Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Will it be this week?

June arrived a few days ago and we see that subscribers are busy trying to get information about the new channels on Dialog TV. Information coming in suggests that the channels will be launched towards the latter part of this month but some other information suggests that it will happen during this week. We are however unable to clarify the exact date of the launch and we believe that Dialog TV are working on it and will launch the channels as soon as they are ready.

As speculated earlier transponder 4 will not be launching along with transponder 3. It seems that transponder 4 will take a few more months and will contain more channels. We are reliably informed that Star Package, Hallmark, Ten Sports, HBO Hits and Family plus a few more channels will be available with the launch of transponder 3. It is very likely that these channels will be alloted into the existing packages.

We are not aware of any of these channels being tested now, however we believe that some of our fellow bloggers have added TP3 manually and are constantly monitoring it. We hope that you update us when the new channels are available on TP3.

The new channels may be available this week or in a few weeks time but it is best to be patient since we will be receiving them this month anyway.

There still seems to be some problems with the EPG since the AXN EPG seems to be inaccurate, the Zone Reality EPG seems to be the Indian feed EPG whereas Dialog TV is carrying the African DTH feed. Hopefully these are sorted out soon. Have any of the subscribers received their programmes guides and please update us when you receive it.

Last but not least tomorrow is June 6th, the day in which exactly a year ago at approx 9:01pm, Dialog TV (then known as CBNsat) was unfairly shutdown by the authorities resulting in a court battle that lasted almost 6 months. This is a day we believe that subscribers of Dialog TV who lost services and employees of Dialog TV will not forget.


Anatha said...

6th June 2006, we should never forget for, The actions by the powers that be was only the prelude to the abuse of power by they without parentage afflict upon us today.

Let us not forget how we the customers were treated; How the TRC officials went to the extent of advising the customers who contacted them to disconnect CBNSat and demand a refund.

Let us not forget how the courts kept postponing and passing the case from one court to the other. Let us not forget the millions of excuses the CID came up with for not granting the licence.


Priyantha De Silva said...

DTV & all 23 channels' June schedule available here. Click on below link & Save the file on to your PC as an Excel sheet.

AMD said...

I have the old decoder, and the IRD UPDATE button is blue, but it says download failed.

6th June 2005, 9.01 pm - will always be a RED LETTER DAY in the history of
television in Sri Lanka.

Let us remember CBNSAT and welcome and encourage DTV.

cbnsatcustomer said...

6th June 2005 is the day that bastard Lakshman hullugalla with the help of Rajapaksha Brothers and Company and TV LAnka crook destroyed CBNSat a company which had a great vision.

Gamini said...

yeah. The June 6th could be a bad day. But thats in 2006. Dunno wheather whatl dis year. Maybe this june 6 will be great. What if dtv surprises us by giving the new channels with the transponder. What if they surprise us by something like that? cool ... eh?

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

IRD Upgrade active una ekan therenne DTV decorders wala software change ekak karanna hadanawa.
DTVlata sat. eka harahama reciver eke software upgrade karanna puluwa. E kiyanne Interactive services..
Mulu dawasatama hari week ekatama hari EPG s..help services...TP updates... E wage dewal...

@Thanx Gamini info ekata...Great

Thama TP3 eke thiyenne tp2 eke channels tikamai.
Thama test trasmittions patan aran na. Mama test trasm.ekak patan gathapu
gaman comment karannam.

cbnsatcustomer said...

This is an interesting article on how
LTTE used PAS12 sattelite.
Technological coup

Washington, DC-based Intelsat Ltd is the world's largest provider of geosynchronous satellite services with 52 satellites in orbit. In March, Sri Lanka raised the issue at the 31st Extraordinary Meeting of International Telecommunications Satellite Organization in Paris with Intelsat Ltd CEO David McGlade. On 10 April, Sri Lanka's ambassador to the US, Bernard Goonetileke, met with Intelsat officials, including Senior Vice President in charge of customer operations and engineering David Synkfield to demand that the company take immediate action to halt the broadcasts by the National Television of Tamil Eelam and Pulikalin Kural ("Voice of Tigers") radio transmissions.

"Intelsat does not tolerate terrorist or others operating illegally on its satellites. Since we first learned of the LTTE's signal piracy, we have been actively pursuing a number of technical alternatives to halt the transmissions. We are clear in our resolve to ending this terrorist organization's unauthorized use of our satellite," Intelsat General Counsel Phillip Spector told the media in a press statement.

As the Sri Lankan ambassador made his protests in Washington, however, LTTE spokesman Rasiah Ilanthiriyan was making his own protests from Kilinochchi with Reuters reporting him saying, "We are accessing it legally and there is no signal piracy." p>

On 26 April, Sri Lanka's Embassy in Washington issued a press release stating that Intelsat had terminated the "unauthorized" use of Intelsat-12 by the LTTE for its TV and radio transmissions to Europe and Asia.

According to the press release, the LTTE had been transmitting its programs since March 2005 through the Europe Star 1 satellite. Europe Star 1 was launched in October 2000 by French satellite provider Alcatel. PanAmSat, a satellite operator headquartered in the US acquired Europe Star 1 in July 2005.

In July 2006, Intelsat Ltd acquired PanAmSat, following which, Europe Star 1 satellite was renamed Intelsat-12. The programs that the LTTE had been transmitting through Europe Star 1 thus continued uninterrupted even after Intelsat acquired the satellite.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington DC subsequently lodged complaints with the FBI, the State Department and the Justice Department, accusing Intelsat Ltd of "reneging" on a previous promise to halt the transmissions, adding that Intelsat had asked the embassy to keep their discussions confidential.

According to the Sri Lankan Defense Department: "Despite the widely reported statement by Intelsat that it has switched off National Television of Tamil Eelam from its satellite, we received a report stating that the channel was, in fact, still being seen on the Intelsat-12 satellite (45°E) as of 26 April."

Intelsat was only able to halt the broadcasts on 29 April.

The LTTE's four-hour daily broadcasts used Intelsat-12's transponder 2 and were accessible to any of the 30,000 Sri Lankan citizens with a Direct to Home (DTH) satellite dish. Sri Lankan intelligence officials believe that the LTTE uplink transmissions were probably done from a secret location in Vavuniya in LTTE-controlled northern Sri Lanka.

Intelsat has five high-performance beams covering Europe, Southern Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. The LTTE's NTT network was a free channel in Asia while the TTN was an encrypted paid subscription channel in Europe, where the LTTE used the service provider Globecast, a subsidiary of France Telecom.

The likely reason for Intelsat's request to the Sri Lankan government to keep the discussions confidential was that Intelsat-12 is a bent-pipe satellite, whose "dumb" transponders rebroadcast anything that they receive within their frequency band. Bent-pipe satellites remain the most common technology today, with no real defenses against such attacks. Part of the reason for the continued reliance on bent pipe satellites is economic, as they cost half the price of satellites equipped with onboard processing technology.

Intelsat technicians are still trying to figure out how the LTTE pulled off its technological coup. Intelsat-12 has 30 main transponders, of which eight were dedicated to the Indian subcontinent, and 11 backup transponders. Compounding Intelsat's woes is the fact that if transponders on a bent-pipe satellite are not being fully utilized and contain some "empty" space, the void could be identified by using a spectrum analyzer in conjunction with a satellite-receiving dish at a cost of only a few hundred dollars for hardware and software.

Locating the hijacker is difficult, as the uplink signal is transmitted in a highly directed beam, undetectable at ground level unless you are extremely close to the covert transmitter.

Following the revelations of the LTTE broadcasts the French authorities moved quickly; French police raided the TTN's studio in Paris and Globecast confirmed to the Sri Lankan Embassy in France that on 2 May it had halted TTN broadcasts on its Eutelsat satellite, which had 22,000 subscribers generating €330,000 monthly.

The darker reality

Beyond the bland assurance of the Intelsat and embassy press releases is a darker reality.

Spector maintained that the LTTE was simply pirating an empty Intelsat-12 transponder frequency for the broadcasts, but when asked whether al-Qaida could use the same satellite to attack the US, after equivocating that it was only a hypothetical situation, nonetheless acknowledged that it was technically possible.

Even more worrying, similar attacks could be launched on many other types of satcom services, as the necessary equipment is commercially available and attacks can be mounted from anywhere within the satellite's footprint.

The LTTE satellite hack is not the first interference with satellite transmissions, but it is notable in that it is the first by a rebel group and for the length of its hijacking, over two years.

China's Falun Gong spiritual movement in June 2002 overrode the broadcast signals of nine China Central Television stations and 10 provincial stations and replaced the programming with their content. In September 2002, 15 members of Falun Gong received prison sentences of between four and 20 years for the incident.

Yet another Falun Gong satellite hacking attack occurred on 20 November 2004: This time, it disrupted AsiaSat signals for four hours.

The 2002 incident attracted attention. On 30 August of that year, the US General Accounting Office issued a sobering report on satellite vulnerability, noting that "Commercial satellite providers do not use the more stringent techniques used in national security satellites for protection against deliberate disruption and exploitation. If false commands could be inserted into a satellite's command receiver, they could cause the spacecraft to destroy itself."

The report had important implications for the Pentagon as well, since it noted that during the 1991 Operation Desert Storm 45 percent of all communications between the US and the Persian Gulf were transmitted on commercial satellites.

Full article

russel said...

@ sinhala guy srilanka

no. They wont give interactive services and help services so quickly. They are trying to do a software upgrade just because they need to add the third tp. ( In the new decorders its not possible to add the tp info manually also.) They might give those services which u have mentioned later.

@ gamini

The new channels wont be given tomorrow, silly. It'll take some time. Most probabaly they would be able to give them before the end of this month. Its real hard work.

yakuza said...

@sinhala guy
thanks for the decoder settings
why do they still f&^* up the bills

chami_tv said...

Neth fm is now audible throug out country on 105.4 and 105.9 and 100.4

+ there is an uninterrupted song broadcast over raja fm 101.3 frequency in kandy and north east sri lanka. Are they back?

Sri fm did a horrible mistake last week. like what they have done with raja.but they apologized. if one can please let me know a way to upload that audio file i have it

sorry if the above is not related to dtv i don't blog on tv radio lanka

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Chami tv

Raja FM is also audible in down south
on 95.0 MHz.If you search on Google you'll find out how to upload a audio file in easy way.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I uploaded the Shree FM file. Beware coz it contains offensive content (Sinhala).


AMD said...

I thought this was supposed to be a DTV blog... hmmmmm

AMD said...

Guys check this site :


Do u think this is legal ?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

sorry about off topic post.

kaluperuma said...

Kavuda bang LST ta talk danne,U karana service eka api danne CBNsat kale indala,Uta kemathi ekak mei blog eke danna uta puluwang.

Kiyapu widihata thawa dawas 4-5 kin channels danawa,Hariyatama kiyanna beri technical scene walata kalaya kiyanna beri handa,Star eke honda feed eka hamba wei.EPG kohomath sumanayak withara denna balanne,E okkoma channels sort out unhama.

Jughead said...


i downloaded the zip files. but cannot open. any suggestions on how to get about it.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Lightning_Struck_Tower,

Thanks for the web hosting

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

download them again. Dont use a download manager use the browser's deafault download. Also zip may get corrupted if your internet connection gets congested. I too had to try several times to upload thanks to SLT's crappy ADSL speed.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Jughead ,
Nothing problem.I think you didn't UnZip the file to a folder. Using WinZip , Unzip the file in to a folder & there'll be 2 files after that & a Photo.

Jughead said...

thanks LST/Priyantha. I'll try again.

btw if what satlanka says is true then there will be one person who wil be the most happiest in this blog. thats Jesika. cos as per satlanka dtv will be having the all controvercial God TV as well.

Kalu is it true?

TERRY said...

LST- Please let me know a way to get NETOP or WINvac.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I assume you mean Danware Netop Remote Control?

If so:

Key Generator Included.

TERRY said...

This is the one,Thanks LST

Jesika said...

KAlu ; What is this SATLanka Dialog TV package? It says "only outside SRI LANKA".
Is this the same linup that DTV is going to give?
That means GodTV also there with the DTV new lineup?

Pls conform !!!

kaluperuma said...


Oka hora wedak,Mei pora karanne lankawe ALF wage porawal horen Dish TV wikunanawa wage,Footpath eka thiyana india,maldives,bangaladesh wage ratawal wala inna lankawe ewuntai ehe porwaltai DTV boxes pannala gini ganata wikunanawa ethi,DTV ewun meka denagaththa gaman ledak adina eka sure.Meke nikan ALF ge hora business eka indiyawe karanawa wage.

Kohomath GOD issarahata ena transponder ekaka denna puluwang gathiyak thiyenawa

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Dan welawa 9.25 PM. Meeta hariyatama awruddakata kalin me wage welawata CBNsat customersla kawruth Red light eka green wenakam balagena hitapu hati..... customer care call karanna try karapu hati..... e athdakeema windapu katawath amathaka wena ekak na...

CBNsat transmission eka apahu ganna me blog eke CBNsat subscriber unit eka widhata uthsaha karapu katath ( Specially - Lisura & Others ) mama me welawe mage hardayangama sthuthiya wage gawrawaya puda karanawa...

Dan api Dialog TV.... Eth DTV CBNsat ekka hitiya wageme api hamadama oyalath ekka...

Methana inna kawru thada wela bannath kagahuwath... E hama deyakma honda sewayak labaganna misak tharahak kiyala waradawa wataha ganna epa....

Good luck DTV......

Priyantha De Silva said...

New !
DTV & all 26 channels' June schedule available here. Click on below link & Save the file in to your PC as an Excel sheet.
Than first one,

* Discovery Information Guide,
* Travel & Living,
* History Channels &
* AXN's episode numbers are available in this new DTV Schedule.

Download the file as Excel Sheet on "http://www.divshare.com/download/870174-ffe"