Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Very bad move... Eurosports being replaced by Shradda

Dialog is shooting itself in the foot by removing a non cricket centric channel that focuses on sporting events that the subcontinent based sports channels don't focus on June 21st. Eurosports telecasts all major cycling events, Rally championships, Athletics, Marathons, Winter sports & 24hr Le-man races to name a few. These sporting events are not too popular in a country such as India which is why the Indian based sporting channels don't telecast it, but Sri Lanka is not India and these sports enjoy a significant following which is why Eurosports should be retained.

Eurosports along with Setanta Sports are the only two non-Indian feed sports channels and whilst Setanta focuses mainly on Rugby (another sport not heavily promoted by India based channels), Eurosports on the other hand telecasts many different sporting events.

What defies is logic is that a channel is being replaced when "Dialog Test Channel - Channel 71" is totally being wasted and could be used for Shradda TV. When Dialog started time sharing between GodTV/EWTN the excuse was that they don't want to waste another slot for a religious channel - this was also done at a time Channel 71 was being wasted - & claiming that both channels were similar and targeted a similar group. Then under Dialog's argument and in the name of equality of religion, Dialog TV should time share between Buddhist TV & Shradda TV. Dialog TV management is openly declaring their religious bias. If Shradda TV is to occupy a separate channel slot then God TV & EWTN should also be split and be given two separate slots. Dialog is about to stir a hornet's nest and it's going to sting quite badly.

If there are enough channel slots to be spared then nobody would bother & if Eurosports was being replaced by another BETTER sports channel this move would have been less controversial - we have long advocated that channel replacements are a big NO, NO.

If Dialog really wants to add "Shradda TV" then add it to Channel 71, but in due course you will have to split God TV & EWTN into two different channel slots, just to make sure the management is not being religiously biased and there is equality of religion.

Yesterday was a dark day for sporting fans on Dialog TV, they have been unfairly targeted by corporate greed. We urge them to call the hotline and urge the management to halt the replacement plan. Leave Eurosports alone, in fact leave all the channels alone, add Shradda TV to the test channel number 71 if you really must. Sometimes we wonder who is having this dog-in-the-manger attitude when it comes to  channel number 71 and causing this wastage of resources.

If Dialog TV is capable of targeting a non-Indian feed international sports channel then nothing else is beyond their grasp, sports based subscribers account for a major portion of pay television subscribers in the island and targeting them will only prove detrimental to Dialog TV.

Dialog TV is calling this replacement "temporary", but we know from experience that many "temporary" things become "permanent" on Dialog TV & is only an excuse that is used for them to have their way.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.... Those of you who will be using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to campaign on behalf of Eurosports please use the "#DTVretainEUROSPORT" hashtag when posting.



star said...

Where is the Hindu religious channel in Dialog Tv line up???

Why you don't ask for Hindu religious channel for the line up???

Atleast they should have one hindu religious channel to maintain the equality of religion.

Vishwa said...

Wow.. what a move...

we going to have 2nd DTH of DD Direct (Doordharshan direct), it is called a name shake DTH and carries only FTA ch's. but only thing that they are not charging a fence from its viewers.

Come on DTV, see how many FTA CHs are in your line up..
this is ridiculous..........
Do not touch "Eurosport"...

Dialog HD fan said...

EuroSport is the only one sports channel concentrated on Non cricket sports available to Basic Dialog TV Postpaid package users.If it is replaced by whatever religious channel it will be a very bad move.Never do it Dialog TV.Use whatever wasted channel slots for it or time share with Buddhist Channel.Don't try to spoon feed any religion to subscribers.

yasith dilmin said...

Indiantelevision.com's Digital Edge

Dish TV plans to invest Rs 700 mn in Sri Lankan subsidiary

Indiantelevision.com Team
(17 October 2012 10:48 pm)

MUMBAI: Dish TV, India's largest direct-to-home (DTH) company, is eyeing expansion in neighbourhood countries and is preparing to capitalise its Sri Lanka subsidiary.

Dish TV is planning to invest Rs 700 million in Dish TV Lanka, a joint venture company in which it holds 70 per cent stake while local partner Satnet Private Limited has the other 30 per cent.

Dish TV has got the shareholders’ approval to invest Rs 700 million in the venture. The Sri Lanka operations is, however, not in the immediate agenda as India will take all the attention with digitisation in the four metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai nearing deadline.

Dish TV has not created a broadcasting centre or satellite link facility yet. The company, however, plans to enter into the Sri Lanka DTH market at some stage as the ARPUs (average revenue per user) are much higher.
"The DTH market in Sri Lanka is much smaller than India.But while the ARPUs in India are in the range between $3 and $4, in Sri Lanka it is close to $9. Dish TV is attracted by those ARPUs and Sri Lanka is a neighbouring territory," said an industry source.

Dish TV Lanka was oncorporated on 25 April. The minority partner Satnet has a DTH Licence in Sri Lanka.

Dish TV said its shareholders have approved a “Special resolution under Section 372A of the Companies Act, 1956 to make loans/investments or give guarantee or provide any security to provide up to Rs 700 million in Dish TV Lanka (Private) Limited, over and above the limits prescribed under the said section.”

In Sri Lanka, the DTH market is dominated by Dialog TV, a subsidiary of telecom major Dialog Axiata. Dialog TV has an estimated 200,000 subscribers and its revenue grew 18 per cent to Rs 2.4 billion in the calendar year.

Shares of Dish TV rose 4.68 per cent on the Bombay Stock Exchange to Rs 80.35 at close on Wednesday.

Dish TV will announce its fiscal second-quarter financial results tomorrow. Meanwhile, the shareholders of Dish TV have approved the re-appointment of Jawahar Goel as the managing director of the company for a period of three years effective 6 Januar

yasith dilmin said...
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Unknown said...

apita dialog tv epa

Uturn said...

Seems like Dialog will temporarily remove Eurosport and later they will add this channel Rs.99 category for everyone.

Uturn said...

Since 2008 Nanasa tv is a blank slot.when will they start this channel? why cant they remove it.

mihidum said...

@Uturn- nanasasa channel been dedicated only for schools

mihidum said...

Sradda is an ideal channel for Dialog tv line up... we must have Sradda...

Nokia said...

Sardda is coming in Channel 33 from teh Poson day onwards.

I have de activated my HD Service sending a SMS. And mamaged to Activate STAR MOVIES HD for 199/= monthly rental.

That means HD Service can be activated individually.

Bad Move by removing Eurosports

Nokia said...


DialogUser said...

I think Dialog is testing the response they are getting by broadcasting the message only on that channel depending on the response they get from the call centre they will make a decision I would advice everybody who would like to see Eurosport continue to call the call centre and protest very strongly maybe it can have a effect

Nokia said...

To All,
I’m a born Roman Catholic person who respect all other religions. Even I’m married to a Buddhist. My personal opinion is do we need two religion channels for a one religion… ??

Of cause if they have all other space to add channels I don’t mind adding 5-10 channels for a single religion. But the situation here is Dialog doesn’t have sufficient space to add channels but still REPLCAING good channels with some other channels is not a good move.
Please do not take me wrong as I stand this comment for my own religion as well.

Sirasa is not yet there on their line up. And No movement to MPEG4 as yet.

I Appreciate offering HD Channels as single channel activation.

Please comment

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Eurosport & HD pack single channel offerings".