Monday, March 10, 2014

THE FUTURE - looks bleak - TODAY

Dialog TV's future may not be as firm as they hoped it would be. We have reports of subscribers eagerly awaiting the launch of Sri Lanka's newest DTH service provider "Dish TV Sri Lanka", which will launch soon. Dish TV Sri Lanka will pose the strongest competition to Dialog TV yet. Competition from Peo TV & LBN cable TV haven't been strong enough, causing Dialog TV will play high handed tactics with subscribers.

Channels substituted as and when management sees fit, channels time shared, etc, etc. The recent example being the replacement of Neo Sports with Russia Today, the removal of MTV India, the inability to add the channel that broadcasts the FIFA World Cup - Sony SIX & Sony SIX HD. Yes, Dialog TV would probably add Sony SIX & Sony SIX HD for the duration of the World Cup but temporary is not what people want, rather people want permanent additions. The sluggish switch over to MPEG4 from MPEG2. All of these have contributed to the decision of many subscribers to switch over once a viable option is available. Not to mention the high costs of the top package and the even higher cost of the HD options. Now it seems that Dish TV Sri Lanka may somehow be that "viable" alternative that subscribers were waiting for.

At the moment Dish TV Sri Lanka is on test mode. It's not still too late for Dialog TV, however the changes must place now before a few thousands, ten thousands or even hundreds of thousands switch over if Dialog TV delays until the competitor launches services.

Dialog TV should immediately put into motion the plan to switch to Supreme SAT, launch channels straight away as MPEG4 DVB-S2 and switch all boxes to MPEG4 DVB-S2 when technical personnel visit home to realign the dish. If not Dialog TV must take immediate steps to acquire more transponders and ramp up the quality of service.

Dialog has in the past switched into high gear in the face of competition and come out on top, however those service were not as half bad as the way Dialog TV has been handled. We reiterate that it's not too late, if Dialog TV improves the quality of service, there may just be a glimmer of hope and subscribers may not move out as planned. However there are those that are so sick of Dialog TV's handling of its subscribers that even if Dialog TV pays them a rental for watching the service, they may not do so.

The ball is in your court Dialog TV, make the best and first move or it just may become a case of what happened with the Titanic, the builders thought it was unsinkable but it did sink, Dish TV Sri Lanka may just be the iceberg that the Dialog TV Titanic hits.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Ahnaf Mahmud said...

The best thing Dialog can do right now is replace Nick India with Nick Asia.

Davi said...

If anyone one of you have noticed; DialogTV has just unilaterally revised the rental on the original OPEL package from Rs.1700 to Rs. 1,935 (+ taxes)citing increase in energy & channel cots since of Feb-14, without prior notice and consideration to this segment of customers who were from the CBNSat era - ie. the most longest and loyal customer segment.
This brings the OPEL package par with the Gold package (Rental @ Rs.1949) in terms of price, but ridiculously without the benefit of access to all its channels.
There seem to be no such rental revisions on account of cost increases to other packages thus far. How unfair is this decision ?

patson said...

DishTV lanka channels;-SES8,12170H.
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දිමුතු said...


What is the symbol rate?

Amila Kasun Rajapaksha said...

And again no HD feed of T20 World Cup. Just confirmed by dialog.

kappa said...

No HD feed even for WC? Pathetic

Amila Kasun Rajapaksha said...

Sorry! Some of the HD matches will be telecast on HD2 channel. Mostly matches before super 10.

Concerned said...

Now Dialog to hide the fact that they have removed Neo Sports has rearranged their channels in alphabetical order and time sharing neo sports with neo prime and we. Gold package has to pay for one less channel. Now its a big mess with channels all mixed up.Think we should move from Dialod TV they are ripping off their subscribers

I have been with CBN sat before Dialog took over and must say CBN Sat gave a Brett serviceyo

Ivor Collom

Mario said...

My channels are still in the same order

kappa said...

You can arrange the Channel List any order which you prefer.

A-Z by Name
A-Z by default system order

You can do it using the options available in the menu/remote.

Nayanajith Nimal said...

When we move to hd we have think lot of hd chanel will add. I don't know how hardly add hd chanel. Atleast i was think icc 20 we can watch it from hd. But it doesn't happen.

Mario said...

Reliable sources told me that MTV sports will be on DTV before 10th April. Interesting to see what channel will be "removed" !

E2C said...

who knows may be Australia network

Dialog HD fan said...

Today dialog TV gave ugliest service.Day pass activations for watching Final T20 match failed.Dialog customer care accepted that they have encountered technical fault.All who lost activation of day pass must claim to refund their activation charges or complaint to consumer affair authority.Dialog Tv .....RIP

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Day Pass Activations fail... some subscribers miss T20 Finals".