Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wake up Dialog TV

It looks like the MPEG4 conversion of Dialog TV transmissions have been delayed for some time now and it is now time to get it done quickly. The movie channels were due to be converted first but even recently Dialog TV have carried out some decoder replacements this time round the subscribers were ones who subscribed to Star Movies via a SET Plan.

In addition Dialog TV is introducing new channels at snails pace, after Baby TV back in November last year there has been nothing so far. It is time for Dialog TV to get channels like Disney, Eurosport, BBC Entertainment in order to counter the threat posed by IPTV. Dialog TV should also try out features like Video on Demand, Time Shift TV functions. Theses features are difficult on DTH platforms but some DTH operators in other parts of the world allow for interactivity via a Wimax link or telephone connections.

It is time for Dialog TV to set trends in the pay television industry in Sri Lanka otherwise in no time they will follow in the path taken by Comet Cable. Many frustrated Dialog TV subscribers have already obtained IPTV connections and as soon as IPTV can offer the same channels as Dialog TV then they will obviously disconnect their Dialog TV connections.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Transporter said...

Still Dialog TV can bring thease channels to thair line up....

E! Entertainment TV
Super Sports
EURO Sports
Sky TV
Fashion TV
BBC Lifestyle
BBC Entertainment
Set Pix


Channel V
Jaya TV
RAJ Movies
Isai Aruvi
MGM Asia

hope 4da best....

Dhammika said...

I think dialogtv is not bothered as the competition from IPTV has been very lukewarm- at best. unless someone gives DTV a good run don't think things will improve.

there had been a rumour that dialog is trying to sell off DTV to cut its losses and that it has been talking to Maharaja organization-is it true? any body got any info??

IPTV said...

I also got the same news? Any one with inside information?

bank_dude said...

It would be ideal if CBN ceo can takeover DTV back

Deshal said...

The global trend is telecom service providers venturing into video and data services. satellite TV and IPTV services are a part of this. The future demand is for integrated communication services.

While DTV profits might suffer in the shorter run, investment in technology and services are bound to pay off later. Even though the initial investments are high, offering DTH services in a country like SL could pay off later.

Sri Lanka has a very low DTH penetration while the IT literacy is growing fast. Fixed and mobile penetration levels are high (compared to other developing countries) while there are a number of oppertunities in DTH and data services.

With a part of the country is being integrated into the mainstream economy, post war economic expansion is set to take place with demand growth for IP phone services, Internet, DTH and mobile services. Dialog is very well placed to take the maximum advantage of the situation.

However, the company react very slow to these changing conditions. I wonder if the management does not realize the changing telecommunication trends globally. They need to add value and move to more interactive DTH services while adding more channels to the lineup. If they don't do that, they are set to fail in the long run.

AMD said...



AMD said...

Airtel “chokes” in mobile frenzy

By Sunimalee Dias

One month after the Indian mobile company’s entry into the Sri Lankan market amidst much fanfare it is already facing stiff alleged “unfair” competition by competitors due to the non-provision of seamless interconnectivity between local networks, Bharti Airtel said yesterday.

With no experience of similar competition even in India - according to Airtel, the operator viewed that the issue was mainly due to local mobile operators virtually ‘choking’ Airtel customers from connecting up with subscribers on other local networks.

Currently Airtel customers are experiencing call congestion when calling other networks, requiring them to make multiple attempts to make a successful call, Bharti Airtel Executive Director K. Srinivas told the Daily Financial Times. He explained that the congestion is prevalent during peak hours, as a result of which 80% of Airtel calls are lost at this time. This is because the point of interconnection has not been provided by other operators, who have been requested to do so.

“We gave projection for capacity since November last year but we have not got even 50% of the capacity,” Mr. Srinivas said. He noted that either the networks were performing at an “extremely slow” pace, but “we believe it is played deliberately”.

It was pointed out by him that the delay of implementation is a breach of licence. The guiding provisions for providing required capacity and providing physical access to other operator sites can be found in the Interconnection Rules 2003, which receives its authority from the Sri Lanka Telecommunication Act No. 25 of 1991. By law, other operators are therefore bound to provide these requirements so that the customer benefits at the end of the day, by being able to talk freely within networks. The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) was informed of this “unfair” competition last week and the commission is trying to tackle this issue

Mr. Srinivas stated that congestion problem was observed with all other operators except Hutch, while Lanka Bell was noted to have provided the necessary capacity last month.

The TRC intends to fight this in the marketplace and Airtel pointed out that the Director General of TRC had assured the newest and fifth entrant to the highly competitive mobile market that they will iron out matters following discussions with other players. Mr. Srinivas said that they have spoken to Dialog and other operators as well in this regard although there has been no evidence of the implementation of the binding agreement within the networks to provide the required capacity and interconnections.

Airtel believes that the competition it provided with the lowest tariffs here had created a stir in the mobile market and thus Airtel termed this resistance as an “unfair ploy to block competition”.

This is the first time that the Indian mobile company has had to face such a tough attitude from competitors; “I don’t think we have faced this kind” of unfair competition in India, Mr. Srinivas alleged. However, he was uncertain as to whether this was a joint effort by all operators or whether it was carried out deliberately by some. “I hope not,” he speculated, adding that “if this should continue, it will be unlikely that customers will want to be with you.” Nonetheless, Sri Lanka’s mobile telecommunications sector is a mature one in global terms, with a long history (of about 20 years) of operation. Competition is therefore only to be expected – especially in the arrival of a large foreign player - as individual operators fight commercially to ensure that their patch of the turf is not impinged upon. It is hoped that competition will ultimately bring prospective benefits to the consumer - for which TRC too will have to ensure ‘fair play’ soon.

Country’s leading mobile network operators namely Dialog and Mobitel, when contacted yesterday did not comment on the issue .

Chandi said...

Be Lankan Buy Sri Lankan

Chandana said...
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Chandana said...
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Chandana said...
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Chandana said...

DTV is very irresponsible that they change their channel feed at their will, this is after we paid and brought the packages.

Latest is the History channel which I used to enjoy very much now replaced with some crap.

This has been happening repeatedly that we may have to file a case against this. At least if someone can open a online petition to force DTV not to do this kind of malpractice I guess we can expect some decency from DTV

Otherwise the soon IPTV get some channel line up I will abandone my DTV connection.

LANKA INFO said...


FOR DETAILS | www.cityhits.blogspot.com

Nokia said...

SLT / Mobitel is sponsorring the team.....

Poor Sanagakkara... Now he might have to wear a Mobitel T-Shirt as well!!!!

Patson said...

DialogTV you are not alone, 'LANKATV', DTH coming from Electroteks/TVLanka & waiting for decoders, They will uplink Local channels & about 40 International channels, Satellite Protostar1 at 98.5E.KU band Dish Antenna coming with 2 LNBs,2nd LNB is used for receiving INSAT4B,Indian gov.s free to air package "DD DIRECT CHANNELS" about 60.
Sat Rx equipment & installation will cost less than RS.10,000/=.Also planning to cover Middle east & Australia with local channels by Protostar sat C band. This was announced by Chairman Tvlanka on live tv yesterday.

CHANNELS;-Rupavahini, EYE,ITN, Srilakvahini, DANTV-tamil, Movies-Sinhala,News,Lottery info,TVlanka.

I have tuned to protostar sat & noticed the picture quality of Rupavahini,EYE,ITN are far better than dialogtv.Tamil channel DANTV is very popular & live at night,lot of viewers are calling to the channel from Srilanka,europe,India & Mideast.
Dialogtv must use micro link to improve the picture quality of local channels,lot of channels are ghosting.

AMD said...

SLT/MOBITEL - Nothing buy copycats as always.

star said...


Did you watch tv channels on Satellite Protostar1 at 98.5E?

Is it KU Band or C band?

How many channels are now available on KU Band?

Can we watch those channels? Are they free channels?

Lisura said...


The Frequency : 12710
Polarization : V
Symbol Rate : 27500

TV Channels

TV Lanka
TV Lanka Vasana Udawa
Dan Tamil Oli
TV Lanka
TV Lanka Movies

Radio Channels

Tharunayata Hetak FM
Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio
Sooriyan FM
Shakthi FM
Siyatha FM

I watched a demo at their office at Narahenpita. Quality is superb ! TV Lanka Movies is 1000 times better than CitiShitz ! lolz!

podiman said...

Upto now Prostar channels are FTA. There arn't any international english channels. LANKATV will take more time to get english channels.

star said...

Do you need KU Band Dish or C Band Dish to get these channels?

Looser said...

Its Ku

SP said...

Russian and US satllite collide.
Russian defunct satllite kosmos2251 and US satllite Iridium 33 have collided in space above 800 km over siberia.

sattvmania said...

I don't know what is going on at dtv tv,even the CC was out for whole of yesterday.It is not the first time that their system has gone down, so how can we expect new chls/features that is worth watching from dtv in the near future.History ch issue is not their fault as they are using indian feed not asian feed.cheaper the better for dtv?

dialog tv mf said...

fuckin loosers

Deshal said...

DTV is worthless. They don't add value and they don't provide a cost competitive service. No new channels added as promised. After Baby TV no new channel is added!.

Competition is always welcome. However, LANKA TV needs to provide us with a good package of channels, Engligh, Sinhala and Tamil. In my case, they can do away with Hindi crap. If they can get the Asian feed instead of the Indian feed, that's better. After all, why should we pay to watch hindi adverts? If the following channels are inclided, I will DEFENITELY shift!

1. History channel (not the crappy fox history and entertainment)

2. Boomarang

3. Discovery

4. Travel and Living

5. NatGeo

6. CNN

7. Star Movies

....that's all I need. Local channels plus these few to shift!

....I don't have SLT wireline, otherwise, I would have already gone for PEOTV.

Nokia said...

@ Deshal,
Star TV is far better than HBO.. :)

Deshal said...

I totally agree.They have better movies than HBO. HBO only shows old and boring stuff comparatively.

Transporter said...

@ Deshal/Nokia
ur rite, Star Movies only can telecast the Sony Production Movies. that means they hav all da blockbusters... u can check da Sony Production Movies details in here...


Great channels.. but indian Star Movies Sucks.... we are lucky...

podiman said...

Try to get True Vision (Thailand) or Multichoise (South Africa). They have good movies on their packages.

LANKA INFO said...

WWE No Way Out Results

Dimu said...

Something off the topic.

Telecome ADSL charges to be reduce within next 2 months.
1000/- package going to be 500/-
unlimited package is going to be 1600/-

1Mbps & 4Mbps packages are going to be introduce.

Conny said...

@ Dimu,

Machan is this real??? Is there any online source where I can find this same news????

Transporter said...

seems no more Torrnet in SL in future....???

Conny said...


Anura said...

Out of topic,
from where i can buy a HSPA dongle.
Airtel will give sim for their data connection.
mail me

Transporter said...

@ Anura:
even Dialog & Mobitel also giving Data SIM. (SIM only)

Anura said...

@ transporter

So from where we can buy that dongle at a cheaper rate. are there these dongles in market like mobile phones or we have to get that gadget from the operator?

Radikal Zee said...

peo tv connections are given for a connection fee of only 1000 LKR for existing ADSL customers. I called them and verified. TSTV free for 2 years. VOD free for 2 years. Router free.

LANKA INFO said...

Call charges comparison between Sri Lanka’s Mobile service providers

Transporter said...

@ Anura, In Sri Lanka u can get the dongle only from the relavant providers.

but u can use the mobile as a doungle. go through the phone features. ware u can check the HSDPA speed. if it is more than 3.5 u can use it & get the max'mum speed. in market 3.5 & 7.2... phones are now avai'ble.

Eg: N seris/Sony Erics - recent models phones. for details www.gsmarena.com.

SLP said...

Off Topic
@Every 1
SLT ADSL was promoted on the above scale (i.e 500 bucks) as said by DIMU on the SLT shop at Deyata Kirula Exibition.
So they might planning to release it in generic scale soon. Further inside sources confirmed that they are going to upgrade the Bandwidth of SLT-ADSL to twice the agreed already with the subscriber at no cost. (i.e you may obtain 1mBps speed on 512k Link)
This is also in the development and may arrive soon. (They are fibre connecting everywhere at present).
As for HSDPA you can connect a PC or the phone itself to the Internet by using phone-to-pc USB connection (or Bluetooth) or the phone itself by GPRS/3G capable phone with data sim.
The connection parameters are the same for GSM (ie APN) and will works on the fly.
Speed will depend on the last mile connectivity settings and the speed of the internal modem. In nokia N seris you may obtain full 3.5G speed without further configuration.
Data connection modems(dongles) can be purchased by either the service provider or by other vendors.
In Mobitel you get the dongle at cheap cost for network locked and few much higher for Open connections.
You may obtain a spefic modem issued by "'3' network UK" with Open connection modem at Global GSM maharagama for 11900 (prices at 7th Feb, 09) which will work for any network in Sri Lanka.

CSS said...

When I checked from IPTV they said, only the connection fee is reduced to 1131/= & you get VOD &
TSTV free.

But thier free channels (HBO packege) are NOT given as for the other promotion.

Nokia said...

Chked with Dialog. They have the modem for 9900/= with data (limited plan) Rs1000 for 2GB, 500 for 1GB.
And you can buy the modem for 5500/= with unlimited plan for Rs2900/= monthly with a FUP and there is a minimum usage of 06 months.
Those modems are netwok locked :(

If you have a good phone, I advice to go for the 1GB or 2GB plan, without purchesing that modem

CSS said...

I just did a rough calc on the PEOTV big suprise.

They have a promotion for two at 5000/= per person, with all channels (HBO+, worth 600/-) for 2 years (benifit 600*24 = approx 14500/=

ADSL suprise at 1100/= connection fee, benift 5000-1000 = approx 4000/=.

So, ADSL users will be at a loss of 10,000/= compared to the promotion for all other users.

What a big suprise!

Dhammika said...

There was a special promotion (last month just after the Airtel Launch on 12th Jan) of a BENLUX USB HSPA modem being promoted at Mobitel- about 10,000/-. that was with a 15% discount during the promotional period. was at the Mobitel Stall at Arpico Super Centre- Battaramulla
They said unlike the Huwawei E220 which was being sold for around 15000, the BENLUX with a higher speed of 7.5 Mbps was Network UNLOCKED- so can use with any SIM

sanjan said...

@ nokia
please dont reccomand dialog HSPA (more correctly LSPA) to others. its a total shit!!!
airtel is far better than dialog in covered areas.
mobitel is expensive but delivers promised speed.
dialog expensive than mobitel and far slower than airtel!!!! whats the point then?

sanjan said...

dialog HSDPA coverage is far behiend mobitel. its very low strength in covered areas also and one tower can cover only 1-2km unlike mobitels 15km. airtel also adopts mobitel technology so when they develop network it will be really good.

Rukmal said...

What are the Airtel Internet Packages?

Priyantha De Silva said...

Knight Rider 2008 series in Danger ,(Not a Joke)
Go to the site and sign the petition to save Knight Rider !

* Information !

* Sign the Petition

AMD said...


AIRTEL coverage map & Data Rates


PEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iptv said...

Peo tv is atleast giving the connection at Rs 1132 for ADSL users now u people start to compare with the pervious promotion Meaning of a promotion is valid for a certain period of time not for life long.what is dialog giving

SLP said...

Thanx Mate. But indeed i'm already using Dialog HSPA with University Package (I.e 1490 + Vat, Unlimited, 5GB FUP)
Thanks Again.

Patson said...

Read this,from Sunday Times.FT.

New mobile operator clashes with TRC.
By Duruthu Edirimuni Chandrasekera
A Sri Lankan firm is going ahead with launching the country's sixth mobile operator, despite the regulator saying the firm doesn’t have a proper licence to do so. B.A.C. Abeywardana, Managing Director Elektroteks Ltd told The Sunday Times FT that the licence which the company got in 1991 is a carbon copy of the Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) licence, both of which were granted during the same period.
"My licence is identical to that of SLT. Elektroteks without any restriction can have a telecom network anytime to use any technology (that is available presently)," he said, adding that the licence addresses three areas - voice, video and data transfers.
However, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRC) asserts that Mr. Abeywardana needs to make necessary amendments to his licence. "Under Section 17 of the Telecommunications Act, there were three licences issued to three of his firms. We told him that he needs to amend these accordingly to start a mobile communications network," a senior TRC official, who did not wish to be named, said.
He said Mr. Abeywardena has two External Gateway Operator licences and a facility based data communications licence and that these licences do not account for a mobile operator’s licence.
But Mr. Abeywardana insisted that what he has is a ‘carbon copy’ of the SLT licence, which the TRC disputes. Mr. Abeywardena said in a year he hopes to start the new operation and was confident he can get the 'people's' support. "I will be a 100% people owned company," he said.
Presently there are five operators in the island, of which Airtel was the latest to launch. Telecom industry analysts say the market is saturated at present to accommodate a sixth operator. Sri Lanka has approximately five million mobile subscribers at present, which is expected to double by the year end.

LANKA INFO said...

PEO TV Seasonal Offer


Conny said...


SLT deploys IPv6 in ISP network

Read Info...

janaka said...

ok, now we are talking.

IPTV is now @1000.

good bye DTV

May you RIP.

PS. Now the DTV will wake up and will start reducing prices. But it is too late and most customers have not forgotton how they were treated in the recent past.

This is why we were shouting in this blog in the last few months. But DTV never realised.

Also wonder where indi is. He was defending dialog all the wa. Now even his "official dialog" blog is silent..

Nokia said...

Pre Paid BroadBand Avalable from today onwards
20/=, 50/= and 400/=


IPTV said...

iptv, PEO,

Are you having firsthand infor on Peo offer?

4togenic said...

Hi Friends....

Do you belive yesterday evening RanaRoo chanel diplyed in DTV screned. Its showing SaraVita old sinhala hit film.... with Torana label. time is arround 8.00P.M. But After film it's going to scrambled mode... Whats goin on with DTV...???? Is RanaRoo enabled for other custormaers... Or DTV techniient gave some massage to other thired party??? Is a Questions?????????

Transporter said...

did any one notice that iptv & peotv users id comes under 1 reges'tration ID.

iptv - Blogger ID 07195611868146295202

peotv - Blogger ID 07195611868146295202

another PEOTV ID - 09454160121643664071

whats happening?

Milinda said...

Good news for Rugby Fans. You can catch the Super 14 Live on Australia Network.


samaru said...

hey guys why dialog do not listen to us? i pay 2000 rs. every months (package+plan)i want animax and some new channels..i hate this indian feed,we dont need to watch indian shi*..

* did u guys see there was a commercial on axn about discovery channel..can we have tht feedback instead f tht indian one? i think its singapore or malaysian one..but its stil cooler than indian one

*does it cost alot to dialog to change feedbacks? to whom dialog paying to? to the channels or sta.provider? if dialog change all their indian feedbacks to Singapore or malaysia..will it cost them alot? if its worth changing HY WON"T THEY DO IT!!??

Dialog listen to us! we need new channels!stop giving us indian feedbacks cuz i know lot of ppl HATE WATCHING INDIANS !


LANKA INFO said...

Grammy Award winning DJ Paul Harris LIVE in Sri Lanka


Rukmal said...

Off the Topic

Guys do u know how to remove unwanted channels from Dishtv Channel list?

hsj said...

Dialog Telecom and Dialog TV have incurred heavy losses in 2008.

" DBN and DTV continue to exhibit upward trends in operational and bottom line profitability in line with the strong potential of their respective markets, but are dilutive to the Dialog Telekom Group at NPAT level. Negative contributions from DBN (Rs. 1,506.88 Mn.) and DTV (Rs. 934.23 Mn.) resulted in a Group Loss of Rs.2.88Bn. for FY2008"

For the entire article go to

Signs are not good. DTV is continuously making heavy losses.

alf said...





alf said...

කොතලාවලගෙ ඈටෙ රුක්මල්ගෙ,ෆ්‍රීමාන්ගෙ,ජෙසිකාගෙ,619ගෙ,රුක්ශන්ගෙ,රනවීරගෙ කටේ

Prasanna said...

DTV cannot do a simple thing like geting the EPG working on the 1st day of the month? Watching DTV was useless on the 1st, without the EPG. Did not know what was on, when it started etc.

Something as simple as this cannot be that complicated. It is a matter of planing ahead. If they cannot do a simple thing like that, lets not talk about the future.

MPEG4 conversion may never happen. They will continue to pay for the four TP to provide something that can be provided with 2TP only (60 odd channels).

podiman said...

Even the 4TP is been on testing for months and months. I can not understand what dialog tv is doing with the 4TP it is just a waiste of money. Anybody can see that they are loosing money but not DTV managment.

SLP said...

I have received numerous messages on my setup box concerning somekind of admission of complaint made by me.
indeed i didn't and wonder if any one here had the same issue yesterday.
IF so i think DTV made a mistake here and is excusable on such commnon instances to the humans.
This is what i need to say to the customer care of DTV for this instance. I made a significant amount of 'exit button pressing' for exit of this whole mess.
Thanks for the kind partcipation and respect made on me.
sorry mates, i really need to blast this bumpies. such a bunch of f***ing idiots.do not understand the market retentions and customer care a single bit,

Radikal Zee said...

same shitty thing happened to me as well. tried calling the customer care but never worked. I agree, DTV is now getting completely bull shitted.

Nokia said...

Same Here!
I managed to delete all in my inbox. But I had to explain how to do it to my Father-in-Law and it took 15 minutes for me to explain and direct how to do it.
And I had to bear that call cost too :(
Very Bad!!! And never expected a service like this.
And where is the TP4 and new channels?

I do appreciate your good things and strongly disagree with malpractices....

hp said...

Same here dudes....

whats the issue with these pimps @DTV

Prasanna said...

Forget about getting the EPG right.

Now they have to learn how to send messages.

Ane apoi

The future today

Lankawe apitanam (malayasiyawe) dialog thamai!

cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cable said...

Seeing DTV add 900 million rupee loss to Dialog group loss of 2.8 billion, i have no doubt that they are trying to sell off DTV. This explains the non-conversion to mpeg-4 and no additions for the past few months.

And have any of you guys tried to watch the SUPER-14 on the the Australian channel? pixelation is so horrible i switched the TV off!

I am very , very sure Dialog is trying to get rid of DTV but it will be very difficult to find a buyer for an acceptable price. As is usually the case we consumers will suffer Our only hope is that PeoTV adds more channels so that we can move to it .

Deshal said...

Dialog as a company has always been like this when it comes to the customer service. Well, MTN is no better in Africa too. Probably this is their policy. They think people are idiots and try all sorts of funny things to enhance their share of profits.

Dialog promised new channels and I went and upgraded my old CBN Sat premium package to 2200/- Dialog package. What did I get additionally? Nothing!

To all those who work in DTV, who think we are idiots, pls remember, the day you loose your job (as the customers would turn to other services), is not very far. I assure you my friends, that will come sooner than later if you don't change your BIG attitude!

By the way, can some one who is knowledgeable on alternatives pls post what other alternatives are availble if someone would like to change over from DTV? I am not quite aware on this front, but I will be back after doing some research on this.

DTV treats and like shit and we won't let them do it! Let's stick together to change DTV's unethical practices.

podiman said...

There are many alternatives. Dish tv, Tatasky, Airtel, Big tv, Sun direct and Videocon(very soon). May be True vision(Thailand) and Astro(Malysia) too.

Nokia said...

Dialog SMS to any Mobile/fixed operator in srilanka is just 1/= from tomorrow onwards....

::DENIZ:: said...

Mobitel slashed their rates on SMART prepaid package.. M2M - RS.2(SMS 75C), M2OTHER 2.50(SMS RS.1) I think this is a brilliant move from Mobitel.

What's wrong with EPG on DTV.. It's not working most of the time.. DTV CC guy asked me to restart the decorder but no such luck.. Called again, then they said not to worry about it since it's a minor issue and they'll try to resolve it soon... So, I wouldn't bother to call them again b'cos DTV CC is just a waste of space..

podiman said...

Looks like Dialog tv is going nowhere. They have been testing the 4TP for months and no new channels with or without an aditional payment. Their EPG is allways useless. I think they are going the same way as Comet cable.

Dhammika said...

You seem to have someinside info from Dialog
so what is next?


I got a PEOTV (SLT IPTV) connection on the 1000/- special offer given to ADSL customers.(its only the installation charge of 1000+VAT)

the best thing is I didn't have ADSL!! You only have to have a SLT wireline.
you only had to REGISTER for ADSL by paying 500/- (that too was added to the bill- so no payment made there)(done at a teleshop). did not buy the equipment (modem or router - min 3500/-)
They provide a router with the IPTV equipment so didnt need to pay for the modem/router.
they were very prompt- I got the connection within 1 week of registering for ADSL.
(I also have dialogtv- from CBNSAT days at my hometown)
ALL though the channel lineup is not as extensive as dialog most of the relevant channels are there. Eg. CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Discovery, Travel&Living,Animal Planet, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Adventure, Fox History etc in the basic package (1000/- pm)(38 channels)
for 400/- more per month you can get the 4 HBO channels (not Cinemax though), for 50/- each Star World and Star Movies.
You can activate and deactivate those via the remote!

Timeshift available for the local channels and BBC and (CNN or Aljazeera)- so can watch any missed prgs within the last 48 hours.

I got the ADSL entree package of 500/- pm (limit 1GB) which is sufficient if you don't download Films etc.
so for a payment of 1500/- I got connection for both ADSL and IPTV plus I'm paying 1500/- per month for both the said services.

They own the equipment so they give it free (but normally charge around 9000/- for IPTV.) (if you factor in ADSL its more)

so can say its a good deal.
was told they can't advertise as TRC has not given approval for it so its done only by word of mouth. I got to know as they contacted me on phone- I registered for info on their website when they launched or was about to launch.

I can give a number 071-8287782- a girl called Udari at SLT Visioncom at 60, Davidson Rd, Col-4.
was very helpful and prompt. the offer was to end at the end of FEB but I am told that it is still on.

very satisfied with pic quality etc. but as in the case of rain fade in SAT TV (esp KU Band) sometimes you get the messah=ge "waiting for signal" on the screen and no picture- when the network speed goes down. has happened about 2 or 3 times.

other issue is the slow response of the Remote in changing channels etc (about a 2 sec delay between channels at times)- this too has something to do with network speed.

when you select a channel on the remote- that signal needs to travel to the SLT server and its the SLT server which sends the requested channel (IN SATTV or CABLE all the channels are broadcast- whereas in IPTV only the channel being watched is sent - may be due to limitations in bandwidth) also its how the time shifting thing operates- pause -play etc. when you press the pause/reverse/FF button etc that command has to be sent to the SLT Server. so I suppose unless the network speed is drastically improved- those issues will remain.

Transporter said...

@ Dhammika,
Tks dude.. also tel me frm which feed ur geting the Star Movies & World? seems Peo TV is geting the Indian Feed. coz 1ne of friend told me tat he has watch da Oscar live through Star Wolrd via Peotv.

Just to check.. keep update the latest... :)

Dhammika said...


I just got the BASIC thing- yet to activate Star World or Movies
hoping to do that during vacations- as now hardly have time to watch movies. may be some one else who has activated STAR world& movies may be able to enlighten us on that

DLR said...

have you noticed the "channel C" on Dialog mobile's myTv is repetadly playing some old program. And the 3G & GPRS versions playing two differnt programms. CN also from another feed

Nokia said...

@ All,
Dialog WiMax also has slashed their tarrif.... :)
512 is just 1750/= now....

The competition has begun :)
And it's good for us. But what about DTV?

iptv said...


Patson said...

@ cable & deshal,Its true Dialog wants to dump DTV due to huge losses,but there is no buyer in Srilanka yet.TM malasiya will do somthing very soon.Good luck for peotv,dishtv,tatasky,sundth.

AMD said...

If its true, its really sad that DIALOG didnt plan far enough when they decided to buy CBNSAT. Surely something has gone wrong somewhere.

Its suprising that DILAOG made such a blunder.

Conny said...

@ Dhammika,

U have said in your post that u get 38 channels in PEO TV for just Rs. 1000/- in the basic package.

But in the PEO TV web site there are only 21 channels listed in the basic package( other channels listed in the Al-a-carte menu)

Can you list the 38 channels that u get in the basic package for the benefit of most of those who are planning to go for PEO TV including myself....

Thanks in advance...

Dhammika said...


though only 21 appear as part of the Basic package. all channels in the ala carte list (except the 4 HBO channels, Star Movies and Star World) are available free (a advertisement says free for 2 years)

so Fashion TV, Trace, C Music TV, STC, B4U Music, Travel Channel,Wedding TV, Bollywood Masala, Wine TV, Taffy Kids, National Geographic, Nat Geo Adventure, Travel and Living, Fox History Channel, God TV are the ones available. in addition Star Vijay can be activated free of charge. SET and SET MAX has been added today in addition to above.

check http://www.peotv.com/?p=channel_lineup

Dhammika said...

GOD TV too should be included in t he above list. some of the channels like Wine TV, wedding TV might not have a following.

please note that your telephone line quality must be good- else the picture goes- just as in the case of rain fade in SAT TV. I had a prob as my TP lines which were wired inside the walls had a quality prob. was told to get an external wire if prob persists.

Conny said...

@ Dhammika,

Machan Thanks alot for the info.... i am livin near by the SLT regional office..For PEO TV if there is any problem, will personnel at the regional SLT office would be able to help me ????

I would also like to know whether there are any other de-merits of PEO TV, other than the ones mentioned by u in your previous posts ????


Deshal said...


Thanks very much for letting us know your experience. I am planning to go for PEOTV and has applied for a wireline connection. They take their sweet time to give the connection. But, I am left with hardly any other alternatives.


I think that Dialog has done the right thing by taking over CBN Sat. What they did not understand is that the world is changing so fast and they need to keep up with it, if they want to be in the business. So many cable players are taking over the telco front. Telco players are compelled to provide triple play services now. Those who don't will loose.

Only Dialog and SLT saw this. We are already watching other telco players (Suntel, Hutch etc) fading away. Lanka bell is trying to consolidate its footprint on the legacy telephony front while Tigo is trying hard to hang onto the legacy mobile front. We are yet to see how successful they would be.

Now, Dialog is going back. They are bad on mobile (loosing share), bad on the data (low quality performance) and video (loosing DTV). They are failing through all spectra of triple play. The shame is, they have a small way to go to really become a monopoly on the triple play front.

They are gladly giving it over to SLT. We are yet to see what airtel can do.


Dialog TV connection
Used Dialog TV connection with Rs. 500 package, set top box and antenna. Rs.4500 Email me if you are interested
Contact: Niroshan , Sri Lanka
Email: nirojaya1@yahoo.com
Date: 3/12/2009


Conny said...

What will DTV do to keep its existing customers without loosing them to PEO TV?? Give ur comments...

AMD said...

DTV now gives all the channels for a Rs. 400/- a week.

Dhammika said...


IPTV is problems handled by the ADSL division of SLT (1243). IPTV doesnt have a dedicated helpdesk yet. but when you call 1243 and lodge a complaint they ring you back (but not on sundays or holidays!). can get connections from Teleshops- so getting a connection thru a regional office too should be possible- but not sure whether they can attend to problems.

@AMD is the 400/- per week offer something like a SET plan- no mention of it in their web site. if so it would be cheaper even for the premium customers to switch to that plan- 400x4=1600 as opposed to 1949/-

Nokia said...

@ All
Checked with DTV. For teh offer taht AMD has mentioned you will have to have a minimum pkg which is 500 at the moment. so 500 + 1600 = 2100 (+ tax) it's again higher than the premium pkg. No impact to Premium account holders thyis time. But this is worth for 100 or 250 pkg holders......

Hot News!! (Effecting from the 15th March)
Dialog GSM has introdused totally incoming free for all their GSM customer base upon exceeding 5.5million customers.
So all incoming will be free for all KIT, 100,200,300 packges without any daily rentals ext...

Sam said...

Hey Guys HTV Coming Soon On DTv.
This Tv Channel is Run by Hemanalin Karunarathna .Earlier its not a TV Channel just they Are making Programs Under Name of HTV and Telecasting Via SriTV . Yo can Watch This Channnel From there Website www.Htv.com

Sam said...

Braking News Tv Lanka TV Channel Is No More Free To Air.Soon Its Going TO Be A Pay TV Cahnnel.

Conny said...

A friend of mine has bought a DTV connection last July on the easy payment scheme where he had paid Rs.3400 upfront and Rs.865 per month for 11 months....
Now he wants to dump DTV and go for PEO cause he has already got an SLT ADSL connection...
He said me that he would not pay DTV the rental or the package rental from next month and that he will remove the decoder and the dish and throw them away....

Can he stop paying the installments halfway like this..Will there be any problem for him from DTV???

Can somebody answer this???

Nokia said...

@ Conny,
He might have to pay all the dues althogh DTV removes the units from his premises. As he is leagally bond to pay the installation fees on his agreement with DTV.

Hemanalins Channle is on WWW.HTV.LK

Conny said...

@ Nokia,

I told what u told... He says he will sell the connection.... If so should he inform DTV abt the transaction???

Patson said...

TVLanka is No more in Europe, Eurobird 9 transmission discontinued since 03-03-09, and Available only on Yamal202, C- Band for Middle East. Only few people will pay for this.If it become paytv.
Italian based, SRITV channel is Free to Air & popular in Europe & Middle East. They got news, breaking news, live programes, teledramas, & ITN programs. TVLanka mostly rejected by expatriates because it was repeating same old stuff & lack of programs. It's just a DVD player & become a World wide satellite disaster. It's the time for SLRC to start there planed World service now. Dialogtv can use IS12 to cover Europe & middle east like some people did it from Vanni area at the CBNSat time.

Nokia said...

@ Conny,

I think he can gift or sell to some one. And the buyer will have to continue teh payments as agreed.

But I dont know about the trasfer procedure at DTV. they might charge for the transfer.....
If your friend could fix teh unit let them to do teh fixing as DTV is charging 4000+ for removing the unit and installing in another palce.....

Rukmal said...

DishTV Added

WB Movies ( Replaced TCM )
UTV Movies
UTV Bindass Movies

They Dropped Boomerang (One of my favorites)

podiman said...

What is all this testing with the TP4?? Dialog TV has been testing the 4TP for over 4 months. They must be loosing money just for nothing. If it goes on like this 2009 will be a total loss for DTV.

Conny said...

does anyone know, whether there is anyway of blocking incoming calls from a dilog number to a dialog number??? coz a friend of mine has been getting repeated calls from an unknown number for the last few weeks and she wants to stop it.....

can anybody have a word about this issue???

Tharu said...

@ Cony,

certain phones have a faclility to block numbers or accept calls only from pre-defined numbers.

If the phone does not have that facility, best thing is to inform Dialog CC and they will do the needful.

Transporter said...

@ Tharu/Conny:

Phone feature is not aval'ble for our reagion.

Conny: as tharu said call da contact the cc people & get the advise.

Dhammika said...


some sony ericson models have the facility to filter calls. any call from not in a particular list will be cut.

even my first phone-an ALCATEL ONETOUCH (big brick like model with superb battery life and signals)

some early ericson (before sony ewntered into a joint venture) models like R210 had this facility

I can get the Sony Ericson model which has this facility (it may be K810 or some thing - shall check and revert)

@transporter- you dont need that as a network feature- if the phone has that built in

Transporter said...

@ Dhammika,

Tks 4da infor dude... may be ur rite. but i am also using SE. if u go throug the setting under call setting u can find this feature.

even tho its a phone feature i wont work & finaly u'll get the error message saying "Network problem or dosent support.

any way w'll check... :)

Conny said...

Hey ppl,

thanks for all the responses....
the best part is that she had called the damn CC of Dialog and they have said her that there is nothing that can be done to block the call....

well, i dunno if she is having any phone feature in her phone.. she is using a Nokia 3110 classic....

Transporter said...

@ Conny:

ask ur friend to check with cc again is thare any way to take any action against the nusen's callers.

defa u can get a feed back. as i knw if u ask abut the phone feature they vil say no. not only in dialog anyware. :(:(:(

cheers... keep us updated.

AMD said...

@ Conny

If she makes an official complain & requests them to block the no, they have to do it. She may have to give a letter or something

Transporter said...

Did any one noticed that TP 4 Channels out for more than 6Hrs in the morning.

I dont know what the hell theas Dialog TV ppl are doing.

If they go like this i should think about the next option.


podiman said...

DTV has been testing this 4TP for over 4 months. I reckon they don't know what they are doing even. I don't think DTV will last long.

Conny said...


Dhammika said...


I checked about blocking calls in Sony Ericson phones from a friend who is using a SE K810.

He says You can restrict incoming calls to those from a list. (But the maximum in the list is only 10)

use the following commands.
from Menu select Settings->calls->manage calls->accept calls->only from list

then enter the numbers (max 10 Nos) you would like to accept calls from.

all calls from numbers not in the list will be cut on the first ring itself.- the calling party will get the USER BUSY message.

its not the best solution for the problem as it has a limit to the number of contacts you can restrict the incoming calls from-but may be useful at least as a temporary measure.

Conny said...

@ Dhammika,

Thanks alot dude.... I will speak to my friend and see how i could elp her with what you have told....

BTW,she is using a Nokia phone.. have to check up with her phone also...

anyways a big thank you for the help rendered....