Sunday, March 22, 2009

Over Panicking?

Recent comments in this blog suggest that a certain section of DTV subscribers have started panicking over the stability of the company. It is a fact that Dialog Telekom is struggling but we do not believe that DTV is to close down. All companies in sri lanka and the world are not doing so well, so this is not unique to Dialog. We believe that Dialog is not adding anymore channels in order to complete the MPEG4 conversion which is taking a long time due to slow decoder replacements. Still certain SET plan subscribers are yet to receive decorders. In addition we are at the end of the present financial year and Dialog may not be wanting to increase year end losses by increasing expenditure which is already high due to the free decoders issued during the present financial year.

In addition lack of good competition is causing DTV to be lazy since PEO TV & LBN are only providing lame competition. Therefore we expect new channels and MPEG4 conversion to be completed in the new financial year hopefully. DTH companies around the world have struggled for a few years before starting to stabilise and is true of companies in the US, UK & India where pay tv is popular, so how much more difficult will it be in sri lanka where the concept of paying for television is still in its infancy? In other news it seems that Nick has gone back to the Indian Masala feed, we hope the English feed returns soon. Please keep us updated on the latest on DTV as the days progress.

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madhusha99 said...

DTV what ar you doing????? No mpeg4 converstion,no additional channels,What the hell?????? We must move to another pay tv network!!!! DTV sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conny said...

I want to quote a line from the post " Over panicking ?"....

"In addition lack of good competition is causing DTV to be lazy since PEO TV & LBN are only providing lame competition."

To all fellow blog members here..

Do u all think that Peo is providing lame competition??

May be LBN,cause they are covering only 4 cities of SL.

But Peo is from SLT, almost covering the entire island.. And they have unique features such as time shift, trick play and etc...

Want to know your thoughts...

podiman said...

Dish TV and all the Indian DTH suppliers are having a good time.

Deshal said...

@ Conny

I don't think PEO is giving lame competition. LBN yes. LBN is not increasing its coverage areas. If they do, they can almost monopolize. But they are just comfortable with what they have and miss the bus and wonder what had happend.

But PEO is different. They know their strengths and weaknesses. Remember, they launched megaline just after PEO. SLT is capitalizing on their brand equity and coverage to become a real triple play company.

We simply cannot compare PEO with DTV by just looking at the number of channels. PEO is ahead of DTV in technology. On the other hand, PEO is only about 3-5 important channels (such as Cartoon Network, Hallmark, Boomerang etc) away from DTV. Once they update this, they are in the real game.

Meanwhile, PEO marketing is hyperactive. They have started roadshows, distribute leafelts and advertize in newspapers. What is DTV doing? I hardly see anything these days.

I am sure PEO TV will eat into DTV market. That's already happening now. Well, I got my megaline connetion just last week. I wouldn't hesitate to move onto PEO. This is a move for minimizing costs as well as gaining a new experiance.

I guess that there could be others who think like me.

JfK said...

I'm sick and tired of answering my kids on why Nick is on hindi again(soon Cartoon netwark will be in Hindi too i guess).... How many idiots in DTV does it take, to understand that we Srilankan's don't understand Hindi.. Well i'm going to Teleshop today and get myself a PEO Tv and get rid of Dtv once and for all.....

Fawaz and Gayan said...

I think first, u have to understand Dtv cannot be compared directly with Peo, vice cersa since both broadcaste using different technologies.
Next Peo availiblity slandwide is not consistent with facts, hope u know that Peo is subjected to availability of ADSL and ADSL is not available islanwide. And to have hvae a Peo, 1st u need to have a landline(thats only SLT) + ADSl + a modem/router whereas in Dtv there is no such requirements.
If u know the actual story, Peo has it share problems just like Dtv, where the concept of Pay Tv is still in its infancy in a 3world country like Sri Lanka where the product is not fast moving like hotcakes.
Futher, Peo tv cant eat into Dialogtv share easily coz investing already 13k on dtv , and again another 10k on PEO is absurred unless the switching cost is free or zero.

The special advantaqge on Peo is time shift, VOD, etc which is the real advantage in having PEO over Dtv. So if u look into strategic marketing angle, PEO and DTv should be looking and increasing the size of the market i.e increasing the size of the number of subscribers , rather than eating up each other in a 300k pay tv market! i hope u bring about a rational argument on Peo or Dtv, or for that matter any pav tv operator in Sri Lanka.

SLP said...


If the connection used by your friend is some kind of package issued by Dialog, then you can block or censor incoming calls from the MY-Dialog window in the Dialog Web site.

and then log in to the system (if you already registered, if not try register)
Then MCA (Missed call allerts) (I.e.
through that select the drop-down to blocked list and key down the blocked numbers.

I have not personnely checked this, but this should work.

Further it may be working to Pre-paid connections too. so go ahead and confirm.

Ye Sri Lanka hai ohr Tumare hindi NiCK ko bohoth log yahapar samagjne nahee. Is liye thumko bohoth dannewath ki thum ye Channel phir nick asia ko ye sub ke liye dheeje.

Bohoth bohoth sukhria.

As dialog cant understand all Sinhala, Tamil and English, the above is for the people who are responsible for the alteration of Nick India and again CN i think as some 1 mentioned is on the way.
This is Sri Lanka and Your Hindi Nick is Most of people here could not be understood. Therefore we say thank you that if you could alter the feed back to Nick Asia.

thank you Very Much.

Dont mention about grammer or spellings, they[DTV] even dont know that too.

Radikal Zee said...

im off to peo tv as soon as they introduce all the star network sports channels.

Prasanna said...

Recently dialog is advertising a all channels for 400 per week plan. But there is no info on the web.

if one subscribe to this, then the question is what will happen to the monthly rental? Will it be added on top of this.
For one it may be 400+100 monthly for that and for another it may be 400+1400 monthly rental. Is it how it is going to work. I dont want to call lousy CC and find that out. But if it not like that, then all channels per month will be 1600 approx. Then what is the point in newly introduced super duper package?

I think dialog even cannot do its math right

Prasanna said...

Recently dialog is advertising a all channels for 400 per week plan. But there is no info on the web.

if one subscribe to this, then the question is what will happen to the monthly rental? Will it be added on top of this.
For one it may be 400+100 monthly for that and for another it may be 400+1400 monthly rental. Is it how it is going to work. I dont want to call lousy CC and find that out. But if it not like that, then all channels per month will be 1600 approx. Then what is the point in newly introduced super duper package?

I think dialog even cannot do its math right

Radikal Zee said...

it is available only for people who have subscribed for packages worth more than 500 per month.

larukh said...

This might not be the place to ask this but I think with your experience you can help me on this.
After some research I found that TATA SKY or AIRTEL is the way to go with for a DTH as I'm not ready to pay big money to DTV. I know that there aren't any official dealers for those services here in Sri Lanka...I saw some ads in papers and internet(within this blog too) for suppliers.. I checked with some of them and not pleased with their service. I know there are several places in Pettah who give those connections.. Could you please tell me a good reliable place (place and Tel.No.) with good after sale service in colombo. you can post here or drop me an email..


Is DTV's BIG DEAL offer still on?

madhusha99 said...

DTV add 6 more channels for lite 500

ILHAM - The Boss said...

To Dialog TV Subscribers.
I am a former Dialog TV Subscriber.
Now I am using a LBN Cable TV
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Good TV Channels and monthly
Rental also low.
If you are in a LBN Coverage
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In Dialog TV Customer have to wait a long time solve
The Problem.

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Contact LBN
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madhusha99 said...

What happened to nick english?????? DTV buggers remove nick english and add nick hindi again!!!!!! what happened to dtv dogs?????? im sure they will loose their customers soon!!!
No additional channels!!!!!!
No mpeg4 conversion!!!!!!!!!
GD luck Dialogtv!!!! Dammmmmmmmm!!!

Anuruddha said...


woow itz a gr8 news.... seems nw DTV got in to track he he he he..... :)

hw abt da old 500 customers (now itz called Super 700)?

r dey goin to add Cinemax or Star Movies at lest on tat package?

Conny said...

to all,

if anyone of you have an ADSL connection of SLT, you can get a PEO TV connection for free.. no hidden or extra charge for installation...

@ Deshal,
what you are saying is correct... DTV CC is horrible and they have not fufilled their promises yet... so we can see many DTV customers are frustrated about DTV...

@ Fawaz and Gayan,

u have said that to have PEO, there should be a SLT tele line and ADSL.. this is not correct... anyone with only a SLT tele line too could get PEO where SLT gives the router and STB.

And also, for those havin a ADSL connection, switching cost from DTV to peo is zero.. i have mentioned it above....i think many people have moved to ADSL as the rates are slashed now..

Peo and DTV could be on different technology platforms but after all both these companies are doing is bringing foreign channels to our home TV.. in the end both these companies are doing the same although they are on different platforms and PEO is leading as they have the advanced technology..

@ SLP,

thanks for your info... My friend is having a pre paid connection and she said me that she is gonna walk into the Dialog branch here and speak to the ppl there...I think her phone is not having any feature to block incoming calls. thanks once again.....

@ Prasanna,

the offer you have mentioned is only available to those who have subscribed for packages worth more than 500 per month.

what you are saying is 10% correct...The Rs.400 per week paid is for the no. of channels we don't get and this no. of missing channels differ from package to package....

for example,

- a customer on the 500 pkg is only getting 10 channels and is missing on 39 other channels ( i have excluded the religious, local channels and citi hitz and channel C. THESE CHANNELS ARE RENTAL FREE) and he is paying Rs. 1600 for 39 missing channels per month..

- a customer on the 1375 pkg is getting 34 channels only and is missing 15 channels and he is paying Rs.l600 for the 15 missing channels per month..

How unfair is this???? One amount, different no. of channels!!!!!


I want to know one more thing.
what is goin to happen to those customers who are having the Rs.250 lite pkg???? ( was available earlier in DTV ) O have a friend of mine with that pkg and few set plans... won't they get some channels added to their pkg????

yakuza said...

hi guys,

did anyone visit

what is the special offer they are talking about in the pop out

Tharu said...

@ Yakuza,

I tried calling them several times on the numbers given on the pop up message.. But it was so funny nobody knew about that special offer... typical SLT..

AMD said...

LBN has brought back FASHION TV.
Its available on PEO TV too,
DTV also should consider bringing it back.

Radikal Zee said...

@yakuza, the offer peotv site is talking about is free Peo TV connection for ADSL customers.

podiman said...

SLT is calling all there ADSL customes and promoting PEOTV. It is free of charge for ADSL customes but there is a comitment of 2 years. It is going to be difficult for DTV.

Conny said...

the special offer on Peo site is that SLT peo is giving free PEO tv connection to SLT ADSL customers... no hidden or installation charge....

To know about the this special offer, one should call SLT Vision Com which runs PEO. Vision Com tel number is 2005500..

I called this number last week and found out about the special offer. the person who spoke to me knew about the special offer and she told me that SLT branches and SLT officers still does not know about this Surprise offer...

in fact, before calling vision com, i visited the SLT regional ofice here, and the ppl there did not know about the surprise offer but i found leaflets just the like the one that appears in the pop out at the peo site... so i had to come back and call vision com, verify about the surprise offer and again convey that message to regional office here.. they then called vision com and learned...


so just a word for everybody.
if anyone with and SLT ADSL connection want to get peo for free call vision com on 2005500.

yakuza said...

thanks guys

as I get from above posts, only the installation is free.

Dhammika said...

Even if You are not an ADSL customer (but a SLT wireline cutomer) you can get the above offer by simply registering (for ADSL by payment of Rs. 500/-
no need to buy the ADSL modem etc as it is provided free with IPTV. (what they provide is a router - not a barebones modem- which can support upto 3 computers (by itself) to access the net.

BUT like in the case of DTV there are some issues in IPTV as well. (no signal etc)

Nokia said...

Cinemax re-brands to appeal to men

Furtehr they are to change their name and logo as max

madhusha99 said...

Dialogtv add Nick english again!!!!
Dtv finally did the right thing!!!!!