Monday, June 10, 2013

Dialog granted approval to offer individual channels in the HD pack

According to information being received, Dialog TV has been granted approval by the TRC to issue the channels on the HD pack on an individual basis. Please refer the following link for TRC/DTV/Promo/13/01.

According to the said document, it seems that the present HD pack will be available without the bonus channels for Rs 690/= exclusive of taxes. While the individual HD channels will be available at Rs 149/= per channel exclusive of taxes except for Star Movies HD & ESPN HD priced at Rs 199/= per channel. In addition the channels presently termed as "bonus channels" will be available at Rs 99/= per channel exclusive of taxes.

This option to add the SD channels on the HD pack will mean that those who don't posses HD enabled TV's & received the HD decoder as part of the free upgrade offered to premiere package subscribers will be able to subscribe to these channels on an individual basis.

The rate for channels only with the 5 HD channels is too much at Rs 690/= and we believe that it should be priced lower. It is likely that given the option those who posses HD televisions will be better off paying Rs 990/= for the HD channels and the individual channels together.

It is indeed a good move by Dialog TV if they are able to release the non-HD individual channels to subscribers at an additional cost. However a sachet cost of Rs 49/= would have been better received than Rs 99/=.

This tariff was approved back in April, we hope Dialog TV will take quick steps to officially implement this tariff structure. A probable reason for the delay could be because Dialog TV maybe still replacing premiere package subscribers decoders. Hopefully this new tariff is introduced soon.

Please continue to keep us updated with the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Unknown said...

dialog ballo

Unknown said...

apen salli aran apita dena magulak na... peo tv hodai munta wadiya.... hd magulak genwa. channel 5i. rs 999/=
indian dth hd nam channel 36k lkr rs 800i

malmi jayaweera said...
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Jason Bond said...

Dialog is replacing Euro Sports with another channel,starting from June 21st.

I personally like Euro Sports because i am a cycling fan and Euro Sports covers all the major cycling events in the world.

I honestly don't know what Dialog is doing to it's customers in Sri Lanka.

Especially when the Tour DE France is beginning on June 29th.

I think from June 21st my afternoons will be seriously boring :(

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post tited "Eurosports to be replaced..."