Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vasantham TV now on test

Sri Lanka's newest Tamil Language television channel Vasantham TV -sister channel of ITN- is being presently tested on Dialog TV. It is on channel no 68. The channel is expected to launch either on the 25th or 26th of this month. The channel has not commenced VHF testing as yet and is expected to launch first on pay television networks. Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog Tv as the days progress.


madhusha99 said...

I hope this channel woudn't be an exclusive channel of remaining 5 exclusive channels!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLP said...

Thats it, I agree with your point. Being market leader they made a move as a dictator.gone wild, So i dont get them as the best as well.

As for mobitel and SLT, well mate mobitel is far behind with coverage. SLT is a good company in most aspects. so joint together they can dominate here. I admit.
Only thing i point is, even they capble to deliver quality service, they still are followers. They do not invent anything here. Only just adopt to the new technology which someone has initiated. Therefore if someone is not inventing then slt/mobitel is happy to do with what they already have.

So that will not direct to any development in telecommunication in a coming short period and what we got is what we already have and at this point im really frustrated for that. Certainly dialog GSM sucks. we have made comparison with both mobitel and dialog and other networks QOS. Its proven that dialog is far behind, thats no doubt. (take for easiest example)

As for other mobile operators, at this point only airtel has the potention to addressing mass market and still its too early to comment on their capabilities. Since they have not yet stretched out completely their expansion is yet to arrive. They already have sat-tv is a good point although.

In conclusion what i beleive is SLT/MOBITEL will happy with what they have and they would not going with major infrastructure development rather expansion of service unless competion. Airtel has the potention and yet to identified how they use it here.

For our old organization they are hunting after profit and they also is not going to insert a new technology.

So guess what, for the moment all are still-mate. If dialog introduce something, others too. only what we have to do is going to others considering QOS. But even for that the technology must there and for that someone must need to invent here. For the past it was dialog, but for the present and future, i really does not seem a player though.

Ok. the only thing what i need to point out is invention, QOS comes later. If we are not happy, then we can struggle, move to a new operator, etc., has many choices. But if the technology is not there then ultimately we have none, isnt it. What i worried is only for that, and please mind that im not a whinner for dialog. They sucks. They really are, I myself have critical experience with them on both GSM/DTV.

However, Good need to be appreciated and bad need to be criticised. After all thats what we are capble at this moment. heh heh.


VASANTHAM TV auto activated now

rupavahini said...


Nokia said...


Next Channel seems to be KidsCo. And I think this is also only to 1949 Package holders.

This is a good ENGLISH Kids Channel.....

Nokia said...

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Dose anyone know if Vasantham TV is going to be counted as 1 of the 7 channels?

podiman said...

As Nokia said kidscotv seems to be a good channel for kids. I reckon it will be the next channel Dialog tv is going to add.

madhusha99 said...

Kidsco tv now playing on CH 65. EPG information als working!!!!!!!!!!
Good work by Dialogtv!!!! But this channel also activate for 1949 package!!!!!!!! That is bad.

Priyantha said...

I think Vasantham Tv is better than Indian Tamil Channels and Shakthi tv, Its good Quality and Good stranded. I hope Prime Tv Also Very good

sanjan said...

i appriciate your vision.
but SLT invented many things for sri lanka. if not for them we wont have broadband. see their fibre optic network. they invented much more than dialog. only thing dialog shouts more than what they do. SLT work silently. if we dont assess carefully we may get the impression that dialog is "worlds best" but truth is far from that. and who invented IPTV here? there are many things invented by SLT.

for mobitel its only 5 years since they started. so cant blame them for not implimenting 3G first. dialog was here for about 10 years when mobitel started. so they wanted to impliment 3G only when mobitel competed with them. and their 3G quality you must be knowing.... and see after 5 years where mobitel is. they are leading in technology. and 3G coverage they are far far ahead of dialog. (i think airtel is 2nd) and GSM coverage also not much behiend. there are enough areas where mobitel coverage is there but not dialog.... so i dont agree on that with you.

finally for me SLT/mobitel is far ahead than dialog in technology. but they should market in better way. and in near future airtel will give them a good run for sure. it will be mobitel vs airtel in mobile sector. but internet SLT will have more monopoly which is not good.

riyaz said...

i'm realy happy with new T.V. chennel.what a good moment for your fiture.
Congratulation by Riyaz Mohamed (Announcer)