Monday, June 22, 2009

Another 5 channels on the way....

Dialog TV are yet to add 5 more channels, Dialog is keeping its subscribers guessing on what the channels are. We believe that the next channel would most probably be "Kidsco TV Asia". Whatever the channel, it will be revealed on sunday. That leaves room for another 4 channel,s if one is of them is "Learn TV" then we are not sure what the other 3 are.

We would like our fellow subscribers to keep us updated on the upcoming channels. It would be great if all of these channels are non Indian region channels. We hope AXN Beyond, FX Asia, SET Asia are part of the upcoming line up.

Sadly most of these channels will be for the top package of Rs 1949/=. We hope that some are allocated to the lower packages at least, however it is great to note that the SET Plans for these channels are being implemented along with the channel launch.

Please keep us updated on the latest are the days progress.


AMD said...

Yes its not available for OLD CBN sat customers on the 1400 package.

The time that is mentioned in the FOXCRIME programes, is this SINGAPORE TIME ?

hush said...

some of the stuff shown on fox crime is also shown in AXN, so is it worth to go for it? since am a old cbn customer on 1400 i have to think on value before i change cause dialog will try to move this package to 1900 by this methods

madhusha99 said...

Yes they shown Singapore time. it's mean 2h 30 min more than Srilankan time.

samaru said...

wth? i have 1000 pkg i cnt watch it though its on my list! why wud i update it to the 2000 pckg just bcz of one chnl?i like fox crime bt no way im gonna update it..

is there any set plan i cud possibly take to add it to my list?

let me knw
peace! V

samaru said...

ok guys..i activated set plan 30 yea its 100..only fox i'd say its worth adding..der r csi,swat usa,and numbers.. if u hav noticed tht axn's quality..(though its one of my fav. channel) is kinda poor..this channel is great nd shows tht do much with visual stuff like colurs r best viewed chk it out..


Sam said...

We will be launching our all-Tamil television channel Vasantham TV on Thursday and we hope to cater to a wider audience. Initially it would be available on Dialog TV, Peo TV and some cable networks.

Sam said...

That was mention by Anura Siriwardhana Director of ITN Network

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Planned local advertisement insertion could make or break Dialog TV".