Friday, August 15, 2008

Dialog TV to go MPEG4 from September

Letters are being received by Dialog TV subscribers about the FREE installation of MPEG4 Decoder boxes that will be carried out during the latter part of August 08. According to the letter subscribers are to inform Dialog TV before 25th Aug 08 with a convenient date and time for installation.

Only subscribers with the premium channels such as the HBO channels and Star Movies are being informed at present since according to the letter all HBO channels & Star Movies will convert to MPEG4 from September 1st and cannot be viewed using the old decoder. All packages which include these channels will get the new decoder but we are not sure of what will happen to people with SET plans that include these channels.

The letter also goes on to state that new channels such as Baby TV, Channel News Asia & E will commence from mid september. There is also information coming in about an IRD upgrade that took place over the last few days. It seems that the upgrade has changed the startup screen and the password.

With the MPEG4 conversion we hope that the pixelation problems on HBO channels will get sorted out and inevitably all the Dialog TV decoders will have to be replaced since as time progresses they will move the other channels also to MPEG4 platform. The new decoder would be backward compatible enabling it to receive MPEG2 & MPEG4 channels.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Lasith said...

Can any1 tell me what's the meaning of "OTA Download" in dtv menu?

MW said...

I didn't get letter from them yet. when i called asked about this they said they r giving decoders for premium A/c holders.

DnT said...

OTA Download means "Over The Air" some network oprators do the this kind of network and decoder upgrades. Some kind of program run thought network and update the NMS,SMS, CAS and SI.

DnT said...

In this OTA case u do not need to take your decoder to the operator for new upgrated versions.

DnT said...

MV will lunch again in near future with new name!!

Dulith said...

Can anybody with the previous 1400 package confirm whether they have received the letter?

DnT said...

On the otherhand DTT network operators Using DVB-SSU on OTA.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"Can anybody with the previous 1400 package confirm whether they have received the letter?"

I have that package and i havent received such a letter yet.

donald gaminitillake said...

I am one with the CBN group
No letter yet
Aug 15

cbnsatcustomer said...

I have cbnsat 1400 package and I have not received a letter yet.


I have cbnsat 1400 package and I have not received a letter yet.(16/08/08)

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Yesterday I got a letter from Dialog TV
(Today morning my sister gave the letter
To me) asking me to give a call to
Dialog TV before 25th to arrange
A date & time for the MPEG 4
Set top box free installation.

I am using a premium account.

A Good Business practice
From Dialog TV.

HBO Channels & Star Movies
Cannot be viewed with out
The new box office.
From September 1.

Then other customers what
Will do to watch HBO Channels
& Star Movies?

donald gaminitillake said...

I called Dialog
They said that until I receive the letter they cannot give any assistance

I asked why?

They need my signature on that letter!!!

May be a new contract with new fees!!!

God knows

Harindu said...

What is E channel?

donald gaminitillake said...

Do you mean above?

sonik said...

im also with the 1400 package. no letter yet...

sonik said...

As for E!... heres the website...

Thanura said...

I have the 1400 package,,,
NO LETTER for me too.........

Totally unfair on some customers. is it legal ? wat they r doin now..
(coz the've agreed to give us those channels for 1400/-)

Harindu said...

I also have the Full package with HBO but no letter yet.

Star Moives RULES!

Back to back to back: Die Hard 4 Ever. Non-Stop on 31st

Die Hard 1
Die Hard 2
Die Hard 3
Die Hard 4

Nokia said...

Hi Guys, nothing to woory about MPEG4 Decorders... As long as you are on HBO Channells you can get your decorder changed to new MPEG4. After 22nd August you can call and request for the decorder chanages or you can simply visit any of teh Dialog Telekom outlets and register for the decorder.
You will have to sign a decorder change form. Maybe with some contract involve on it.

Check before you sign and keep the group updated

nishantha said...

Im also in the old 1400 pkg. last friday called to the c-care and they told me that I will recive a letter and I have to sign on it and handover to the person who do the restore. But I didnt mention about my package.

I think They send printed pg only for premium holders. Iam one of them.

we will wait and see

LANKA INFO said...

Full Pkg & 1400 Pkg customers are eligible for thins upgrading. letters already posted. so nothing to worry.

yakuza said...

mpeg 4, mpeg 5 ....who cares anymore. they can't even f***in show the olympics

Radikal Zee said...

true..sri lanka's so called best satellite tv provider dont have the spine to get a FTA channel like DD sports and show olympics..
bunch of losers trying to rack up the number of subscribers by promising unwanted stuff than addressing the wanted issues.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

I gave a date & time to Dialog TV
To fix the MPEG 4 Box.
Let’s hope MPEG 4 will solve all
The problems in Dialog TV.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

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donald gaminitillake said...

I received the letter 730am
Called the center
Then they check your personal details and give a registration number.

That is all they know.
I told them that the decoder is in my room and always under lock unless I am there.

Either they will have to come when I am there or leave the new decoder and go. I can fix it my self.

Also I told them that I will remove the older one and leave it outside for removal.

The answer was "I do not know"
Technical guys will call me.

yakuza said...

maybe you guys already knew but i just found out zee sports is showing the cricket match if you don't have ten sports. but in hindi.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the post titled "New Decoder for all Premium Packages".