Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Third Transponder Activated?

According to comments being received by us it seems that the Dialog TV have activated their third transponder. According to the information the new transponder is on 11468V.

Please refer link "Dialog TV on Intelsat 12 at 45.0°E - LyngSat"

According to the above link it indicates a third transponder. It seems that the same channels on TP2 are on TP3 at the moment according to the link and this is probably for testing purposes. We are unable to clarify the existence of the third transponder independently however according to the information on the above link it seems that the information is accurate.

If anyone has confirmation or more information about the transponder then please comment here.

In other news it seems that the EPG for BBC World which was activated yesterday seems to be wrong by half an hour. What has happened is that on the BBC World website they still regard Sri Lanka as GMT + 6. Dialog TV seems to have directly used the guide from the BBC website without reducing half an hour and we hope that they correct it as soon as possible.


riky said...

yes,The 3rd transponder is active and they are testing with the same channels available and the 4th transponder will also be activated in a couple of days for testing and they will reduce the channels per transponder to improve quality with the official launch.

As said earlier,have patience the new channels will be on air by the first week of june,and i dont have to keep on repeating to some guys.

Lasa said...

I saw Max radio is in DTV now, but when i goto radio channel list it's not there. Also i'm afraid same will happen if they launch new channels also. How can i get latest added channels activated in my Decoder? I have a 1400 pkg.

AMD said...


I hav the same problem, When a new channel is activated it dosent come on my decoder. I have to do a channel search and the i got MAX radio. When they activated Al Jazeera i got the name as Cha 3, but after a channel search i got the correct name. So i suggest u got to setup and do a channel search, u dont need to reset factory settings. The master code is 9949 or 9499.

AMD said...


any idea about STAR CRICKET being on the Line up ?

riky said...

@ amd

Star Cricket is not in the line up and they havent even discussed it yet,They will have discussions once its officialy launched.

Gamini said...

@ riky

I have a small problem. In my decorder at the moment i'm recieveing signals only from two transponders. I'm not getting any kinda singal from the others.

u know y?

plz help...

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Yes, finally they activated their TP 3. I tested it using my decorder. Here is signal levels.

TP 1 - 76 / 59
TP 2 - 77 / 59
TP 3 - 75 / 55

But TP3 is not fully functional.
Plz refer these links..


Transponder eke details decorder ekata manually enter kalama signal levals 77/55 pennananwa.
TP 3 eke channel search kalama sacn wenne TP 1 & 2 withawai. TP3 & 4 ape decorders walata active karaganne kohomada.

@ AMD & Lasa

Channel ekak active kalama hari channel name ekak wenas kalama hari eka automatically update wenna nam decorder
eka aduma 6 hours wath on eke hari standby hari thiyenna ona. Ehema thibunoth changes update wenawa. Nathnam api
manually scan karala update karaganna ona.

hush said...

yes sinhala guy is correct, one has to manually input the transponder with the frequency and symbal rate as well as polarisation before doing a channel scan.

currently below mentioned are the frequency of the transponders available for the indian region on IS 12.

11468V-proposed DTV tP3,11509V,11550V,11591V-DTV Tp1,11632V,11673V-dtv tp2,12609V,12691V-some FTA india.the last two frequency are on the south east asia beam/india.

if anyone knows the significance please discuss here as 11468 carries a value 1K, then correspondingly for other transponders 5K,8K,11K,14K,17K.

Gamini said...

@ hush and Sinhala Guy srilanka

please tell me how to enter the information manually and to scan? (Though I know how to do a manual scan)

hush said...

@ gamini,

on the display page of the transponders, go to cbnsat name which will be highlighted in yellow and give ok which will result in cascade of names and choose a user define setting which will let you enter details of transponder.

go to the next line on the page and enter values of the transponder frequency give ok, then go to next line and give symbol rate of 27689 or something same as other transponders and give ok and go to next line and choose vertical polarisation and ok and then go to scan and a pop up window will come asking for all channels, give ok for that then you can scan all three transponders on one go. a page will indicate how many channels per transponder after which you can either exit or press menu to confirm.

hope this helps.

Gamini said...

@ hush
But the problem is with the 3rd transponder there isnt a single channel? u know y? ( It says NIT search failure or something like that.) Though in the start up page it says the the signal is 78% and 55%. u know y?

TechnoGuy said...

OK Guys,

Activate TP3

0.5> Write down the existing transpoder details just in case

1> Go to menu

2> Choose Installation

3> Enter code "9949"

4> Restore Factory Defaults (don't worry, nothing should get deleted except the channels, anyway you wrote down hopefully)

5> Go to Setup LNB and set Universal LNB to ON

6> Go back to Installation menu and go to TP Edit menu

7> Go to Insert New TP and enter the details:

8> Go back to TP Edit menu and then back again to Installation Menu

9> Choose Channel Search

10> Select TP3 (or the number of the new transponder you entered)

11> Select to Start Search

12> On the window that appears, select
NIT Switch - OFF

13> Do Channel Search

14> Now you will only have TP3 with clones of TP2 channels (thats the way it is)

15> Later on do Channel Search on TP1 with NIT Switch ON to get back the old channels

Hope you Enjoy! Nothing much though, at the moment

Ps: I caught up with the news only now because something was wrong with my ADSL connection. I spent the entire day working and cursing SLT.

sonik said...

yup. same channels on tp2 are on the new tp as well.

Gamini said...

@ technoguy and hush

I have a problem with my decorder. That is my decorder doesnt have TP edit menu in the installation menu. Is it because my decorder has the new software installed or something like that?
( I got the decorder in January)

please help...


hush said...

@ gamini

there is a alternate method simpler.

press menu button on remote, on menu page choose installation, enter code 9949, go to channel search,ok button on remote, press the green key in remote,this will give a page to insert a transponder ,press green button again to get this page under cbnsat transponders. you have to enter 11468 under frequency,give ok, then enter27689 for symbol rate give ok,then choose vertical polarisation on the same page give ok, now the page will indicate values automatically for the transponder give ok and exit and do the manual search as you usually do. this will scan all three channels and you do not have to restore settings as new transponder will be a permanent feature in all your scans. when dialog TV give a channel on this tp3 you will be updated and this will not result in the same channels as tp2 been displayed on your screen.

as far as me is concerned I have entered all the frequencies of transponders on IS12 on the indian beam. remeber it is always 41 to add from 11468 for each transponder till you get to 11673. this way when they activate transponder 4 it will be easy to detect.

Hope this helps.values right now for transponders are:

tp1:75/56 , tp2:75/57 ,tp3:73/51

Gamini said...

@ hush

the green key doesnt work? ONly the other three works.

Red- Modify LNB
yellow- auto scan
blue- manual scan

dats all it has.

Once I pressed the red one. And went to something like CompaDisq or somthing like that. There I selected the new TP. Dats the only way which i could add those figures. ( Frequencies, syb rates and etc.)

I reseted the system earlier. U think it can have any efect on it.

If i go to CBNSat and press ok and go to manual scan and there are TP1, TP2, TP3. But in TP3 the frequency is 11673 or something like dat. Sometimes TP4 also comes. Theere the frequency is much higher than the others. ( Those four were coming like since i bought the decorder.) There is something called New TP also. But cant change the figures there.



Jesika said...

Hi Guys !

I'm waiting for new channels.
Days passing solwly..

AMD said...

@ Jesika,

Yes we are all waiting for the new channels, wish we knew for sure what a few of them were at least, im sure DTV is gonna supsrise us all !!

Gamini said...


does anyone know how to insert the figures( frequency, and symb rate etc) and scan manually in a new decorder???

nishantha said...

@ gamini
what is the sattalite name that indicating in your reciever. is it CBNsat or Dialogtv.

hush said...

@ gamini

I brought my connection in dec 2005 and in that both my suggestion as well as green button work and is listed as green tp insert on channel search page.

lets try new tp. go press on the tp which is the second line on the screen,choose till you come to new tp on the manual scan and you will see below on frequency and symbal rate as 00000,go to frequency line please insert values and give ok before going to next line which is symbol rate,next line is polarisation on default it will show polarisation as HOR, selcet it and change to VER. values will be shown. on HOR position quality of signal is below 30% choose VER then quality will go above 50%.

I basically think the new software has lot of restrictions where the owner cannot manipulate settings while in previous versions it is much more user friendly.

in my remote all red, green,yellow,blue functions and the colours for buttons are indicated on screen as well.

hope this works for u.

Gamini said...

@ hush

cant go to new TP and change the frequencies and stuff like that. The fequency and symb rate and Polarization are all greyed and cant select it.

Only way to change the new tp frequencies is by pressing the red button. The the menu comes. Then there is DISEqC 1.2. And have to select that. There the transponder selecting window comes. But there is no scan button. Can only see wheather there is any kinda signal. There is selected NEW TP. There I added those figures which u have mentioned.( Freq, symb rate, polar.. ) then there was signal. 75/50. But the problem is cant scan with it.

Then I went back to the main sattelite selecting window. Went to manual scan. There there was new TP. But the freq, symb rate was all zero. (000000000) like dat.)

and the polar - hor.

Cant change any thing. All are greyed.

Cant save the above figures which i have entered.

U think this is a problem with my decorder?

In the user manual also it says nothing about it.

will the new channels appear when they activate the new ones????

@ nishantha

no ... it isnt. Its CBNSat.

nishantha said...

@ gamini
You have to change your remot as soon as possible.

hush said...


lets try one last time.

on the manual scan page(after pressing blue button) the first line will be satellite name and usually will be CBNsat, highlight that in yellow choose by OK button or use cursor to cascade options under satellite name, you probably will get a wording called USER DEFINE on satellite name other than CBNSAT name on this line. Choose user define and give OK. Then this will result in grey colour of the other lines turning to blue and when that happens you can enter transponder details of each transponder and symbal rate one by one, whole procedure has to be done again to enter the second transponder and like that...this is the last option. hope it works for you.each time scan the settings and always go under the same user define you choose.which this time will show TP1 go there and cascade down and choose new TP under that to enter the second transponder on make sure when you start back on the procedure on insatllation to only do channel search and not use factory default heading as it will erase your previous entry.

AMD said...

@ Gamini,

The new channels will automatically be added to your list depending on ur package, when the activate the new channels.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Gamini,
I visit this site evwryday but don't have time to comment. But I tried my best last night till 4 am in the morning to reach new TP. It can be shown but not fixed like you. Same problem as me , You have.
Then, Don't change the remote & let the time to come & see what will happen.I think there isn't anyone who knows how to fix new TPs on new Decorders.

nishantha said...

@ Priyantha
Im teling that those remotes are coming from india, we all know the indian works. don't we. I think his green button on remote dosent work properly. (in case of cercuit)

@ gamini
You have a another system to ad tp's
First go to the step of channel search that you have already gone. press yello button and select CBNsat. Then select manual search from blue button on your 'great/One and only' remote.

You will have manual search box

there is
Sattelite Name : CBNsat
: Tp 1
: 11591
: 27689
: Ver
: Start Scan

Change the the Tp 1 to Tp 2 from your (+) volume control button.

Next you will have 'New Tp'

Under it type new tp number and feq as I mentioned up.
this time
reciever will recognize it. and level bars will be up and down.

Then press for manual scan.

Jesika said...

When they activated new TP's, Do we need to manually enter those settings or they will automatically come to the TP list?

AMD said...

The new TP's and channels will get activated automatically.

Am i correct Riky ?

Gamini said...

@ hush

It did nt work. Cant change the details for NEW TP even. Only can check wheather there is signal by pressing the red button and going further. From there cant scan.

If I enter the digits there it wont get saved.

So I thinki there is nothing to do at the moment?

So does that mean that we wont be able to watch channels from the new transponders till our software gets changed???

plz help.

@ nishantha

dont be so foolish. In the owners manual also it says that only three buttons are working in the channel search window. And the green one is only used to change somekinda audio or something.


Hope u are rite. Or else we will have to wait like another month to get our software changed. Did any one check from DTV customer care?

I'm scared to ask them coz i dunn know much about this subgect. ( I'm no expert like hush,riky, AMD, Jessica, Kaluperuma, Technoguy, DLR, Lighnting struck tower. sinhala guy etc...)

sorry if i had missed someonn.

someone plz comment.


riky said...

Yes,You dont have to do anything,Come June first week it will automaticaly updated as per your package.

Star Package,Neo plus & Neo,Hitz & Family will be there for sure but i dont know for which packages.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Nishantha
The decoder and remote are made by COSHIP, a Chinese company. So far I've had no problems with the decoder or remote. They are good quality.

The NIT Switch system will find the new transpoders and allocate correct channels when they are defined by Dialog. DTV has only defined the existing transponders at the moment. The new ones will be added at their official launch.

I.e: When you search for only the first transponder with NIT Switch on, you will end up scanning both the officialy active transponders.

Does anyone have any idea when we will star seeing test transmissions of new channels on TP3?

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Add TP 3's channels to your current channel list

*TP 3 eka channel list ekata add karaganna. Ethakota katath puluwan TP 3 eke wena
wenaskam gana nirannthara awadanayen inna..

*Lesiyenma TP 3 eka witharak rescan karala channel list eka change welada kiyala balannath puluwan.
Menna Step by step instructions >>

1 - Main menu ekata yanna.

2 - Installation menu ekata yanna.( P.word 9949 )

3 - Channel search menu ekata yanna.

4 - Channel search menu eke udin (1 - Europe*Star-1 ) hari ( 1 - CBNsat ) kiyala hari yellow walin select wela athi.
Down arraow key eken ( 2 - User Define ) kiyana eka select karala remote eke red key eka press karala ( Modify LNB )
menu ekata yanna.

5 - Dan satallite name eka ( user define ) kiyala athi. Dan satallite name kiyana eka select wela thiyeddi remote
eken OK press karanna.

6 - Lassana keybord ekak awa neda.. Dan ( User Define )nama clear karala kamathi namak ( ABC kiayala hithamu ) type karanna.

7 - Dan keybord menu eke thiyena OK button eka select karala OK karanna..

8 - Aphau ( Modify LNB ) menu ekata awa neda. Dan ( Universal LNB - on ) karanna. ( LNB power - ON ) kiyala thiyeda balanna.

9 - Dan remote eke exit button eka ekaparak press karala ( Channel search ) menu ekata apahu yanna.

10- Dan Channel Search menu eke ( 2 - ABC ) kiyala athi ( 2 - Oya kalin satallite name ekata type karapu nama )

11- ( 2 - ABC ) select wela nathnam eka apahu select karala remote eke blue button eka press karala ( manual scan ) menu ekata yanna.

12 - Dan ethana (satallite name - ABC ) kiyala athi. Issellama ( Polarization - VER ) kiyala hadanna.

13 - ( Freq - 11468 / Sym.rate - 27689 ) kiyala hadanna.

14 - ( Start Scan )

15 - ( NIT Switch - off ) select karala ok karanna.

16 - Dan exit wela channel list eka balanna.
Dan channel 37 indan 54 ta TP 2 eke channels tikma awlla neda..

Dan mama wage ude hawasa TP 3 eke channel ekin eka check karala balanna. Parana channel names walinma aluth channels thiyenna puluwan.
Channel names wenas welada balanna ona nam step 10 indan 16 wenakam ( Step 12 / 13 atharinna ) apahu karanna...

June first week eka wenakam TP3 eka gana awadiyen imu....


( Karala balala Comment karanna ---------- Thanks - Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka )

AMD said...

Just for your info:

ABU DAHBI one day international -
1st Match today (18th), 5.15 pm LIVE on SIRASA TV.

D.L.R. said...

I hate sirasa
Do I have to connect anologue anntana to watch the matches while I'm paying for PAY TV?

AMD said...

as far as i know the matches are not being shown on ESPN/STAR, NEO or TEN OR ZEE.

Raki said...

hey guys;

btw, quite good news about TP3 :) I cant want for the new channels. hope we dont have to pay any more for it though... already i feel 1400+ is a bit much for our market. i dont c ppl jumping onn if its above that!

anyway, i have a prob guys.... i am switching house within cmb and need to get my dish removed and re-installed in the new house. i need to know the following;
1) how much does DTV charge for this?
2) is there any cheaper but reliable sources that can do this for me? if so, contact details?

Thanks and need info asap.

D.L.R. said...

I change my location few months ago & install it by my self. It's not a big issue. Then I informed dtv about my address change. they requst to come to their office to do the documentation, but i couldn't. Still bills & guides are delivered to my old address.(It's my parents address so no harm)

If dtv team do the kob, they charge removing 1500+ re installing 3500+
But I paid nothing.

Gamini said...

@ Sinhala Guy Srilanka

Your way doesnt work with the new decorder. Can change the frequencies , symb rates and pol. in the manual scan page. They are all greyed. They never become green. Hush already told the way, ( i mean a lotta ways.) to do it. But I think there isnt any way of doing it. When DTV adds the transponder to the NIT switch automatically the channels would come to our decorders i think.

Any guys who has got new decorders please comment. ( I got the decorder this year. January)


Priyantha De Silva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Gamini & Sinhala Guy SriLanka,

I've got my decorder in last December. Also the same problem I have as Gamini. we can't change any number or even Ver/ Hor.

I can reach to the step 11 very easily but after 12th step can't do nothing.It's fixed.

But both of you've done a good work,here.

yakuza said...

to ricky and anyone else who is informed
i have the old 900/= when cbnsat was operating.
when the new channels come will our lineup change or will we have to switch to a new package

Gamini said...

@ Priyantha de Silva

Hey. That wont be a problem. The new channels would automatically come when they officailly introduce the new transponder. U know, the software in the decorder had made the user to do nothing. When they add the new transponders, from the NIT (or sumthin) they will automatiically come i think.

though, u can see the signal levels though. Go to cbnsat and press the red button and then a menu comes. Select the last thing. (press ok.) Then something like the tranponder search page would come. then select new TP and add those figures. They u will see the signal levels jumping up and down. But the problem is that there is no such thing like scan. ( Just try if u want.)

If something wrong happens, reset the machine. No need to enable LNB. the decroder will automatically search for channels.


D.L.R. said...

Can any body explain the meaning of NIT?

Raki said...

@ d.l.r;
thanks for the info machang. i that is crazy charges to dismantle and re-install ya....! I was thinkning of dismantling it myself but the place the dish is installed in the roof is trickey... i might kick the bucket trying to cut cost :) but, assuming i manage to remove the dish without dying.... when i re-install it in the new house... does everything automatically work again or do i have to do any configs? as the dish line of sight changes... do i need to re adjust? if so whats the process? how did you re-install the dish.. steps?

AMD said...

Riky -

Were u able to find out if the STAR PACKAGE feed will be Indian or Hong Kong feed ?

hush said...


IS 12 is on azimuth 267 and 48 degrees east. if you want to install get a compass and a protractor.

find the north and take clockwise till you get to 267 degrees.consider north as 0 degrees and usual stuff you did for maths in O/L.

no need for protractor,as dish contains the no of degrees on the arm of dish if its not there take your level of eyesight as 0 and top of your head a 90 degrees and get a rough idea of half of the distance from your eye level to heaven which will be 45 degrees a little above that you will get 48 degrees.

remember that sri lanka is north of equator and as such the satellite values slightly deiffer on our location but as for the calculations IS12 as per colombo is 267 on azimuth and 48 degrees into the western skies of sri lanka.

satellite location 45E means where it is stationed at on the earth as per longitude.

D.L.R. said...

I marked the direction of satelite & Sun position befroe remove(Esy way to mark direction without compass). then I temporary holding in my new location & direct sattelite according to my previous marked direction.
Then I pressed Red Button & check the signal level. rotate slightly till I get the signal. remember rotate & wait .5 Sec to check the signal level.& if not come rotate & wait.Indicator is not real time. it takes time to get siganl, process & display on TV.

It is much easy if you can see the TV directly while you rotaTING. Other wise another person should shout loudly saying the signal level.

Do it your self friend. Can't measure the happiness you get After gettting the signal back by yourself, if you pay for the DTV.

Amalka said...

@Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka

i did one by one u setup but i cant edit Freq - 11468 / Sym.rate - 27689

what can i do

Jesika said...

why you people struggling to enter the TP settings manually?
AS AMD said they will activate automatically
cant you wait another 2 weeks.
Dont forget how we waited for month when the CBNSAT was down.

laksirif said...

Thanks Sinhala Guy. I managed to get the channels programmed on TP3, according to your instructions. I shall now keep on checking for any new channels.

Hanees said...

How to change ownership of the dialog tv.
Please help me

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ Amalka

Oyage reciver eka December 2006 walata passe gathapu ekak wenna ona.
Oyage awlama Gamini & Prianthata thiyenawa. Eka nisa aluth recivers thiyena aya tikak iwasanna TP 3 officially launch
karanakam. ( Jesika wage ) Parana reciver use karana ayata kisi awlak na. Mama reciver eka gaththe 2005 December wala.
Mama thama DTV reciver ( not CBNsat ) ekak dakalawath na. Eka nisa mama aluth DTV decoders gana danne na. Mama okkoma
experiments karanna mage old reciver eka use karala.

@ Jesika

Jesika oya wage api iwaseema praguna karala na ne. Ekai hadeesi.

@ Laksirif


@ Raki

DTV dish eka install karana eka echchara amaru na. Habai salakillen iwaseemen karanna ona.
Mama 2 weeks walata kalin dish eke position eka wenas kala. Mata malimawak mokuth thibune na.
Mata help une irai, nuulaka ellapu podi galakui ruler ekai drill ekakui witharai...

Oya dish eka install karanna hadanne mona wage thanakada ( Biththiyakada, concrete ekakada...etc ).
Mama oyata step by step instructions dennam..

@ Priyantha de silva & Gamini

Dear, Ithuru 2 weeks nuth ohomama iwasamu.....

Gamini said...

@ Sinhala Guy Srilanka

thanks mate. hehehe.. just kiddin.

@ nishantha

hey ... u told me that our decorder is not a good one. I dunn think so. U know, our decorder has gotten a S vedio too. dunno wheather the old ones have it. One of my friends does not.

anyway, only two more weeks know. We dont even have to check even know. So it might be easier for us.


TechnoGuy said...

Yeah, two weeks will pass in no time. But will Dialog actually do it in time? Is the June 1st week detail actualy true or is it fake?

Dialog, we'll be checking for the next few weeks, and we hopefully await the best service you can give us.

2nd Decoder
I asked this before.
Can someone please tell me how much I have to pay for a second decoder?

@ Gamini
The old and new decoders are both the same I think. But anyway, is it possible for any of you to send a photo of your so-called New Decoder to Then I can find out for sure.

I belive at the moment that the decoders are the smae models, but have different software. The New Decoder has newer software.

And what differences are there between the New and Old Decoder.

I'm very interested in this Decoder business. Awaiting some good replies.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Abudabi series eka yanne DD Sport wala..

TP3 Lineup eke DD Sport thiyennama ona...
DTV Plz add it..

Waruna said...

I am wondering weather its possible for Dialogue TV to give the Sri Lankan viewers a chance to see the following channels. Arirang TV (S.Korea), NHK World(Jpan), CCTV9(China) DD Bharati(India) Which have good technological ,Cultural,Historical porgramming. These channels are FTA(free) and I am receiveng them with my own setup.But I regreat that most sri lankans dont get a chance to see these quality programming. and how similar the cultureal and historical heritage or these countries is to ours
I would also like to see ABC(australia-Pay TV channel) on dialogue which would give us a different view.

Gamini said...

@ sinhala guy srilanka

cant email to that email address from ma decorder. u gotta be kiddin rite?

anyway, if dialog tv is to introduce a lot of more channels why arent they even making any comments about there plans. Not even a single advertisement. very odd. Maybe those guys are trying to surprise us. Anyway, the 3rd transponder is activated know. That will be good. Dunno wheather they will activate the fourth one too?


LANKA Info said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harish said...

Some more new channels coming to the DTV lineup from tomorrow. (after 3pm)

satlanka said...

Hi Guys..anybody wants the assitance on how to install the satellite dish. I can help you. nevertheless plz log on to and see. You'll amaze to how easy is that.

Does anybody know how to modify DTV receiver to rcv FTA Channles. because now at the moment DTV has blocked FTA channels. DD spot FTA on NSS6 @95E

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ harish
Eka sure da??


Oyata DTV reciver ekakin FTA channels balanna ba. ekata FTA reciver ekak
use karanna wenawa. DTV reciver eke software change ekak kaloth FTA balanna
puluwan wewi. Eth ethakota samaharawita DTV balanna bari wewi. DTV decoder eke software
changes karana eka illegal.

@ Technoguy

DTV 2nd decoder ekata discount ekak denawada kiyala eken ahala balanna.
Danna widihatanam ehema ekak na. Eth sure na. TATA sky lanam eka gedarakata
wadiwena hama decorder ekakatama installment charge ekata wagema
monthly bill ekatath discount ekak denawa. DTV ekath ekka kathakarala balannna.
Aneewarwayenma DTV oyage request eka gana salakala balawi.

thanan said...


riky said...

@ Thanan

With the 3rd transponder you will have the Tamil movie channel of Star "Vijay TV" and it is supposed to be far better than Raj

AMD said...


what are these channels ?

Jesika said...


How comes, The current transponders already full, ant they?

So how will the new channels come today?

Harish said...

@ Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka:
Yes Bro, Dialog CDMA soft launch is on today after 1pm. So the DTV ppl hoping to give the channel after the CDMA soft launch.

@ AMD & Jesika:
Hallmark & Disney, both channels are coming under the lineup. Its confirm.

AMD said...

@ Harish,

Thanks for the info. But can i ask what the launch of Dialog CDMA got to do with DTV launching new channels ?

Jesika said...

Yes harish!
How will they give without transponder space ?

Jesika said...

DO you mean Hallmark & Disney channels come to DTV today? can we watch them today?
Pls conform !

D.L.R. said...

If Hallmark coming today pl confirm.
I've to find a feild work to goto home early

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ jesika

Channels add wenne TP3 ekata..
Ewa labenne hadeesi ayata witharai..
Oyatath api wage TP3 active karaganna wenawa..

Thama nam DTV lineup eke kisi wenasak na. Mama me dan chek kala ( TP3 ekath
wenasak na )

AMD said...


Do u know anything about this ?

riky said...

I dont think this new channels comming today is correct, as for my knowledge disney is not even in their list.

And dont get carried away on speculation.

AMD said...

v'll know in a couple of hours time, if Harish is correct or not...

D.L.R. said...

See how cray they are.
Last week Airtel got permision
Today Dialog GSM offer free sim for corporate packege users with total incoming free.101 connections just for 500/=

If any other DTH supplier comes, DTV will also act like this.Then they will not act like gods.I'm waiting for DTH compititor.

(Hey anyway where's that God anthony now)

Harish said...

:: DIALOG CDMA soft launch is on today. (Not the official one)

:: Hallmark & some of the Disney channels are coming to the Line up.

:: TP 3 is already available in the NEW decoders.(its down at the moment due to the uploading- ( old CBN Decoder users able to watch the channels after updating…)

D.L.R. said...

IF we manually search, can we watch new channels.

Sinhala guy, what is the current status.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

And super 101 is now super 103 with 3 mins free. As you said, we need more competition.

kaluperuma said...

Rikey hari,Disney DTV line up eke neha,U kiyanawa wage officialy line up ekata enda june first week eka wei,samaharawita test karai,

menna umbala pula pula balagena inna channels,

neo plus
star movies
star world
star gold
star plus
vijay TV

Anith tika passe kiyannam

AMD said...

The super 101, 3 mins inc free was there for some time now, its not a new things..

Anyone who has got the new channels, please comment on the blog ASAP.

kaluperuma said...

ABC Asia Pacific

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

super 101 was 1 min free untill last month as i know

AMD said...

Yes, sorry my mistake.

Gamini said...

@ kaluperuma and riky

is ten sports confirmed? I thought they were still discussing about it. Anyway, ten would be great.

any news about the fourth TP? some guys told that it was also coming?


TechnoGuy said...

Thanks Riky and Kalu for the information.

STAR, Ten, Neo are very good. Hallmark is the best for me. I watched in it Singapor and it had some good, family programming. ABC also good.

HBO new channels?

Guys, lets not forget the 6 Dark Months we went through. 2 weeks is nothing compared to that. Thanks Guys, anyway.

@ Harish
Please don't spread false information around here.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Thama kisi wenasak na...
Mama digatama chek karanawa...

@ D.l.r.
manually search kalata search wena ekak na. Mama karana widiha kalin comment karala athi...

kaluperuma said...


HBO family
HBO hitz

owu machang,Ten eka iye pereda thamai finalize wela thiyanne.

4th transponder ekath launch ekata kaling activate karai,eka transponder ekakata dana channels ganath restrict karanna yanne,edakota honda quality improvement ekak thiyei.

Matara ayiya said...

@ sinhala guy

Thanks bro... Thanks for your info..It seem's you like to help people. I think you are from kamburupitiya,matara.Good job.. keep it up.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

FTA Reciver ekak use karana kenek me infomation confirm karanawada..
( @ Waruna - oyata puluwan wewi kiyala mama hithanawa )

ST 1- 88.0 E - Stallite eke TV Lanka 1 & 2 ekka ITN, Sawrnawahini, Hiru FM, Sooryan FM wagema
Shakthi FM thiyenawa. ( Okkoma FTA )

Link -

Edusat - 74.0 E - Satallite eke CHANNEL EYE thiyenawa ( FTA )

Link -

Me channels wala picture quality eka , sound quality eka gana wagema
thawath monawahari special deyak thiyenam plz comment karanna..

Mama hithanne ST 1 wala thiyena channels uplink karanne TV LANKA la wenna ona.
Paddukka SLT earth station eka use karanne 'Edusat'. EYE uplink karanne ethanin
wennath puluwan. E kohoma unath kawaruhari FTA reciver ekakin me information
confirm karanna. Mamath hoyanna try ekak dennam.


@ Matara ayiya

Yes dear. You are correct. Im from Kamburupitiya. Thanks v much for your encouragement.
Are u from matara ?


AMD said...

So i guess all of ull enjoyed the new channels from yesterday !?!?!?

I wonder what that ***** Harish has to say now ????

A kind word to all bloggers:


We are all trying to help each other our here...

Gamini said...

yeah, man. Ur damn correct about this. Why did he try to fool us?
anyway, lets dunn rush and lets just wait for information from trusted source like from riky's and kalu and co.

Gamini said...

anyway, 10 more days to go no. It will just go like nothing.

D.L.R. said...

aprage mage "short leave" eka

AMD said...

yeah... We waited for 6 months, so lets be patient and wait for a few more days...

Can u beleive for 7th June it will be 1 year since CBN Sat was taken off air....

AMD said...

@ kaluperuma

Tks for your info.

Do u know for which packages they will add these channels ?

Gamini said...

if they are gonna lauch the channels on the 7th of june, then 16 more days to go.

anyway, does anyone know EXACTLY WHICH DAY they are gonna officially introduce the 3rd TP?

Jesika said...

Hi Guys !
Finally you all have to follow my rule.
Just wait...
We can wait 10 days without any problem as we waited for 6 months with red light on our decoders.

AMD said...

I think all of us should get together and send a big cake to the staff at Dialog TV on the 1st of June...

ha ha!!! jus kidding....

Still waiting for that dude Harish to defend himself ..

Matara ayiya said...

@sinhala guy..

yes.. I am from matara town and Ithink gamini also from matara. Do you have adsl at kaburupitiya? I also have FTA resiver and i dont know how to change it to another channels.I am only waching some russion and chinees channels. If you know pl.. help me to wach some english channels.

thanan said...

@matara aiya
can you tell the frequency and symbol rates of the channels you are watching.I never herd any russiyan or chinese channels in tha indian region.
I think the foreign channels expected to come in 3rd transponder are enough.Is it possible to add more local channels which are rarely reaching the periperal areas.Even MTV is not reachable out of colombo.Some local channels have better progrms incuding good english movies.MAX people allowed their radio,so they may wish to add their tv also.