Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dialog in desperation, now more time sharing channels this time Learn TV & Heritage TV

In just about a month after Dialog carried out the time sharing of God TV & EWTN on a single channel slot, they are at it again by time sharing Learn TV & Heritage TV on a single channel. This means that Learn TV will not be available 24X7 and Heritage TV will not be available 24X7.

Dialog which is lacking in transponder capacity seems to be desperate to increase channels they have decided to do it by hook or crook. Learn TV an educational channel has been touched and shared with Heritage TV. Dialog a pay television company is now behaving like a fully fledged FTA channel. 

Learn TV is a childrens educational channel and looks like education has taken a back seat to Dialog's desperate tactics.

The sad thing is that this could be the future today and maybe we can look towards more channels being time shared in the near future. So in december God & EWTN were time shared now in january Learn TV & Heritage TV were time shared, we only can wonder what february will have in store.

It looks like things are going down hill now considering the events of the last two months.
1) Star Movies Asia changes to Star Movies India and no effort is being done by Dialog to get the asian feed back again.
2) God TV time shared with EWTN instead of giving EWTN a new channel slot.
3) MGM and UTV World Movies replaced by the Zee Studio & Zee Cafe. A bad move considering the fact that existing channels were removed to add these two.
4) Heritage TV and Learn TV combined and time shared to a new channel slot.

The problem here is lack of capacity and the lack of interest shown by Dialog to increase capacity. Dialog is definitely mirroring the problems that Comet Cable had and are hoodwinking their subscribers.


nilu said...

what can we do about this. if we contact dialog they say nothing but lies.

Anonymous said...

i don't know if this is illegal. But can't we publish a paper article on this terrible activities of dialog tv or if it make them in to trouble as it was for cbn sat cant we get all the list of members who are in this blog spot and as a protest request them to disconnect for at least for a month so that they will not get the rental. But after the tri series :)

Warren said...

It's very sad the lame excuses dialog dishes out when one calls customer service all we hear are Lies lies and more lies.
Joyce meyer live from colombo on God Tv was cut off at 10pm on firday when asked dialog says its God tv who did it strangely my peo tv friends watched it all till the end.
Star movies asia feed replaced by chapathi indian feed of same,I agree with admin this is headed comet cables wayI know since I was a comet cable subscriber as well.
Maybe dialog wants to show a lot of logos on their new handouts to attract more new customers.
I'm just marking time to see what they will do next.
As for cricket matches and live feeds dialog always puts that famous due to a request made by csn or channel eye we won't show the match this is only on dialog while peo and lbn goes on showing on both pay channel and fta local channel.
How long more will dialog try to fool it's customers?

Dude said...

@warren: You are correct, they did cut off the Joyce Meyer live broadcast at 10pm but LBN & PEO TV people were able to watch the whole thing on God TV because Dialog cut off God TV at 10pm for EWTN. They never bothered that it was a "LIVE" broadcast from Sri Lanka.

Even the cricket matches are loaded with commercials just like any FTA channel like Rupavahini, ITN, etc.

It's time for us the subscribers to join together and press them to back down from this stupid time sharing of God TV/EWTN & LearnTV/HeritageTV and other stupid decisions. Otherwise they will continue to ROB us, by taking our money and doing what they want.

tvdialog said...

@warren. You are correct. I totally agree with you except one part. Even peo tv block local channels during cricket matches. Ok we can keep it apart. But the service offered by them is really rubbish.

Lishan said...
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Lishan said...

Hi guys,

I need help from you. Currently I am in Maldives and DTV is intalled to my Maldives appartment. Sadly my receiver is not working from last week. looks like receiver is broken. Only yellow light is visible. Periously I watch DTV for 2 years. What can I do?


Smax said...

Dialog dan pissu natanawane. Star movies asia ayin karala indian feed add karala, aduma package aka tibunu utv movies ayin karala colorstv indan feed aka wenuwata singapor feed eka add karala. Mokadda meke theruma

Warren said...

@ Dude thanks for the positive thoughts and @tv dialog sorry didn't know peo did the same with matches ..but now people how do we get round this?
Another thing it's really annoying watching star movies India as well correct me if I'm wrong but they repeat movies like nobodies business all these issues and dialog tv's we don't care about customer satisfaction really ticks
me off.

rasika chamara said...

Lishan dont worry your problem is belones to yourbox power supply ,please repair it from good electronic repair center,no need to worry !

Anonymous said...

I think DTV guys don't even make an effort to get Ten Action. We really need it. If not we r get dish tv.

aj said...

Etisalat mobile tv is on will they go for a dth service in the future.if they do that will be the best thing that happens to dialog tv customers.competition that's what the dialog tv management needs..

Lishan said...

@rasika chamara , thank you very much

Dude said...

I sent an email to Fox International Channels asking them to restore the former Star Movies Asia that is Fox Movies Premium back for us in Sri Lanka.

The Email addy is "foxtv.info@fox.com", I think if each of us email then we may just be able to get it back. It's worth a try. Hope admin of this blog makes a post with this email address so that we can spread the word and get more emails to Fox International channels.

SLP said...

as far as I know, its not Fox who did the shit. But DTV itself.

so donknow yet its a uprising.

sonik said...

Although DTV said Fox stopped sending the channel here that is a lie. It is dialog that removed the channel. Also, there is no territorial problem, because Fox Movies Premium is available in Maldives. But if Fox replies you please publish the e-mail here.

As far as Heritage Tv is concerned I am yet to see time sharing occurring. I have checked from time to time but only see Learn TV being showed.

hp said...

some positives out of our stay with DTV. (http://www.lankabusinessonline.com/fullstory.php?nid=1711812506)

"Fixed broadband operations earned 2.3 billion rupees and lost 942 million rupees at gross level and television operations, which had 2.39 billion rupees in revenues, posted a marginal 26 million rupees at gross profit level. "

will see whether they would atleast react positively with this news.

E2C said...

when will we have the HD feeds from dialog .

they even dont think about it :( .............. bla bla ...

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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