Monday, June 17, 2013

Eurosports to be replaced...

Dialog does it again, the sports channel Eurosports that transmits many non-cricketing action such as Tennis, Cycling, Winter Sports is being replaced by a yet unnamed channel come Friday,June 21st 2013.

The channel that will be added in favour of Eurosports is not known as yet, but it will likely be a sports channel, probably Star Sports 2, Sony Six or even worse DD Sports. Who knows it could be Ten Golf.

Eurosports is known for telecasting sports that are not usually telecast in this nation by big names such as Star & Ten.

Therefore the removal of Eurosports will be a blow for fans of cycling, tennis & winter sports. We are hoping that Dialog TV will reconsider this move.

Dialog's obsession with replacing channels is very evident with this move.


Jason Bond said...

My only request is - keep Dialogs greedy hands off Euro Sports.

Utilize the so called "Test transmission" [ch 71] or the channel called Nenasa TV [ch 73] which has always been a blank spot since i bought the connection.

Thank you administrator for highlighting the other major sports coverages.

We will miss World championship and European championship Rally racing including the Dakar rally.

Diamond league in athletics.

French super 14 in rugby.

Major international marathon events.

le mans 24 , world touring car championships and many other racing events.

All UCI cycling events.

Horse racing and equestrian programs.

Many other sports including almost all winter sports collection.

Truly a miserable day for a sports fan.

Vishwa said...

It seems dialog has lost their sense on customers or they don't care who is customer at all... EurospotM being a very good ch and there are no of crappy ch if dialog wants to bring an another channel.
who wants see
blanks screens or test card for ever... (as Jason suggested DTV can replace test ch or Nanasa) or else it high time to replace FTA Chs like CCTV/ NHK and bring very good content to DTV
If DTV is really caring about thier customers this what they would do...

lets watch...

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Very bad move... Eurosports being replaced by Shradda"