Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kidsco TV now on air

With effect from today Kidsco TV went on air exclusively for the Rs 1949/= package subscribers. This is channel number 3 leaving another 4 channels for the next 4 weeks. We believe that local channel "Learn TV" will be launched next week. Posted via Yahoo GO.


SLP said...

Mate this is going to be a nice little debate now, You always choose the last post of the thread so that I have to express myself first in the next. Not Bad. Heh heh

OK. Let’s go with your post. I need to ask you that since when I said SLT/Mobitel is bad. If gone with caution with my previous posts, you sure will find that, I’m only saying that Dialog starts a technology, and then Mobitel will catch it. And what they do is implement it much better since they know where the hassle and drawbacks are occurred at the inventor. So they can start a good network altogether.

But my point is even for that, there should need to be a leader. So that competition drives other institutes to the much calibrated and better implementation of the same network. That’s what happened on 3G. Dialog started, they failed to retain the quality standard. Mobitel watched this all the time. Got the places of failure, implemented it much more productively. And then we, the community got the most of the technology. That’s one example.

That’s why I always say they are followers. Only thing is they are productive followers. So that community get the most of it. IPTV is also the same. They need something to tackle with Dialog TV. However since DTV is established at that point, they need to do something different this time. Then they have gone inventing on their own platform. So we got another technology here. Simply telecommunication development,

As for coverage, I’m not agreeing with your points mate. Both Dialog and Mobitel are not gone outside of city limits. Dialog and Mobitel both are townies, while Tigo and Hutch are villagers. If you go into deep jungle in Sri Lanka, you might amazed to find that, Both Hutch and Tigo are covered much wider regions on those areas while Dialog and Mobitel are dominated only into city limits and not beyond. So wherever you go you will be catching up by major players and beyond that its Tigo and Hutch only. (Actually that’s how they retain in one way)
Between this two, there are places where it was covered by dialog only and again Mobitel only. However join together, Dialog covers much wider geographic distribution than Mobitel in both GSM/3G.
Again one thing to point out, If you consider Mobitel 05 years with Dialog’s 10 Years then how do you compare SLT with Dialog. Even with major infrastructure of Telecommunication lies with SLT and having both funds and government security. That’s not the case. It’s the attitude of the organization. You need to have the attitude to do whatever the thing initially. Otherwise you are not doing anything. From the beginning dialog consists with this. But Mobitel just fired up when the pan is boiling.
Your Mobitel v Airtel is right. Sooner or later it might happen. Not like the past, Dialog is not a strong organization anymore. Anyone now can get the dominators role

Nokia said...

@ SLP.

You are promoting SLT/Mobitel on this Dialog TV page. Do you mind talking about Dialog TV please...

Didint have time to watch Kidsco. Is it good? Awaiting for the next channeal.

Dhammika said...


TIGO has introduced a dialog blaster like facility where you can have 100 or 1000 SMSs per day on daily payment of Rs5 or 10.(similar to the 1000 minutes in the blaster package)
You can subscribe to this facility for a single day as well by paying Rs. 10 or 15. the non-TIGO SMSs too are charged at .50/-

this is also somewhat similar to SMART Freedom by MOBITEL

hope dialog too launches a similar scheme

does any body know whether regular dialog phone users can also subscribe to a data plan to an existing mobile line without getting a separate broadband connection and a modem?

eg: can I subscribe to the General plan "SMALL" with subscription of Rs.50/- and avail myself to 75MB of web browsing or data on my mobile (thus my mobile subscription would be 300/- (blaster package) & 50/- (broadband)== 350/- per month.

any info about the above is appreciated

Prasad said...

Yet another channel for 1949/= nothing for other customers. Fortunately all these new channels are not strong enough to change customers mind to change their existing package to 1949/=

SLP said...

Heh heh, Cool down mate. I'm not. Its just a fair debate all for nothing
Heh heh.

Kidsco is a good toon channel. it has hand made cartoons such as Dennice the Mennace (or much commonly known as Dangaya., ) etc.

This channel dedicates for mostly hand made animations/cartoons. A must addition to kids. Good channel. Its far better than Cartoon network and Pogo for me although.

sanjan said...

@ slp
yes mate... its very fair debate. more correctly not a debate, but discussion.
i appreciate your thinking. most things i can agree.
but dialog 3G coverage is much less than mobitel.

and iptv dialog tv comparison is not correct. dialog tv is not an invention. they just bought cbn sat. iptv is the invention. i think you will agree.

SLP said...

Mate need to express two things. Please mind that the maps you provided are outdated. For simple example, my mobile connects with 3G at Rathnapura, but your map indicates that dialog has no 3G coverage not only in rathnapura but in all the Sabaragamuwa Province!. So cant admit with this information.

Secondly, as for IPTV and SAt-tv clearly those are two things. Based on two distinct technologies. However IPTV also is a result from competition generated by DTV. doesnt it? Unless DTV, IPTV wont come to the market may i say? At least for this coming short years?

IPTV is a invention, I admit, Only thing is they have initiated with the popularity of DTV. Again sticking to their traditinal practice of following.
Delivering such content does not need a big technology. Since broadband is there well before DTV SLT may capable of deliver it in first hand. But not, They were waited and watched. Only seeying the success of DTV they went on it. So guess what.

However i admit that its a new technology. Now we have that and people who capable to obtain connectivity have the capability to use it. Thats good and that is the thing to be happened.

Moreover DTV also is a kind of invention too. Since they have managed to recover a vapouring technology by their hand. Otherwise the technolgy may have vanished into nowhere. Now because of them the technology remains still to the community.

However inventor faces critical network failures. For example IPTV is yet not materialised the technology to the market. So that some follower can introduce much better IPTV system as they know where peotv got strucked. (IF fair access provided with SLT-ADSL as such telecommunication platforms does in UK).

sanjan said...


this might help...
see how small indoor coverage is for dialog... blue colour..
any way i can agree with u for most things..will see what happen in the future..

Conny said...

DTV's technology could be outdated too coz they do not have the interactive facilities on DTV like in TATA SKY or AIRTEL DIGITAL TV in India.. ( Using the remote to vote or Widgets, pause, record, rewind features in Airtel Digital)...

Customers could only be paying a rental for a set of good channels and some useless set of channels too....

SLP said...

Dear Mate, I have gone with this maps already. However I thought that it is fishy here. You always know that coverage over base station is not symmetric. It is distroted in random directions with obstacles. So this feature is not there in the map displayed by mobitel while having with dialogs one.

What we can guess from here. Mobitel have created the map based on estimation.Its an illusion. They know where their base stations are, and i admit that its correctly displayed. But for coverage, its just a visual clutter. Not an actusl gathering of field survey. Map depicts clearly that it based mostly on estimation where dialog's one is based on field survey as to the information provided which displays the random scatter of EMR.

Nevertheless its not being who is the best network here. Anything that we discussed are our opinions and we can soundly express that. But this one, only this one, need to be depend with the information provided by them. So we have to trust the information they provide. Its only the fact that, If they provide accurate information (both operators)we can express that who is the best.

Again, We all know that there is no actions against providing misleading information on the web and therefore they are capable of putting what ever they need and we have to accept it. Thats really bad. However in this matter, Only two things that I point is,

One. Mobitel never saying that they have the widest coverage and
Two, Above maps are visual clutter at mobitel side, for me an estimation rather actual data, and therefore cannot rely on that.

Ok. going to the root,
The matter is who has the power of invention. Unless invention everyone is going nowhere and rotating round and round.

So what i tried to express is dialog is not the best. But being dialog in the market made everyone boiling and doing something which ulimately benefited to the community in numerous ways.

But with the newest behaviour of the dialog looks to me that, they are only going with profits and not invention. This lead to less competition and other operators will also is happy with what they already have making a stand-still position unless someone get the driving seat.

Dialog can remain if they do something that can help getting more profits. Putting ads in DTV will help in such. If not the user experience is disturbed, it can be welcomed as a fair move even i dont like it personnely. However establishment of new thing would only happen if someone has a dominated power and vision only. For me, Mobitel does not have it from the begining. Hutch may have it by now since with amalgamtion of Vodafone, Tigo, i dont think so.

Only dialog and Airtel have both capacity and capability at present and if mobitel tries they also can join to the group.

We'll wait and see.

AMD said...

@ SLP & Sanjan

From my experience, u cant go by any mobile providers map 100%. U can only use it as a guide.

If you want a bit more accurate pic of Dialog's 3G cov, look at the map on their website.

Even this is not 100% correct. Even some areas in Colombo are not 3G especially indoors. Eg: Inside Lionel Wendt.

sanjan said...

first understand that i m not confronting with you.
but your assessment of dialog 3G is wrong.
since you dont beleive maps i can tell few points,
first, mobitel advertise that they have the widest 3G network. if you watched world t20 on eye you would have seen
secondly i used both connections. i m usually using it around colombo and suburbs. dialog 3G is not available indoors most areas. out door signal also erratic. and outdoor having 3G is anyway pointless. its the situation even at townhall, kollpity even. mobitel 3G connection never inturrupts. its superb.
thirdly see the video call rate of mobitel and dialog......
you are intelligent enough to know why....

sanjan said...

and mate,
mobitel market with more true facts than dialog....
so when they say that they are the widest 3G network its reliable...

SLP said...

This is profounding. Nice to have your participation here. Hats off for that. And again welcome your vision too. There is nothing as confronting. This is clearing a jungle. What ever we discuss, many people may watching. Just the same as dialog vs mobitel, The consumer get the best of it.

Ok, Let me tell you the following. By making the term 'coverage' I didnt separated them as indoor and outdoor. What my coverage means is % of land covered by network. It includes indoor as well as outdoor in whole SL. So having obstacles, the signal strength will always drops and for that the service provider need to build more base stations specific to that area. By that mobitel dominates dialog in colombo metro. They have many base stations in colombo. However thats not the matter. Still they covers the same land region. Also its an amazing factor that you think outdoor coverage is not necessary or rather pointless. There are critical applications running with outdoor internet. Only the thing is it might be small enough compared to indoor usage.Ok it wont matter.

Im not dealing with the rate of we were charged by the network. I dont have issues with rates, Its their choice, against their expenses. Mobitel is the best here. No doubts about that, And gee, its the best rates in the city.

However, as I already noted, we have to build in favour of dialog or mobitel by depending with uncertain third party information only. Its niether mine nor yours. which again could not be trusted too.

Lets say you are correct. Then dialog is faulty as they are keep saying that, they are the largest 3G network in SL including their newly updated web. As if not, then mobitel is faulty under the same reason for using that slogan on their marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, I can always express about how do I think of it only. Its not the case of how do I express what this operators say about.

madhusha99 said...
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Sikuru said...

does anyone know how much rs. is da Kidsco set plan 31 is???

Nokia said...

@ Sikuru
Kidsco is 100/= it seems.

Learn TV seems to be on air today at 2 PM on DTV......

saturnnaz said...

ya ,I just got the learn tv channel on channel no.67 at 1.21 pm.

saturnnaz said...

so this sunday's channel won't be the learn tv as it is already available now.then what would be the new channel coming to the dialog tv family on sunday?!

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