian. We are unable to confirm whether all three channels will be made available to existing packages, although that would be the wise thing to do. 

Previous experience tells that if a channel is allocated as an add-on the number of people activating it will be less unless it's a specialized sports channel. The add-on system was tested with Discovery Turbo & Discovery Science ultimately due to lack of subscriptions Dialog had to add them to existing packages. It worked with Setanta Sports since it's a specialized sports channel, the same thing is to be tried with Ten Golf & it may not be as successful as Setanta. 

Earlier even Bloomberg was an add-on and due to low subscription the channel was added to existing packages.

It's sad to note that there is a small segment that is of the view that local FTA channels is the way forward for Dialog TV. That way is the way forward to the grave for Dialog if they decide to listen and take that route. Eventually we believe that Dialog will have all the local FTA channels, however with present capacity issues that is not the priority and should not be made the priority. 

It's actually great work by Dialog to add 120 channels with relatively small subscriber base, we usually compare Dialog with these Indian DTH providers who have a base of over a million. We know that we tend we to be very hard critics of Dialog TV but lets give credit where it's due and this time they did good and kuddos to Dialog TV for the steps taken to improve service quality. 

That being said Dialog should add all new channels to existing packages and taken quick steps to improve the quality of Varnam TV which is quite bad at present.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.