Thursday, March 6, 2014

Neo Sports replaced with Russia Today

Dialog TV carried out a channel replacement yesterday that takes stupidity to a whole new level, pay sports channel "Neo Sports" has been replaced by free-to-air news channel "Russia Today". The move comes as a surprise since there was no indication to the subscribers that this was due to happen. The replacement took place all of a sudden last evening to the frustration of many subscribers. The reasons given by Dialog range from "Neo Sports carrying out an upgrade", "System Upgrade" & "In light of recent events on the political front in Russia". If the last one is anything to go by then we should see pay sports channels vanishing and being replaced by news channels the next time someone farts in countries, maybe if someone farts in Iran - Dialog will add "Press TV", if someone farts France - Dialog will add TV5 Monde or France 24, if someone farts in Germany maybe we will get DW TV, if someone farts in Egypt we will get Egypt TV.

The move is being called "temporary", whilst its not clear if subscribers will get their rentals waved off on a "temporary" basis too, or if subscribers can avoid paying rentals altogether.

We feel for those who pay for individual channels/packs containing these channels, since even though they pay for the sports channels, they have lost one to a FTA channel but must still continue the payment the same amount.

At a time when Dialog is facing a capacity crunch and with the FIFA World Cup to be broadcast on a channel which at the moment isn't available on Dialog TV, Dialog makes the stupid decision of removing a sports channel. 

This actually begs the question if somehow a majority of Dialog's share have been purchased by the Kremlin or remnants of the KGB, or if a senior executive of Dialog TV is of Russian origin or a Russian fanboy or whether Dialog TV were forced to add Russia Today by the powers that be in order to show the Russians that we are on their side during this time and be in their good books. If any of it was the reason, then an existing news channel should have been sacrificed instead of a sports channel.

We urge Dialog TV subscribers to express their displeasure by calling their hotline & urge Dialog TV to refrain from these unfair & unethical business practices & risk losing subscribers.

Will the fate that befell "MTV India" fall on "Neo Sports"? Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress. 


KAS said...

It's all because their monopoly. Like to see some other Satellite or Cable TV providers are in the Market.

Dialog TV is replacing Channels whenever they want. They replaced few other channel without asking us. Now we pay for another and watch another. If there is another Provider (Not Peo TV - It Sucks) is around the Market near future, i will definitely moving.


sonik said...

was rolling in laughter just reading this... lol.

E2C said...

this russya today channel is free to air channel and dtv daying we need to pay rs 99 rupees for activate this channel

what nonsense ??

Nandasiri Wanninayaka said...

I welcome the timely addition of Russia Today. Good move by DTV. We all see the American (CNN), British (BBC)and Arabian (Al Jazeera)versions of what is happening in Ukraine and why not the Russian version of it? If Soviet Union existed till today, we would have definitely subscribed to Russia Today anyway.

patson said...
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mohandev said...

At least RT gives an alternate perspective to what US/UK war mongers in CIA & NSA controlled CNN & BBC propaganda dont want people to hear specialy the americans. Afterall RT is one of the most watched channles in USA said...

Good move.
RT gives a different aspect of current world affairs.

Dialog HD fan said...

This is the ugliest move done by DTV.They will pay for this as soon as a competitive DTH provider starts operation in sri lanka.DTV proved again that they are not respecting customers needs.I don't think anybody requested Russia Today on DTV.I am not fan of any spots channel but I believe spots channels must not be replaced with either movie,entertainment or music channel. If they have to replace at least it must be MTV Asia which is a broken promise by DTV and request by many customers.I downgraded Package from Gold to lowest and removed HD pack also.I will be the first customer to disconnect DTV and move for Dish TV when it starts operation in sri lanka.R.I.P DTV.I can live without you.

star said...

Dish TV Srilanka started testing on SES8 at 95E

Details below. 12170,H,40700,34,DVB-S,QPSK This a new Transponder for Dish TV.

Now 24 channels are available

star said...

Dish TV is reportedly about to launch a dedicated DTH service for Sir Lanka using capacity on SES’s newly launched SES-8 satellite (launched on December 3rd).

SES-8 is co-located with NSS-6 at 95 deg East, and which is already covering the Indian sub-Continent with signals. Dish TV CEO RC Venkateish is on record as saying that Dish TV was looking to add five transponders from SES to boost its existing capacity.

This new scheme is reported to be a j-v between Dish and SatNet Pvt Ltd in which Dish holds a 70 per cent stake. SatNet was formerly Star TV Lanka and is the first DTH pay-TV operating in Sri Lanka.

The DTH transmissions will use Conax encryption. SatNet is the authorised agent for Dish TV.

star said...

Now 27 channels available on the following TP of Dish Tv Lanka

Details below. 12170,H,40700,

patson said...

"Russia Today"a good move...What about "India Tomorrow"?.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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