Thursday, July 2, 2009

Learn TV now on Dialog

Sri Lanka's first educational channel is now available on Dialog TV according to reports received by us. The channel was being tested by Dialog TV for a few weeks now. Since Learn TV is already on air, it means that Learn TV may not be part of the 7 exclusive channels that are to be launched on Dialog TV.

This leaves us all wondering what is the next channel on Dialog TV. We hope that Learn TV will be able to cater to the educational needs of the children in Sri Lanka. We are not sure to which package this channel will be added but it is most likely that it will be open for all packages initially.

Please keep us updated on the latest developments regarding Dialog TV as the days progress and keep us informed of the channels that may be expected on Dialog TV in the future.


Nokia said...

Yes it's enable to my TV.... Sinhala educational channel... I think these are for O/L classes...

Nokia said...

Learn TV is free till 30th September to all package holders. After that there will be a charge to all except for 1949/= pkg.....

Since I have upgraded my pkg I have FOX Crime.... It's really worth watching.

AMD said...

Tele Sale

02 Jul, 2009 14:33:11
Sri Lanka Tigo parent gets closer to Asian asset sale

July 2, 2009 (LBO) - Millicom International Cellular, the parent of Sri Lanka's Tigo mobile network, said several buyers have expressed interest in taking over its Asian operations.
Millicom has operations in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Laos. By the end of the March quarter the firm said it had 4.5 million subscribers in Asia, generating a profit of 4 million US dollars to the group.

The company said Thursday it had appointed Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, as advisor to the sale.

Sri Lanka's celco market is led by Dialog Telekom, a unit of Telekom Malaysia. The other key players are Mobitel, a unit of fixed access provider Sri Lanka Telecom, and Hutchison Telecom.

In January 2009 Bharti Airtel entered the Sri Lankan market as the fifth player in the midst of a deadly price war where organic growth is difficult.

"Inorganic growth options can however be explored through a potential acquisition of Tigo operations in Sri Lanka, which is estimated to command an 18 percent market share in terms of subscribers," says Channa Amaratunga of CT Capital.

"Industry leader Dialog Telecom and number two Mobitel may also be willing to pay a price to prevent Bharti Airtel from becoming a stronger competitor in Sri Lanka.”

An international player with deep pockets could also simultaneously enter Cambodia and Laos through Millicom's Asian operations.

Telecom sector analysts say Middle Eastern telecom firms are also interested in acquiring Asian telecom firms.

In the year to March 2009, Millicom said its Sri Lanka subscribers grew 54 percent to 2,111,295. As at end December 2008, the celco had 2,000,071 subscribers.

podiman said...

There is another testing educational channel in Dialog tv. It is been on testing for over 2 months.

Tharindu Hasanka said...

Hey Guyzzz,I heard a news about Max Television,This channel will be air with Dialog Tv from 10th July.

Sikuru said...

why is Nick in Hindi ?????

What happened to the English feed??

don said...

what is the new channel for this has not been added yet.

dharmavahini said...

learntv on Dialog now has a seperate blog.
You are welcome to give suggestions for improvements on that blog