Saturday, January 2, 2010

FX and Nat Geo Wild dropped

It seems that FX and Nat Geo Wild that were on trial until end of December 2009, have been dropped. Well these two channels were not very popular anyway but we hope Dialog retains them for the sake of the people who watch them. If Dialog wants to replace these channels then they should add AXN Beyond and SET English Asia or Sci Fi channel Asia and Universal Asia. Please do not fill the slot with cheap indian crap. We hope the replacement is carried out soon. Posted via Yahoo Mobile. Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


inoka said...

Hi All,
I'm commenting after a long time, so happy new year to all. Everyone knows was going for a slow death it seems now it is looking for a faster one? Myself an old customer from CBNSAT and never liked the service Dialog gave to us. They behaved like bullies an treated us like unwanted customer. It seems they are doing this to the entire population.
I dont like hulla, but can anyone let me know what are these packages shown in,

Lakshan romesh said...


Checkout Programming..

Dialog tv PLEASE add **** SCI FI CHANNEL ASIA **** ,It has the BEST programming comparing to Most of other ENGLISH GENERAL ENTERTAINMENT CHANNELS .
indovision - Indonesia also has this channel...

Go and checkout..

yakuza said...

happy new year!!

Lankan Blogger said...

Happy New Year everyone!!

Personally I am satisfied with Dialog's service since I don't have much time to watch TV and I do get to watch my favourite programs.

This may not apply to all customers, but I think most customers must be satisfied with the service.

I myself would not switch from Dialog because I simply don't have the money to get PEO, and LBN does not cover my area.

We have to be aware that the world is going through an economic downturn, and our local businesses have coped relatively well. We should be happy that Dialog is still providing the TV service, even when running at a loss.

Dialog's channel selection is not bad, and the channel quality is not terrible. I think we can live with Dialog TV for a while, at least until we are sure that Dialog is not making a good enough effort.

I too would like to see Sci Fi and Universal Channel on Dialog, but doing so will require a massive investment on a new transponder. When the new transponder is finally allocated, they can provide a number of new channels at once. But until then we should be aware that Dialog may not be able to afford another transponder in its current situation.

Once again, I remind you that Dialog's service is not as terrible as to swtich to another network. PEO TV or LBN may provide a better service, but for many people switching will involve unnecessary expenses.

If we keep whining about Dialog's service with no strong evidence, and we keep threatening the "death" of Dialog TV, then they will begin to ignore this blog, so it will be a lose-lose situation.

Anyway, if people begin a mass exodus of Dialog TV, it will take a long time to drain out the 1 lakh or so customers.

WELE said...

Has Dialog forgotten about MPEG 4???

any news guys??

hsj said...

Now that Dialog is going to increase old CBN 1400 to 1700 I think they should at leaset make available some of the channels we have been unfailry deprived of.

The difference between 1700 and prime package now is 249. They have given ten channells less than prime packge to old cbn customers. Therefore they must now at least least give 05 channels more to us with the expected price hike.

Waruna said...

Hi All, I am commenting after a very long time. I personally like FX. It shows Californication. (although heavilly censored) Sci Fi & Axn Beyond are good. But, if you guys didn't like FX, well you might not like these also. But, Universal is quite good. It Has Monk. Most of all what I think dialog should do is introduce HD TV and bring channels like HBO HD.

AMD said...

Got this reply to my email.

Dear Mr XXXXXx

Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us.

With reference to your e-mail, Fox FX and Nat Geo Wild channels were offered on trial basis.

Further, currently the said channels are not functioning due to a system upgrading and this has been already escalated to the relevant personal in charge for further investigations.

Assuring you of our best services at all times.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Contact Centre Associate,

Dialog Telekom PLC

Lakshan romesh said...

The present dialog tv channel lineup seriously lacks a channel which is
specially dedicated for English Science fiction and fantasy .

Therefore present DTV customers cannot view a number of programs which belong to Science fiction and fantasy
gender that are currently telecast throughout the world (Like Smallville,Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlants,Stargate Universe ,
Srartreck ,Starwars ,Heros and many more ) .

Therefore introdusing a channal like Sci Fi Channel (Asia) should be the best option .Because Sci Fi Channel is primarily dedicated for Science fiction and fantasy gender and also this channel is considered as the No.1 channel
for Science fiction and fantasy.

AMD said...

Watch Cricket LIVE

amith said...

Happy you a Happy year everybody

dialogtv recenlt announced that they use the mpeg4 formate for dtv .
i need to know what the differance between mpeg4 and previos format .
and i experience when we watch the Local channel (ex:Rupavahini) through dialogtv ,the picture quality is poor than we swiched to the Normal RF signal.any idia about that


DLR said...

If anybody has contact for Dreambox solution (With or without DTV line up) pl publish here.

podiman said...

What do you need regarding dreambox???? Send your email address and what you want to know.

Lakshan romesh said...


I also want to know where find a dreambox and prices and other facts about it contact me

GDC-Monitor2 said...


I want to use card share method to watch Movie channels with low cost.

send me details

chaminda jayanatha said...


Thilan said...


Plz send me information.

AMD said...

Newest Radio Station HITZ FM to beging from 1st FEB on 97.0.
Its owned by Lakshman Hulugalle

The office will be at location behind MTV/MBC, braybrooke place.

They are installing a high power relay station on top of JAIC Hilton.

HITZ will be a retro station.

Lakshan romesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
podiman said...

@ GDC-Monitor2, chaminda jayanatha and Thilan,

Done, check your emails. Pls conform.

AMD said...

Isnt Star World showing Amercian Idol ?

Its going on the Asia Feed ( the ad goes on FOX Crime ) but what about the Indian Feed ?

Harindu said...


American Idol premiers on Star World @ 8PM on 15th January (Today).

just few hours left...

Tharindu Hasanka said...

forum get boring,Admin do smething?

podiman said...

Looks like even the Admin is not bothered about the forum.

Looser said...

දැන් චීනෙනුත් කමෙන්ට්ස් එනවා වගේ

Lakshan romesh said...

DTV please consider adding


for empty slots (natgeoWILD , FOX FX)

AMD said...

Net Insight receives order for Dialog Telekom for a Digital Terrestrial TV network in Sri Lanka.

Stockholm, Sweden - Net Insight, leading developer of efficient and scalable
optical transportsolutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, has received an
order from Dialog Telekom for a Digital Terrestrial TV network in Sri Lanka.

Dialog Telekom, a leading broadcaster and satellite operator in Sri Lanka, will
implement a first phase of Net Insight's Nimbra platform in a distribution
network from headend to four transmitter sites. The agreement includes two
additional phases of expansion to a national DVB-T network.

Net Insight received a first order in 2008 for a pilot project which has been
successful and the strengths of the Nimbra platform, such as high reliability
and full redundancy with headend protection as well as scalable and robust ASI
multicast, have been crucial factors for the new order. The solution also
includes Net Insight's unique IP trunk solution for migration to an all-IP media

The Nimbra platform is a versatile transport solution with several unique
features for DTT and Mobile TV networks. In addition, Nimbra offers a flexible
and cost-effective solution for delivering advanced multimedia services in
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deploying Digital Terrestrial TV based on the Nimbra platform not only get a DTT
network but a multiservice transport infrastructure that opens up new business
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"We are very pleased that Dialog has chosen Net Insight and our Nimbra platform
for their network and look forward to continue our business partnership," says
Fredrik Trägårdh, CEO of Net Insight.

For more information, please contact:
Fredrik Trägårdh, CEO of Net Insight AB, +46 8 685 04 69,

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Is Dialog TV planning a move from DVB-S to DTT?"