Friday, December 25, 2009

Dialog TV stupid decision rules this christmas

Dialog TV has dropped God TV and is now testing EWTN. Dialog TV has subscribers who have bought the connection because of God TV. Dialog is asking subscribers to sms or email them on whether to retain EWTN. LBN has both God TV & EWTN and PEO TV has God TV so Dialog is sure to lose subscribers due to this move. If Dialog wants to add EWTN then they could allocate a seperate slot for the channel. EWTN caters only to catholics where as God TV is a channel for all christians. So intead of a channel that targets only a specific group, it is always better to have a general channel. However if Dialog feels that they should have EWTN then they should retain both channels


Lankan Blogger said...

What happened to the comment that was here a moment ago??

Anyway, I believe that EWTN will have a greater viewership as most of the country's Christians are Roman Catholics. So it is better if Dialog broadcasts EWTN rather than God TV, or if possible both.

Also it should be noted that God TV shows little programming apart from their "Mission Week", which seems to be on all the time to collect money.
EWTN does not seem so interested in collecting money (although they do ask for donations between programs). There is much more spiritual programming on EWTN, which is what Catholics would want to watch.

Today was a bad day for Dialog to ask for feedback as most people would not be watching TV today. But on another day they may get more response.

Lankan Blogger said...

Adding to the above, I doubt that many people bought Dialog TV to watch God TV. I'm sure that is an outright lie.

God TV is available free-to-air so people don't have to purchase Dialog TV to watch it. A cheap set of decoder and dish can be used to get God TV for free as well as many other Christian channels.

I think the admin has jumped the gun here.

I hope this comment is not deleted.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "EWTN removed God TV returns".