Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whats going on!!!

Over the last few weeks Dialog TV has been carrying out some sort of testing sending decoders into a frenzy. Suddenly the channels change locations. Whole sets of channels disappear causing viewers to rescan to get the channels back again.

However amidst all this it seems that a Sinhala Language Education channel may be launched on Dialog TV soon. It makes us wonder whether this is the educational channel that the Sri Lankan government was planning for the last two years because certain Dialog TV subscribers are commenting about an unnamed channel on Dialog TV which is indicating to a educational channel. We are unable to confirm this though since it seems that this channel is part of the scrambled set on the fourth transponder and it appears when something goes wrong at Dialog TV. Apparently this channel made an appearance this morning too when the entire fourth transponder was unscrambled however we are not sure whether it is still visible.

For those who may be wondering where we were all these days, well we were right here with so much of work in our hands but thanks to our blogging community information was flowing right through this blog unhindered.

So it goes without saying, please continue to update this blog with the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


samaru said...

hey dialog! can we watch any new channels soon? wont u guys make 'axn beyond' available to us? sing. and Indone. already receiving it..what about us :( and we need animax!!

Deshal said...

Hey, I think that so called "Fox History and Entertainment" is quite useless compared to the history channel earlier.

All they have is Indian old junk like "Mahabarat" and some other "third grade" American supremacist propaganda. That's all.

Earlier in the History channel, there were programs such as History's Mysteries, historic movies etc, which are highly educational and enjoyable.

How so ever took the channel over had made it appoint to downgrade the quality of the programs. This is grave and intolerable. DTV can indicate their displeasure to whoever the original broadcaster is.

I don't think that this is the destiny of History channel global. Please see if DTV can get the original History instead of this third grade Fox History and Entertainment.

AMD said...


Anuruddha said...

yep Im totally agreed. current "Fox History and Entertainment" is a useless channel... nothing to watch there....... DTV plz back us the original "History Channel". Itz amazing......... hope the DTV management consider abt this..... DTV should think about the quality of the channels when adding. I dont knw y DTV ppl replaced the gud thannel wth such a crap.... :( :S.. totally worried abt it :S

Anuruddha said...

hey guys can anybody hv the latest set plan menu....... I checked the whole DTV site.... there is no sign of set plans...... I dnt knw wht DTV goin to do with set plans.... better if v hv gud set plans that something customer friendly :)

Transporter said...

@ samaru,
AXN BEYOND is not ava'lble for our Reagion.

@ Dshal,
Yes, FOX Histroy India is useless.

still Dialog TV can bring thease channels to thair line up....

E! Entertainment TV
Super Sports
EURO Sports
Sky TV
Fashion TV
BBC Lifestyle
BBC Entertainment
Set Pix
Channel V
Jaya TV
RAJ Movies
Isai Aruvi
MGM Asia

hope 4da best....

cyaddeyyy said...

can anybody help me? is this dialog tv available for my country maldives?

please let me know

Transporter said...

Dialog TV signal is available for ur reagion. since they dont have any authorized delars in Maldives, u should get it frm here. (SL) or check with local buyers.

I heard most of the ppl are using Dialog TV in Maldives.

podiman said...

You can watch dialog tv in Male but no offical agent over there. You will have to get it from SL. There are better ways to get it over there. Please give your e-mail address.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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