Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dialog's major flaw... music channels

Over the last few weeks Dialog TV have been causing total subscriber dissatisfaction by carrying out unnecessary replacement of channels. The first was the replacement of "Eurosport" by "Shradda TV", then came the subscriber backlash that resulted in the replacement of "MTV India" by "Eurosport". Bringing back "Eurosport" was a good move, but sadly that was done at the expense of "MTV India".

All this was done despite Dialog TV having a free unused slot called "Dialog Test" which is being totally wasted. To make matters Dialog TV are now time-sharing "Star Movies HD" with "Ten HD" in order to provide HD coverage of the present tri-series cricket tournament involving Sri Lanka. This was done despite two free slots on the MPEG4-S2 enabled transponder that carries the HD channels.

All of these activities have exposed a major flaw in the Dialog TV channel allocations. That being the lack of music channels and the untapped potential number of subscribers. At present Dialog TV have 3 music channels, MTV India (carries Hindi music), VH1 (carries English music), Sun Music (carries Tamil music), Channel C (carrying mainly local music). Out of them the worst is VH1 which is a far cry compared to the international music channels operated by Viacom International. 

Due to this there have been calls to switch MTV India with either MTV Asia or an international edition of MTV. Hindia music fans have responded to this by asking Dialog to return MTV Asia or a suitable Hindi music channel.

There are several music channels out there in this region for English, Hindi & Tamil music fans. People are drawn to music and Dialog will be able to target teenagers and others with these channels. This is one area that Dialog TV have failed miserably, partly due to the lack of transponder space.

It's time for Dialog TV to look at adding some quality music channels. Not limiting itself to one music channel per language, as for an additional English Language music channel, Dialog TV should look at the Asian feeds or International feeds available in the region probably in terms of genre such as rock, hip hop, pop, etc. Dialog TV should expand their Tamil, Hindi & local language music offerings - provided they are able to secure local language music channels.

With Dialog TV now being HD capable, they look at giving HD music offerings with high quality sound. This is one area that Dialog TV should look at tapping. Of course all of this is only possible if Dialog TV is able to increase transponder capacity.

The need for a new transponder or MPEG4 to better utilize the existing transponders is more important than ever. Till Dialog TV is capable of sorting those things out, it's best for everyone if Dialog TV adds "MTV India" to the wasted & unused "Dialog TV Test" slot.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


yasith dilmin said...

plz add music channel like mtv, channel v ,sony mix,zing plz add soon!

Sikuru Nanayakkara said...

Could someone help me out here. My DTV is not the premiere package. But my TV is HD and I want to activate individual HD channels. I still have the very old decoder (the first silver colour one).

Can someone tell me how can I get the HD decoder and how much will it cost?

nilu said...

activate HD, it will cost you Rs2990/- + VAT.

Vishwa said...

We want MTV International feed not crappy Indian feed, anybody wants an Indian feed pls switch to DishTV,TataSky or any other Indian DTH.
We are sri lankan and not Indian, Dialog suppose to cater Sri Lankans and not Indians
we have enough enough crappy indian chs in DTV CH line up, i never worry to switch and and watch them (in fact i have deleted them in my STB CH line up)
I want DTV to replace Colours, SET, ZEE TV etc and bring English CHs

Mario said...
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Mario said...

I agree with Vishwa. DTV please add an International Music feed channel. How about Channel V ? Please no more Hindi crap. I think Tamil channels are better than adding Hindi. Plus our children also have to watch cheap English dubbed ( that also done in India ) cartoons on channels like POGO. Seriously the English they use in some of those cartoons is horrible. Like Ninja Hatoori !!!

I agree that cost is a major factor in getting Asia or international feeds but there surely must be some way around this.

Uturn said...

Different people have different taste so anyone shouldn’t tell hindi crap tamil crap etc.we all know Dialog Tv have 84 channel now there are only 4 hindi channel and 5 or 6 tamil channel. Now some people want to remove that too.i only have one thing tell them “please don’t show your arrogant selfishness to the world” I don’t mind if they add MTV international But Dialog tv must add Hindi music channel to their channel line up.

aj said...

there are new channels that will come on the 10th of july..setanta will be shifted to channel number 86.Smells like the maharajah networks will come on board

Vishkid said...

So, Discovery Turbo and Setanta will be shifted to positions 85, 86 from 10th onwards. These are the two Test Channel spots on the dvbs2 (HD channel) transponder.
No idea what will happen to the original channel slots; will they become test slots or (unlikely surprise) will DTV add new channels?

Roshan De Mel said...

I want Nat Geo Wild channel
please add this channel

Vishwa said...

tks for bringing a good news... however can you pls confirm the source reliability, do not misunderstood me,there are guys who wants show that they have connection to such sources and just dump their comment ( i remember one guy used to post nonsense comments all the time saying that CH is coming this Ch is coming etc..)
it is good to see finally Sirasa is coming on board (if it really true!)
but wonder how dialog is going add more CHs since they do not additional TP. Either DTV has vacate crappy Indian CHs/ FTA CHs or add a new TP.. if they are to add a new TP then we can expect more CHs but this is all about DTV and no assurance on their work..

PS-They remove TEST CARD in CH 71

aj said...

sadly what you said is true.sirasa is not coming,wrong information i got from the calling center

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Dialog to shift some channels around on July 10th".