Friday, August 6, 2010

We are still here!!!!

Fellow bloggers, it's been a long time since we made a post & we have been keeping up with the recent trends in the media but sadly we have not had the time to concentrate on this blog. We noticed that endless spamming is taking place, driving some of our fellow bloggers away however we thank our dear bloggers who are still making use of this blog to share information even though we have not done our part for a long time.

We thank you for continuing to use this blog & we will do our utmost best to do our part in maintaining this blog by keeping it updated. We will also take all necessary steps required to delete spam. Our the last couple of months, the Dialog TV management have taken steps detrimental to their subscriber base & would have rejoiced over the inactivity of this blog. Well the rejoicing will not last because we are still here to voice out the concerns of the DTV subscribers.

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