Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012

We take this opportunity to wish all our fellow bloggers the management and staff of Dialog TV,

"A Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012"


kirala said...


Given that all local cable/satellite services have gone to the dogs, and I am really really sick and tired of watching these stupid Indian-oriented programs, I was wondering if there is a way to get a satellite TV connection with primarily non-Indian feeds...something like DStv of South Africa.....

Has anyone done this, and if so, any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

admin said...

yes you can watch Dstv of south africa with satlanka.they offer the connection but the issue is the monthly rental will come to about 10000 rupees.and the connection fee is also over about a lack...go to the satlanka website or you can call them on this number they have other conections which are feasible (0777-230259)..

Lankan Blogger said...

Regarding the EWTN-God TV issue...

Once again the Admin has shown a bias against Catholics by disapproving the availability of EWTN. Sri Lanka has a larger Catholic population than other Christian churches, so it is suitable that EWTN is shown on Dialog TV. Since the two channels are now time sharing it is even better because all are being served, although it would of course be better to have the two channels showing independently.

This issue comes up every year on this blog. This is the only issue which the Admin brings up first, rather than the commentors. This blog is supposed to reflect the views of the customers, not the Admin. This move that "is considered ridiculous and stupid" by you, is probably better for everyone, but of course you don't like it so it must be changed.

If Dialog really listens to what goes on in this blog, I presume they introduce EWTN every Christmas mainly to annoy the Admin. Now that it is a permanent time sharing arrangement, I guess the Admin will insert this topic into every blog post from now on.

I still remember a time when this blog was actually about the Dialog TV customers, and not about scolding Dialog for every move. Those times have clearly passed.

Dude said...

@Lankan Blogger :

I have been following this blog for several years now... This blog belongs to the TV Radio Sri Lanka administrator and they are entitled to air their opinion & you are entitled to air yours. Thats the beauty of this blog. So you can't call anyone biased.

Yes, you are correct there are more Catholics in Sri Lanka than Christians. However it still does not give Dialog TV the right to cut down on the hours of an existing channel such as God TV and share the same slot with another channel.

According to your argument then Dialog can remove all the English channels and replace them or share them with Hindi/Sinhala/Tamil channels cos there are more people who enjoy Hindi/Sinhala/Tamil programming than English in Sri Lanka.

I have been with Dialog TV since CBNsat days, I never thought I would say this, but "Dialog TV is clearly robbing their subscribers" by replacing channels whenever they want, changing feeds, etc.

I agree with you on this point, Dialog should show EWTN & God TV as two separate channels. The DTV management should move their asses and immediately increase capacity without worrying about their end of year bonuses.

As for Fox Movies Premium website, check the website & anyone can see that only Sri Lanka has been removed from the list of available countries. Even our neighbour "Maldives" gets "Fox Movies". The pathetic local pay operators including Dialog TV which is the most pathetic probably decided not to go for "Fox Movies Premium" due to increased cost.

Vishkid said...

Oh c'mon - all of you seem to hv gotten your knickers in a twist. Who wants to see TWO religious channels instead of ONE? May be about <1% of TV viewers in Sri Lanka and certainly none of the people (old and young) I know. (some people would claim that even one is too much)

If there were to be one Christian/Catholic channel, let dialog decide what it should be be so long as they are not charging (directly) for it.

Otherwise it will be 3 buddhist channels next week and 5 islamist channels next month! Pls just let this be and focus on much more important issues. Otherwise this blog will not be worth the bandwidth it consumes. (I'm saying this as probably one of the founder subscribers to the blog).

Nokia said...

Sad to see star movies with crappy INDIAN adds.

The older version is better than this.

Smax said...

move colors, add star gold or again utv movies

Smax said...

Tencricket free fro al now

Larukh said...

MGM is replaced by ZStudio... Anybody know whether this is this permanent or not?


Is it rue that tencricket is free for all packages?

nilu said...

zstudio and zcafe is back.

Larukh said...

I think it is the perfect time to bring back the TENAction channel too, as the CL knockouts are starting next month.

madhusha99 said...

hi guys you know, Which channel removed after placement of Z cafe and Still they giving star movies indian feed or asian?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled - English "Zee" Channels return, "MGM" & "Warner TV" get booted.