Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas & more....

Well it's just a few hours to Christmas. As of now Star Movies India still continues & God TV programming is being interrupted by EWTN. 

Well Star Movies has changed their feeds to Sri Lanka and Maldives causing other local pay operators also to change feeds. We did highlight in one of our previous posts that this may happen but Dialog seems to have ignored our warnings. In addition to placing phone calls to Dialog TV we also suggest to send emails to Fox International channels Asia, asking them to return the Star Movies Asia feed to us which would be known as Fox Movies Premium from Jan 1st. After all the Star Movies feed shift is not Dialog's fault 100%, they do bear a part of the blame for not taking action to prevent this from happening. We kindly request a fellow blogger to post the email address in the comments section so that all those who visit this blog can email Fox International Channels Asia.

However Dialog is at fault and remains very tight lipped on the issue of God TV which is being time shared with EWTN every few hours causing God TV viewers to miss the programmes being broadcast. Even though the screen scroll says that this is only for the Christmas season, one wonders why the EPG carries the time shared schedule right upto the end of December and according to several subscribers customer care is saying that they haven't being given an end day for the time sharing. Several subscribers have bought Dialog TV connections to watch God TV and these people are being left high and dry with this move. Subscribers are complaining of programmes being cut off in the middle to accommodate EWTN. On Christmas day, more airtime has been given to EWTN than the channel that existed on the slot being God TV. Dialog seems to have poured hot water on their feet by messing around with a religious channel. With religion being a very sensitive issue, Dialog should have left God TV alone. Not only God TV, Dialog should leave all their present religious channels alone and never mess with them. If Dialog wanted to add EWTN then they should have waited until capacity is increased. It is however very funny to note that Dialog have ignored requests for Ten Action and several other channels and have given priority to EWTN.

Anyway with all these negative developments Dialog TV will definitely lose subscribers to other pay operators specially to ones from India. Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

We take this opportunity to wish all our fellow bloggers and the management and staff of Dialog Axiata.

"A Very Merry Christmas"


Tharindu Hasanka said...

Hiru TV Test Transmission now on Dialog Tv and also on PEO Tv

Anonymous said...

Commercial fill Star Movies may be not an issue to India. the reason is they pay less monthly rental. But here in Sri Lanka we pay major amount of money for these channels and Dialog TV must either reduce there rental if they are giving us the indian feed or replace with the asian feed immediately. I think we must call dialog hot line and tell them we will complain on this regard to the authorities if they don't do this. because they are breaking rules to be franked.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under latest post titled "Dialog TV lied... makes God TV & EWTN time sharing permanent".