Friday, August 8, 2008

Dialog TV testing Kalaignar TV

According to reports coming in it seems that Kalaignar TV is being tested. At present the channel is said to be available on CH3 of TP4 but other information suggests that it may replace "TBO" temporarily. Kalaignar TV is a Tamil Language TV channel and with few more tamil channels slated to come on air, it seems that Dialog is now gearing up to tap a market that they have not tapped successfully so far.

With no other new channel introduced it seems that viewers will have to depend on Rupavahini/Channel Eye to watch Beijing 2008 Games that are beginning today.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Kalaignar TV Website :


Rukmal said...

What is the size of the Qestionaire paper the admin uploaded?

Full one A4 or 2 A4's ?

Priyantha said...

I think this channels are best

BBC Entertainment
AXN Byone
Sony Pix
DD Sports
Chanel V
Fashion TV
Sun TV
Nick Asian Feet

Priyantha said...

Dialog Tv not adding new channels. They are doing only replacement.If they are not improve their Channel line up most custermers will going Dish tv or TaTa Sky Or IPTV.

lanka707 said...

I think only three TP enough to get good market in sri lanka. Because in current channel list there are lot of useless channels. specially hindi channels. This causes increasing cost of running dialog tv and decreasing customers. I think this is the time Dialog Tv to rank the current channels by taking opinion from their customers and replacing low rank channels with good new channels.

star said...

BIG TV will start its DTH operation on 15th Aug 2008 with over 250 channels.

Who is the Sri Lankan agent for BIG TV

Priyantha said...

Dialog have to get DD sports, Then We can See the Olympics.DD sports is Low cost Channel in India. Why they didn't get it?

LANKA INFO said...

Kalaignar TV now on Dialog TV

yakuza said...

dialog's "The future today" should be changed

"The future 2012 London olympics"

Dimu said...

At the moment (21.45 Sri Lankan time) Dialog TV is testing NDTV 24x7 (on CH 3) & Kalaignar TV (on CH1)

Rukmal said...

What is the size of the Qestionaire paper?

Full one A4 or 2 A4's ?

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Future Tamil TV Channels
Of Dialog TV.


Best Tamil Entertainment
On Dialog TV.

Coming Soon

Priyantha said...

I think Dialog Should Replace TBO Channel.Why they cant add Sun tv????????????????????????

SP said...
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SP said...

@ star, How do you know that BIG TV starting from 15th Aug. 2008.(but I don't think)

I don't think there are any legal dealers in Sri Lanka. B'cose still they did't publish their dealers in India even.Though I lose Rs: 12500 I am waiting for BIG TV to say bye to DTV.

Priyantha said...

I think Dialog have to Replace HBO HITS,HBO FAMILY,CENE MAX and TBO,Star Vijay,HBO Signature,Nickelodeon, and ADD AXN Beyond,Sony Pix,Sun Tv,Sun Music,Channel V,Sky News,Fox Crime and DD sports.

yakuza said...

rupavahini olympic coverage sucks.

disgusted about the service of dtv.

more than 4 billion viewers watched the olympic ceremony and games but we are stuck with glimpse of events without any proper coordination on local channel.

makes me sick when i think that i pay dialog when they can't even bring the worlds largest sporting event in their lineup. disgusting

yakuza said...

@rukmal and other about the questionaire

friendly suggestion,
dont waste your time filling qestionaire for dialog. they are just trying to keep us interested, and convince that they care about customers opinions because their afraid that they will loose their customer base.

this is a well known method used by many firms

star said...

@ ILHAM - The Boss

It is very good tamil channel list. If they add JAYA MAX & WIN TV then each & every tamil person will go for DTV.

Hope, they add those channels soon.

star said...


please check the Another Source of info

Rcom to launch DTH services from Aug 15

Cable and DTH viewers are set to get a wider choice, with Anil Ambani Group firm Reliance Communications expected to start nationwide commercial operations of its DTH service from August 15.

'Big Digital TV DTH', a subsidiary of Rcom, is betting big on the huge potential of home entertainment in the Indian households.

It is estimated that India has over 124 million TV households, with roughly 80 million using the conventional cable delivery platform.

DTH operators in the country, Tata Sky, DishTV and Sun are estimated to have a user base of around 7-8 million.

Big Digital TV DTH would announce its tariff plans in the next few days before the launch of services, sources close to the development said.

Sources, however, said Big Digital TV DTH would unleash an aggressive launch plan with an aim to become the largest DTH operator in the country in the first year of operation.

The company is believed to have placed order for 5 million Set Top Boxes with Korean and Taiwanese vendors to meet its requirements in the first year, they said, adding Big Digital TV is targetting to capture a substantial share of the DTH market that is projected to cross 25-million user base in the next three years.

The company has already completed trial runs across 2,400 towns and the service is currently available for customers of other Reliance ADAG group companies for Rs 1,000.

star said...


One more confirmation from the following link:

LANKA INFO said...

@ Star,

WIN is No1 Crap.

SUN TV - Very Good Entertainment
KTV - Very Good Movie Channel
SUN MUSIC - Very Good Music Channel
SUN NEWS - Not Sutable for Sri Lankan Tamils
CHUTTI TV - Good channel for kids
ISAI ARUVI - Very Good Music Channel
JAYA TV - Very Good Entertainment
RAJ TV - Very Good Entertainment
RAJ DIGITAL PLUS - Very Good Movie Channel
RAJ MUSIC- Very Good Music Channel
RAJ NEWS - Not Sutable for Sri Lankan Tamils

If thease channels availble on Dialog, defa.. dialog can reach an other 150,000 Cx's withen this year.

september mid we can expect min of 12 channels.

Hope for the best... cheers...

neilw said...

I will NOT recommend DTV to anybody from now on !

Lasantha said...

Is there a Big TV agent available in Sri Lanka?

Today, I contacted Satlanka guys, They ask me Rs. 35,000 for Big TV installation and Rs. 1,500 monthly rental.

I think this is worth than DTV in term of contents.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Hi Guys
Reliance BIG TV Information.
Reliance BIG TV Available in Sri Lanka.
Reliance BIG TV Agent – Sat Lanka (pvt) Ltd
BIG TV Networks, A Direct to Home (DTH) arm of the Reliance Telecom, has announced on Friday that it will start its BIG TV DTH operation on 15th Aug 2008 with over 250 TV channels.
BIG TV will launch Special Packages.
Special Packages include 250 TV Channels Specific to each Language (English, Tamil, Hindi, Other) Latest BIG TV MPEG 4 Set Top Box, Dish, LNB now Available. BIG TV DTH is also the Second Platform in India which provides with the latest MPEG 4 technology.
BIG TV also provides in addition to regular audio/video outputs, digital optical audio outputs for crystal clear audio quality and component video output to get the best picture quality for plasma, LCD and other high-end televisions.

star said...

What is the diffenence between PLASMA TV & LCD TV?

Which one is better?

SONY brand will you get the PLASMA TV?

yakuza said...


1. better viewing angles
2. cheaper

1. higher resolution
2. light weight
3. durable than plasma.(says that plasma will loose brightness over time)

MW said...

To Anybody who is planing buy Sony LCDs!
Pls Dont go for Sony LCD! Its a complete mess. I bought 32 inch S Grade LCD last week from Siedles! just to fed up myself watching TV.
Clarity is very very poor. i had a viewing distance of abt 12 feet but still picture are very blurred.
i had a normal CRT TV up to this one Its a complete headache now ! what to do!



Lisura said...

DD Sports is Free-to-Air (FTA)

You can buy the full system (ku band receiver+LNB+dish) for rs. 8500 from petteh !

LANKA INFO said...

@ MW,
If ur using a LCD TV, u have to do some adjustment in order to get the DVD quality Picture. (Only for Cable/DTH).

If u doesn’t know the setting, u can ask the DTH provider to send the Team to ur place.

JfK said...

If DTV wants to get more subscribers they should get rid of this Indian feed and get an Asian feed which the programmers are on English. Otherwise getting new subscribers will be difficult, they just passed the 100000 mark with the greatest difficulty last June. cause if some new operator offers me English language channels unlike the crap DTV offers I'll get it tomorrow

Lasith said...

Whats meaning of OTA Download in dtv menu? Can anyone tell me about it.

DnT said...

There will be a new pay Tv company in future.....!

ILHAM - The Boss said...

SLT IPTV Facing a Major
Technical Problem.

Rajeev said...

hey guys, does anyone know a website where we can watch the olympics live??

Harindu said...

Yesterday while i was watching DTV suddenly the screen went black and showed 'Begin force to download', then the screen went black and some freaky numbers stated going on the Decoder. After a few minutes all came back to normal.

What was that? does any one know?

SLP said...


Yesterday around 9PM there was a System upgrade on the DTV Platform.
As to the information that i have, The IRD upgrade began on 8.5x PM.
This was sorted after some time and all the helpdesk lines are dead on this moment.
After this SW upgrade, now we receive further window on the I (Info) button in the Remote control as to the level of experience and the Programe group is now listed to 16 Channels per page in the new Dialog Tv Decorders (Not MP4).
IRD upgrade is made available on this period and last software upgrade is displayed as 08/11/08 in my decoder.
if you have further information on this regard, please post on blog.
however i still blame to DTV since they even do not maintain their messaging scheme and customers may have to be noted beforehand.

rupavahini said...

Mr. Rajeev
can watch the olympics live mulltychoice package

Priyantha De Silva said...

I didn't turn on DTV last night at 9.In the morning when it turned on, RED light was on. After the call for the CC , all the wires unplug from the decoder to there advice and turned on for an hour without signals.

Then I've received a call from CC, with that call DTV's been back.

They said when they doing the IRD Upgrade , my decoder was turned off, then all the customers who have this problem , must call the Customer Care to do it manually.


Why DTV still can't send a Electronic mail to the inbox of DTV Decoder as CBN used to. If so we never want to waste our time with calling DTV C.C.


The only Satellite TV , in the world without a special channel like DDTV , to the Olympic. Others ask us how you watch Olympic, say via SLRC's channels.

They are laughing at us , because of you.

It's better to be late THAN NEVER.

Still DTV can line up a channel like DDSports, to the Olympic. Then we can somewhat proud of having DTV.


igot acall from IPTV saying that they are giving 14 day trial test 4 me from next week, did any of u got a call fromIPTV

yakuza said...


agree. it is pathetic when people ask why we are watching olympic on channel eye. chater

Vishwa said...

for detailes about FTA olimpic feed
log on to satlk

LankaMedia said...

Sri Lanka’s first ever satellite tv forum launched. Is the Sri Lanka’s
first ever satellite forum that is dedicated for satellite tv lovers in Sri

If you are person who interested to know more about satellite tv then is the right place.

JfK said...

Guys/Gals do you know the best joke about DTV. Some of us might be paying 1700 to 2200 to watch all the sports channels or around 1000 rupees. But to watch the Olympics who do we have to turn to it's CHANNEL EYE. Millions of srilankan's watch it for free and we pay so much and don't get to see the Olympics on DTV's much hyped sports channels. wonder who's having the last laugh


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podiman said...

Dialog tv took out zone realty from the channel list saying that asian feed is no more. Tatasky is still having this channel. What is up??

ILHAM - The Boss said...

A New Cable TV company requested
A Cable TV License from Media
Ministry of Sri Lanka.

Any one know about this company?

chaminda jayanatha said...

new channel waiting .............

cbnsatcustomer said...

Sri Lanka Dialog June quarter profits down 78%

Aug 13, 2008 (LBO) - Profits at Sri Lanka's Dialog Telekom group, a unit of Telekom Malaysia, fell 78 percent in the June 2008 quarter to 537 million rupees, according to interim accounts filed with Colombo Stock Exchange.
Group revenues in the June quarter grew 13 percent to 9.2 billion rupees, with the core mobile unit seeing 4.8 percent revenue growth to 8.3 billion rupees amid price cuts.

Dialog said customer spending was hit by inflation and its own costs rose 28 percent in the past year.

Energy costs grew 46 percent, network cost rose 49 percent and depreciation 62 percent while the company continued to invest in infrastructure.

Its customers had grown 31 percent to 4.8 million in the past year. Pre-paid customers increased 34 percent to 4.2 million, while post paid customers grew 14 percent to 590,000.

Dialog Broadband Networks (DBN) had acquired 112,000 fixed subscribers while its new WiMax service had brought in 1,500 customers.

The unit had earned revenues of 1.1 billion rupees in the six months to June (645 million rupees in the June quarter) which was a 181 percent gain over the same period last year. But the unit had lost 291 million rupees.

"DBN’s recently commercialised fixed telephony and broadband services have received strong consumer acceptance emphasising the growing potential to eclipse capacity building costs through aggressive revenue growth," the company said in a statement.

Meanwhile Dialog TV had acquired 112,000 subscribers and earned revenues of 787 million rupees for the first six months (451 million rupees for the June quarter) up 176 percent over the first half of last year.

The unit had lost 196.4 million for the six months, down from 349 million rupees for the same period last year.

Subscribers had grown 276 percent over the past year and 32 percent against the previous quarter.

Dialog says an under-penetrated pay TV market gives room for further expansion.

ILHAM - The Boss said...


Pakistan's Communication Satellite

Pakistan's Paksat-1 was originally known as Palapa-C1.
It was launched by Hughes Space and Communications.

Paksat-1 acquired by Pakistan from
Hughes Space and Communications
On "Full Time Leasing” and relocated
To Pakistan's reserved slot at 38 Degree.

The satellite is in position at the Pakistani licensed
Orbital location, 38° east longitude.
Paksat 1 is operational and is ready to offer services.

Paksat 1’s 30 C-band transponders and 4 Ku-band transponders
Provide the total range of satellite communications capabilities.
The satellite is in a geostationary orbit at 38° East Longitude,
And carries high power payloads in both bands.

Any one know about Sri Lanka’s
Communication Satellite Prgram ?

Harindu said...

VH1 as turned into VH1 India Rules and only indian music.

What's wrong with Dialog?

We gotta put a STOP to this indian ones.

Radikal Zee said..., if this is true then i'm gonna give up dialog. No international music channel at all. this sucks big time.

CSS said...

I got a letter from DTV today, asking me to give a call (before 25th Aug)to arrange a date & time for the FREE installation of the MPEG4 set top box.

I only got one letter for my premium account and not for the 100/= second account. It says HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Hits, HBO Family & Star Movies cannot be viewed without the new box from sep 1st.

So, may be the accounts without these channels are not been given new STBs (at least for present).

It further says they will be introducing some new channels (Baby TV, Channel news Asia and E! will commence from mid september.

sonik said...

did anyone do the IRD upgrade recently? theres nothing new about it, except for a new startup screen and a PASSWORD CHANGE!!!

I cannot scan channels anymore. anyone knows what the password is?

Lasith said...

Can any1 tell me what's the meaning of "OTA Download" in dtv menu?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under new post titled "Dialog TV to go MPEG4 from September".