Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Greetings.... FX & Nat Geo Wild

It seems that the free offer for Fox FX and Nat Geo Wild have ended. Several subscribers are having their Nat Geo Wild and Fox FX channels scrambled. We believe that the channels will continue to be available on the Top Package but all other packages will have them scrambled. Still there is uncertainty on how these channels will be allocated to other packages, but we believe that they will be available via Set Plans. So far the Set Plan rates have not been published as yet. We hope that Dialog considers allocating these channels free of charge for a few other packages too.

We now take this opportunity to wish the Management & Staff of Dialog, our fellow bloggers and Dialog TV Subscribers Unite a "Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010". We thank you for your contribution towards making this blog a wonderful success and for continuing to update this blog with the latest news and we hope that you will be with us throughout the coming year as well.


weirdo said...

Hi. I have a question. I have the Rs. 999 package from Dialog. Can I use the "Deactivate Individual Channels" feature and deactivate channels that were part of the package, or is that feature only for channels that were later activated.

Hope you'll answer soon. Thanks in advance.

lokulamaya said...


alf said...


AMD said...

Guys i need to get a mobile broadband connection.
Based on what u guys maybe using can ull advise me on what is the fastest @ the moment between dialog, airtel & mobitel ?

My apologies for bringing this up here since i could not find any other blog related to this.

riky said...

I use a Dialog unlimited broadband package and the speeds are incostitent most of the time.It somewhat good in Colombo and very slow in outstations and even places close as Wadduwa.

Mobitel is bit expensive but much better than dialog in relation to speed and for the moment its the best in the market.

riky said...

Sri Lanka regulator checks advertised broadband speeds
Dec 30, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s telecom regulator has begun investigations on broadband speeds advertised by telcos after a private research study found them exaggerating available bandwidth to surfers, a senior official said.

“The Telecom Regulatory Commission is conducting its own investigations on mobile broadband speeds advertized by operators," Priyantha Kariyapperuma, director general of the TRC said.
"If any mobile operator is found guilty of providing slower speeds than advertized, the TRC will take action against them. Our report will be out in about two to three weeks."

A study on broadband speeds in South Asian countries conducted by the regional think-tank LIRNEasia showed Sri Lankan surfers were getting less speed than claimed by telecom companies.

High speed internet connectivity in Sri Lanka is offered by fixed line operator Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), its subsidiary, celco Mobitel, and Dialog Telekom, the island’s largest celco owned by Axiata of Malaysia.

The ongoing research which began in 2007 showed that by March 2008, Sri Lanka's two main broadband operators could only deliver 20 percent of the two mega bytes per second (mbps) speed marketed.

However Chanuka Wattegama, a senior manager at LIRNEasia said ongoing research showed that the quality of broadband has improved since then.

Over advising is a common problem throughout the region, Wattegama said.

Sri Lankan telcos deliver 75 percent of advertised speeds in the last mile of the network. LIRNEAsia said broadband providers in Sri Lanka like their counterparts in other South Asian countries had focused mainly on the last mile connectivity of the network.
The 'last mile' is the final leg of the distribution network, from a communications provider to a customer.

However the networks suffer bottlenecks that arise from expensive international broadband connectivity.

WELE said...


think Mobitel may be a good option- though they don't have an unlimited option the 8GB package at 1290/- may be good enough (if you are don't intend to download movies etc- in which case you are better off with an unlimited plan).

I being a dialog mobile user didn't go for dialog Broadband as their 3G coverage (esp indoor) is bad.

Airtel 3G coverage (esp) outside Colombo is poor- eg. Kurunegala is still EDGE- not 3G or HSDPA

Since I needed a fast connection when out of Colombo I first went for a SMART pre-paid connection and activated the 3G delight 75. (No deposit- just the price of the SIM and reload amounts) You get 200MB to be used within 1 week. If you run out of the 200MB you can activate get another 200MB for 75/- even within the same week. speed 1Mbps. good enough for casual (but faster than dial up)browsing.

I didnt go for post-paid on mobitel (490,890 & 1290/- where you get 1GB,4GB and 8GB respectively) since I wanted to test the speed etc before committing to a package.

Tested it from Battaramulla, Kurunegala was sufficient for my purpose. At the moment I'm in Polonnaruwa- and it works fine all 3.5G speeds.

the 1290 8GB package allows speeds upto 3.6Mbps downloads (the other two only upto 1Mbps.

I bought the HSDPA modem - a Huawei E160 from a place in Wellawatta - close to ARPICO called TELESCIENCE. Its almost the same device as the Huawei E156G sold by Mobitel- now for around 8000/-. earlier they sold it for 9 odd thousand. Its unlocked - so you can switch at anytime.

AMD said...

Hi guys, happy 2010 and thanks for ur comments about the broadband connection.


I will mostly be using it in are around colombo. Have u used AIRTEL, how are their speeds compared to Mobitel ?

Anonymous said...

FX and WILD dropped from channel list


I see colour bars on TV for these channels.

Lakshan romesh said...

Dialog tv PLEASE add **** SCI FI CHANNEL ASIA **** ,It has the BEST programming comparing to all the other ENGLISH GENERAL ENTERTAINMENT CHANNELS.

SCI FI CHANNAL ASIA is available in most Asian countries like THAILAND, MALAYSIA, Singapore AND etc..

Lasith said...

Guys, can anyone help me to unlock my huawei e1550? I got a code called NCK Code.

Lakshan romesh said...

Dialog tv PLEASE add **** SCI FI CHANNEL ASIA **** ,It has the BEST programming comparing to all the other ENGLISH GENERAL ENTERTAINMENT CHANNELS.

please go and checkout..

WELE said...


nope didn't try Airtel in Colombo. they have an unlimited package for about the same price as the Mobitel 8GB pkg.. but not sure whether they have a fair usage policy (of limiting down load speed as in the case of Dialog unlimited pkg)

weirdo said...

Airtel unlimited package has a fair usage policy. 8GB of downloads is allowed per month before speed is limited.