Monday, July 8, 2013

Dialog to shift some channels around on July 10th

Commencing friday and into the weekend, messages have been scrolling on several channels on Dialog TV indicating an impending shifting on existing channels. As per the information the following channels will be shifted as of July 10th
  • Discovery Turbo will shift to Channel No. 86 
  • Setanta Sports will shift to Channel No. 85
  • NHK World will shift to Channel No. 01
With Discovery Turbo and Setanta Sports moving to 86 & 85, these two channels will be only available for those who are have the MPEG4 DVB-S2 decoder. Hopefully Dialog have considered all options carefully before this move since if non premiere package subscribers have subscribed to this channel then it would mean that either they have to pay additionally to get the new decoder or risk losing these two channels. Hopefully none of the non premiere subscribers have activated these two channels however it is likely that some of them would have already done so.

With NHK World moving to the No. 1 position, then Dialog will have three vacant slots in the MPEG2 transponders. We believe one is for "MTV India" which should make a return on July 10th or sometime soon thereafter. Another two will be free, and out of these, one is "Dialog Test" which may or may not be used to carry a channel.

Some are "claiming" that this is for "Maharaja" channels, its highly unlikely that Dialog will reorganize in this manner for just two local FTA channels that don't deserve slots on Dialog TV. Besides the Maharaja's according to what we hear are not satisfied with one slot for Sirasa TV, they want three for all three of their channels on Dialog TV. Dialog will not be able to allocate three empty slots just for a private run-of-the-mill network during this time when channels such as "MTV India" are still to be returned to the lineup.

It is possible that some new channel/s will come onboard whether it will be one/s that carry international  or local entertainment is yet to be seen. Whether the "Dialog Test" channel which has been unused for a long time, will finally be used or whether it will continue to be "Dialog Test" is yet to be known. The days following the July 10th will reveal fully, what exactly Dialog TV will be doing.

One thing is pretty certain, MTV India will be back on July 10th. Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Prabodha Nilakshi Abeywickrema said...

when we can watch mtv india back we dnt want any other channels

Vishkid said...

Just a thought. I don't think DTV will get rid of the "DTV Test" channel. I believe it's for their internal testing (thus encrypted for everyone else) and unless they don't want to experiment with the technology and the feeds anymore to improve and add/change channels - which is unlikely to happen, the "DTV Test" will likely remain.

I maybe wrong but think most DTH providers keep a reserve channel within their commercial streams for testing new feeds, hardware and technologies.

Saman said...

Sad news that "NHK World" shifted to Channel 01. Because this reason cause for "perl" pakage users can't watch "NHK World".

Dialog HD fan said...

now discovery turbo is not viewable to even gold package users.i have gold package+hd full pack with hd decoder.after discovery turbo moved to new channel slot i cannot see we have to activate it again with additional fee?this is very bad move.they are removing channels from gold pack and request additional monthly charge to reactivate it.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under latest post titled "Dialog TV changes position of selected channels".