Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dialog TV lied... makes God TV & EWTN time sharing permanent

In a move that is considered ridiculous & stupid, Dialog TV have made the time sharing of programmes from EWTN & God TV on Channel 70 permanent. Whilst lying initially that the programmes via EWTN would be broadcast only for Christmas, Dialog now run the scroll saying "We are pleased to announce... blah blah".

Who is pleased Dialog? Are the viewers of God TV pleased that the programmes they watch are getting cut before it finishes? Are the viewers of God TV pleased that they are no longer able to watch the channel 24X7? Are Dialog TV subscribers pleased that Dialog TV was planning this all along & lied to everyone saying that this time sharing is only for Christmas time? If Dialog TV wants to expand then management should tighten their purses and expand capacity or move to MPEG4 to increase capacity.

Instead now time sharing seems to be the style adopted by Dialog TV to increase the number of channels on their platform. First God TV is being time shared with EWTN which makes us wonder whats next on the list. A very stupid idea which sadly Dialog believes as being innovative or the way they would call it "The Future Today".

If "The Future Today" is all about time sharing then sadly Dialog is on it's way down. Dialog should remember that no channel on it's platform should be time shared with another because people purchase connections to watch a channel 24X7. If there are requests for another channel then it should be added to a new slot.

Dialog TV a high profile pay television operator is desperately trying out things that smaller pay operators in Sri Lanka haven't even dreamt of. This speaks volumes of the state of desperation Dialog TV have fallen into due to lack of capacity on the network as well as lack of experience of Dialog TV management in running a pay television operation.

Looks like Dialog TV are staring down the barrel and may succumb to the Comet Cable curse.

In addition to all this, it looks like Dialog TV had foreknowledge about the shift of Star Movies Asia to Star Movies India. Dialog TV which always prints the Star Movies schedule on their programme guide didn't do so in December 2011. So the claim by Dialog that they were suddenly asked to change the feed can be safely assumed as another "lie".

Dialog TV we demand that you stop lying to subscribers. STOP THE TIME SHARING & return to carrying God TV 24hrs a day on Channel 70. Work harder on getting Star Movies Asia back on your platform. Increase capacity immediately and add more channels plus add EWTN as a separate channel.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


sonik said...

I know for a fact, that Star TV Hong Kong will not "change" their feed to another over night. This is technically impossible. Which means that Dialog/PEO have to physically reposition their dish antennas or re-tune them to receive the Indian channel. What remains to be found out is if there is a branding issue, however, I highly doubt that to be the case. Most likely Star TV increased the price for Fox Movies Premium and the cheats at Dialog simply switched to another channel without informing their customers. I wonder if they thought no one will notice.

As a former Comet Cable customer, I can tell you that this is the same thing that happened to them before they went out of business. Just like Dialog, Comet too had an issue with the number of channels they could offer. For comet it was 18, and for Dialog it is 75, but seems like it doesn't make a difference. Comet kept replacing channels, they also tried time sharing channels. Comet was stable for as long as they didn't have competition, but as soon as LBN and CBN started, they saw their subscribers drop. Their technology was outdated, and they never adapted to the market.

Seeing what is going on, with Star Movies and God TV/EWTN etc, I cannot help but think that this is the beginning of the end for Dialog Tv as well. For those who are hoping that HD services will someday begin on Dialog, I think that will never happen. Dialog TV is now stagnant, where as its competitors have built their service platform on technology that gives them much room to expand.(LBN and PEO have near unlimited bandwidth with very little cost, where as Dialog TV needs to spend a few million dollars a year on each satellite frequency) This coupled with very poor customer service can only be bad for a company. (I don't know much about LBN or PEO customer service, I only know of their technology.)

Therefore I don't expect too much from Dialog TV in the future and expect more disappointment and frustration for us the customers.

Anonymous said...

Well said Sonic. With the intervention of SMART TV which supports Internet the broadband supported platforms such as peo and LBN will easily be the future of TV. And Personally i am stick to dialog only because i am changing my living location often thus i don't have a fixed cable line...

Dialog TV will fail in 2012 for sure if they continue like this...please act swiftly...

Adfree said...

I really dont know why, we have to pay highier rate tgo watch this bloody indian bullshit. Affter 12 midnight all dicovery nextwork channels are full of indian advertisments...

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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