Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zee Tamil.. Channel No 5

According to reports reaching us, Dialog TV seem to have uplinked Zee Tamil but will be releasing it to subscribers from this sunday onwards. Zee Tamil which is the tamil channel associated with Zee Networks that operates Zee Cinema, Zee TV, Zee Cafe, Zee Studio, ect launched this channel back in October 2008.

This will be the third Tamil channel on the Dialog TV network and we believe that it will contribute positively to Dialog TV in terms of sale among Tamil Language viewers. However a channel such as Sun TV would have had a better impact but we believe that due to a certain organisation in Sri Lanka that has access to Sun TV broadcast rights, none of the local pay television networks such as Dialog TV, LBN & PEO TV are able to broadcast Sun TV on their network. We will do a seperate post on this on our blogs later.

Zee Tamil is the second Tamil channel by Zee Networks after the first was closed down several years ago according to what Zee has termed "lack of content".

We are not sure what package this channel has been allocated however this seems to be channel no 5. That leaves just two more channels to come on board. In addition there are rumors that local channel "Max TV" will launch on 10th July on the Dialog TV platform.

Please keep us updated on the latest information on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Zee Tamil Website :


madhusha99 said...

Now Max Tv add for no 70 slot!!!!!!!!

SLP said...

A little correction (May i?)

I think now DTV are adding channels beyond that 7 Channel Limit.

They have added following channels by now
1. Fox Crime
2. Vasantham TV
3. Kidsco
4. Learn TV
5. Max Tv
6. Zee Thamil

Again they still have two slots remaining in the 4th transponder so they can uplink further two channels.

However I beleive Zee thamil is the 6th of the set and not the 5th (anyway)

star said...

They have added following channels by now:

1) Heritage TV.
2) Fox Crime asia.
3) Kidsco TV.
4) Learn Tv.

Vasantham TV & MAX TV are not part of 7 new channels.

They will add 2 more new channels next 2 weeks.

Vishkid said...

Hi guys - out of the topic but since someone said that dialog will change/fix the dish for 400 Rs.

The current charges for:
1. Removing and fixing the sat unit (relocation) - 5400RS
2. Fixing the unit at any location - 2900RS

Some deal huh??

nishantha said...

Dialog Tv Printed TV guied team must keep their eye open on the events that internation Tv channels going to telecast in every month.

On this month Tv guied they havent mentioned about Tensports - Tensports is the main Cricket Series Broadcaster for month of July -

Now espn dosent have any rights for telecasting Cricket matches. All the mathes telecasting on Star Cricket. but Dtv PG team have allocated some valuble space on their printed Guied for Espn. Sri Lankan needs to know about more in Crick Actions.

So In next month (Aug) Dtv pG team must think about this.

Sri Lanka - india - New Zealand Tri Series on Tensports.

Ashes on Star Cricket.

Dtv PG team,

Think again.

Conny said...

how can we know that a new channel is uplinked???? how is it possible???

if anybody know, can u share it???

thanks in advance

Conny said...

who has the right in SL for SUN TV???

does anybody know about it???

Lasantha said...


I'm sorry if i mislead you.

DTV charge 400/= for fix dish align problems. I didn't mean relocation but just fix signal strength problems without moving dish.

Dimu said...

Dialog TV is testing inserting of ads to channels on CH 17 slot.

There they are insert ads to Discovery channel.

See here for the screen shot

AMD said...


SUN TV rights are held by MTV/MBC.
There was a post on this blog sometime back when the issue regarding LBN - SUN TV came up.

star said...

MTV/MBC has the rights to re-telecast the SUN TV programs in Sri Lanka.

But, still CABLE TV operators or DTH operators can get the rights to directly telecast the SUN TV channel. There is no issue on that. Only issue is SUN TV is asking more money. If you check the LBN web site, you will know that.

MTV/MBC has no rights on KTV & SUN MUSIC.

madhusha99 said...

dialogtv changed the name of Z muzic(No.15). Now it displayed TBO!!!! but z muzic is still there!!!!!!!!

madhusha99 said...

Dialogtv add zee tamil!!!!

But unfortunately it added for premium package only!!!!!!!!

Tharindu Hasanka said...

Hey Guyzzz ,does anyone abt Max Tv?
wht happaned to it?its currently scrambled,

SLP said...

Max TV is still uplinked.

Initially it has had bad user experience. Snowy and low quality picture. But now it looks like they have rectified the matter and it is now in a good viewing quality.

However that might be the case behind its lack of schedule for exposure.

Now it is rectified and it might revealed soon.

sattvmania said...

Why dialog tv add useless chls is beyond me.Good thing they did is to add fox crime and heritage tv,learn tv and to give set plans .out of 70 chls only 30 chls are worth watching to me. Peo tv what a mess don't even have sports chls covered yet nearly got it but at the last moment changed my mind. only good thing is tensports which is in base pkg unlike dtv where you have to spend rs 600 per month or value plus no thks.

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

From yesterday Neo Sports and Ten Sports are not broadcasting the Tour De France. It's very dissapointing...

Tharindu Hasanka said...

What is that channel "Code Download"?Anyone know abt it?
And also Max Tv still Scrambled.

Conny said...


how do u know that MAx Tv is still uplinked??? How can v know it???

තුෂාර ජයරත්න. said...

I asked, Z Tamil launch from13th July& Setmax from end of July

hp said...

guys, I have noticed recently (most probably after the last software update), my signal strength/quality have gone down from 75+/75 to 70+/60+.

I dunno whether its due to a slight change to the dish. ( Im using the standard dish provided by Dialog)

Can some of you update your strength/Quality values.


SLP said...

Its like this,
Each SatTV operator (Dialog, DishTv, Tatasky., etc) are issued packages called DEMO package. This is not presented to subscribers and it is only given to either reputed organizations, DTV shareholdres, etc a set of VIP's

I myself dont have such and i'm also using standard DTV1400 package.

However this Demo package can descramble all the channels uplinked to the saterlite. Once a channel is uplinked it will immediately descrambled to the DEMO card holders.

So i know some people who do have such connections. And they are expressing the thing before all. I myself has access to their connections sometimes. (thats how i posted some of the contents of the channels on a previous posts before the channel is descrambled to the general public)

You, including me, have to wait until such channel is descrambled to general public to view such. Its a VIP matter.

Conny said...

@ SLP,

Thanks for that info... Never knew of such a thing....

Free-man said...


Max TV will be up and running on 15th.

Lasith said...

Anyone know how to activate dtv set plans through dialog mobile? I mean in that menu to login they asking for a customer code, What's that code?

podiman said...

Dialog tv is doing some testing with Travel and Living for the moment. I reckon they will come up with another channel from the Zee package.

Priyantha said...

AXN Beyone And Set Pix Asia is the next two channel. And also Max tv will start 15 th july, also BBC Entertainment asia also will comes DTV. Good News .

Priyanga said...

WANTED used DTV connection

pls call +94773580009

Lasantha said...


AXN beyond and BBC Entertainment asia will be on DTV? Are you sure???

This is really cool!

podiman said...

Give your e-mail address so that I can give you some advise.



saturnnaz said...

MAX TV is now on air from 2day midnight but da channel's picture quality is poor when compared to other channels.

Administrator - Go By Facts said...

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Nokia said...

Wow Nice product... I ordered one. Just 500/= I paid to Dialog EZ pay accont. And he confirmed that He will register post....

Nokia said...

And the new channel is FOX FX.
Seems to be a good channel like fox crime.

Good move DTV.

Milinda said...

@nishantha : Tot agree, just that certain channel partners do not have the info ready by the time the PG goes to print.

Hence only a limited no of popular channels on the DTV PG.

pnr-status said...

im the viewer of nambinal nambungal program from zee tamil.nice program a first reality show of could have been done better in watch movies and serial make new program like nambinal nambungal with good