Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th channel Learn TV

It looks like Learn TV is part of the 7 channel line up. This weeks addition according to the Sunday Observer is Learn TV. This channel is available FOC until September 30th. Thereafter the channel will be added to the Rs 1949/= package and available as a SET Plan for other packages.

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Conny said...

why is that, only this new channel being show till Sep. 30th??? why couldn't DTV show other new channels that were introduced in the past weeks for everyone?????

what is DTV trying to do ?????

JfK said...


Vishkid said...

Hi fellows, need a help before I hv to contact Dialog (last retort). I had to remove my dish temporarily due to a construction at home and when I try to fix it back at almost the same spot, I get power at 65% but no Quality at all (0%) when in the channel mode it says E52 - searching for signal.

Is there a known remedy for the same or will I hv to call dialog to fix it again?
(I hv not touched any of the LNB / antenna settings).


Dimu said...


I think your dish is not aligned to the satellite correctly. While looking at the signal level, you have to fine tune the dish to get the signal.
It's some time consuming task.

podiman said...

It is a matter of aligning your dish. Any body who know about it can do it. Better if you call DTV for it. If you tell them that you took it out they will charge you. Just inform them that the picture is not there. Try your luck.

Gunawardana said...

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Vishkid said...

Thanks Dimu & Podiman - yep, it's not an easy task aligning within the few centimeters for that perfect signal. I learnt that the hard way!
When I move the dish, the quality come as goes but it's hard to pin point.

So I guess it's time to call DTV.
How do they do it though (the aligning) ?


CSS said...

Learn TV has programs aimed at OL students. As one of my children is in Gr 10, I followed some of the programs. They are quite good except for a few where the person conducting was frightened to death, probably due to the inexperiance.

I wish Dialog would not charge again for this channel. This is one important channel where they can score by not charging. Simply they will earn their money with new connections, if this becomes popular as I predict.

They have recently increased the rental (doubled) of their lowest package for old users. This should cover the additionl free channel.

DLR said...
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DLR said...

As a former CBNSat customer I received only LearnTV & at this moment it is useless to me. As I’m doing my masters & my kid is only 2yrs. If DTV gave any chance to watch Kidsco to my kid , he may request that channel, sake of the mud headed DTV marketing team I didn't faced that situation.

As my kid is now trying to sing little songs, I block the channel C. Not b'cos of the song, but for the commentator’s language.

People in channels C might not have heard about Pandith Amaradewa or Nandamalini .

I request all the announcers of “channel C” (Rather speaker kataas) to watch how young HTV people use sinhala to communicate.

Lasantha said...


It is better idea to call to DTV cc and ask for help. They will charge you 400/= , but it is worth.

You are absolutely correct. Channel C announcers use broken Sinhala mix with broken English. Even they don't know what they are talking :) Baby TV and Boomarang is better for 2 years old kid. My son is 2 yers old. He is very much like to watch Baby TV.

SLP said...

Max TV On Air

Dialog has been activated and uplinked Max TV today. It will be allocated at slot channel 14

Service will be revealed later and will br freed to all subscibers.

SLP said...
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Looser said...

MaxTV might be the 5th Channel

Nokia said...

Well... I dont thnk that MAX TV is not an EXCLUSIVE channel.....

And Channel 14 is not enable to me

AMD said...

Tele Targets
07 Jul, 2009 16:47:38
Sri Lanka Tigo unit may get bid from Axiata for US$200mn: report
July 7, 2009 (LBO) - Axiata, the parent of Dialog Telekom may offer 200 million US dollars for the Sri Lanka unit of Millicom International Cellullar, a media report said.
Bloomberg news citing two people with knowledge on the deal said Millicom's Cambodia operations may be offered 500 million US dollars.

Bloomberg quoted Millicom chief financial officer Francois-Xavier Roger as saying that the group is considering selling Sri Lanka operations together or separately with Cambodia and Laos.

Axiata had declined to confirm or deny the talks, but said "in-country consolidation is of strategic importance in some of our markets," Bloomberg said.

Axiata's Dialog is Sri Lanka's top mobile firm with more that half the market.

Millicom said last week it had received several expressions of interest its for Asian operations.

Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, is handling the sale.

sattvmania said...

has anybody got the e30-4 service is currently scrambled message on their new decorder? i am getting this on mine ,CC is not answering as usual. I am fed up with this shit treatment from DTV.When you pay rental on time is this how they treat us.

SLP said...

New channel on DTV

Dialog uplinked Zee (Thamil) Tamil a tamil language soap channel today.

This channel is targeted to the tamil speaking communities and it can be used as a revenue generator for DTV.

Channel is uplinked on Slot : CH13

Tharindu Hasanka said...

Hey I cant see those new channels,bt i know Max Tv will be air @ 10th july.Zee channel i can't see,CH 13 currentl scrambled

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Zee Tamil.. Channel No 5".