Thursday, January 8, 2009

Software Upgrade now available

According to info being received there is a software upgrade which has been made available for all Dialog TV subscribers. According to reports marked improvements can be seen in picture quality once the update is carried out. However we are unable to confirm this. The upgrade can be carried out by clicking on the IRD upgrade and can be carried out by carrying out the following steps.

Menu > Info > Software Upgrade

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


LANKA INFO said...

@ Cony- Yes, u can try the manual method.

bank_dude said...

Picture quality is same but they have corrected the unit's power standby issue.

619 said...

I have 500 pkg and setplan 11 activated.
Today they came and change my decoder to the new mpeg-4 decoder. Tks dtv.

Conny said...


I don't find any IRD update button or anythin related to an upgrade. i am having the old decoder( Fully gray and display towards left ).

Please help me dude.

(0:|:0) said...

@ 619,

What is the set plan 11?...

there is no such set plan mentioned in the leaflet I got from DTV a couple of months back....

btw, do any body have the latest set plan details?

LANKA INFO said...

@ Conny:

Pls got to Menu - click Installation & press the OTA Download button.

Pls note do not unplug the power. its take atleast 10min.


LANKA INFO said...

Dialog TV Manual IRD upgrading

Looser said...

IRD Upgradeis disabled on my OLD CBNSAT Decoder

Rukshan said...

I am having MP4 decoder. I have done the software update manually. After done the update TV/R button in my remote not working. Is this common for everyone ?

sattvmania said...

my old decorder was replaced to mpeg4 one today. have setplan 14 that is the reason. but this one is not as reliable as the old one as SIGNAL QUALITY is 82 before 92 and STRENGTH is 65 before above 70. And becareful using remote decorder might get stuck as i found out today,power button,parental lock on remote are accidents waiting to happen.

sattvmania said...

thks dtv but set plans need tobe more value for money.starmovies,utv world,utv movies should be in one new set plan.

WELE said...

Rukshan you are correct. the TV/R button is not working now!

Thanura said...

My decoder was automatically updated @ 3AM on 8th of January(today).

After the upgrade the volume bar is shown on the bottom of the screen.

and by pressing "info" button twice we can get information about the current show. Earlier it was satellite/channel information.

TV/R button is not working. I think it's because we don't have any radio channels in the line up.


bank_dude said...

@ Thanura

There are few additions
1. You can prepare 5 favorite channels lists and earlier it was 1.
2. System standby issue.
3. When muted OSD shows muted sign and earlier it was volume bar turns to red.
4. Blue screen on standby and earlier it was black

619 said...


Setpaln 11 has

▀Star Movies
▀Ten Sports

But now setplan 11 is not available.
I activated it those days

Anuruddha said...


hey buddy u r lucky....... for us set plan 11 is no more available. Yesterday i called to Dialog TV Customer care but the guy who answered the call confirm Set Plan 11 not available and Dialog has no idea to put it back.... I told tat guy, itz worth to add that Set Plan 11 back because most ppl luv to watch Star Movies and Ten Sports. If Dilaog wants to exist in the market definitely they have to listen to the customers..... will c.......

Anuruddha said...

Hey Guys... I have a new MPEG4 Decoder and Yesterday I updated the software manually as it explaining in the City Hits Blog. But today I got a screen message that says keep on the Decoder 10th of 3:00AM because the software update is available... So guys should I keep on my decoder at 3.00AM.... I think I got that update earlier by manually software update... Plz I need suggestions... :)

DLR said...

Now we can search other channels EPG while watching another channel. It is great.

LANKA INFO said...

Cityhits Sri Lanka Now on YouTube

Dialog TV latest videos updated!

Conny said...


It seems that the OTA Download feture is disabled in my decoder. It appears in Dark Blue color and I cannot select it.

Is there any other way to do this update or is there another update scheduled on the 10th at 3.00 am as Anurudhha has said???

chami_tv said...

I think DTV must do few changes to their SW nest time. one of the important thing is making the current channel visible when user press ok button to get channel list. they can make the video to appear in one corner so that it does and the channel list appear in left hand side as a column. because as soon as we get channel list the complete picture is covered by it and is disturbing.

Also they should sort the channels further making same type channels appear in same area..for the moment UTV movies appear far away from other movie channels such as Star movies..

When we mute the sound of the decoder it must stay mute even if we make volume down, and must unmute only if we press the mute button or increase the volume. this is normal in sony tv. so that if user want a sudden mute he can mute and lower the volume to desired level and unmute xhin prefer level.

when we access the other channel epg data still the current video mus appear in the screen at least in a corner so that it does not disturb the viewer.

dil said...

after upgrade my zoom button is not work.when i press that button other buttons also not button also not work.
that only me?any one els

cable said...

He guys

after the upgrade my parrelel connection dosent work have any of you guys experinced it?

sattvmania said...

guys don't mess with the remote if you do you are asking for trouble.try sorting fav chls the way you want them to big waste of time.several problems and my decorder got stuck showing blank screen for 10min or more even after restarting.

Conny said...

Hey Guys,
Too many complaints after the upgrade.

Is the Software upgrade An " Utter flop "?? what do u people think???

LANKA INFO said...

Dialog TV IRD Upgrading & Changes

Nokia said...

Off the topic....

Any Idea about Airtel Tarifs?....

TheXB said... is active now.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Airtel Now in Sri Lanka
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Where can I buy an Airtel Connection ?
Just walk into your nearest outlet with Airtel Signage and request for a Prepaid Connection from the Retailer. They will be happy to accommodate your request. What documents should I provide to obtain a connection?
You need to a copy of your National Identity Card or Passport or Driving License to the retailer. How long it will take me to activate a connection?
Almost immediately. Your connection will be activated while you wait at the outlet. How do I recharge my account?
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You may recharge your account either through the use of our reload method or Recharge card method. How do I reload my prepaid account?
Simply walk into any of our Airtel prepaid retailer outlets and request for an Airtel reload Why is there no SMS redelivery after my reload or recharge?
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Radikal Zee said...

Nokia said...

There had been a private jet arrived to Katunayake A’port Last night. And the Colombo Katunayake road was closed for some time during lst night….

I doubt whether Sharuk Kahan arrived y’day…. As he is the Brand Ambassador for Airtel India and he might has arrived to the commencing Airtel operations in Sri lanka…Any news?

IPTV said...

Hope Sharuk will not be able to fool Sri Lankanas to pay 2.50 a minuit and Upahara, Blaster are much better than the said packages.


LANKA INFO said...

They are charging 50Rs monthly rental for Pre paid also... Hello Sri Lanka... Wake up!

Details |

Rukmal said...

Here are the Airtel Postpaid Tariff.
No competition to Dialog

Nokia said...

The Future today, We care Always !!!

Who Cares Hello Kahan....!!
Free RedBull, Pen, Key tag to attaract innocent Sri Lankans!!

Way to go Airtel

My Tamil Diary said...

Go Dialog Go!!! Proud to be a Dialog USER!!! Airtell; simply thay r cheating our people.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Now Airtel offer’s you
Incoming Totally Free
Outgoing Rs 2 (To all Networks in Sri Lanka, Any Time)

Airtel Data Devices

Airtel USB Modem Data Card

You no longer need a fixed ADSL connection at your office or home to
Experience fast internet. Experience up to 7.2mbps data speeds on your laptop anywhere within the Airtel 3.5G network using the Airtel HSDPA USB Dongle.

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Very attractive size – easy to carry
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4 colors LED indication
Auto installation
Exceptional Signal Reception due to flip Antenna

Contact us Airtel Lanka (pvt) Ltd.
598, Elevitigala Mawathe Colombo 05
Hot line: 0755 555 555

Transporter said...

@ Ilham – The Boss – when did u join Airtel??? & u no more at Satlanka???

By da way the same configuration is available in both Dialog & Mobitel. Nothing new….

I thing Dialog is issuing Pen drive size dongle to their customers now. I don’t know about Mobitel.

AMD said...

Anyone got an AIRTEL coverage map?

AMD said...

AIRTEL has added all the package info to their website.

IPTV said...

Transporter/ Ilham,

It will be the same HSDPA used by Mobitel and dongles are becomming smaller & smaller. But friends, you all will share the bandwidth. It will be no match for ADSL and ADSL 2+ can go upto 20 mbps and nobody talks about it and SLT too is not doing any efforts for the same.

Nokia said...

Hi All,

I dont get that D TV logo on my tv where as those who did a auto software update gets it. I did a manual update is that can be teh reason?

DTV New Connection Prises to be increased soon.... IP TV prises also to be increased soon..... HOT NEWS !!!!!

Keep posted info if any one get the deatails.....

Priyantha said...

Hai, Any one know Coming new Channel in dialog Tv. I thing Set Pix and Sun tv they try to Add. But oniy 1999/=

IPTV said...

I dont think they will increase prices. Nobody will get DTV then. PeoTV will not increase prices as they are the new entrant. Anyway I dont know what their strategy?

ilves said...

DTV missing good kids channels like disney. It will help us by seeing PEO TV for this channel since they are showing this very soon. Also they bring one more new channel MGM.

Vishwa said...

Hi all; the latest DTH in sri lankaClick here

star said...


AIRTEL agent in Colombo-6 taken Rs 100.00 from each prepaid connection and NOT recharge the a/c. They have given more than 10,000 new prepaid connections and NOT reload the Rs.100.00.

It is very very difficult to get a call from SLT to AIRTEL lines. There is a BIG inter-connection problem.

Still not upto the mark AIRTEL

Dimu said...

CH 7 active FTA with a test card (color bars) since yesterday.

AMD said...

SL vs PAK ODI Series,

1st ODI, 20th @ 12.15,


Radikal Zee said...

SL vs Pak is shown on Sirasa Tv, not channel eye.

AMD said...

@ Radikal Zee,

yes correct,i jus saw the trailer on sirasa. Best joke is when i called & spoke to someone at sirasa tv in the morning, they said that Rupavahini was showing it !!!!

podiman said...

Dialog tv channel 7 is still FTA with colour bars. Hope they will give a good channel?

Nokia said...

Dialog has spnsored for SriLankan team's uniform (Which previously sponsored by Delma Tea)

AMD said...

Hi guys,

AIRTEL coverage map & Data Rates

Nokia said...

Sangakkara who were on Hutch and shifted to Airtel is now wearing a Dialog T shirt for paly Cricket.... What a Joker....!!!
Crickters must keep their standard and ply..

AMD said...


DIALOG is only sponsoring this tour, 3 matches. It may be extended to the Indian tour. Since Dialog is sponsoring the team, they have to wear the t-shirts, no matter what their individual contracts are.

The Hutch contract was over, so Airtel offered him one long before they launched here.

Transporter said...

@ AMD: I agree.

@ Nokia: Just imagine in other way, if this happend to Sanath & Ajantha Mendis (Dialog Amba'sidors).

Transporter said...

Offtopic | Check this, just got it via Email.... hehehe....

AMD said...

I got some info on Airtel corporate packages, anyone needs any info let me know

Nokia said...

@ AMD / Transporter
I agreed with your comments.... But they should keep their dignity without going behind money.....

That was my consorn... Have you seen teh e mail going here and there on Nestomalt (with Sanga) ? Since he is on Viva it goes like that.... Ok lets forget it now.... :)

Transporter said...

mmm... True... wat 2 do... :)

Dimu said...


Give us Airtel corporate packages details

Cristy said...

Dialog - The Future Today: Dialog TV?

Dialog Telekom PLC is one of the top listed companies in Sri Lanka as everyone knows. And are doing a great job in the field of Mobile and fixed telephony sector. Absolutely their service is above the level and they are certainly the prominent leader in the mobile based telephone network.

On 2007 February 10th (correct me if i'am wrong) Dialog undertook the Satellite television service from CBN Sat, and began its era of Direct to home satellite television network in the name of Dialog Television Pvt Ltd promising an array of world class channels and world’s best entertainment, educational sports, movies and religious channels.

As a consumer from the time of CBN Sat, I have some questions to be asked:

(I hope someone can answer these questions)

1. When Dialog took over the TV from CBN sat, they had RAJ TV & RAJ Digital. Both the channels are not available in the line up now. Last year with mega hype they introduced Kalaignar TV. Now, at the moment DTV has only 2 Tamil Channels - Kalaignar and Vijay TV. As everyone knows, there are more than 18 Tamil Channels in India. Even the illegal cable and DTH services are showing over 10 Indian Tamil channels. Why can’t Dialog add some more Tamil Channels which will be favourable in the point of their business strategies?

2. Which language is used in Channel C? (Singlish?) And what are the so called announcers/DJ’s thinking when they are presenting the programmes?

3. Why are you having unnecessary Hindi soap and Movie channels? Which viewer group are you targeting for these channels?

4. Without any prior notice, they remove Channels and replace it with some useless channels. Why is this happening to us?

5. In which basis do the relevant officers chose the channels? Are there a vast viwership for Baby TV, ZEE Music etc

6. Disruptions During rainy time, of course I understand it is a technical fault, but in Europe and America, they have found the solution to overcome this situation. The future today….. Shouldn’t you implement it today?

7. Set Plans are convenient and user friendly. Why can’t you introduce some more Plans?

8. Instead of having a number of Hindi Musical channels, why can’t you include regional channels such as SS music….

Before I close, I would not forget that you guys are really doing a great job. The Customer care people are so down to earth and very helpful. I must appreciate the management for providing world class entertainment to our living room. I would be grateful if the Team Dialog can take the pros and cons which I have stated, and do the necessary.


AMD said...

Airtel Corporate Packages

AMD said...

Guys, are there any WIFI enabled places in the Nugegoda / Nawala area ?

AMD said...

AIRTEL coverage map & Data Rates

star said...


I need to by an AMPLIFIER. Can someone suggest a good brand and the agent details?


Transporter said...

@ sTAR: This 4 whaT?

podiman said...

There was lots of testing going on in Dialog tv last evening. Most of the channels were repeating (cinamax, HBO S, HBO F). A new Sri Lankan channel was there no name was mentioned.

star said...


This for my Home Theature System. I have BOSS speakers.

Transporter said...

@ Star:

If it is a BOSS speaker set, Go for pioneer amp.

also u can get the BOSS Hifi amp from singapore through local agents or check in Ebay.

Ebay is very good & usely i am geting all the Techno stuffs through them. u can get it within 8 - 9 working days.

star said...


Thanks for the information.

Who is Ebay? Is it a company? Please give me the details. I will contact them.

Transporter said...

World best & trusted online seller.

for details -

just type the requ'ment in the serch bar.

Note | do not order any heavy items. (eg. tv, Video cam.) coz ur have to pay the custum tax if they ceasz.

AMD said...


Commencing 28th Jan,


star said...


Thanks for the information.

Nokia said...


As I have informed earlier Dialog TV will be increasing the connection fee to 14900/= with the effect of 1st of February.!!! And I hope there will be lot of addition will come up with DTV soon....

Next is IP TV.

And I have purchesed this connection for 17900/=

SP said...

Pls check your DTV chanal line up!!!!!!!!!!!!

nishantha said...

what happen

Nokia said...

@ SP

There is no any change...!!! ??

SP said...

@ Nokia and nishantha,
My Ch line up change. After Ch 36 (Neo cricket) No other chs.( Neo sports to God TV )Ch 37 change to Kalinger and up. no local ch and other chs. Ch 37 to Ch 54 gone.Pls let me know how to re-scan. thanks.

TheXB said...

@ SP

As at the point of writing this message all channels are working fine. How ever when I first switched to Ch 36, it had a screen saying "Program updating. Do not turn off decoder".But few seconds the channels were back online.
What package are you on? Ya might wanna check with DTV bout the matter.

TheXB said...

@ SP

Rescan can be done as follows:

Enter 0000 [unless you have changed it, enter the new code there]> Factory Reset

Hope it works and the channels come back on.

SP said...

Same thing happen to my decoder. After that msg on the screen ch line jump into Ch 1 and 37 to 54 missed.I am on old 1400pkg (1620/= with vat)with new decorder.Any way after re-scan now ok.Thanks for the help.B'cos I am using the decrder in Male'I didn't call to DTV.

podiman said...

What size of a dish are you using in Male for Dialog TV?? Are there any problems with the picture, freezing or pixilation??.

Anuruddha said...

hey guys.... AXN z nt workin ryt..... only color bars r thr :S..... any ideas abt wht happenin thr :)

Raki said...

hey guys;

any idea when WWE Royal Rumble 09 is to be shown in Ten Sports? It was on sunday but was not shown...

Raki said...

I read in some website somewhere that it will be in feb... but when not sure?

also, i lost vh1, star cricket, etc., over the weekend. as suggested above will a re-scan fix it? or have they tried to dupe us again and give the CBN customers less channels again for some reason?

(0:|:0) said...

Is there an issue with 10sports EPG?

it doesn't broadcast whats shown in EPG !!!!

is DTV switching the feed of 10 sports?

Transporter said...

@ Raki:

WWE Royal Rumble'09 last evening telecast (monday early morning -Sri Lankan time) is only for PAY PER VIEW & Ten sports going to telecast the fullpack during the 1st week on Feb.

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

AXN is missing

podiman said...

AXN is back again. What realy happened to AXN for the last 2 days??? Any news from Dialog tv regading the matter??? Hope it is nothing to do with payments.

Raki said...

@ transporter;

thanks for the info sir. will check the tensports web schedule to get the exact date/time

@ all;
AXN came back last evening for me. a re-scan of channels also fixed the missing sports and vh1 channel issue. was up with DTV these days???

SP said...

I am using 90cm dish.All the local Ch have very very little pixlation.All the other ch are v.v.good. But these days CN have little freezing problam. If the sky is clear daytime strength/qualty 60/50. In night St/qu around 68/58.

Nokia said...

Any news on connection fee hike?

Nokia said...

My Swarnawahini channel is not that clear....

I can see two pictures on the channel. Is it same with you guys? Check the Logo of the channel...

podiman said...

Thanks for the information. Are there peoples getting Dish Tv over there in Male?? Are you getting any other packages over there?? Like multichoise and True Vision??

podiman said...

For me Swarnawahini is as usual. There is hardly any change.

SP said...

Yes,there is problam.But now all the lacal chs gone.Only colour bar.
@ podiman
Lots of Maldiven using Dish Tv. They are briging from India and use 120cm dish.Cos local cable operaters little expecive and less chs.But now can see few Airtel dishes also with Airlet sticker.These people not that much interrested other chs they like all Hindi tele dramas and Hindi songs.Big demand for Sony CH and ESPN for foot ball.For other perpes they use internet in the midnight.

podiman said...

OK thanks for the information. If you have ADSL you can have better packages.

Fahim said...

Apparently, Dialog TV expects you to pay for the full month even if you disconnect in the middle of the month. I just called customer service asking to disconnect and they say, "You have to settle your outstanding."

I was like, "OK, so how much is the pro-rated amount up to today?" And they say that they can't pro-rate and that I have to pay upto the 15th of February. I said I wasn't going to pay them at all if that's how they were going to be :)

Fahim said...

@podiman You sent me this info before but I inadvertently deleted the e-mail. Can you please send me the alternative satellite list info and the "ADSL Option" info to fahimf (at) gmail (dot) com?

Thanks in advance :)

Prasanna said...


Don't disconnect your connection. Just wait without paying until they disconnect.

I disconnected my GSM and got billed for two more months after disconnecting. All they said was that there is a issue with their billing system!

This is "Future today"

Nokia said...

Dont wait till they disconnect. You can give your request to disconnect your bill on the very last day of their billing circle. So that you dont have to pay anything additional.

Further if you wait till they disconnect then you are leagally liable to pay the dues.... It's common to all.....

But according to the new agreement DTV is having the right to remove the units upon permanant disconnection. DBL chk on that too...

Fahim said...

Apparently, according to the latest customer support supervisor or whatever that I spoke to, Dialog employees seem to be unable to realize that some people want to permanently disconnect their service. I was told that what I can't get my bill pro-rated if I wanted a temporary disconnect but otherwise, I can write to them and they'll simply process the disconnect.

So sent in a fax asking for the disconnect and waiting to see what happens :)

::DENIZ:: said...



Nokia said...

I found Indi the person who came up to this blog as a Dialog employee and suddenly disapeared....

He is on another blog check out below :)

AMD said...


He already had that blog when he came on this blog. He is the one that gave the link to his blog.

Check out the latest product from DIALOG.


Transporter said...

Banana BOY

Vishwa said...


Yet another Indian Crap

Nokia said...

@ Vishwa
Ya it's ture... They say it's a Simple Plan.... and ppl will get to know on the 1st of April when they increse the call chargers. And They might not increase teh chargers as they didnt get a proper market....

As I have clearly told you DTV prices has gone up today... it's now 14900/=

Vishwa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vishwa said...

The simple reason for my previous comment is; I brought AirTEL Data connection and they told me that it will be activated within 72(??-such a long time) hrs. But it got activated only after 6 days even for that i had to contact CC several times. Every time CC promised me that within 6 hrs it will be activated. but i waited and waited.. finally after 6 days (144 hrs) it was activated. But now i'm having a problem with connecting to internet. for that Airtel respond was CC do not have idea and the technical team will contact within 1/2 hrs. Now i'm waiting 3 days nobody contact me yet. See the AirTEL after sales/customer service. Another thing that i noticed is, when ever i contact CC in the evening i had to wait about 20 min and the same guy was answering! how that can be happened.(the reason may be)
1. They automatically direct me to same guy(??)
2. Or they do not have enough stuff in the CC.

Dimu said...

New changes I have noticed today.

CH 8 replaced bt HBO Hits
CH 9 replaced by HBO Family
CH10 replaced by Cinemax
CH11 replaced by TNL
CH12 replaced by Set Max
CH13 replaced by Zee Cinema
CH14 replaced by Star Vijay
CH16 replaced by CNN
CH18 replaved by New Sinhala Channel (no logo)

samaru said...

ple tell me if u knw how many non-indin feedbacked channels we have on dialog tv, and wht are they? are there channels that both sri lanka and phlippines recieve alike? ( i mean same feedback )and whts this channel called ranaroo? its always colour-boxed..finally do you think dialog will introduce newer channels soon? specially animax? ( so thats a reintroduction )thanks.

ps : Airtel sucks :)

AMD said...

hi guys & samaru

Any of ull using AIRTEL mobile connection pls tell me ur opnion about the service.

LANKA INFO said...

Diaog inter'duces 3G Apple i Phone in Sri Lanka.

Nokia said...

Yea! Refer below for deatails. I thoght that Airtel will come up with Apple i 3G.... But Dialog did it.... See How Simple it is :)

Further the DTV price is now 14900/= Admin: I think we should open a new discusstion on that..

alf said...




Harindu said...

i have a 37" LG lcd tv

when i had the old dtv decoder the quality was good.

But when i got the new decorder at first the quality was same as the previous decoder

But now the quality is horrible

dialog must switch to HD

podiman said...

Did ranroo started there channel from yesterday? Please comment on it.

podiman said...

Ch7 to Ch17 is with test colour bars, Ch18 is giving a Sinhalese channel no name is mentioned on it. It looks like an educational channel. Hope they will come up with some good new channels.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Whats going on!!!".