Thursday, January 19, 2012

English "Zee" Channels return, "MGM" & "UTV World Movies" get booted

In a not so surprising move Dialog TV have booted out MGM & UTV World Movies. The channels that were returned to the lineup are Zee Cafe & Zee Studio. With the return of these channels it is likely that Dialog will be able to secure Ten Action also but the problem is that one of the existing channels will have to be removed due to lack of capacity and the lacklustre efforts by Dialog TV to increase capacity.

Although the introduction of Zee Studio & Zee Cafe will be welcomed by many. It looks like the musical chairs are continuing and in about another one year we cannot be sure which of the present channels will remain. It is high time that Dialog secures additional transponders and actually adds more channels instead of just "replacing" older ones with newer ones and then vice versa as was the case with the Zee channels yesterday.

We hope Dialog does not remove Eurosport in favour of Ten Action because Eurosport is the only non Indian oriented sporting channel that shows a wide variety of sports not shown by the sports bigwigs from India. So as far as any more channel additions goes, it should be done after the increase of transponder capacity.

Another thing that should be added is that MGM was followed by most of the people who like to watch older movies & UTV World Movies was followed by those who watch non Hollywood movies in foreign languagesother than English in Sri Lanka and the removal of the channels will not be viewed favorably by them, the number of people who viewed these channels maybe small in number but they are still paying subscribers of Dialog and this move is totally unfair by them.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.

** Post Correction Update information : A big thank you to our fellow blogger @sonik for pointing out the error in our post. It's "MGM" & "UTV World Movies" that have been booted & not "Warner TV" as the post suggested before. Thank You @Sonik.


sonik said...

MGM and UTV World Movies have been booted. Not Warner TV. In any case, it is indeed unfair UTV has been removed because there were a lot of people who enjoyed UTV World movies simply because it wasn't a regular movie channel with only Hollywood movies. It was a channel with movies from across the world and really enriched the channel line up of dialog tv. You can't give a channel and then suddenly replace it like that.... you are invariably going to have disgruntled customers. Same with MGM.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

@Sonik : Thank you for pointing out the error in our post. We have made the necessary corrections and updated it. Your input is highly appreciated. Thank You once again.


admin said...

they took zone reality,fashion tv,fx,star movies Asia,God tv(the full channel)ten action,The history channel,they really dont know what to do expect making a quick buck,they admitted there mistake in adding zcafe which was a good channel.Yes they did a great service by adding Setanta,and please dont touch Eurosport which covers the Heineken cup and the top 14.However I think this approach of making money will cost them in the long run not necessarily by competing satellite services but by the internet it self,which has all the sports covered,which has all the movies covered if you know how to get by..why should any body pay for a satellite service when you can get any thing on the internet.which i think will affect dialog tv big time in the days to come...they have to get a third transponder soon to keep the faith in the customers.

Uturn said...

UTV world Movies is one Of the best Channel in Dialog Channel line up now we lost that Channel.every time they change their channels.I think they get some fun doing these things. they dont even bother about customers.they think what ever tunes they play Customers will dance according to that (DIALOG TV MANAGEMENT ARE SICK THEY NEED HELP)

Dude said...

Agree with the above comments, now it looks like they are getting desperate & have started replacing even the popular channels. Next time they will time share like they are doing for "God TV" & "EWTN" which is turning into a right royal mess.

Hope they return UTV World Movies & MGM once again by adding a brand spanking new transponder otherwise DTV management needs to be spanked.

Tomorrow 20th & the day after 21st God TV is telecasting LIVE from Colombo the "FESTIVAL OF LIFE" meetings to be held at Galle Face, I hope Dialog doesn't cut it off to switch to EWTN, they should wait till it finishes for them to switch to EWTN on friday & saturday night.

aj said...

the festival of life is not shown on Friday but on Saturday and Sunday according to the god tv schedule.its on Saturday 2.30pm and 7.00pm and on Sunday at 11.30 am.its a shame that god tv is not full time on the dialog tv platform.please dialog tv give us the full God tv channel

oceana said...

I thought replacing MGM with Z Studio was a good decision since MGM's contents were only limited to their productions. I love old movies but i always thought MGM productions were terrible to be honest. But replacing UTV world movies with Z Cafe was such a bad decision. DTV already had many other channels that telecast TV shows, but UTV world movies was the only channel that telecast foreign movies.

Dude said...

@aj : Festival of Life is on from 8:30pm tonight the 20th on God TV and tomorrow the 21st from 7pm.

Check out the schedule on

Yes, its a shame that Dialog TV doesn't show God TV full time now. I hope they don't interrupt God TV with EWTN at least until the event is over today, this is truly an historic occasion for Christians in Sri Lanka & we hope Dialog TV respects that.

We need God TV back 24X7 on Dialog TV.

rasika chamara said...

Added Zee Studio
Added Zee Café
Removed The MGM Channel
Removed UTV World Movies
Added Star Movies India
Added Hiru TV
Removed Star Movies International
Removed Heritage TV

gune ayya telling
I'm not sure what they are doing now. I think now they are replacing most of the Asian stuff with Indian stuff for profit concern.

NadikeT said...

Adding Ten Action is a good news for me and all football fans. ESPN and Star do not cover Champions League or Spanish La Liga where probably the best two clubs in the world are in. If a channel to be removed for it, it should be Neo Cricket. Matches that Sri Lankan team play are broadcast in Ten Cricket and other various matches are broad cast in Star Cricket. Only an Indian need to see India winning matches 24/7. Sri Lankan cricket fans will not miss Neo Cricket.

Rovin said...

we need ten action

Larukh said...

@ Nadike T

fully agreed... Neo Cricket is the most useless sports channel in the lineup. It only shows live matches when Indian team plays in India.. Most of the time it shows the matches that India won in India.. It should be really irritating even for Indian viewers who don't worship Indian cricketers... As a sports lover I never encourage DTV to remove any sports channel. It's better if they remove a channel of other genre like movies, music, religious, news, kids or anything other than sports; but other DTV customers won't like it at all.. Nevertheless TENaction is a must.. pls add it before the start of CL second round...

romeo200 said...

please do not remove neo vs india matches in india and some other international live cricket matches which play in india & bangladesh cover from neo cricket.if you want to remove channel please remove etv.

nilu said...

i agreed with romeo200.when our team touring Bangladesh matches will be telecast in neo cricket and BBL is also will be telecast in this channel.

Smax said...

They can move colorstv, i think not mis that channele any one. And they can add tenaction. Why they cant do it

sonik said...

@TV & Radio Sri Lanka: Your Welcome :)

Thush D said...

well i have to say that zee studio & zee cafe are good channels that show good content. From a personal point of view i must say i'm happy with the latest change although for sure i know it doesn't please everyone.

I was pissed off when they removed ten action & i decided i will move away from dialog when they decided to time share GOD TV/EWTN. Still looking for a good alternative.

Make no mistake this latest move doesn't make all the wrongs they did right. Dialog has to get the mix right & right now it is so wrong.

Also the GOD TV/EWTN is a very bad move. Yes, there are a larger number of catholics in SL, but GOD TV was a free channel which showed content that can be viewed by everyone regardless of their denomination. EWTN shows mostly catholic related content which others won't be interested in watching.

So DTV's definitely got to think better before making stupid moves like this.... I hope they make these right fast...Specially God TV/Ten Action/Star Movies

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Dialog in desperation, now more time sharing channels this time Learn TV & Heritage TV".