Friday, August 6, 2010

Wake up Dialog TV... Increase space for the influx of channels

It's a shame that Dialog TV has not taken any steps to increase transmission capacity either by implementing the MPEG4 conversion or increasing transponders. Management does not seem to be interested in adding any more channels. Discovery Science & Discovery Turbo are sharing one slot. Either they have to prioritize and add one channel permanently preferable Discovery Science and add the other channel after increasing the capacity. At the pace Dialog TV is progression that could be anywhere between now and eternity.

Adding to this headache is the fact that Ten Sports is launching Ten Cricket on August 10, 2010. The Tri Series involving Sri Lanka will be broadcast on this channel fortunately it will be simulcast of Ten Sposts too. However simulcasts will not last long & DTV will be forced to add Ten Cricket or carry out the insane slot sharing meaning subscribers will miss out on programming. The best thing now for DTV is to get rid of "Prime TV" and "TH TV" and add the Discovery & Ten Cricket channels.

DTV management, wake up and read this blog post. We have woken up before you.


Rukmal said...

Its good to see the blog admin is alive again !!
Keep up !! We are with you ...

Agent - Zero8 said...

Good to see ur still alive!

podiman said...

The admin is still alive. Thank god.

Lisura said...

Great to see Admin after a long time.

As you all can clearly see now DTV's strategy is not in track anymore. The top management are not able to identify and address the needs of the comsumer and the market.

Ten Sports HD is already in Dish TV broadcasting the SL vs India tests and tri-nation series. (check

If Dialog broadcasts this they will price the channel at Rs. 1000/=

So asking these from Dialog reminds me of a sinhala saying "ඉබ්බන්ගෙන් පිහාටු ඉල්ලනවා වගේ !"

Nokia said...


The blog has changed... Nice to see the change. And I think it's time to change the logo of teh blog too as DTV has already chengde their logo. :)

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

Please add Ten Cricket channel. Otherwise we're going to miss all the live cricket.

In the next six months, Ten Cricket plans to telecast 8 Test Matches, 25 ODI’s & 5 T20’s. Ten Cricket will also telecast the important India-South Africa series comprising of 3 Test Matches, 5 One Day Internationals and 1 T20.

They have broadcast rights of five cricket boards - Sri Lanka, South Africa, Pakistan, West Indies & Zimbabwe.

දිමුතු said...

All Indian DTH services now have HD channels in their lineup.
Discovery HD world & National Geographic HD has some great programs.

When will Dialog add HD channels?

star said...

Check the latest about LBN, please visit

You can get the up dated channels line up & new package details.

Mario said...

As i mentioned earlier, HD is still new to SL and there arent many people who can afford to buy HD enabled TV's as yet even though there are many brands available in the market.

Anyways i think DTV is only competing with local cable tv providers and not bothered about Indian service providers. That attitude may work now, but not for long.

Agent - Zero8 said...

@Maruio, True, before everything DTV should move to MPEG 4 platform. current quality is worst than You tube full screen view.

Lisura said...

Last month alone Dish TV added these great channels.

1.Discovery Science (English)
2.Discovery Turbo (English)
3.Ten Cricket (English)
4.UTV Bindass (Hindi)
5.Siripoli (Tamil)

Lisura said...

@ Mario

You can bring various logic to satisfy yourself. I hope thats fine by you. But dont try to blindfold the bloggers here.

There are so many LCD TVs in Sri Lanka now and 99% of them are at least HD Ready ! The more recent models are full HD. With the recent reduction of tax the prices have come down drastically enabling further penetration on technology.

So it's high time for broadcasters in Sri Lanka to think about HD.

DTV is now like Cometcable those days. High priced, not consumer focussed and limited only to Colombo crowd. I do not wish the same fate which has happened to Comet to happen to DTV, but if things unfold like this it will be inevitable.

Rukmal said...

Is comet Cable still operational ?

Rukmal said...


Still I couldnt able to catch any channel to my DVB-T other than SumathiTV.
Any luck with u?

Priyantha said...

what about Ten cricket ? how can we get it?

Priyantha said...

New news Zee sports going to be re name 'Ten Action '

Lisura said...

@ Rukmal

I think DTV have stopped their DVB-T transmission. Haven't received it in the last few days.

@ Priyantha

Ten Cricket is added to the existing channel lineup of Dish TV at no extra cost. They will simulcast the tri-series currently with Ten Sports and later on more live cricket will be there exclusively.

Lisura said...

Ten Sports HD is also active on Dish TV for SL,IND,NZ tri-series entirely commercial-free !

Anonymous said...


Priyantha De Silva said...

now these days dialog TV is going a very lazy way. Means slow improvement in every way. But, I came here to thanks for introducing a very much different channel from others,

Discovery Turbo.

hope, this channel stay forever.
Thanks again for this introduction.

and also..

hope , will come the new cricket channel too.

(Does Ranaviru channel still need on the line up ? because it's using a handful people and waste of money ? really doesn't know much about it's impotence )

podiman said...

There is another channel with Ten sports called Willow TV. It is in the 68.5E satallite at the moment. It might come with dish tv in the near future.

Lisura said...

Doordarshan HD launched its' test transmission yesterday with the hope of launching it at the forthcoming Commonwealth games.

People with a MPEG4 STB with HD capability can watch it FTA.

Lisura said...
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Lisura said...

Discovery Turbo and Discovery Science is available on Dish TV as 2 seperate 24-hour channels.

Hope Dialog adds these at no extra cost to the existing subscribers. Indian DTH providers keep on adding channels with no price changes to the existing subscribers.

I wonder why Dialog needs to increase the price every time they add a channel or otherwise. The recently introduced 999 package got a price revision to 1099 with no valid reason.

And the latest is that to downgrade the package they charge Rs. 1500/=. And if you disconnect DTV will remove the equipment from customer premises.

These practises are surely not in the favour of customers by any means.

star said...

I will say DISH TV HD is the best option. HD STB is just 9,000/= with 2 months free subscription.

You can watch TEN SPORTS HD with out any advertisement.

You will get 6 HD channels including DD HD.

Agent - Zero8 said...

@Lisura DTV has revised the Pkg downgrading fee i guess...

Lisura said...

If DTV adds HD Channels they will charge Rs. 1000 more for each channel telling some stupid story.

Currently these HD Channels are available on Dish TV HD

Discovery HD World
NatGeo HD
Ten Sports HD
Zee Cinema HD

Discovery and NatGeo are the World channels (not indian feeds) So the content is superb and its 100% commercial-free !

Sports events are broadcasted only during Live transmissions !

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Work properly Dialog TV & replace staff who are slacking in their job".