Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby TV launched

We have just received information that Baby TV a channel that caters to the infants and parents has been launched on Dialog TV. This is the first ever channel in Sri Lanka that is focused on infants and parents. This channel has been auto activated for the Rs 1949/= package.

Given below is some description of this channel. Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


podiman said...

Yes BABY TV is on.

Nokia said...

Channel is there on the channel list.... :)

LANKA INFO said...

Which mobile Operator provides BEST SERVICE in Sri Lanka?

MW said...

is it available for old cbn premium pks too ????

Nokia said...

@ MW
I dont think that they add nwe channels to old Packgs. You have to be a Premium on new pkgs to be eligible for upcoming channels.

Anyone think this is the time to shift in to 1949/=

Dimu said...


on 27th November in your blog you said "New TV channel launched" (

But upto today it is still no channel is launched.

Why you give false information?

Foxhound said...

Yeah Wooh! Oh wait what am I gonna do with Baby TV?

LANKA INFO said...

@ Dimu,

Pls refer the below link for details & specialy in my post i hav higlited that the source from Dialy news. as everyone knws frm da begining i am giving the 100% information ir the source to the web hunters.

Which mobile Operator provides BEST SERVICE in Sri Lanka?

Radikal Zee said...

@lanka info
that doesnt mean that u can publish every piece of shit you can find from any source withpout verifying them if you want ur blog to be trusted. lame!

LANKA INFO said...

com'on... i do, since this i got it frm Daily news ive put it derectly.

Nokia said...

Saw babyTV @ my cussin's place. I dont see a reson to upgrade my PKG only because of UTV channels and Baby TV....
This channel is good for kindergarden teachers. And daycare centres. But I think it's a good move by Dialog TV.

Now they have to think of new genaration in adding new channels... :)

Nokia said...

Yes you are correct Radio1 is the latest radio Channel in the Island :) Thanks for the info.

dialog tv mf said...

hey ya

dialog tv mf said...

i'm waiting till the launch
"Babe TV"

oh yah

lokulamaya said...

This time i got only the programme guide, seems they have forgotten to to send the november bill. May be i do not watch baby tv i have only naaki tv.

Any one got november bill ?

Deshal said...

Well, baby TV is nice. I might enjoy it from time to time. But I think DTV is not moving fast enough to protect their market share against the incoming competition.

Out of the recently introduced channels, UTV world movies is good. Baby TV, well, is not for me. UTV hindi is crap. Even UTV world movies is INFESTED with adverts.

So I am still waiting for DTV to do its part as I have done my part by upgrading the DTV to 2200/-.

Let's see what the capable management of DTV does next.

Deshal said...

By the way, can someone please enlighten me...for card sharing technology, is ADSL a must?

Can't like Wimax (wireless broadband) work?

Looser said...

Any type of Internet connection is ok for Card sharing.

Rukmal said...

Check this Out..

LANKA INFO said...

Dialog’s Hans named Sri Lankan of the Year

AMD said...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dialog’s Hans named Sri Lankan of the Year

Dialog Telekom Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Telecom Malaysia Chief Operating Officer Hans Wijayasuriya was awarded the “Sri Lankan of the Year” title by LMD for his contribution in the past for enabling Sri Lanka to leap into an ICT driven economy and opening up more opportunities on the global map.

Here Dr. Hans (left) receiving the title from last year’s Sri Lankan of the Year COPE Chairman Wijedasa Rajapakse. Pic by Rukshan Abeywansa.

Source: The Bottomline Sri Lanka.

Dulith said...

Either LMD is trying to attract more advertisements or trying to return a favour.How come Hans become the Sri Lankan of year in 2008 when Dialog hasn't done anything special this year.If it was one of the previous years where Dialog achieved good profits I would have understood.

Is Hans better than Sarath Fonseka?
Who has done the better service for his country in 2008?

I have nothing against Hans but naming him ahead of people like Sarath Fonseka is pure bull crap.

Deshal said...


Thanks very much. I didn't know that.

Rukmal said...

New electricity billing format

indi said...

Dr. Hans is a good man and he's done a lot for Sri Lanka. 5 million people are connected and he's delivered 3G, Satellite TV, WiMax and more to the country. Plus made a Sri Lankan business that's respected all over the world.

I'd say he totally deserves it.

Transporter said...

respect the man... any way my best wishes to Dr.Hans

AMD said...


If u think Dialog Telekom is a STALE company, then my friend u dont know a thing about business. FOr your info, many companies in Sri Lanka are not doing well due to the current economic situation. Even Mobitel, has reported losses. May top companies are sending some of their top managers away cuz they cant afford to pay their salaries.

LMD is a business magazine & many politicians & people from various fields have been Sri Lankan of the year in the past.

War heroes deserve our respect & honour. But can they be nominated for Sri Lankan of the year ??? In that case every year the soldiers & the army commander will be Sri Lankans of the year !!!!
Get your facts straight!!

Transporter said...

@ AMD,

Tks for the info & pls find the LMD Sri Lankan of the year from 1995 below.

2003 - K. N. CHOKSY

Nokia said...

And in 2009 Will DTV add more channles to Value our money?

Even before 2008 ends... Time is counting...!!

Lets talk Dialog TV :)

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Congratulation Dr. Hans".