Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HD pack FOC on trial for 14 days

According to reports reaching us, Dialog TV is offering the HD pack to all those subscribers, probably "Gold" package subscribers who have already got the HD set-top box. This offer is to last 14 days from yesterday or probably from the date of activation of the channels. 

Some subscribers have received an SMS informing them of the activation. This is indeed a great move by Dialog TV & one that's long overdue. It seems that Dialog is on a push to increase the penetration of their HD service in Sri Lanka. 

One of the ways that Dialog could help its cause is to tie up with some electronics supplier and offer HD television sets on a monthly payment basis which is charged for on its bill. For a start this offer could be made to long standing subscribers who have been with Dialog TV for considerable number of years.

A considerable amount of time has elapsed since Dialog TV removed MTV India and we sincerely hope the channel is returned soon. As pointed out earlier, with the recent digitization program in India, this region will see new channels catering to select audiences. We hope Dialog TV sorts out transponder capacity issues and expands with some new channels whilst retaining old ones.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.

Update on 1st Oct 2013 at 12:16pm
This free trial offer is valid to all subscribers who have the HD set-top box regardless of the package they maybe on.


neilw said...

Good idea to let customers get a preview of the HD channels.

however, the charges for HD channels is still too high.

Ruchira Sahan said...

Thanks for mentioning this. I have gotton the HD decoder for free by negotiating about a month ago :P and I just checked about this and saw all the HD channels + the other channels on HD pack are working now. Never got a sms about this and previously I only had Discovery and NatGEO HD channels activated

Mario said...

I have the GOLD package & HD decoder but Nothing for me

hr. indiketiya said...

cc said HD pack activation only for gold pkg subscribers

Ruchira Sahan said...

@Mario and @hr.indiketiya

I got the Pearl package and I got this offer

Dialog Axiata said...

Hi, everyone,

Please note that MTV will be back on our bouquet before the end of this year.

Thank you. :)

- DialogTV

Mario said...

CC said that HD trial is only for
"SELECTED" Customers !!!

E2C said...

free trial is working fine on me
indeed this is a good promotion

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

working for me as well.

jagath said...

i think dialog shold add Star sports 2 channel and Sony six as soon as

Amila perera said...

Dialog Axiata user comment eka fake account ekakda naththam aththatama Dialog ekenda (6th comment)
AXN HD eka wena HD channel ekakata maruunoth hodai neda??axn channel 2kema qulity wala wadi wenasak nahane.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Time Sharing Sports channels....".