Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dialog TV new channels and questionnaire

It seems that the launch of the Dialog TV 4th Transponder will take place somewhere close to or in September 08 since we have obtained confirmation about the launch of UTV Movies & UTV World Movies channel on Dialog TV. The two channels are set to be launched in September 08 according to The Hindu Business Line in an article titled "UTV taking 2 movie channels to Sri Lanka".

On other information we are attaching a JPG image of the questionnaire sent by Dialog TV to its subscribers. We hope that Dialog TV will get this sent to all their subscribers during the course of next week. Some subscribers who have not received this questionnaire by post are planning to print the image, fill it and post it back to Dialog TV. We encourage all subscribers to fill this questionnaire since it will help in getting their views across.

The Olympic opening ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow and there is no indication that it will be available via Dialog TV but subscribers are waiting for a pay channel on Dialog TV that will show all the games.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.UTV Movies :
UTV World Movies :


ILHAM - The Boss said...

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Opening Ceremony Live Telecast
Tomorrow in Rupavahini &
Channel Eye.

Rupavahini – 5.10 pm
Channel Eye – 6.00 pm

Rupavahini & Channel Eye Available
In Dialog TV.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Welcome UTV Movies & UTV World Movies to Dialog TV

Lasith said...

What are the packages that UTV take place?

yakuza said...

wow. whats up?
commenting from free internet access point in the singapore air port. have been out of the country for about a month.

looks like there is lot to catch up

yakuza said...

hot american chick in front. wow

ohh wait, there is two of them now

goood god!!!!

yakuza said...

ok. see ya later.

bye bye.

Radikal Zee said...

u dont have to show-off dat ur in s'pore. sick kiddo...

yakuza said...

common dude. having some fun.

ok goin after brazillian chik see ya later.

bye any way.

LANKA INFO said...

Kalaignar TV on Dialog TV from Tomorrow


no new channel as at5:25am (08/08/08)

JfK said...

I only hope this new channels are not in Hindi

ILHAM - The Boss said...


Voice – Data – Broadband – Internet –
Email – Multimedia Services on a
Single wireline Connection.

SLT Megaline comprises of four
Bronze Package.
Silver Package.
Gold Package.
Platinum Package.

Coming Soon

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Kalaignar TV on Dialog TV from Tomorrow.

Kalaignar TV to Replace TBO (TAMIL BOX OFFICE) Temporally from Tomorrow.

MW said...

2day is 8th ! no program guide book received yet ! i am at Kandana.
Let a long printed Guides they haven't even updated EPG properly for all channels yet.

No wonder all r Sri Lankans !!!

lanka707 said...

Kalaignar TV now on air - CH3 - TP4

freedude said...

Up coming english channels on TP4 will be free for all 2241(with vat) subscribers and other package holders will have to pay extra to get these channels.

yakuza said...

watch olympic on channel eye???

are you kidding me?

with sri lanka vs. india cricket series on the way and other crap programs that follow!!!!

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Dialog TV testing Kalaignar TV".