Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dialog TV changes position of selected channels

With effect from today Dialog TV has changed the channel positions of selected channels on their platform. Accordingly the new positions are as follows
  • NHK World - Channel No. 1
  • Discovery Turbo -  Channel No. 86
  • Setanta Sports - Channel No. 85
The two additional empty slots created as a result of this has been renamed to "Test Transmission 1" & "Test Transmission 2". A test card and a message indicating the new position of the channel that used to occupy that particular slot is now being displayed on the vacant slots.

We believe that MTV India will return to one of those two slots, we hope that the return will of the MTV India channel will be carried out today but as of posting this, there is no sign of MTV India. This begs the questions of when this return will be carried out. Dialog being Dialog could take a few more days but we hope that it is sooner than later.

The original "Dialog Test Channel" remains the same with no changes, the only difference is that as of late it was scrambled, unlike before where it was blank or ran a test card.

Complaints are coming that those who had subscribed to "Discovery Turbo" & "Setanta Sports channels are unable to view the channels, if you are unable to do so please contact Dialog TV hotline & speak to the technical department now.

Whether the "Dialog Test Channel" will be allocated a channel is yet to be seen, but if seems pretty certain that "Test Transmission 1" & "Test Transmission 2" will be allocated channels very soon. One of it is likely rather highly likely to be the returning "MTV India" but the other is yet to be seen. Hopefully it's a high quality international and not a local FTA channel.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.

Update at 10:41am
It seems that there have been non-Gold package subscribers who had subscribed to "Setanta Sports" and are now left in the lurch without the channel. We hope Dialog TV takes immediate steps to issue the new HD enabled DVB-S2 decoder to these subscribers. We urge these subscribers to immediately call Dialog TV and make an official complaint. With the advance notice that was given regarding the impending shifting of channels, it's sad that these issues are been raised after the channel shifting was carried out. A protest prior to the shifting would have been more effective.


Mario said...

I have the pearl package, and now NHK is scrambled after it was shifter to no: 1

Dialog HD fan said...

same thing happening to me for discovery turbo.i have gold package

punsisinet said...

i contact Dialog TV hotline, they said i will be given a new HD enabled DVB-S2 decoder free with 3 working days because i activated Discovery Turbo before july 9th and they are giving new HD enabled DVB-S2 decoder to anyone who activated Discovery Turbo or Setanta Sports before july 9th

i am using Pearl packages, Rs 699 one

oshada said...

anyone can recive new decoders! plz contact dialogtv and they are replacing it free of charge, call 1777 via any 4n

Vishwa said...

I just spoke to CC and i was told that the replacement is only for those have activated Dis. turbo or Setanta before the CH shifting. If now we want either activate those CHs or change encorder then we have to pay HD upgradation fee of 2990.00

Ranga Dilshan said...

MBC channels now available on Dialog TV(Sirasa\Shakthi)

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under latest post titled "New HD STB now available for others too".