Friday, November 28, 2008

Dialog to launch Baby TV

According to reports coming in the December programme guide of Dialog TV has Baby TV as now showing. This could mean that Baby TV could be launched during the weekend or on December 1st.
This is a channel that is specially for toddlers.

This channel is expected to be added to the Rs 1949/= package.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


sanjan said...


IPTV said...

SLT Performance....

Sri Lanka Telecom profits fall 31-pct in Sept quarter
Nov 28, 2008 (LBO) – Profits of Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) group, the island's largest fixed access carrier, fell 31 percent to 1,235 million rupees with revenues growing 4 percent to 11,691 million in the quarter ended September 2008.

The stand alone fixed access unit, which excludes the cellular subsidiary Mobitel, saw profits fall 45 percent to 993 million rupees, indicating that the bulk of the balance consolidated profits came from the celco, analysts said.
In the 9-months to September group profits were 4,339 million rupees, flat from 4,335 million rupees in the same period last year, interim accounts filed with the Colombo Stock Exchange showed.

Revenues for the nine months were up 10 percent to 35 billion rupees from 31.9 billion rupees. The firm's top line was hurt by a court order which asked it to reverse a tariff increase.

SLT is an affiliate of Malaysia's UT group, though still majority controlled by the government of Sri Lanka.

SLT said it had invested one billion rupees in Mobitel through 10 rupee 12 percent cumulative preference shares and 500 million rupees through 14 percent preference shares, in the latest accounting period.

SLT had invested 107.9 million rupees in Sky Networks (Pvt) Ltd in which it had a 75 percent shareholding.

Hakim said...

Maybe parents want to read these and get another opinion about BabyTV I've seen some of this on CNN and BBC as well

Anonymous said...

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LANKA INFO said...

Which mobile Operator provides BEST SERVICE in Sri Lanka?

SLP said...


Thanks for the info mate, as i dnt hv a Wired SLT connection, i cannot attend to ADSL, but indeed as you said M3 1.5 is worth against dialog if thats the case,

Thanks again for the information.

IPTV said...


There is a promotion from SLT, You can get ADSL along with the land line for 8000.00 and One of my friend got it in a week. You can try it. But if you want a mobile connection best is to go for M3

Impartial said...

HII dear readers!! i would like to say
few words about dialog TV which i have found to be accurate and needs to be verified.

1) is the Dialog T.V gets disturbed by weather conditions like rain and bad weather...??

2) is dialog TV transmitted Digitally or analog..?

3) also last is it really Satellite
TV. directly to dish from Sat or being transmitted by a main dish to

I hope if the Admin of this blog also can comment and display my message as it is written by me.

LANKA INFO said...

@ Impaetial:

1 - Yes, its n common DTH Problem. however u can minimize this issue using larger dish.

2 - 100% Digital

3 - Yes 100%

The Direct-To-Home (DTH) service is a digital satellite service that provides television services direct to subscribers anywhere in the country. Since it makes use of wireless technology, programs are sent to the subscriber's television direct from the satellite, eliminating the need for cables and any cable infrastructure. This is particularly valuable in remote and difficult to reach areas where cable and in many cases, terrestrial television services are poor or nonexistent.

DTH services also provide the finest of picture and sound quality which is considered to be second to none worldwide. Now surround sound, home theaters, live concerts and daily television programming are all delivered to your home with the same quality as any modern movie theater.

for details:

gama said...

@ lanka info

rain fade is theoritically possible wirh any DTH. but all indian ones are stable when raining. i have big tv and its perfect even with heavy rain. dialog uses very high compression so it fades even when rain is miles away.
dialog is digital but quality wise very poor. this also is because of compression. DTV picture quality is no whwre near indian DTH, and LBN or PEO TV.

TheXB said...

@ gama

Please lemme know where you got the Big TV connection from and how much it costs. Also how is the bill settled (ie online payment or other).
Plus I would also like to know if the 12 English Movie Cinema Channels on Big TV is better than HBO Package.

Thanking you in advance.

gama said...

i got 1 year active package. (full)
but for english movies we have to pay seperately. hindi movies are activated for full pack.
dont have to pay anything for 1 year. after that 350 indian rupees for full pack monthly. can pay with smart cards

podiman said...

Please send your e-mail address.

Fahim said...

@podiman, can you please send me the details as well?
fahimf (at) gmail (dot) com

IPTV said...

TV producer says Dialog TV ran tele-drama without permission

By Natasha Gunaratne
A Sri Lankan television producer and actor has filed an intellectual property rights case against a television station airing his teledrama without proper licensing and violating the Intellectual Property Act and is asking for Rs.3.5 million as compensation.

The plaintiff, Glenroy Anthony Soysa, more popularly known as Tony Soysa, filed his case in the High Court of the Western Province against Dialog Television (Pvt) LTD and Onair World Ceylon (Private) Ltd.
According to court documents, Mr. Soysa spent Rs.1.3 million of his own money in funding the entire production of a teledrama called 'Bambara Asapuwa'.

The Plaintiff stated that the teledrama constitutes an 'audiovisual work' in terms of the Intellectual Property Act No. 36 of 2003 and the ownership of the economic rights, including the broadcasting rights, in respect of the said teledrama, are vested in the Plaintiff as the Producer thereof, as specifically provided for in Section 14(5) of the said Act, and as such, the Plaintiff's said right(s) in the teledrama "Bambara Asapuwa", are protected under the said Act.

In or around January 1993, the Plaintiff entered into an agreement with the owners/operators of MTV television channel in Sri Lanka, which is part of the Maharaja Organization, in order to license, inter alia, the broadcasting/telecasting rights in respect of the said teledrama to the owners/operators of the said MTV channel for a period of two years at the rate of Rs. 55,000 per episode. Upon the expiry of the two-year period, the master tapes of the teledrama were returned to the plaintiff by MTV.

The Plaintiff states that thereafter, he has not licensed and/or assigned and/or transferred and/or alienated the copyright and/or economic rights in respect of the said teledrama in any manner, to any other person up to date but that the master tapes were given to the stations by the person he had entrusted to safeguard them.

Is this having an effect on future programes?

larukh said...

@ gama

please send me details on how to get BIGTV (or AIRTEL DigitalTV)full package here in Sri Lanka to pay the monthly rental via internet (not from satlanka)... my email adrs is

Harindu said...

What is Ranaroo in DTV, never seen it cos it's always scrambled, anyone seen it?

Kalaginar at first was able to watch but now it's scrambled, anyone can see it?

Dimu said...

Ranaroo is a channel for Military families. It will not be able to view by others.

don said...

has dialog tv gone back to nick indian feed. any comments.

TheXB said...

@ podiman

@ gama

Thanks for the info. Whats the initial amount though for connection?

gama said...

@ TheXB

podiman said...

Today is 1st December, is there any news about this new Channel BABY TV??

Nokia said...

Channel is not yet there on DTV??

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Baby TV launched".