Friday, December 25, 2009

EWTN removed God TV returns

In the midst of all the commotion today in the light of God TV being removed and EWTN being introduced, Dialog have being pressured by their subscribers and God TV is now back on air.

It was a dumb decision by Dialog to remove God TV. If Dialog wants to introduce EWTN then they should add it as a separate channel. LBN carries both God TV and EWTN, Dialog could follow the same path. It is quite understandable that the Catholic population may want EWTN as it is the global channel for the Roman Catholic church. But removing God TV and adding this channel IS NOT THE WAY TO DO THINGS.

God TV is popular among Christians who are non Catholics and EWTN would be popular among Catholics.

Many Christians have purchased the connection to watch "God TV" just like many Buddhists have purchased Dialog TV to watch "Buddhist TV". So it would be tremendously unfair by them to remove this channel. We hope Dialog TV does not take rash decisions like this in the future.

If only a certain percentage of Dialog TV subscribers watch God TV, they are still subscribers and it is extremely unethical of Dialog to remove the channel after all they still pay the same rental as the rest.

If Dialog TV is to add/remove channels according to which is viewed by a majority of the population or majority of their subscribers then Dialog is adopting the wrong business model for a pay television operator. If this is the case then there are other channels that could be dropped before Dialog drops God TV. Dialog should cater to each and every subscriber regardless of whether they are in the majority or minority as we said earlier the minority pays the same rental as the majority. If due to God TV being a FTA channel, is used as an excuse to say that people can buy a separate Dish and receiver to watch it then Dialog is basically loosing the opportunity of earning valuable revenue from subscription fees by enticing these customers to either upgrade to higher packages or getting paid for a bunch of FTA channels.

If there are people who dislike God TV then they can request and get it deactivated but the channel is only available on request, so by default God TV is scrambled for all connections.

Dialog have been taking a lot of wrong decisions over the last few months, the sudden increase of rental is another example, we can confirm that many are contemplating moving to PEO TV or LBN due to the rise in rental. MPEG4 conversion is delayed, when subscribers complain about pixelation or request for additional new channels to customer care they call it lack of bandwidth due to transponder space but mysteriously local channels are squeezed onto the platform. So if space can be made for local channels we are sure Dialog TV can squeeze EWTN also onto the platform without removing God TV.

We hope Dialog TV management takes note of this matter and does not repeat it again. Today was supposed to be a "Very Merry Christmas" but Dialog TV decided to become "The Grinch" and tried to steal some subscribers of their Christmas.


alf said...

Bullshit and GOD TV is available free to air,This admin is paid employee of the extremist who run GOD,It is not a spiritual channel but a extremist channel targeting conversions.And no one has bought DTV to watch GOD.

When there is more burning issues at DTV this MF is working for born agains

alf said...

This guy is realy confusing and when more serious things happen like increase of rentals and dropping of more freequently watched channels he is silent but when an extremist channels with ulterior motives is trying to be replaced he comes out with a big ha hoo and says its a black cristmas,but true cristians dont watch extremist channels such as this and dont bring them here.

Damn good and you can see the fate who has befallen on lunatics like Kothalawala,Jesika Rukmal Freeman Madhawa Rukshan Ranaweera alias the ponna sh man,who were involved in such kind of acts and next it will be you.

Lankan Blogger said...

I think the admin is still jumping the gun.

Dear admin,
For the sake of the readers of this blog, please be unbiased in your postings. I am a long time follower of this blog and I hope this sort of bias had not affected any previous posts.

Dialog TV did not make a stupid decision yesterday. Hardly anyone would have watched TV yesterday when they were having lunches and parties with family and friends. Thus Dialog has not lost much.

Since most SL Christians are Catholics, they would have been happy to watch EWTN anyway.

And I agree with alf, people can watch God TV for free. Why buy Dialog TV for 12000-something when you can get a FTA dish and decoder for around Rs 3000+ ?

Personally, I don't like God TV's style much. EWTN is much more focused on the actual religion and less on collecting money. And I'm sure more people like to listen to classical choral hymns rather than most of the Christian Rock floating around on God TV.

I'm not religiously biased. Let God TV exist on Dialog, no problem for me (I'm not a Christian). But please don't let personal things get in to the administration of this blog.

I hope Dialog can come up with a good solution to this problem.

podiman said...

Admin you should be ashamed of yourself of bringing up a matter like this in the forum. This is a religues matter and you should not provoke members. I would like to recomend you it will be better if you takr this post away.

samaru said...

i have an outstanding bill of 4000 bucks but i cant seem to settle it anywhere soon..will i get disconnected? and what is the cut-off line of dtv?

i bet all of u non of the sri lankan catholics brought dtv just to watch godtv.. comeon guys most of us dont give a $hit bout whats on tv that relates our religon whatever it is.. rentals are so high dtv should seriously concern about it but idk if they really would since theyr on heavy losses..

credit to all you who sent emails to dialog asking to split set plans into individuals and tag affordable they have really concerned of it! i cn watch ten sprts and star movies n my big deal for 300 something rather than spending 1500, i have actually saved nearly 1200 bucks there


sattvmania said...

Yes i agree on serious note dtv has changed the feed of star world ch to indian feed.What crap this feed is showing see program schhedule for asia and india see the difference.DTV RETURN FEED TO ORGINAL ASIA FEED.

Lankan Blogger said...

STAR World was always the Indian feed. But I think the EPG is wrong anyway.

Thush D said...

great great post, alot of ppl i know including my mum watch dialog tv sometimes just for GOD TV alone, therefore this was a stupid move by DTV & no wonder they have rectified it, cos if not there would surely have been a whole load of repercussions, good post regardless of wat others who do not understand this issue may say, great work admin!!!!!!

Thush D said...

And mind you not everyone in this country is catholic, so add both if they wish but not @ the expense of each other, just because there are minorities, they cannot be overlooked, you cannot compare GOD TV & EWTN, there is no money grabbing or conversions going on, both have good programming equally, it's people's will, if they want to convert they are free to do so, that's the law, so if DTV wishes remove sum other channel which nobody else watches (which there are many) & put both, or do not touch good programming

Larukh said...

Both fox fx and natgeo wild channels are scrambled. Did they removed them or going to ask for more money by means of new set plan. Do you guys know anything on this?

mahababa said...

foget about Dtv.I have very good package Dstv.I am getting channels like SS2

alf said...


Tharindu Hasanka said...

oh admin nw u must move to another topic.......if not?
Any idea about Natgeo Wild & FoxFX channels?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Star World Asia is good more than Indian feed. See the difference.

STAR WORLD ASIA (for the rest of asia and middle east) -


Deshal said...

@ Mahababa

How do you get DSTV here?Pls let me know.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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