Thursday, August 12, 2010

Work properly Dialog TV & replace staff who are slacking in their job

Dialog TV needs a serious wake up call, in addition to the constant complains of severe pixelation & low quality transmissions that are being carried out. They cannot seem to be able to carry out updating their channel list if a channel is re branded. Looks like the CEO downwards are sleeping on the job.

History Channel became "Fox History & Entertainment" ages ago. But Dialog still carries channel list name as "History". Now it is understandable that the name is crazily long, so the least they can do is change the name to "Fox History".

CCTV9 became CCTV News a couple of months ago, but the channel list shows as "CCTV9". It is high time they updated the name to "CCTV News".

On September 1st "Discovery Travel & Living" will become "TLC", carry out the updation on the correct day.

On September 19th "Hallmark" will become "DIVA Universal", hopefully that too is updated on the correct day.

These are just the minor problems in addition to the major ones such as severe transmission pixelation, slow addition of channels, greedy price revisions. We can at this moment confirm that several subscribers have left Dialog TV and moved on to Indian DTH operators & many are to follow suit. The subscriber migration has worsened after the addition of new HD channels by Indian DTH operators at no extra cost. As a famous blogger mentioned on this site, when Dialog TV adds HD channels they will charge additionally Rs 1000/= per channel.

Whether or not Dialog TV likes to admit it, they are facing competition from Indian DTH operators also, local PEO TV & LBN are just pus competition. At the moment Dialog TV does not have to worry about local pay operators but they will be undone by Indian DTH operators and the undoing has already begun with this migration of subscribers.

It is very very sad that DTV does not know that their undoing has begun, it leaves us with the impression that the people are not familiar with what they are doing & are hoodwinking their superiors. It is time for management to take urgent steps and make some progress or HR to replace staff members even if it means to sack the CEO & replace him, if he is not doing his job properly. At the moment he is not doing his job and the staff are following him by not doing their job.

It is time for Dr Hans to check on activities within Dialog TV & make sure everyone from the CEO of Dialog TV downwards are fulfilling their duties properly. Over to Dialog Axiata & Axiata Group of Malaysia.


Lisura said...

I beleive that there are really good professionals in DTV staff who has got vast knowledge and experience in DTH operations.

But something is wrong at formulating their strategy. It was really good during the CBNSat times and eventually died.

Not in the interest of the consumer or technology at all.

Nalin Kiing said...

Why you guys talking only about Dialog TV, and about migration to Indian DTH services? As far as I know LBN have huge line up of channels (when comparing to Dialog TV and Peo TV),and we must back LBN as a wholly Sri Lankans owned pay tv company at least by the subscribers living in their coverage area.

Lisura said...
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Lisura said...

I think LBN Digital is a good cost effective option for the people living in their coverage area.

The problem is LBN coverage area is only few square kms compared to the DTH coverage of whole island.

I live in a highly populated area and LBN head office is not even couple of kms away but my area is not yet covered by LBN.

Nalin Kiing said...


I think LBN can provide connection to your place even though they didn't covered your area, some times it may be little bit costly exercise to you, but better you talk to the LBN and discuss about the options they have for you than discussing about crappy dialog tv and backing indian service providers. Let us know the outcome, if you talk to them.

Lisura said...

@ Nalin

I spoke to LBN years back and they are not coming to our area due to not getting approval from some local authority. Anyway I have already given them an application also for connection then but nothing has happened.

Then came CBNSat and now i'm fully satisfied with Dish TV I must say !

DTH is far better than cable anyway. Even in india and elsewhere in the world DTH satellite TV is fast replacing cable for so many reasons.

Rukmal said...

What is the best Indian DTH ?
DishTV, Airtel , BIGTV, TATASKY or SunDirect ?

What has the newest technology and Trouble free for payments?
What is the Cheapest ?

Agent - Zer08 said...

Videocon PKG's are very economic & Quality also very good.
Dish TV - Very cheep & easy for payment as well

Lisura said...

Yes ! Dish TV is good when it comes to service and convenience in payments.

Videocon is a very good cost effective alternative. I'm not sure about whether they have good online payment gateway.

Videocon STB will be around Rs. 7000/= with 7 months RENTAL FREE !!!

Rukmal said...

Agent - Zer08 & Lisura
Thank you

How about the HD channels ?
Videocon has HD channels too ?
What is the monthly rental of Dishtv with those HD channels & the Decoder price?

Rukmal said...

Dear Lisura

I think we can do Videocon payment via web using credit cards

LANKA INFO said...

Dish TruHD has,
Discovery HD
Zee Cinema HD
Star Sports HD (only during live matches)

No HD available on Videocon

Rukmal said...

@Lanka Info

WOW thanks !!
What is the Monthly rental for all ?
& new connection ?

samare said...

According to news reports, Dialog Digital Terrestrial Broadcast went on air on 23.01.2008. But there is no any information regarding this even after 31 months.

Lisura said...

@ Rukmal

Monthly rental is INR 325 for platinum package and INR 60 for HD channels except Zee HD and Zee Cinema HD.

@ Samare

DVB-T transmission was up for sometime and at the moment it's down.

podiman said...

Here is another DTH package from Nepal They are suppose to start very soon or have started testing all ready. More information will come out soon.

TheXB said...

Does anyone know where Tatasky connection could be purchased from Sri Lanka?

Rukmal said...


waruna - 0777366211

Rukmal said...

CAn we watch HD channels from 21" Normal TV?

podiman said...

As Rukmal said. I reckon Warunasat is the best. He will give you more tips regarding the matter.

TheXB said...


Thank you very much for the information. I checked satlanka before and they're very expensive. Will check with Waruna.

Lisura said...

To watch HD channels you need at least a "HD Ready" TV with a HDMI port. Most of the new LCD TV's have this capability.

Rukmal said...


Thanks for the info

WELE said...

DTV seem to have abandoned the MPEG4 conversion. last week they had installed a BRAND NEW decoder of the old CBNSAT type at our place as a replacement for the latest MPEG4 type decoder. it was consequent to a complaint that the decoder was not functioning properly. unfortunately I was not at home at the time of installation so couldn't get more info on it.

Lisura said...

See the direction DTV is moving in !

They spent millions and changed our good old CBNSat box to a crappy MPEG4 box and now what ?

Their current channel capacity can be accomadated by only 2 transponders reducing the uplink costs by 50%.

Without doing that they increase rentals and provide an old technolgy for the consumer at a higher price.

Dialog GSM - The future today !
Dialog TV - The history today !

Lisura said...

Does anyone know what will happen if you disconnect Dialog TV. They will come and remove equipment they say cause it's their property.

Did any one experienced a such situation ?

What they say is that what we have paid is the connection fee. And it will be refunded also. What kind of a robbery is this ?

DTV charges the highest price in the region for the STB + Dish and yet it's their property.

Rukmal said...

Off the Topic

Etisalat rediced their SMS chargers to
E2E - 0.10
E2NE - 0.25

Mobitel also

M2M - 0.10
M2NM - 0.25

Dialog GSM also going to be- The History Today !!

Lisura said...

Dialog has spent in millions for extravaganze. Paid the rent in lakhs to Nawala building without any purpose. Now they are trying to relocate from there.

There was an advertisement on the Sunday Times HITAD to rent that building to a new party.

They should have shifted the uplinking station from Colombo to a remote location. They could have easily build their own facility with the annual rent they paid upto now to that building. Who on earth needs a DTH uplinking station to be in the heart of the city ?

Without reducing these fashionable costs they are robbing the subscribers !

Rukmal said...


Where is their uplinking station now ?

Lisura said...

Still at CBNSat old site in Kotahena I think. When you go towards the harbor passing Kotahena its onto your right.

podiman said...

DTV package is too expensive comparing with Indian DTH packages. Apart from the 4 HBO channels almost the rest of the channels are there in the Indian packages. Even the new Nepal DTH package will be cheaper than DTV. They are going to start with 2 TP's MPEG4. Hope DTV starts improving their services???

Rukmal said...

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Admin do your Homework !!

Lisura said...

Will Dialog get at least TEN CRICKET on their channel line up ?

Lets see whos first at getting it and adding it free to the majority of existing subscribers ! Peo and LBN is also on the run.

Apart from Dish TV who else have got it ?

TEN SPORTS will move most of its cricketing programs to TEN CRICKET.

As a cricketing nation we must get it and mostly TEN has the broadcasting rights to Sri Lanka cricket !

WELE said...

@ Lisura, You are absolutely right. We are being taken for a grand ride by DTV.

They made us enter into a new agreement which vested the decoder ownership with DTV. (As I remember the Old CBNSat decoder/Dish etc belonged to the subscriber- as we paid some 17,000 to 'buy' the equipment)

Now having forced us into signing a new agreement- on the pretext of 'giving' a MPEG4 decoder (think they refused to fix the new decoder if we didn't sign the new agreement which 'transfered' equipment ownership to DTV) in their grand plan of migrating to MPEG4.

NOW having achieved their goal- of robbing the Equipment- they suddenly start re-fixing the OLD (obsolete as they made us believed earlier) Decoders!

Lisura said...

Well said WELE

Dialog TV is keeping the subscribers by force. Not only robbing our money for some crappy channels but now
* They have got our equipment written to their name
* Downgrade will cost you
* After Disconnection DTV will remove your equipment

the funniest rule is

* If you "de-activate" still you need to pay the rental. NOW WHO ON EARTH WILL WANT TO DO A SUCH THING???"

I might have forgotten some. Please add your experiences.

At CBNSat times I was quite happy to have our own DTH company rather than Indian ones. But since the Dialog take over, over the years hopes of truly Sri Lankan DTH service is no more there.

DTV has become the "Comet Cable" of today !

Rukmal said...


You are dam right !!

I was using DTV since SBNSAT days.
I had a CBNSat Decoder. Suddenly DTV guys came to our home and fixed their MPEG-4 Decoder and got our signature to their new agreement that owns our Rs.17000/= worth Decoder to them.

The funny thing is once we had a problem with our MPEG4 decoder and they came replaced it with their old decoder again..

DTV is trying us to keep us with them by their unfair agreement.

Nalin Kiing said...


Do you have any clue about AXN free to air channel? Do you guys know who's doing it?

Nokia said...

Discovery Turbo and Science will be avalable on DTV from tomorrow onwards. Channel 01 and "Zing" will replace with this new channel.

First month will be free after that 199+ Tax per channel.

Lisura said...

Veryyyyyy nice DTV

What about the subscribers who have got Zing in their packages ?

will DTV reduce the package rate by 49 rupees for them ? (The charge for Zing)

Rukmal said...

199+ Tax per channel ??????

OMG !!! Very Expensive !!

Rukmal said...

DISHTV gave those without any additional charge !!

Nokia said...

Gold and Emarald package will get both Discovery Science Free Of Charge.

Only Gold will have the D-Turbo Free Of Charge.

As per call centre staff set Plan 7 and 16 which contained Zing is stoped with these new arrival.

And they may diactivate zing and stop charging for the set plan activated customers.

Admin : Please get more updates and keep the bloggers informed about the change.

If we all come up we might get the channel FREE. We all will have to voice up ourselves. LIke the way we got Citi Hits, Channel C and learn TV free.

Nokia said...

Now as usual there can be people promoting other DTH & CABLE providers who come up to this blog and make their promotions. I have paid 17900/= for this and will not want to pay to any other providers. But will try to get DTV service improved.

Admin : Still I hope you trust on me as I have not given any wrong informations so far. So please forcus on protential promoters :) and avoid such ppl. to make our blog clean & Clear

podiman said...

If DTV is doing something wroung and charging more it is better to find something else. It is upto the individual to decide what to do. Showing other options is a good thing. If you have paid Rs17900/= and wants to stick with it so be it.

I have shown many members with other options. I have been watching DTV and other DTH packages without paying anything for years. Is it wroung if I show the way to do it to someone??

I reckon the forums are meant for such discusions and it is upto the individual to take it or leave it.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Discovery Science & Turbo launched".