Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Dialog TV planning a move from DVB-S to DTT?

Reports circulating the internet indicate a press release from swedish based Net Insight about an order from Dialog Telekom for a DTT network. DTT which stands for Digital Terrestrial Network is a popular and cheaper broadcasting method than the satellite method used by Dialog TV. Intially according to the press release there will be one headend and four transmitters thereafter it will two additional phases of expansion for a nation wide DTT network.

On this platform Dialog can include IPTV type services on a wireless platform. Dialog may operate on the satellite and terrestrial platform and after the national wide coverage is achieved they can migrate existing customers onto the new platform and switch off the satellite network. The DTT platform will enable Dialog TV to offer new interactive service's with it's IPTV base and also add more channels with reduced distribution cost as the money spent on satellite transponder leasing will not exist.

This is just our assumption and we have no confirmation from Dialog TV or any other source. Another point of view is that it just maybe that Dialog TV will operate the DTT platform to carry local channels on the digital platform. However it is likely that with the increased cost for satellite transponders Dialog maybe having an idea of switch their pay television operations to the DTT network based on its successful rollout. Dialog may also be looking at providing Mobile TV for phones equipped with DVB-M receivers.

Please keep us updated about the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Web Link : Net Insight receives DTT network order from Dialog Telekom


Lakshan romesh said...

NHK WORLD is now on DTV for all packages ..(replacing FOX FX)

NAT GEO WILD will be replaced with ..... ( SCI FI CHANNEL ????? )

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Another dumb move! NKH World now on air...."