Monday, March 3, 2014

Rumoured parallel uplinks to SupremeSAT

According to unconfirmed information reaching us, Dialog TV have commenced parallel uplinking to locally operated SupremeSAT also known as ChinaSAT. We believe it's still on the testing phase and upon testing Dialog TV will commence the process of aligning subscribers to the new satellite. It is said that Dialog TV's agreement with Intelsat will expire soon and Intelsat 12 is nearing the end of it's service period and a new satellite is due to take it's place, which could prove to be more expensive for Dialog TV.

The parallel uplinks will be maintained until Dialog switches over all subscribers to the new satellite. The advantages of using the new satellite will mean that Dialog TV's overheads will reduce which in turn could translate to reduced rentals/higher profits, the latter being more likely.

However Dialog TV will be able to purchase more transponders and expand capacity, and prepare for competition from soon to be launched Dish TV Sri Lanka.

Please continue to update us on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


දිමුතු said...

Does anyone know the transponder detail?

Vishwa said...

I guess this should be same as that of IS12, cos then it is matter of changing the rotation..
(but only problem which beam that Dialog gonna use...)

usually this what followed by DTH operators when switching sats..

I do hope the low operational cost would benefit DTV adding good quality feeds (instead of crappy Indian feeds)
also cost benefit in terms of monthly rental

Nishan said...

CH 11 (NEO SPORTS) have been replaced by "RUSSIA TODAY" news channel, this is yet another bad move by DTV as always, DTV should have replaced a a good quality channel(SONY SIX) instead Russia Today. BAD MOVE...DTV SUCKS!!!!

neilw said...

Replacing a sports channel with a news channel is a pretty bad move by DTV. It's unfair on me to be paying the same high rental if they remove premium channels this way and replace the same with worthless channels. I am staying with DTV, for now, only since they have the local channels in the lineup (convenient) and due to the initial cost incurred.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post title "Neo Sports replaced with Russia Today". Please call the Dialog TV hotline and express your displeasure over the replacement of Neo Sports with Russia Today.