Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving between Nick India & Nick Pakistan

It seems that Dialog is having problems with the Nick feed. Over the past week the feed has been constantly changing from Pakistan to India & vice versa. We are lead to believe that it is a technical problem that is causing all of this.

It also looks like Sun Direct has beaten Dialog TV and introduced the Asian Fox channels such as FX, FOXCRIME, etc. Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


Rukmal said...

Off the topic

what is the best HSDPA package for normal internet users?


From where i can buy a HSDPA modem for low cost?

Nokia said...

@ Rukmal
Please refer below for your querry



And with dialog you have two offers. One is cheaper if you need unlimited with the unit.

Rukmal said...

@Nokia Thanks

If I buy a HSDPA modem from Dialog can we unlock it to use with Airtel?

samaru said...

nick is still in hindi..

dialog has finally made me disgust my tv..

Dialog G.S.M / Tv = greediest mobile/tv network in sri lanka!!!

shame on you have no future if you don't listen to your customers..

dialog cant get an excuse over economical downturn they have act this way for so long..


Dialog G.S.M / Tv = greediest mobile/tv network in sri lanka

Conny said...

Detailed info about PEO TV and its features.....

cbnsatcustomer said...


I bought a 3G modem(E220) from dialog and unlocked it using a software. Now I'm using it with a Mobitel SIM. For me Mobitel HSDPA is best because of coverage/charges/better technology than dialog. Dialog hsdpa coverage is very poor even in colombo suburbs.

Check these links on unlocking dialog e220 modem

Rukmal said...

@ cbnsatcustomer
Is that true that when we unlock a E220 modem from code mode it reduce the speed from 7.2mbps to 3.6mbps?

I think Airtel package is cheaper

750mb for Rs300 7.2mbps
3GB for Rs600 7.2mbps

But Mobitel
750mb for Rs490 only 1mbps
2GB for Rs890 only 1mbps

Lasith said...

Previously hindi dubbed programmes on nick india now telecasting without any hindi dubbing.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Testing on channels 10, 11 & 12".