Tuesday, May 22, 2007

June launch for new channels

According to reliable sources Dialog TV will be launching their new channels from June onwards. It is most likely that the launch date will be June 1st although it is still not confirmed. However we believe that their are chances of some of the channels being added earlier for testing purposes.

It is likely that the fourth transponder will be activated soon probably before the launch of the new channels. According to comments being received it seems that a restriction of the number of channels per transponder will be placed in order to improve channel quality.

There are many false rumors being spread here by certain bloggers regarding these new channels and their launch dates and we hope that they refrain from doing so since they only end up misleading the people visiting this blog for reliable information. We also thank those reliable bloggers who update this blog with valuable information.

According to information it seems that Ten Sports, Star Package (Star World, Movies, Vijay, Plus), Hallmark Channel, Neo and many other channels will be introduced to Dialog TV. It is safe to say that initially the Star Package, Ten Sports, Hallmark Channel will be introduced. It is rumored that HBO Hits, Family, Australia Network (previously known as ABC Asia Pacific) and DWTV will also be available. We are however unable to confirm what new channels will be added for the June launch. However it is certain that several new channels will be available on Dialog TV soon.

We are not sure how the packages will allocated but we feel that if they increase the package cost over Rs 1,400/= or introduce new packages which will cost more than Rs 1,400/= then those packages will not be successful. Dialog TV should try to incorporate these new channels into their existing packages.

Many bloggers seem to be trying to add the third transponder by themselves and it seems that most are failing to do so. We believe that if we are patient enough Dialog TV will update the decoders with details about the new transponder when it is fully ready. So those who are confident about doing the settings manually would have already done so but we suggest that those who were unable to do it successfully should wait till Dialog TV updates it.

We welcome those who are able to confirm exactly the channels that will be available for the June launch and the exact launch date to update us. In addition those of you who are monitoring the third transponder are requested to update us whenever Dialog TV adds a new channel for testing. We once again thank all of you who are providing us with valuable information and please update us on any other information regarding Dialog TV as the days progress. As one blogger pointed out in a few weeks time it will be June 6th and on that day at approx 9:30PM it will mark the one year anniversary of the unfortunate incident that took place in the short history of pay television in Sri Lanka.


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riky said...

There would defeneitly be a software upgrade with the launch and even we will get EPG for 3 - 4 days or if everything goes well even for a week.

So have patience as DTV will automaticaly update the relevent channels.

We may have one or two channels on air prior to the launch (As they did with Al Jazeera)

D.L.R. said...

What is the web site of hallmark.

Jesika said...

Its here


AMD said...

@ D L R & Jesika, this address has the schedule for Sri Lanka. I double checked it withe the comet schedule.


U have the reduce the times by 1/2 hour.

TechnoGuy said...

What new channels will we be getting? Oh wait...I should be patient. I hope they at least test the channels so we ca nget a glimpse of them.

Anyway, we should have our patience and waits for the next 10-16 days.

@ Riky
Is the current decoder powerful enough for the new software. At first look, it looks rather outdated. But inside though it holds a lot of features. But is it enough? I have my doubts.

AMD said...

@ TG

as per the earlier blog, Kaluperuma says these are the channels..

1. Neo
2. Neo plus
3. Star movies
4. Star world
5. Star gold
6. Star plus
7. Vijay TV
8. Hallmark
9. Ten Sports
10. ABC Asia Pacific
11. HBO family
12. HBO hitz
13. DW

Gamini said...

hey guys

how will they make a software update? Will we have to take the decorder to DTV and so on? or will it automatically update thourgh satellite?

please help...

AMD said...

@ Gamini - It will be automatically be updated.

kaluperuma said...


channels tika okkoma hari,oyta amatharawa thawa channels deka thunak eyie,Aying karala dapu SET channel ekath samaharawita apahu dai.


Decorder eka kohewath ussang yanna one nei,thiyana eka compatible,upgrade eka online karai.

Gamini said...

thanks AMD and kaluperuma

@ kaluperuma
will they introduce SET PIX ? I ve heard that they give a lot of great enlgish movies?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Some new DVDrip movie torrents @ FILEnetworks blog

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Api godak welawata Dialog TV compare karanne Dish TV & TATA Sky ekka witharai.
Eth europian, Australian, Arabic DTH & Cable TV services thiyenawa apita wagema
DTV ekatath godak dewal ewain igenaganna puluwan. Me gana interest ekak
thiyena ayata me DTH & Cable services ganath search karala balanna puluwan.

*Showtime - Dubai ( DTH )
*Viasat - London ( DTH )
*Foxtel - Austra. ( Cable )
*Starhub - Sin'pore ( Cable )
*GlobeCast World TV - France ( DTH )
*DStv - Africa ( DTH )

Discovery Science channel ekath DTV ta honda therimak.

@ Matara ayiya

Yes I have.but still adsl available for certain slt customers only.

Sure, I can help you. Issella mata kiyanna oyage dish eka fixed mini dish ekakda
rotational dish ekakda. Reciver eke model ekath kiyanna.
Reciver eken channels ballana kalin dish eka e channels thiyena satallite ekata
point karanna ona. Oyata ona FTA channel tika www.lyngsat.com site eken
hoyaganna. eeta passe comment karanna. Mama puluwan uparimen help karannam.

I repeat my early comment >>

FTA Reciver ekak use karana kenek me infomation confirm karanawada..

ST 1- 88.0 E - Stallite eke TV Lanka 1 & 2 ekka ITN, Sawrnawahini, Hiru FM, Sooryan FM wagema
Shakthi FM thiyenawa. ( Okkoma FTA )

Link - http://www.lyngsat.com/st1.html

Edusat - 74.0 E - Satallite eke CHANNEL EYE thiyenawa ( FTA )

Link - http://www.lyngsat.com/edu.html

Me channels wala picture quality eka , sound quality eka gana wagema
thawath monawahari special deyak thiyenam plz comment karanna..

Mama hithanne ST 1 wala thiyena channels uplink karanne TV LANKA la wenna ona.
Paddukka SLT earth station eka use karanne 'Edusat'. EYE uplink karanne ethanin
wennath puluwan. E kohoma unath kawaruhari FTA reciver ekakin me information
confirm karanna. Mamath hoyanna try ekak dennam.


JD said...

I wonder if anyone knows if the champions league final will be shown in any of the current sports channels on the dtv package? It supposedly goes on the Hong Kong ESPN feed or on Ten Sports.

Matara ayiya said...

@sinhala guy

all written in rusian.I'll give some details to you later. There is a 24 hour audult channel.Only that channel I am waching right now.

TERRY said...


Its on Ten sports

thanan said...

ST1 ekke ena channels walin echara quality wenas na.namuth Edust eke ena channel eye hari pahatili.(DVD quality).DTV eke ena channel eye quality echara adu wenne aye kiyala kawruth thnnawatha.ST1 eke ena radios high quality.

satlanka said...

@ Sinhala Guy,
TV lanka DTH on ST-1 (88E), with ch's
TVL-1, TVL2, ITN n Swan.
Hiru, Sooriyan, Shakti.
This package is still FTA and TV lanka is doing a great job by letting people those who are living in outside of western province, to watch thier favourite CH's. Reception quality is very good.( Except for swarn) I would say, we should encouarage other local TV ch's to join with TV lanka DTH. then we can step up to next generation of SAT TV. If you know, India has DD direct with 33 ch's, even Nepal, Maldives got thier own sat Tv ch's. But here in sri lanka we still stuck in Terrestrial Tv antenna, you have to turn antenna when ever you want swith to one ch to other.

How developed we are as a nation..!!

If you are interesting in FTA satellite tv
log on to


thanan said...

@matara aiya
can you tell the frequency and symbol rates of the channels you are watching.I never herd any russiyan or chinese channels in tha indian region.
I think the foreign channels expected to come in 3rd transponder are enough.Is it possible to add more local channels which are rarely reaching the periperal areas.Even MTV is not reachable out of colombo.Some local channels have better progrms incuding good english movies.MAX people allowed their radio,so they may wish to add their tv also.

riky said...

MTV networks will never come to the DTV platform and they even went on record saying that their channels will not be available in any of the pay TV paltforms.

As per MAX (Local) they show NDTV of late and TEN sports around 75% of the time and nothing other than that.

TEN and NDTV will be their with the new set of transponders, and since they have the rights for TEN and NDTV they may uplink MAX

Jesika said...

Can anyone tell me is MAXTV showing the WWE now?
Pls give me the showtimes

D.L.R. said...

Kalu & Ricky,
a sales guy who came to introduce your new corporate package to our company said all the new channels can be watched by 900+ packege if it purchased before 31st of may.
Is that true?

anyway what we can expect as loyal customers (although I insult for DTV's bad qulity works).
do we have to pay more to watch new channels or will you treat us with some respect?

cuteguy said...

@ riky

u think they will add most of the channels and officially lauch them by the 1st week of june? U think they will do it so quickly? doesnt it take a lot of time?

cuteguy said...

ok . lol. hehehe

then lets switch to the 900 package. (from the 1400 one. As i have the 1400 package)

Kasun said...

I Gave a call to Customer Care, They are still not saying anything about the new Channels. as they said they will inform us true Media. lets wait and see....

vips said...


Does anyone know an easy way of finding the best programs to be watch on DTV. Currently I'm doing it like this (for ex: zee studio).

1. Get the guide, sort on movie name.
2. go to IMDB database title search (http://www.imdb.com/title-search)
3. Mark the bestones according to user ratings and reviews ect.
4. get the printout.

I thought to create a group blog and share this and allow everyone to share their views. Second thoughts... maybe this is already exist. Maybe I'm stupid... ? What do you think ? Please comment.
How do you guys and gals select from 30+ channels... which should be watched on limited free time ???

kaluperuma said...


Machang,June first week eke wede wnawa,rikiya kiyapu dawas hari.


SET PIX ekanam deneta nehe,DTV eke ena movie collection eka beluwahama (HBO,HBO SIGNATURE,FAMILY,HITZ,HALLMARK,STAR MOVIES,ZEE STUDIO) PIX kiyanne nothing channel ekak.

Ekanam wenne neha,Godak ewa 1400/- ekata thamai,pricing structure eknam tham ung decide karala nedda koheda,eth pay per view wage ewa eiy anith ewunta balanda.

Machang,ALF karaya uge DTV ekata mokakda kale danne neha,aduwata ganna puluwang wei,June indala TEN eke WWE balanna puluwang,ado ponnayoth balanawada bang WWE.

AMD said...

Some Cricket Info:

TEN SPORTS will be showing the Sri Lanka v Bangladesh Series starting on June 27th.

NEO will be covering the AFRO-ASIA series starting on 5th June.

Links: http://www.neosports.tv/main.asp


Jughead said...


Need a small clarification.

the hallmark channel is not an exclusive "Movie channel" right?

is it more like AXN than HBO?

could somebody pl confirm.:)

nishantha said...

@ kaluperuma
Thanks for the News
Fox News Sky News Enne Nadda.

1st Week ekata Essella Test Karanna den thiyena Lineup ekata mukuth Add karanne nedda. Zee tv eka remove karala aluth ekak test kalanam hari set remove karala aljaseera dunna wage.

firi said...


Dont get too excited about Hallmark. Thats the least watched channel by me when i had comet.
It just show mostly dramas which are best suited to housewives in my opinion.

vips said...


yes. you are right. Its not an exclusive movie channel. Its more like AXN, but have good familly type contents. (AXN is much of action channel)

I too like AXN, HBO better than hallmark :-)

AMD said...

@ Jughead,

Yes its not an exclusive movie channel, more like AXN. They show programes like Judging Amy, Without a trace, The Nanny, ER, etc. and movies too.

Check the site for Sri Lanka feed:


AMD said...

@ firi

What was ur main reason to change from Comet to DTV, jus would like to know.

Jughead said...

Tks guys

the reason for me to ask was that somebody mentioned earlier something more in line of "its THE THING".
so i was thinking "oops! if its like HBO, since I'm in the 900 package i might lose out on that too".

Jesika said...

Hi Kaluperuma,
You cant forget ALF aha?? LOL

He is not in the blog now. I think he is enjoying Dishtv.. LOL

firi said...


The main reason to switch to DTV was that most of the channels are not clear at my place. When the wind is a bit strong most of the channels are not viewable.. Only channel from 1 to 10 was clear at my place. Comet couldn’t do anything since the antennae was at the highest level possible.

Any way I guess I have taken a very good decision & cant wait to see my favorite channels Star Movies & Ten sports back again.

AMD said...

@ firi,

So u are a happy DTV Customer, good good. Yes ur change will certainly pay off..

where are u located ?

Sumzy said...

Neo Sports channels are very expensive, even Dish TV cannot afford it and TATA sky removed it from their channel list. How can dialog TV afford something like this ???

I doubt it

firi said...


I am at Mabole.

Any idea which feed is the Star Movies going to be.
S.E. asian or Indian?

AMD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...

@ firi,

Not sure what feed but i dont think it will matter cuz i beleive star movies shows only English movies.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...


India's early and humiliating exit from the World Cup 07 does not mean Cricket fever's end. Cricket still remains to be the favourite sport of the Indians. Keeping this in mind sports broadcaster ESPN Star Sports is launching 'Star Cricket', a dedicated cricket channel especially for audiences in the Indian subcontinent. ESPN bagged the $1.1 billion telecast rights for International Cricket Council (ICC) including the next two World Cups last December and announced the launch of the channel on 24th April 07. These rights that commence from September 2007 will expire in the year 2015.

Slated for a June 07 launch, 'Star Cricket' will be the 15th network launched by ESPN Star Sports in the Asia-Pacific region and the third channel for India. ESPN plans to make the channel available to the largest extent. To ensure that the Direct-To-Home (DTH) customers are not deprived of the new entrant, the company is also in talks with DTH companies such as Tata Sky and Dish TV for putting Star Cricket on DTH platform.

Star Cricket will be the second 'only-cricket' channel after 'Neo Sports' from Nimbus Communications. The channel is going to take the viewers round the globe as it will bring the international matches to the Indian TV screen. Reason being the telecast rights for international matches, it has grabbed. However, Nimbus has got the privilege to telecast all Indian matches till 2010.

Since 'Neo Sports' and 'Star Cricket' both are cricket focused, it crops up the issue of competition among the two channels. However, Shashi Kalathil, chief executive, Neo Sports Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. said he didn't think there was a clash of interest. “Given the nature of our rights, Neo is more India-focused,” Kalathil said.
“Star Cricket will bring in a lot of international cricket including a number of twenty-twenty formats. This will attract viewer ship from dedicated sports fans. Therefore a number of premium and niche brands including portals and shopping malls, will advertise on it,” a senior media buyer said.

Besides the ICC telecast rights for the next eight years, ESPN Star Sports also holds rights for Test-playing nations such as England and Australia. The sports broadcaster is looking at a total of 24 Test matches and 42 One Day internationals in 2007 alone. In addition, ESPN STAR Sports will also showcase the ICC Twenty-Twenty World Cup later this year, featuring 27 matches.

24x7 'Star Cricket' will be a pay channel. Along with live matches, the channel will have features, analysis and views-based programmes for in-depth coverage of sub-continent's prime sport. However, the new channel will have to contend with a stricter line from advertisers, who suffered when India failed to progress to the second round of the World Cup 07, and who are likely to demand performance-related advertising contracts. In addition to this, the next World Cup will be played in Australia, where morning matches are played largely during Indian working hours.

There are people who feel that cricket's craze is almost over and investing huge finances into it doesn't make good business sense. On this R.C. Venkateish, Managing Director, Software India Ltd., holds the opinion that though critics and advertisers may cry hoarse about the game being overpriced, but there's still big money in cricket.

But more number of people support the point that cricket is the best business. “Cricket is a religion in India. The interest, passion and emotion this game evokes will remain unmatched for all times to come,” said Mr Ravi Shastri, the recently appointed manager of the Indian cricket team who is also a commentator for the network.
While ESPN and STAR Sports will also continue to broadbcast live cricket and other key properties, STAR Cricket will be the one-stop destination of all the cricket action, history, updates, views and reviews, said Venkateish”.

sonik said...

hope star movies dtv is gonna give is the asia beam. that is add free. star movies india is like zee studio i think... with adds in between.
it'll be interesting to see what they charge for neo and neo plus.indian dth doesnt carry them coz the price per viewer is too high.
whatever the price range, they should give at least a month free preview of the channels, so that all subscribers will have an idea as to what the new channels carry. not everyone knows about channels like the ppl here

AMD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...

> Kaluperuma

Any news about any package changes ?

Gamini said...


i got the DTV bill today, and u know what, they have charged for the month of june too.

my billing cycle starts on 15th. So I have paid to April 15th. And i got the bill today and they have calculated the bill from april 16th to June 15th.( 2 months) and the payment due date is 30th may. Great isnt it? ( Today is the 24th may)any way i wont mind paying a little bit more if they are gonna add some more new channels and try to improve this shit.

had that also happend to other peoples bills too?

if so i wont mind.

yeah. any news about the package changes? I just feel that they will increase the rental from a huge amount. Like doubling the rental or somthing like that. Anyway, we ll wait and see.

Gamini said...


AMD said...

@ Gamini,

Yes no one hear today, maybe no one has any news....

Free-man said...


I too got my bill yesterday (23rd May). They have billed me for 2 months ( April 15 to June 14th). I can afford to pay. But it's very unfair to pay for unused time.

They give me time till 3oth May to pay. After that day, they willl charge a penalty for late payment too. DTV has to treat people fairly. Else people will get IPTV when SLT launches it in a gew months.

TechnoGuy said...

I think its for the TP3. They have to cover up the expenses. Maybe they need money to sign up with another company.

They will launch in June and make your money's worth. I don't think DIalog are fools enough to DOBULE the package prices. Then we can all go to IPTV. Not sure about IPTV too, knowing the speeds of our so-called "Broadband" ADSL. Mine keeps getting cut off all the time for no evident reason.

Neo Sports channels should be made available as a seperate package (like Goal TV in DishTV) or be in the highest package. This way only people who want it can order it.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""Mine keeps getting cut off all the time for no evident reason.""

Check your modem mate. SLT ADSL is known to fuck up with some modems such as prolink Hurricane.

Other reason is they allocate dynamic IPs and when they refresh all hell breaks loose. Just bug them over the phone.

KGB said...

One of my friends had received the DialogTV program guide for the month of June today....

Amalka said...


r u sure..coz still i not received may program guide

AMD said...


wow ! thats a suprise! where does he stay ? Are there any new channels included in the guide ?

KGB said...

Sorry my mistake... He got his connection in April. This was his first bill and the bill along with the program guide has been hand delivered to his place where he had to sign for it :s

He lives within colombo city limits.

The channels in 'his guide' were HBO, HBO Signature, cinemax, Star Sports, ESPN and AXN... only...

Apologies for giving inaccurate details earlier

yakuza said...

does the epg in channel 37,38,39,40 says as radio 9,10,11,12

cuteguy said...

I'm just wondering why DTV guys arent still saying aout the introduction of new channels?
We all know how they advertised about the SET Max and their exclusive rights and so on know. today is the 24th and 7 more days to june.
I really have my doubts. No new channels included in the June programme guide?

Could everything about the new channels and the transponders been cooked up from someone?


i m really worried

Micheal said...


I think the change in Dialog packages will be effected once the new channels are introduced. What they will do is introduce a package where you take the basic package and then add on any other channels that you want and then pay only for your selection plus the basic. They will call it
"a la carte". thats just a little info i picked up... lets see.]
cheers guys!

Micheal said...

By the way,

I am not getting MAX radio on DTV, and The name of Al Jazeera channel still says SETSAB. Anyone else experiencing this?

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Yakuza & Micheal,
I had the same problem a long time ago. Use " restore Factory Defaults".
If U want more information see older post Page by page here. You will learn more from it.

Anonymous said...

DTV is the best! Go DialogTV!

Well Done !!!

Jesika said...


No need to use "Restore factory Defaults"

First try "channel rescan"

Raki said...

hey guys;

personally i think DTV are fools enough to increase package price and try and bully us around... i am sure they think they are the best and we have no other choice. if not y else would they force apon 2 months bills on subscribers... rubish i say!!! its not about being able to pay or not...its not even about them offering new channels (which btw they MUST do if they are to profitably survive in pay tv!)... its about being FAIR to their subscribers!!!! i am increasingly of the view that TDV severely lacks that notion in their mgmt & mkting plans!

anyway, hopefully though sanity in DTV prevails and they offer better channels and services at a better if not 'affordable to the masses' cost structure. i feel that anything above 1400 for all channels is just way to much for the most of us!

but, interesting to c how they go about it.... will Mr. Anthony and co F_ck it up as usual or can we expect bigger and better stuff from them....

cuteguy said...

@ raki

you are absolutely correct. You know no company has the right to charge for upcoming months. You take even the dialog post paid packages. There we only have to pay after the month is over and they give a big period to pay it. ITS NOT ABOUT WHEATHER YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY OR NOT. I wont even mind paying for the whole year even. its just about them bullying us.


if they wont i wont mind geting rid of DTV. U know, the channels arent supperb even. In the movie channels they show us very ancient 1s. and when there is a circket match we need to watch it from an antanae. IT S REALLY LYK BULLSHIT.

@ riky and kalu

anyway, riky and kalu what do u think about it? U STILL THINK DTV REALLY LOVE US??? today is the 25th right? Y ARENT THEY EEVEN ADVERTISING ABOUT IT?

Gamini said...

yeah. can cuteguy be correct? y arent they advertising?

though they have activated the 3rd TP. we all know that. hey riky and kalu are u guys there?

Jughead said...


i think DTV must be waiting till the last moment to come out with the new introductions, (as a marketing tactic)i feel that they will come out with a "BIG BANG" on the day of the launch.

only thing is, i really hope that they will not "BANG" us down with new(high) package rates.

btw have you guys ever noticed, athough there are so many foreign channels available, at times there's not a single good programme to watch. last sunday afternoon for example i was looking for a good programme to watch. but none of the channels had any. Most of the shows were REPEATS. so i ended up watching a movie on ITN.:( pathetic.

so right now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good I mean really good entertainment with the upgrading come June.

AMD said...

Hi guys this is the scene,

They are gonna be charging us in advance from this bill onwards. So our next bill will be from June 15th to July 15th and so on.

Customer care confirmed to me that they will be launching the new channels within June, but couldnt give a definite day or confirm what channels we will be getting.

Even if DTV increases the charges, most of us will have no choice but to stick with DTV if we want quality entertainment. Due to the fact thet both COMET and LBN have limited coverage and DISH TV has mostly Hindi channels or the Indian feed of English channels.

AMD said...

Guys, hav u seen the comet blog ?
Gosh those guys are really "banging" at each other!!!

Raki said...

@ amd;

while i grudgingly agree with you about DTV being the only quality entertainment now.... i realy do expect things to change in the near future. with SLT, LBN expanding and other players slowly coming in, i think they will have a lot to contend with! so, i am sure they want to capitalize on their current dominance and get as many subscribers as possible while the going in good. but, i think they are failing to understand that 1 loyal customer is better for them in the long run than 5 normal guys! So, personally i dont see too many ppl sticking with DTV if the present trend continues and the bad rap they are slowly getting with LOYAL customers is going to be their downfall if competition does heat up soon.... which i am praying it will!

AMD said...

Well as for LBN expanding, it will take quite a bit of time ( laying cables etc ), and SLT will start IPTV at the end of the year, but any competition is good...

Priyantha De Silva said...

I’m out of Colombo. I’ve asked many people whether they want to buy DTV. All of them like & want to watch it but some not like to spend money . Most of them, don’t want to pay over 1000 rupees for a month. There are some very reach people, even they don’t want ‘Cose they’re not in the houses to watch TV mostly. Some want to buy , less than 1000 spend for a month. & some got it for less packages ( don’t think they’re poor ).

Then, It’s In Vain if DTV increase the monthly charge. Not worth of it. I really really know that. I meet any people every day & I really know their feelings about DTH systems. All of them like & want it But not spending much money.
DTV Must increase their number of channels But shouldn’t increase Full Package more than 1,800 – 2,000 rupees. Also they must earn the money to cover up huge amount of spent money . Only thing they must do is Sell , Sell & sell DTV around the country like “KIT” cards over the country. Some people still don’t know about DTH can buy in Sri Lanka as easy way. DTV, Increase your selling speed , Don’t even think about increase the Full Package Charges more than 2000 , Introduce new packages ( Including new channels) less than 1000. Think every time, This country is Sri Lanka & not otherwise ‘Cose some rich people in management think every one can spend money like them.

D.L.R. said...

I strongly belive that DTV must treat to loyal customers well. Dialog gsm is now treating to customers well with the on coming compition.now they are giving free sim to their loyal customers.

we wait 6 long months in dark but they gave nothing. this is the last chance to show us, dtv's view towards exsisting poor customers. Yes we r poor, we don't have any other choice till another compititor comes.

Hey DTV, keep in mind
We r LOyal to you , till you treat us well

D.L.R. said...

Is there any testing going on .
pl coment who watch dtv right now!!!

Priyantha De Silva said...

Also I've heard these channels on air due to testing
* Ten
* Star Plus
I scanned & nothing happened.Can anyone watch these channels from today ?

AMD said...

No change in the channels for me.... so far...

Im sure this is jus another cheep prank of someone....

cuteguy said...

yeah. these sons of bitches are trying to bug us. a real shame. the thing is riky and kalueperuma didnt appear after a long time. Can they be just some guys from dtv who is hoping to sell out some dtv connections?

arnold perera said...

rahdus is one person who wants to put fancy words and sell connections. Even when the customers are treated not properly he will not accept it as a fault.

Raki said...

man if u think ppl r going to pay even 2000.... good luck bro! like i said before 1400 max i feel. if anything they can look at breaking the channels to indevidual prices so we can mix and match. may be charge 500 for basic and have a sports set of channels for an added 300/-, then movies for 300/- more, then educational for 200/- more etc., but this too will be a bad idea for the customer as that way, we will be paying about 2000+ for sure to watch all the channels.... so back to square 1 :(

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kaluperuma said...

Cute guy hewath Gamini,

Kavuda huththo kiwwe channels test karanawa kiyala,Mama kiwwe june first week indala kiwwa channels denawa kiyala,KIWWA WIDIHATAMA JUNE FIRST WEEK INDALA BADU EIY.

YAKO WACHANAYAK KIWWAMA EKA WENAWA,Umba olmadakarayek wenna ethi hema dama ewilla methana kiyyana june first week enne kiyala,

Umbath mara popsiyekne,ekapak danawa Cuteguy kiyala ita passe umbama eka justify krala Gamini kiya naming danawa.

Apita adaretada nedda danne nehe,June first week indala channels danawa,anika DTV andabera gahagaha inne nehe,dana dawase advertise karai.

Raki said...

somehow i had the feeling kalu will get a tad bit upset about gamini's comments :)

anyway, one final thought from me...

if the dish is suppose to be pointing at a certain direction & angle to receive the best signal... y do i see soo many dishes pointing to completely opposite parts of the sky???

me confused as i am just about to re-install my dish and just noticed this fact :)

vips said...

Riky and Kalu,
Thanks a lot for sharing the GOOD news with us. We are very excited to watch new channels.

cuteguy said...

@ kalu

very sorry for the trouble caused. I wont come again. bye
True that Gamini and cuteguy are the same.

kaluperuma said...

Hari hari machang ganang ganna epa badu kiyapu dawasata eiy,Mata sources waling ena widihata Star movies uth HBO wage ad free asian feed eka.

vips said...

WHow !!!!!

Elakiri !!! My personal best channel.

kaluperuma said...

Guys,onna umbalata onema news eka,Rental nam wediwena patak nehe denmama,E kiyanne oya thiyana packages thawa tika kalakata thiyei,Connections wikinena tharamata hondai mokoda Rental ohonmama thiyei.

1400/- okkoma hamba wei,hebei anith packages walata channel bedena widihanam thama danne nehe.

Looser said...

Thanks for your information Kalu.

Priyantha De Silva said...


Yes you r right. I don't believe people pay even more than 1,500 ( without Vat ) for a month. DTV must develop without increasing the monthly charges but increasing their Customer base with advertising & selling all over the country. They can do it. Before any other competitor come to the field DTV must speed up these rate.

TechnoGuy said...

Every time something doubtful comes u in this blog, everyone and everything almost fall apart. Fortunately and thankfully, Kalu and Riky are there to provide valid information and keep the subscriber base from collapsing.

The addition of so many premium channels at the old rate means that Dialog knows what they are doing. For a moment I almost concluded that Dialog will increase prices to 2000/= and destroy itself.

Dialog is going to make the best of the time it has before SLT IPTV's launch.

Meanwhile, I further doubt that other satellite networks will come in to action in Sri Lanka.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Kalu thanks for info. I think Dialog should do more marketing to popularize DTV and they should introduce more packages.

Priyantha De Silva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
russel said...

matanang dialog tv eke thiyena channels tika balala epa wela.

aththatama 1st week kiyala kiuwata hariatama dine danne neththa? egollo june 1st indala new channels linep ekata danna patan ganneeda?

Dimu said...

ST1 KU band contains TV Lanka 1, TV Lanka 2, ITN, Swarnavahini. Other than Swarnavahini, all other channels are very high quality.

I could not get Channel Eye as I can't catch the Edusat satellite

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Kalu

There is one who mislead us comes time to time. He’ll get different names like “ Haris”. The last ,one gave wrong information on this blog. Thanks to ‘Kalu” any one can’t mislead us today. The wrong information has came by this site



(Accidentally I posted this comment on the Cometcable site & I've deleted it, That's why my name is there.)
But he didn’t leave a name on it.Must be someone who doesn’t like DTV bloggers peace on this site. I think every one here will do their best to keep this blog on the Topic & not to deviate from the main reason why we are blogging here.

I’ve visitted this blog since last year ( Everyday) but these things came since past two or three weeks time. We must be careful & must keep these dirty ones out from this blog in the future.

@ Gamini called CuteGuy ,

Thanks to kalu again, Something has revealed. I think U will be a great man because you
Accepted the fault without hiding , that’s a good sign of great people. You did a great job in this blog, & don’t say you’ll not come back. We need people like you in this blog.

If anyone want to visit my blog, Click here

AMD said...

@ Kalu,

tks for the info.

I have the utmost faith in kalu & riky, they said 1st week of june, so lets all be patient and not be mislead and torn apart by some cheep jokers who post false info on this blog.

@ Raki,

Yes nowadays u can see all sorts of small dishes pointing at different direstions to the sky,
But DTV dishes always have to be pointed to the WEST direction.

Jesika said...

Hi kalu !
Thnaks for your info.
Will wait 5 Days + or - 7 Days
Is there any information about the software upgrade ?

Dear Cute Guy
Dont leave this blog, Will stay like friends. We need each and everyone here to share their ideas & knowladge.

Jesika said...

@Priyantha De Silva

I saw this artical in your blog. Pls clarify this.

"I have ask From Maharaja Group, How they react to CBN Sat, then he said They can't trusted on CBN, But not with DTV. Then we can hope Even Sirasa & Mtv , Shakthi will also come via DTV, Cose Mtv cann't watch otherthan Colombo, Which is their importent Channel.Exactly they have said Sirasa & other channels will come via Dialog tv, The date is 8 or 9 on this month. I think It's time to show Sirasa & mtv with the new TP 3 or TP 4 comes."

laksirif said...

Since I did not receive my April/May Bill I inquired from DTV guys and then he informed that I'll get a bill for two months and should pay for June as well. However, when I challenged them and informed that they have no moral right to claim the monthly fee for services not yet provided i.e.in advance. I even threatened to write to Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. Then he said I can pay for the current month and pay next months fee when it is due. We may have to take this issue seriously and suggest we oppose payment in advance, collective.

Priyantha De Silva said...


Yes, that happened few months ago. Now we can see their ideas have been changed even LBN has been left them. I’ll remove my comments from the blog as your request.

Kaushal said...

DTV is having a special promotion for people living in the Battaramulla/Pelawatte area. They offering 50% off the connection fee for DTV. So the connection is only Rs. 8950/- but the offer is valid only for today and tomorrow (26th and 27th) and your home address should include Battaramulla to be eligible for this offer. The promotion is now on at the Pelawatte Junction (near Isurupaya)

Radikal Zee said...

the exact promotion was in rajagiriya too when i was driving by. they may b targetting LBN customers in rajagiriya

Micheal said...


So this is exactly the type of marketing that makes existing loyal cutomers see red! We sign up early, at the "introductory price" which they say is "Special", and never to be repeated, and then they go on to give others at50% off??? Ubelievable!!! Nushad went on record in an interview saying "any and all benefits extended to new customers will be extended along the board to existing customers also. So where and at what point do we see the benefits to existing customers?
Will it be in the form of reduced montly charges, or non-increment of package prices, or what?

@priyantha de silva,and Jesika,
Thanks. Rescan worked and the channel names are correct now.
Nothing on new channels yet though.

You are correct. we have to harp on this matter and make sure that we sort it out once and for all.


thanan said...

Edusat covers only the jaffna peninsula .If you want to see it in south you need a big dish(95cm or120cm).you can see the coverage map in lyingsat web.
@Priyantha de Silva
I spoke to the chef exicutive of shakthi tv ,he told they are ready give their channels if only those are transmitted free to air like radios & they want nobody to earn from their channels.BUT in dishtv there are some FTA CHANNELS with such agriments.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Non-DTV Customers,

If we visit other network sites there is an idea growing that DTV Customers have more problem than others. Don’t think even about it. We don’t have any problem regarding DTV. Always we are on the topic when we blog here & we want to develop DTV as much as soon as possible than existing moment in the very near future. Because If that happen the benefit comes to us .

Once, in last months I had to pay my monthly charge after 1 ½ months late. But they even didn’t send a letter or didn’t disconnect the connection. ( I’ve Full Package) If There’s a little problem regarding anything we want to solve out it quickly than others. DTV’s Picture quality is very good (Than Comet) but we want to improve more, nothing else. If anyone who is new to this blog, don’t think DTV has any problem reading these articles.

Only we want to improve the DTV & service of it than any other network. Also , Don’t think DTV’s channels lineup is bad. It’s the best line up in Sri Lanka , If U don’t trust me watch it . As a human every man wants to something new than what we have. That’s why we try in this Blog. We respect other service as well because every one thinks theirs are the Best. And every product has a some unique facility. Then don’t compare everything as once.

@ Everyone,
There was a topic about picture quality of DTV. Why anyone didn’t tell the method I’ve been used. ( Don’t think Non-DTV customers that we have a picture quality problem)

• Video Setting
• Tv Mode change to “NTSC-N”
• Change tv mode to “Auto” or to “443NTSC” in our TV set.

If you don’t try this try it now & get a Non-Pixel quality. But only problem I’ve , the picture frame is shaking a little.

@ Thanan,
Thanks , to give new information. I think they are right. If that happened if DTV disconnect for any reason, we’ll be able to watch FTA channels. So anyone want to see only local channels (Mostly rural areas) then they can buy DTV & not to pay monthly charge. Then, I also agree with them.

Kaushal said...


I guess this is a practice among many companies. I too had a similar experience with my Lanka Bell CDMA phone which I bought for 14,000 bucks about a year ago. Now they offer HSBC credit card holders a CDMA phone free with monthly usage commitment of Rs. 1000/- for a period of 1 year, and my monthly bill always exceeds Rs. 1000/-. So, looking back, I could have had the phone for free if I had waited until now. The moral of things here is that if you are willing to wait and have patience, you can get hold of a good offer, on the other hand, if you need something really soon, then you've got to pay for it!

russel said...

yo macho,

ada dine 27 wenitha netha? thawa dawas 5 k withara thamai thiyenne? have they activated the 4th TP? kauruwath danne neththa eke frequency eka?

mata dialog eke weda karana porak kuiwa ealanga marse ( june) sure ekatama denna try karanawa ( aluth channels) bari unoth July 1st week eke aniwaryenma denawa kiyala? u kelinawa ethi neda?

kartawath aluth news ehema neththa? DTV costomer care eken ahuwama e yakku kiyanawa eelanga marse kohomahari denawa kiyala.

someone please clarify

russel said...

yako may dtv porawal dtv connections 8500 ta dena eka maha balu wedak ne... ewun thawa aluth channels dunnama rental eka wadi karoth unta hena wadiinna one

Gamini said...

@ everyone and kalu

sorry for the trouble caused by me. You know, i was so desperate to know about when we will be getting the new channels. thats why i kept on asking.

anyway, will someone please tell me whether the pic quality is better when we get Video from an S- video cable from the decorder?

kalu!!!!! ur not angry with me know?

cuteguy hewath gamini

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Hi machangla, tikadawasakin,

Mage hard disk eka kela una... Data tikatath badu... Kawruwath HITACHI hard
nam use karanna epa.. Athdutuwai prathyakshai.. Maxtor hari Seagate hari ganna..
Unity Plaza eken gaththata matath honda wade un mata wena hard ekak denne
thawa sathiyakinlu.... Aye kelawapanko matara indala colamba...

@Thanan and Dimu

Thanx informations walata...

TV Lankala karana service eka best. Ganak kadaganne
nathuwa local channels FTA dena ekata unta thanx karanna ona....

DTV walath radio channels denne FTA. Mama hithanne wadi denek eka danne na..

Mata thama DTV bill eka labune na... Disconnection eka gana kiyala Notice ekakuth awa.
Mama nam unta kalin bill gewanne na. Parakku karalamai gewanne...
Kawruwath enamasa walatath ekka nam bill gewanna epa.. Late karala gewanna..

@ New Bloggers

Methanata aluthin ena bloggers la plz old pages 2ka 3k wath kiyawanna..
Pluwan nam okkoma kiyawanna...

Methana api kawruth ekathu wela DTVlata balakaranna puluwan widihata
shakthimath wenna ona.. CBNsat la nam me blog ekata salakuwa.. Eth DTV la dan apiwa ganan ganne na... Unta me wage blog ekaka
comment karanna lajja athi... Mata oya Dialog lage loku line thamai allanne naththe..

Mata dan DTV eke new channels enakam indala athi wela... Hamadama ude TP3 eka
chek kanawa.. Hamadama parana tikamai...
Aluth channels ganama kawruth kathakaranne thiyena lineup eka best nisada..
Mata nam ara Z cinema, SET Max wage reddawal tika ain karanakam ninda yanne na..
Oya jarawa tika ain karala honda channel tikak dunnanam mokada..

Methana Z cinema ehema balana kawruwath innawanam Plz comment karanna...

Mama nam hithanne DTV la thiyena packeges walata godak channels add karai.
Un ehemama kathawada karana ekak na... ( Habai dialog lage wadakalle hatiyata
mona balu wadak karawida kiyala sure nuth na )

Habai mata ekak sure CBNsat thibunanam oya channels apita labenne meeta
godak kalekata kalin.. E wagemai 500 package ekatath un godak channels davi.

Shit... CBNsat..... Mathak wenakotath dukai.... Ammapa me anduwa awe nathnam
thama thiyenne CBNsat.... Dannawanam munta chande denne na.. ( E dawas wala
mata chande thibune na. Habai mahindage golayoth ohoma balu wadak kanawa
kiyala dannawanam ape gedara katawath munta chande denna denne na..) I love CBNsat....but
I hate Dialog TV..............

Mobitel la Celltal(Tigo) la field ekata basse nathnam Dialog lage sellam balanna thibuna....
Dan oya dialog (GSM) rates adu karanneth okunta wena karanna deyak nathi nisa...

Ane ikmana waren thawa DTH ekak lankawata.....

Ammapa mata salli thibunanm mama patan gannawa DTH ekak okun athugawila yanna....

Balamu aluth package stucture eka kohomada kiyala.... Eka balala thamai mage anith Dehi tika

AMD said...

DTV has certainly reduced the rain interruption issue to a great extent. This morning there was heavy rain and slight thunder at my place but DTV was still there! Checked the signal level and it never went below 46%.

yakuza said...


yakuza said...

thank you priyantha

well the signal strength is high for sure but be carefull of lightning.
so any testing going on

laksirif said...


I use a S-Video connection from the decoder & it gives better video quality than when I had the Yellow cable connection.

Sinhala Guy,
U r right. If we fight collectively and refuse to pay the bill in advance probably we can force them to accept reality. As u said DTV thinks that they can do what they want. Although I do agree that at the moment they give the best facilities picture quality wise. But hope and pray we will have a choice to select when other players like SLT & LBN complete their expansion programmes.

vips said...

I've tried to do manual scan yesterday and seems like TP2 don't have any channels. When I set transponder to TP1 and TP3, I've 60+ signal level. But when I set TP2, It'll show signal level 0. Scan also give 18 channels on TP1 and 18 on TP3. Is TP2 is inactive ?

Please someone clarify.

AMD said...

@ vips

I have TP 1, 2 & 3 active. But there are only the original 18 channels and 10 radio channels. Even after re-scan i get the same channels. But dont worry, after they activate the new channels it will automatically get updated depending on the package.

AMD said...


The Wonder Years
Mondays 6:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Tuesdays 12:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Tuesdays 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Saturdays 1:00 PM – 01:30 PM

Who’s The Boss?
Tuesdays 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Wednesdays 12:30 AM – 01:00 AM
Fridays 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Saturdays 12:30 PM – 01:00 PM

Full House
Tuesdays 6:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Wednesdays 12:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Saturdays 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Dawson’s Creek
Wednesdays 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Thursdays 12:00 AM – 01:00 AM
Mondays 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Saturdays 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

Ally McBeal
Thursdays 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Fridays 12:00 AM – 01:00 AM
Sundays 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM
Thursdays 06:00 PM – 07:00 PM

The X-Files
Fridays 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturdays 12:00 AM – 01:00 AM
Sundays 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM

AMD said...


Will & Grace
Monday to Friday 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Tuesday to Friday 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Without a Trace
Wednesdays 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Thursdays 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Sundays 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Tuesdays 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Wednesdays 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM


Gamini said...

@ vips

i think i know your problem. U know, u must be having the new software in your decorder. (Go to reciever info and there go to IRD info)

in new decorders the transponders names are given differently.

in new decorders the frequencies are
TP 1 :- 11591
TP 2 :- 11632 This is inactive
TP 3 :- 11693
TP4 :- 00000 dis is inactive

in earlier decorders the frequency of TP 1 is 11591
tp 2 is 11693
tp ( which they entered manually) 11468

so thats the problem?only the names given differ. The frequencies are the same.

hey vips did you check for the signals in tp 2 earlier?

so guys from this we could think that the frequency of the 4 th tp would be 11632. not sure though.

Jughead said...


yeah its good to see the old stuff coming back on Z Cafe.

X Files, Wonder years and Ally Mc Beal @6pm. superb entertainment daily.

although i wouldn't say the same to Dawsons creek.yuk.

Thanura said...

Hey guys,
i've been reading dis blog since "CBN sat" time.
i think most of da DTV subscribers dnt knw abt da new channels.
only da people who read dis blog knws. so we must inform d others 2.
otherwise DTV will give da new channels to new customers. they wont add those channels 2 existing packages. (i think and hope dat they wont do dat)
neways can anyone tel me why s-video cable is better than coaxial ?
da channels i'm waitin for is 1.star world
2.star movies
3.ten sports

JUNE FIRST WEEK - "only 3 - 10 days to go"

AMD said...

Dialog TV beams at Aitken Spence Hotels

Dialog Satellite TV, Sri Lanka’s premier Direct to Home Television Service was recently named exclusive satellite TV provider for four of Aitken Spence Hotels’ fine properties - Earl’s Regency, Heritance Kandalama, Heritance Ahungalla and The Tea Factory.

“Dialog TV offers the most extensive range of News, Entertainment and Knowledge based programming, guaranteeing that guests at these Aitken Spence hotels will receive up-to-date, quality infotainment on par with anything they have been exposed to anywhere else in the world.” said Nushad Perera, General Manager, Sales and Marketing Dialog Telekom.

“Our aim is to offer our patrons the best in quality while staying in any of our hotels,” said Malin Hapugoda, Managing Director of Aitken Spence.

“And this agreement with Dialog Satellite Television will be a fantastic way of fulfilling this aim, since we will be offering all our guests, from the business traveller to the leisure traveller, world class programming twenty four seven.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

vips said...

Thanks Gamini and AMD,

Yes. I think I've new software. I'll hope once all channels officially launched, we should be able to get them. But my only concern is that I may not be able to see test transmissions (if they started before the official launch). That's why I'm bit worried. (I've 900 package and may not include all new channels. At least I'd like to watch all test transmissions).

I cannot change frequencies. I haven't checked signal levels for different TPs before.

Please post here if someone get test transmissions :-)

vips said...

Did anyone watched X files on Z cafe ?
Which season they are showing ? I've checked z cafe website and it don't have any info regarding that (strange)

Thanks in advance.

AMD said...

@ VIPS -

They are showing Season 1 of all those programs. Its mentioned on the program list.


Jesika said...

Hi !
I have a problem, sorry its not regarding DTV. But if anyone know pls help me to clarify this through this blog or email

What is the difference between windows Messenger and Windows Live messenger.
once i installed windows live messenger and add some of my friends there, but there is no option to chat.and they were appeared off line too.
But after that i removed and installed windows messenger then i could able to chat with them.

I have added one of my friends contact to yahoo messenger ( she has Hotmail account). It appears off line too.

my email is jesikadjjd@yahoo.com
Pls help


Gamini said...

@ kalu

will they do test transmisiions before introducing the new channels? if they would they dunn have much time.

Gamini said...

and also i got the programme guider for the month of june today. it only has hbo, signature, cinemaxx, axn , espn and star sports. only them. No nat geo , travl and livin, no discovery nothing more. only those 6.

vips said...

Thanks AMD.

I think it's a good news at least we get program guide before the beginning of the month :-)

Anyway... I've not received it yet.

nishantha said...

Kalu and Riky
June 1st week keiyanne
'Day After Tommorow' da?

thawa Eka dawasai Thiyenne june Palawenida idala aluth channel denawada nethnam 4 wenidada (monday) idalada.

Gamini said...

@ nishantha

i foned the customer care yesterday and i inquired about the new channels? they saiid that the day of lauchinng the new channels in not finalised, and told me to give a call after they advertise in the papers. then they said that hey would be able to tell the day. he spoke as if the new channels wont be given in the next month eeven. dunno wheather they are gonna surprise us!!!!

Gamini said...

hey guys... wts up? no one is making any comments.... y so? no any new news?

riky said...

Its not the first,what i said was first week (within 7-10 days),They have the content secured its only the technical aspects that has to be sorted out,such as the uplinking boxes of the content providers.

Its going to happen within the FIRST WEEK of June.

AMD said...

Guys, be patient, we waited for 6 months without anything, so lets wait a few more days ok..

Also I have confirmation from the people at STAR and NEO that the channels will be on the new lineup.

Brian said...

Hi guys

NEW DELHI: The Government on Friday lifted a two-month ban imposed on satellite television channel Fashion TV (FTV) after the channel said it would not broadcast "inappropriate" content in the future.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting banned FTV in March because its programmes such as Midnight Hot showing very skimpily clad models were deemed "against good taste" and having the potential to affect public morality.

"FTV.com India Channel has regretted its error and assured that such an error will not be repeated in future," a statement from the ministry said.

The channel also told the government it would "immediately remove" any programme found offensive by the authorities, the statement added.

In the past decade, there has been a sharp rise in the number of satellite channels airing in India, and some viewers and politicians have complained that their content is too sexually explicit and risque for Indian sensibilities and culture.

In January, the government banned the AXN satellite channel, owned by a unit of Sony Corp., for two months for showing programmes such as the "World's Sexiest Advertisements" which the government also felt were against good taste.

It, however, lifted the ban on March 1 after the channel apologised and said it would regulate itself better to comply more effectively with Indian law.

FTV is back on DishTV india !

Hope that DTV also come to a agreement with the SL government to put back FTV with reasonalble conditiones

Gamini said...

@ riky

are you telling that dtv is hoping to START INTRODUCING new channels by doing test transmissions and so on by the first week of june, or do you mean that dtv will LAUCH ALL THE CHANNELS OFFICIALLY along with the 4th transponer in the first week of june?
pls help...

@ Brian

i duunn think ftv is neccasary. we have Zee trendz know.

Brian said...

Suggestions for dialog TV

Hope that dialog guys will read this

In order to bring down currant subscriber rentals they could consider the following steps!

Benefits to DTV

1. introducing prepaid for DTV – this will bring down all mailing costs involved Eg dominations in 1 month / 3 months/ 6 Months/ & 12 Months
2. No default customers - no need of debt collectors

I am sure don’t hv to point out all the benefits of prepaid since they hv already identified the benefit of it (KIT) some time back

Benefits to Customers

In the other hand it will compensate the users also! If you don’t hv money to extend your connection you could wait without paying!!! By doing so you won’t be a backlist customer of DTV

It would be also very easy to re activate your connection just buy dialgTV prepaid card from your nearest shop call the dialog IVR and reload your connection

1. Bring down the rentals Eg (Pkg1.- Rs 900) (Rs pkg2.-500) (pkg3.-Rs 300 ) + VAT keeping the initial charge @ 12000/- by introducing the currant packages in this order DTV would be able give a good run to all other competitors + they could go for their goals within a short period time + people will buy the DTV connection without thinking twice I am sure ! by doing so all dish TV users will buy DTV for definite

2. rite now their selling for Rs 8950/- I’ll tell you my friends basically their inviting all defaulters with currant pricing once the new customers realize their bill with the currant cost of living these people will be come defaulters in short time

Hope that this will go into nushad’s little brain!

Brian said...

@ Gamini

of cause! but the contain is totally different ! Ztrends mostly Indian stuff with all covered garments LOL !

Looser said...


FTV India is worst than Ztrendz.

Prepaid card for DTV is a very good idea

hush said...

something i noticed during heavy rain in my area was that TP3 went out very quickly followed later by TP! while TP2 held without going out but pixelation is there.

what i want to point out is TP1 has a value of power 11K,TP2 value of 17K while TP3 value of 1K. That explains why TP3 was first to go. so its better if they keep niche channels on TP2 at the moment.

previos transponder 11632 has value 14K. there are frequency 12069 and 12691 which has value of 24K and 28K. This will minimise rain fade to some extent.

there should be a corelation if anyone knows anything more on this K value on transponders please enlighten us

vips said...

Is FTV is illegal to show within Sri Lanka?

I don't think so, because I saw this in a hotel recently (Asian feed :-)

TechnoGuy said...

I waiting till June 1st: to see Dialog new channels and see whats going on at Comet.

June 1st week is going to be a good and cool week (not weather-wise though). I'll be on the watchout for anything new.

@ vips
Sri Lanka does not get FTV India. They get some other beam. Maybe the international feed.
And Indian laws do not apply to Sri Lanka. Of course, Sri Lanka has useful laws only when someone wants to eat up or put down another. Not when it is really necessary.

@ hush
I don't know much about these K values, but I am sure I would like to learn about it. Any info, anyone?

@ brian
Prepaid is a good idea, and I think it is a first in the Pay TV industry of Asia (correct me if i'm wrong).

But implementing such a system will be difficult. In the mobile field, cutting off overdue connections, adding prepaid value, etc. are computerised and easy to do.

In the satellite system, the prepaid value activity (adding value, etc.) can be done through automated systems. But cutting off the connection, creating the connection, etc. has to be done manually. Only thing the computers can do is list out the work and remind the technicians about what connections need to be made, cut off and all. This will result in slow activity. YOur prepaid connection may be cut off on the day you enter a new prepaid card, but the new card value will only take effect the next day.

I you don't understand, I don't blame you. This is unfortunately the best I can explain it.

LANKA INFO said...

"Centigradz" will be releasing their second album under Universal Records label in September this year.

More info:

LANKA INFO said...

"Centigradz" will be releasing their second album under Universal Records label in September this year.

More info:

thanan said...

DTV should open a coustomer log on site ,to check our outstandings b'cos bills are comming late, to make payments online,to make changes in packages and to make any comments or complaints.Earlier CBN had MyCBN what happned to that.

Gamini said...

hey guys

I inquired from the person who is incharge of tensports in srilanka. ( he is Mr Jude Valliere) He confirmed that tensports would be in the dtv new lineup from june.

so now we would be able to watch WWE. cool eh?

Gamini said...

when will they do the software upgrade? does it take a lot of time?

TERRY said...

I think this Gamini alias Cuteguy has "Kiripanugaya"

cbnsatcustomer said...

Afro-Asia Cup survives with new TV deal
05-31-2007, 07h01

The Afro-Asia series in India will go ahead as scheduled next week after the ESPN-Star network stepped in to save the beleaguered event, the Asian Cricket Council said.

The series, featuring three one-dayers and a Twenty20 match between Asia and Africa from June 5-10, was in jeopardy after the original rights holder pulled out citing lack of public interest.

But ACC chief executive Ashraful Haq told the Cricinfo website that the pan-Asian ESPN-Star network had agreed to telecast the series for an undisclosed fee.

"The circumstances were such that the tournament could not be cancelled, considering that the matches were designated as official one-dayers," the Kuala Lumpur-based Haq was quoted as saying by Cricinfo.

"We're happy that ESPN-Star have agreed to telecast the event."

While ESPN-Star was not willing to reveal the financial details, Cricinfo said "it is understood the deal will be significantly lower than the original sum."

The series begins with a Twenty20 match on June 5 in Bangalore, which will also host the first one-dayer on June 6.

The remaining two one-dayers will be played in Chennai on June 9 and 10.

Mumbai-based Nimbus Sports, which held the marketing and TV rights for the event, withdrew late Wednesday, saying the absence of top stars was making it difficult to find sponsors.

Top Asian stars like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid of India, Muttiah Muralitharan, Chaminda Vaas, Kumar Sangakkara and Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka, as well as Pakistan's Shoaib Akhtar, have all declined to play.

The African side will also be missing their nominated captain, Graeme Smith of South Africa, and team-mate Jacques Kallis.

The Asia v Africa series, the brainchild of former world cricket chief Jagmohan Dalmiya of India, was sold to Nimbus for 12 million dollars for a three-year period in 2005.

The first edition was held in Johannesburg in August, 2005, but it was not played last year due to a lack of suitable dates in a crowded international cricket calendar.

The decision by Nimbus came a day after India's Zee network withdrew from televising a three-match series between India and South Africa in Northern Ireland in June-July.

The matches were part of the Indian Cricket Board's plan to play 25 one-day internationals at offshore venues over a five-year period, for which Zee had bought the rights for 219 million dollars.

The first event was held in September last year when India took on world champions Australia and the West Indies in Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

Zee said it had scrapped the entire five-year deal because the Indian board was not willing to negotiate a revised price after a government directive to share the TV feed for all India matches with state-run broadcaster Doordarshan.

The Indian board may be forced to cancel the series against South Africa -- scheduled for June 26, 29 and July 1 in Belfast -- if it fails to find an alternative broadcaster.

"The series cannot be held if there is no television coverage," said Indian cricket board secretary Niranjan Shah.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Sanath In England Live Online Today

Marylebone Cricket Club announced that the Sri Lanka opening batsman and former captain, Sanath Jayasuriya, will lead the MCC team which will play the West Indians at the Racecourse Ground, Durham from 1st to 3rd June.The first one will be held today.

If you are unable to get to Durham, but would still like to follow the play, a live and exclusive ball-by-ball commentary service will be available via this website. "Click Here"


Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Admin,

I Haven't still received DTV Program Guide of May , When I called the Cus.Care They told me It has been posted.

Gamini said...


i didnt ask you man. U 'll also get that kiripanugaya in a couple of days. so dunn worry

TERRY said...

No no i have taken worm treatment and i beleive in what Kaluperuma says,Because he has been in this blog during the bad times for CBNsat and what he said has been always correct.

You are the real "kiripanuwa"alias "kokupanuwa"

Gamini said...

u know... u cant get rid of kokupanugaya from normal worm treatment.... switch to albendazole. it might work. maybe u dunn know that. Even though my dog is dewormed. dunno know about u though...

anyway, pls dunn try to be a jerk. ok? umba may indagena puka nothi indapan. eka kartath honda wei netha? umbe panuwoth epa, Wena mukuthwathuth epa. ok?


Looser said...

Dishtv has a prepaid card system but don't know much about it.

Still EPG is not correct on AXN 1/2 hour difference and Zone they are still giving indian PG.

Kalu do you know anything about this?

AMD said...

EPG is available now for Rupavahini and Travel & living.

Yes AXN is incorrect since of late.

AMD said...

Its good that ESPN will be telecasting AFRO-ASIA matches instead of NEO.

This means that all pay tv subscribers will be able to watch the matches.

kaluperuma said...

Machang EPG gananam mama echara hoyala beluwe neha,Kohoma unath may sumane aluth channels dala ivara unhama eka genea balai.Kohoma unath aduma gane dawas 3-4 wath thiyana EPG ekak ikkmnata hamba wei.

Channels kiwwa wagema may sumane eiy,Technical ewunuth merigena weda,Podi podi issues sort out karanna thiyenne.

firi said...

If DTV has already acquired TEN sports then they can show it on an existing channel like zee music.
(every body will love to see Ten instead of Zee music)

They do not need to wait till they sort out the transponder issues.

TERRY said...

I think Cuteguy/Gamini has "Watapanu" rogaya.Why do you want an "anaconda" inside your ass,
Your name(cuteguy) shows that you are a cockless homosexual getting fucked by everybody around you.

riky said...

Not only TEN,They have already aquired Hitz,Family,Neo,Star and many others,But you just cant remove and replace channels at your discretion,as their are certain clauses in the contracts to that effect.

Dont worry all these will be their within a week or so

Gamini said...


ok man. u win.
Anyway, the cuteguy is not given by me. It was given by my brother. And thats his account. Ok?

anyway, i thought TERRY was a nice name... even though my 1 isnt.

AMD said...

Guys can we please stick to the topic without worrying about each other's names...

Ah riky, nice to hear some news from you.... tks.

riky said...

Though the 3rd transponder will be launched officialy with the new channels very soon,The 4th will take some further time, as they have to sign up new channels etc.

Gamini said...

nice to hear that we are gona get some more new channels as well. Anyway, as they wont lauch the 4th TP does that mean that the picture quality wont increase? coz there will b like 15 more channels know. ( with SAB and SET)

does someone know why the picture quality is better with an video cable?

KIDO said...

DTV New Channel updates...
HBO Family
HBO Hits
Set Sub


TechnoGuy said...

@ Kido
Hmm. Yes the leaflet you directed us to seems to be genuine.

> What is SRTV (never heard of it before)
> Why is Dialog getting back the controversial (but of course very popular) FashionTV?
> Where is STAR?
> Can't Dialog at least spell SAB correctly?

Riky and Kalu... awaiting your information, mainly about the STAR thing.

Thanks to Kido, anyway.

cbnsatcustomer said...

kido thanks for info.

Does anybody know if digital video recorders (DVR)/personal video recorders (PVR) are available in Sri Lanka?


sonik said...

@ techoguy
I think SRTV is a tamil movie channel. though not sure. I have seen the logo on channel eye.




where the heck is star? and where was this "leaflet" pasted anywayz??? But thanx for da info.

cbnsatcustomer said...


The 1st Tamil Box Office Channel in the World

SR TV is now available in the US, presenting movies in Tamil 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SR TV features original programming, mixed with theatrical films from its existing long-term studio output agreements, most of which are hit movies from the Kollywood industry.

Serving the local communities in Malaysia for the past 15 years, SR TV is a division of SR TV (M) Sdn Bhd, a leading movie distribution and entertainment company.

Website: www.srtvchannel.com

Check this

Will DialogTV get into trouble again?

Check the below news report from AsianTribune. With the current situation with Defence Ministry you never know.

"Sri Lankan government finances Tigers by buying their Tamil TV programs
Mon, 2007-02-26 03:53

Chennai, 26 February, (Asiantribune.com): Sri Lanka’s National Television station Rupavahini buys Tamil programs from the extensive global network of Tiger TV organizations.

Rupavahini operates two networks: Rupavahini (Channel 1) primarily in Sinhalese, and Channel Eye (Channel 2) primarily in Tamil and English.

One of the main sources that produce TV programs for Tigers is in Tamil Nadu. Tigers have an office and TV studio at T. Nagar in Chennai, to produce programs for their TTN TV.

Mallaiyappan of Tamil Nadu is the head of this Tigers office. He use to frequent Colombo to meet with Rupavahini officials for the sale of TTN TV programs.

Rupavahini buys TV programs produced in the TTN studio in Tamil Nadu from Mallaiyappan. This is one of the biggest money-making operations of the Tamil Tigers. By buying programs from the Tiger TV producers, Sri Lanka Government is helping the Tigers indirectly to amass money.

Tigers have also cornered the distribution market of Tamil films. The Tamil film distribution is handled by Sahadevan from Malaysia. He and Ayngaran Karuna who resides in London have the virtual monopoly of the screening rights of Tamil movies outside India.

Sahadevan sells the rights of the Tamil movies to countries in Europe and to the North American countries. Tamil Nadu film industry produces over hundred films annually. Those who own the screening rights get a lion share of the market.

Within India the screening and distribution rights of these movies are sold to many Indian theatres and Indian distributors. But the screening rights of these Tamil movies outside India are normally bought by the two Tiger agents, Sahadevan of Malaysia and Ayngaran Karuna who lives in UK. In addition to screening rights they also own the rights of making VCD’s and VCR’s -- all of which are money-spinners.

Ayngaran Karuna Distributors also controls many theatres for screening the Tamil movies not only in Sri Lanka but also in Singapore. The Singaporean chain of theatres is estimated to bring in huge revenue to the Tigers.

Last year Sahadevan obtained the screening rights of hundreds of Tamil movies and Sahadevan launched SR TV and began telecasting those Tamil movies in his TV, similar to that of HBO of the English movies.

Rupavahini buys Tamil movies to for local telecasting from this SRTV for its Channel Eye (Channel 2) primarily telecast in Tamil and English.

- Asian Tribune - "

laksirif said...

S-Video is a video signal format which is fairly popular and is widely used on satellite receivers,DVD players and S-VHS VCRs. S-Video delivers better colour and resolution than one-wire video cable by separating the luminance (brightness) and chrominance (colour) elements of the signal, but is inferior to three-wire "component" video (Red, Blue & Green Cables)in that it doesn't support progressive scan or high-definition.
In fact I use a s-video connection between the decoder & TV, since the decoder does not provide for "component" out socket. However, I use a component or RGB video connection between my DVD Recorder/Player & the TV.

cbnsatcustomer said...

More info about SRTV

BTW AsianTribune is popular for madeup stories(like Wimal Weerawansa) and it is very anti-LTTE.

sonik said...

well if the srtv story is true, then dialog surely will get into trouble. but in that case, channel eye should get into trouble before that. they have been showing movies with that butterfly logo for quite sometime. sure hope dialog will look into this before they distribute the channel.
why couldnt they get raj or suntv instead??

AMD said...

I hav my doubts about that flyer, there are lots of spelling mistakes which i doubt dialogtv would make in ad ad like that.

@ KIDO, tks for that info but where did u get that flyer from ?

sonik said...

oh dear dear, that asiantribune is one crazy site.... just got a glimpse of what you mean.

cbnsatcustomer said...

AsianTribune kala paththarayak wage.

Check this

sonik said...

lol.. i remember this post. cant beleive anyone these days.

Jesika said...

Where is Ten Sports ?

I think this is an old leaflet.

Gamini said...

@ technoguy

arent you getting on with that dialog tv site in pbwiki? It appears as if u havent updated it for a while.

@ lafsirif

thanks for the information.

kaluperuma said...

Umbala bayawenna epa machang Ten Sports ,Star Package confirmed,star movies eke asian feed ekema hamba wenawa,One nethi channels gena latha wenna epa,api kiyapu okkoma channels welawata enawa

Jesika said...

Hi Kalu

Thanks for ur comments
Do you know the exact date ?
I have no patient

kaluperuma said...


Kohomath 10 wenidata kaling dei,api understand karanna one aluthen channels uplink karana ekata technical paththen godak weda thiyanewa,E tika deng karagena yanawa,perfect wuna gamang dei,untath one ikmanatama denna,

Gamini said...

mchan, balan inna giyahama epa wenawa ithin. one of my friends told me that its nt that easy to uplink channels. Wht he said was they will give the new channels in the third week. Maybe he is lieing, Anyway, lets stick to our day. Kalu and Riky cant be wrong know.

Sudhar said...

LBN started broadcasting HOB Hits and HBO Family on their line up from yesterday.

russel said...

some good news atlast. DTV will officially lauch the new channels on the 13th June. They will add the new channels steadily in the upcoming week. From the 4th of this month they will add the new channels to the 3rd TP one by one, by replacing the existing ones. And by the 13th they will activate it officially. The 4th TP will be coming on July. The people who had added the 3rd TP manually will only be able to see those test transmissions. After the SW upgrade they new channels will appear automatically. It appears as if Tensports will take some time to come. SRTV wont be there.

yakuza said...

who knows about combo tv. some guy said me that by just using a computer monitor & normal tv antenna we will be able to view upto 1000 channels.

TechnoGuy said...

Who to trust?

Kalu and Riky, or Russel?

Awaiting your comments about Russel's information. Thanks to all of you, anyway!

DialogTV Wiki
A wiki is supposed to be edited and updated conitnuosly by the public, not by only me. If it was just me, I could have opened a website. But in a wiki, everyone has an equal responsibility.

If you register with me, you have full access to edit the wiki, and can help keep it updated. Like the Wikipedia, WikiNews and all!

If no one bothers to register with the wiki by the end of June, then in July I will close the DialogTV Wiki and concentrate on the DialogTV article on Wikipedia. Please, someone help me. No one at all registered after I opened the wiki.

riky said...

There is no problem whatsoever with TEN and it will be on air with the launch.4 th transponder might take 2 more months.

arnold perera said...

As LBN already launched the HBO hits and HBO family on june 1st, DTV will not be able to call first time in SriLanka for those two channels.
I really doubt whether other channels will be launched as said.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""DTV will not be able to call first time in SriLanka for those two channels. ""

lol. Does it matter? It's channels man, not sex.

Priyantha De Silva said...

DTV & all 23 channels' June schedule available here. Click on below link & Save the file on to your book as an Excel sheet.

nishantha said...

'Star Cricket - coming soon' promo Ad on espn. color in the logo cyan

7 wenida idan 'starcricket' dena eke ekath dtv lineup ekata add karaida danne ne.

arnold perera said...

I said that one just because so many times it was mention on the blog that Dialog Tv will introduce HBO Hits and HBO Family for the first time in SriLanka.
I said that to ask why so much comments, when there is no way to introduce these channels on the first place.

AMD said...

@ Arnold,

We are not interested in what LBN or COMET is doing, this blog is to discuss DTV.

DTV will launch the channels when they are ready.

TERRY said...

There may be a slight delay of 3-4 days of launching of the channels due to some logistical problems at DTV end.

russel said...

On the 13th June all the new channels will be launched officially. Tensports will be there. There was a small prob earlier and then its been sorted out with it. FTV wont be there. SRTV neither would be there. Hits and family will be there.
The 4th TP would come in the late july or at the begining of August. DTV is hoping to add more channels to the lineup. They would be extra. It'll be coming from August. The ones who need to watch them, can pay and watch them. ( Pay per view) From today itself they might do test transmisiions. But thats not confirmed.

yakuza said...

can someone tell me under which post i could find how to add the third transponder manually.

AMD said...

@ Russel, tks for the info.

I have the 3rd transponder settings entered in the decoder. Will i be able to view the test transmissions ?

russel said...


Yes.You might be able to see the test transmissions if they test from the existing APPLXN. Or else it wont be possible. Be patient. The settings will be downloaded auotmatically. So will be TP setting.And in a couple of weeks the channels will be there. There will be some surprises as well. DTV technical team is working really hard these days. They just want to surprise us. So just wait another couple of weeks.

Ricky how do you know anyway, that the new channels will be given in the first week?

russel said...

I dont think that the STAR cricket channel will be there. I might take some time.

murshidm said...

Hi all. When can i catch the Premiere of LOST Season3 on AXN?. Is it Wednesday or Thursday. ??.

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