Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fox Crime now on air

Fox Crime has been launched with effect from today on Dialog TV. Fox Crime is on channel 64 and is available on the top package of Rs 1949/= and on Set Plan 30. Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.

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Conny said...

these new channels will only favor the Rs.1949 /- package holders.. nothing for other customers..

Bkhan said...

Dialog doing some bad things in this stage.upgrading the packages rental and no new channels for other customers..........why?

podiman said...

They have been doing these bad thing all along the way.

Anuruddha said...

Actually itz gud to hear DTV keep adding new channels to their line up. but they are always treating for BIG customer (Value Plus1949) less for poor customers :( :(.

Itz really gud, if they add the "Fox Crime" for Super 700 and upwards :). I dont know y they cant do it :(. they dont know how to satisfy the majority of the customer. Actually 7 channels for 7 weeks promotion make nothing for us :(

anyway guys, have anybody knows the price of the Set Plan 30

madhusha99 said...

set plan 30 = 100 per month
If you activate this set plan 30 you have to use this for 3 months!!!!!!!!