Thursday, September 26, 2013

Going back into hibernation? and the Sunday F1 debacle!

Well its been quite sometime since MTV India was removed unceremoniously, and despite numerous requests to bring back the channel from subscribers, there has been no statement from Dialog TV, not that they used to do that anyway.

Channels are propping up in this region like mushrooms, some good and some outright lousy. One good channel that propped up recently was Star World Premiere HD, which is telecasting some of the latest shows straight out of the US. Besides the fact that not all Indian DTH providers are carrying the channel, needless to say that if Dialog wanted it, then they can carry the channel.

Then there was this little event on Sunday when ESPN Star Sports decided to carry the Singapore GP on Star Sports 2, none of us saw that coming... howz dat umpire!

The result Dialog TV dropped ESPN to carry Star Sports 2, good by the F1 fans & bad by the football fans & both have a considerable following in Sri Lanka. All the while when Star Cricket was telecasting the Cricket match in Hindi. So the wise thing that should have been done is to retain ESPN and replace Star Cricket with Star Sports 2 for the F1 on that day.

We are a bit concerned about the increase of Hindi programming on ESPN Star Sports network specially after their so-called regionalisation plan. For some reason they seem to think that we Sri Lanka love their Hindi stuff, Hindi programming does have a following in Sri Lanka but strictly limited to movies and music only and doesn't cover Hindi commentary on sporting events.

Hopefully Dialog TV is selecting the correct language for broadcasting these sporting events, since some sporting events are carried on dual language feeds, hope the technical staff is not trying to polish up on their Hindi. 

Okay the sole cause of - MTV India missing, Star World premiere missing causing us to miss out on all the first run shows from the US, in fact its being telecast in the region 24hrs after the US broadcast. Often at times before the torrents are active in addition to contend with the possibility that F1 might be relegated to Star Sports 2 more often than ever is - the fact that Dialog TV doesn't have space to broadcast channels.

So we are being forced by an Axiata to watch time shared channels, contend with channels being replaced all the while being charged a fortune for the subscription. It's time for Dialog to make some investments and convert the whole system to MPEG4 DVB-S2 and switch all set top boxes FOC, instead of concentrating only on margins. There were reports of some set tops boxes being replaced but that was just it and nothing more.

We hope Dialog TV management takes note and takes action immediately, maybe you will have for forego the bonus this year but new channels, means new subscribers, more cash, BIGGER BONUS.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Chandika Gunawardhana said...

Need Star Sports 2. Now they are shifting EPL matches to that...

DigitalTV said...

This may be off topic or old news. But now only I came to know that dialog PVR feature is rental free! Those days they charged a monthly rental for this feature.

dulipub said...

Well looks like STUPID STAR have shifted EPL matches again they better sort things really fast or im unsubscribing all this except star crick(if i can) and paying MUTV.

Uturn said...

Whenever anyone ask some question from (Dialog Axiata TWITTER/FACEBOOK) about Dialog tv they never answer.they acting like dumb.I saw so many people asking them about mtv india/music channels but they never ever try to reply.actually they ignore all questions about DTV.other thing i want to point out is Vh1 channel.i recenly lucky enough to watch MTV international for few days @ my friend's house after watching mtv international i realize one thing that dialog the only one can provide crap cheap channels like vh1.The so called only music channel.

Uturn said...

if star cricket continue their hindi commentary i think Dialog should remove it and try to add star sports 2 or sony six

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled... "HD pack FOC on trial for 14 days".