Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Planned local advertisement insertion could make or break Dialog TV

According to an article titled "Dialog TV partners Microimage mobile media" in today's Daily Mirror newspaper Dialog has signed an agreement with Microimage Mobile Media for a local advertisement insertion solution for their DTH channels. This will enable Dialog TV to cut off the international advertisements on channels and replace them with local ones, in addition on screen Crawlers, Logo's, Animated Logo's can also be inserted with this technology.

However care has to be taken while carrying this out so that the advert does not overlap the scheduled programme or that it does not cause the programme to run over the scheduled time. If this happens then the entire process will be a disaster and will back fire on Dialog TV.

Obviously Dialog TV cannot insert advertisements on channels such as AXN, Hallmark, Fox Crime, HBO channels, Star Movies, Boomerang and a few other commercial free Channels. They should also refrain from inserting on screen graphic ads on these channels as it will effect the viewing experience. Some of these channels (eg: AXN) carry trailers and care has to be taken not to insert advertisement during these trailers. They can insert ads to the Discovery channels, Nat Geo, and a few others that carry many commercials.

We reiterate that Dialog TV must not insert advertisements during programme trailers as this will effect the viewing experience after all the viewer is paying to watch and if the viewer cannot catch the trailer of his/her favourite programme then it can be pretty annoying.

Local advertisement insertion if carried out carefully can generate revenue giving Dialog TV the option of reducing cost but if not carefully impemented could spell the end of Dialog TV. The management of Dialog TV should enforce strict guidelines for advertisement insertion.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress and we are looking forward to your comments on this plan by Dialog TV.


SLP said...

Thease channels are uplinked by dialog TV by now and which are still not descrambled to the subscribers.

Thease are post here for demonstration purpose only and please mind that the materials are under the copyrights of thease respective channels. This post just for public interest and education only.

all of thease are MPEG files consisting 30 seconds recording of each channels at DVD quality.





samaru said...

will they show commercials from under-wears to toilet cleaners? if yes..i'd say indian commercials are thousand times better..

so they'll earn some more money by showing us commercials and SELL new channels to us instead of gifting them?


Conny said...

if ppl noticed how dialog's ads were displayed during the T20 world cup matches??? they were just covering the score and viewers have to wait for another over to see the scores.

but airtel ads were displayed carefully not obstructing the score display and slightly above it.

dtv is ad off the nice channels.. :-(

D.D. said...

This may not be the smartest move by DTV. I have enough of local ads when I was watching local TV. One of the number one reasons to get DTV is to watch quality channels and not local ads. Even if you compare local ads to Indian ones, well at least Indian ones are funny (well most of them). And there is lot of doubt about how DTV will handle this. I have a sinking feeling that DTV might make a mess of this.

Sam said...

According to the Information Vasantham Tv will be on Dialog Tv, PEO Tv, and Other Cable Network's

Rukmal said...

Why can't we watch RANARU ?

Nokia said...

That is a good news to Tamil Viewers. But I don’t think that Vasantham Tv will count for this so called “EXCLUSIVE” 7 upcoming channels on DTV. (Just 5 more to come)

I'm having a problem with the channels which are on TP4, Quality and the strenth is more than 50% but the channels get stuck and that noise comes when it happens. Is it same with others?

Anuruddha said...

Oh.... seems DTV z going to mess up everything :( :(..... I think Indian Ads r far btr da SL ads....

anyway v can watch unlimited number of SL Ads on local channels.... for tat v dont need DTV.... only need is TV and the regular Antenna :D. so y v should pay to see Locals adds on foreign channels.... we want to see an un-touch foreign channels.

anyway if DTV going to place local ads on DTV channels.

1) btr to reduce da rental for all packages.

2)And adding da all da up coming channels (channels wth foreign ads) free of charge for all packages.

3) also make activating the existing channels (channels wth foreign ads) for all packages.

example of such existing channels are: Set, Set MAX, Star Vijay, Star World , NDTV Good Times, Zee Trendz, Star Plus, Hallmark, Nat Geo, Discovery, Travel & Living, Animal Planet, Fox History & Entertainment, Star Sports, ESPN, Ten Sports, Neo Sports, Neo Cricket, Star Cricket, Zee Muzic, VH1, MTV, Cartoon Network, POGO

if DTV can do all these tins. Itz worth to add local ads on foreign channels.... :)

what do you think guys?


nishantha said...

I think Now DialogTv and Defence Ministry must talk about activate the 'RANAROO' Channel for all Subscribers.

Channel just only activating for the Subscribers who have a written permission from Defence ministry and the families of Forces.

If dialog step forward to activate Ranaroo for all Subs it will be very vital on their side befor PEO Tv get the channel and broadcast as PEO did to the Buddhist channel.

Def ministry having no any hesitation to give this channel to PEO tv for broadcast on their platform.


If (not if they already have signed the aggrement) Dtv Going to telecast Sri Lankan Advertisment on the Forieng channels.They Should reduce the monthly rentle within one or Two month from That date. Otherwise They will loose thier Customers.

Dialog Tv

We will Wait and See....

madhusha99 said...

Yea!!!!!!! If Dialogtv add Local ads to foreign channels they must to reduce their monthly rentals and add more channels to their lower packages. Otherwise their customers will go for another!!!!!!!!!!!
Please think before it!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLP said...

Everyone needs free bucket right?

I also like the same, But being realistic i would like to express the following.

According to the financial reports issued by them, Dialog still are lossing the business of sat-tv. So all of this business is doing for nothing to them. aint it?
I know how hard that if they stop their transmission entirely. (i dont think that it will happen again, but nothings impossible). Do we have any choice then?. Under the agreement with DTV we each and everyone acknowledge that DTV can close down its transmission at anytime under fair closure.

This is further affecting to all the consumers from GSM to SATTV. dont it? For example, Sri Lanka is the first country in south asia to intiate a 3G Network. Even the consumer has to pay a collosul to Dialog, they were initiated the technology. it was here by now and established too. But what is the direction from this point? They have reduced rentals of the packages of all GSM from the subscriber. It made them more lossy, Number of staff members fired from the company.
Meanwhile Airtel india is making the first 15Mbps mobile network in south asia in india. It may happen in Sri Lanka well before that, but because of the struggle of the company now they are more focussed about retaining their profit rather initiating new technlogy.

Now it looks like thats they are not the technology inventor to Sri lanka. Then who will do it? At this moment i dont see any. Now what you guys think of it. Isnt it bad as a nation.

Secondly, Dialog is still paying half of the package rental to the channel subscribers by means of us. So that we get a 900 bucket while the dialog pays 1800 to the channel partners. So if isnt violating the channel agreement with the channel partners, what i think is, it is a fair move in all point of view unless they are disrupting the user experience of the channel.

For example if they going to behave like local TV's such as putting commercial in the programme so that programe is trimmed for it then those things cannot be tolerated.

Otherwise however if they do it in good and open faith for take the opportunity to use the air time without disrupting user experience, includes mini bars and screen zooming, this is a fair move in all views.

Meanwhile, DTV is much solicited institute not like GSM who has lot of big heads, i think they can go on it for recover their damage on sat broadcast without making consumer dissatifaction.

As for new channels, my intial feeling is unless its free to air, such as wasantham TV and Prime TV which are planned to be aired by ITN(SL) any other channel will only be added to super 1949 only.

So hard but we need to allocate ourselves to this point strictly.

However i would always criticise that under the agreement with OLD 1400 package subscribers they are guaranteed of delivery of all the channels to them and if not it is a clear breach of agreement.

Therefore if someone going to sue them for breaching of agreement (contract) it can sure be jurisdicted in subscribers favour. The only thing is who is going to put the bell on cats neck.

Dimu said...

ITN Tamil channel Vasantham Tv which is going to be launch on 26th June 2009 is now testing.

This test transmission is now on CH12 slot of Dialog TV.

Also on CH13 they have Bloomberg channel with Sri Lankan flag on it's upper left corner. They may be testing to put ads in DTV channels


Dimu said...


podiman said...

Vasantham TV test transmition has started on Dialog tv.

sanjan said...

@ slp
i accept your point. but technology wise dialog GSM is very far behiend. only they can say that they are the first 3G network. nothing else... quality wise its no where.
and dont see through a tunnel... also see around. look at the mobitel and SLT technology. can dialog match that? look what airtel will do here... dialogs "godayata magic" era is over.
and i m not confronting with you. your other points are correct...