Monday, November 26, 2007

SET SAB taken off air

A few days ago Dialog TV removed SET SAB from their lineup and have renamed the channel as "Test" and subsequently scrambled it. We are unable to speculate on the channel that will replace SET SAB but it looks like Dialog TV are testing the replacement or are planning to test it soon.

Subscribers have been extremely unhappy ever since Animax was dropped and SET SAB was reintroduced to the lineup. Finally Dialog TV have taken steps to get rid of this run of the mill channel. We hope that the replacement would be a channel such as Disney Channel which would be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

In other news the National Geographic Channel EPG is not available and the BBC World EPG is wrong by half an hour. We hope that steps are taken to rectify the situation asap. Steps should also be taken to distribute the December Programme guide during this week before the month of December begins and steps should also be taken to make sure that the December EPG on all channels is accurate.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Looser said...

EPG on Zee Studio also has some problems. Don't who's falt but sometimes movie names are wrong and sometimes its ok.

HBO channels got blackouts manytimes

riky said...

Citi Hitz is going to be the replacement.

AMD said...

Hey welcome back riky, tks for confiriming the info.

janaka said...

Not only SET SAB, even the other hindi junk like SET, ZeeTV. ZeeMusic and STAR PLUS can be removed to make room for new channels.

Also replacing MTV with a MTV English version is welcome

LANKA INFO said...

Guys pls refer my prvs topic comment on November 22, 2007 2:15 PM.

nishantha said...

Whole Story
As I think

On last june 2005 one person, his name was Muhunthan Kanage. Built a house in kotahena with the support of terrorist (as goventment said).

As a result of some misleading henchman in Mr. Rajapaksha Gov he had to auction his house in petta pavment.

Kanage's House shutdown for 6 months. One greedy Eagle (Dialog) fly over this lonely house and put a 635 million Rupee offer for the house.

Finaly, greedy Eagle got the chance to enter the house. In couple of days he got married with another Eagle (Assetmedia) In short of time (two weeks) they had a child 'Dialog tv'

Two months After This married greedy Eagle divorce his betterhalf keeping the full Authority of their child with him.

Now One year Later. This Child grew up more than they expect And also whole subscribers. Now Only Parliment ministers, drug (both kudu and medicine) dealers, Gem Businesmans, Club owners can watch him.

Birthday Boy (on Dec 1st)

as a old subscribers We are still watching on you.

Take the right road. your father born in another country (malaysia) but you born in a our country (Sri Lanka). we will take care you as our child.


Yuktiya said...

Dialog’s current situation in terms of business point view the strategy is not working for them. Projected over 100000 customers by end of this year and End of November have around 42000 customers including CBN sat customers. After all having a package less then 100 rupees & so called set plans which not effectively contributing for the growth.
Had the opportunity to read some comments by their CEO in Business Today they rightly mentioning hoe KIT market was developed in this country & immediately increases the exciting staff salaries by more the 40 percent. But have they really taken any corrective steps to get more customers & for the value for the money is doubtful. Nevertheless we don’t have any option to live the situation. As Nisantha correctly said, we are watching them…………………

yakuza said...

constant problems in zee studios

voice and video do not coordinate properly from sometime. anyone noticed that?

LANKA INFO said...


AMD said...

the same problem was there with ZEE CAFE TOO

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "First Sinhala Language Pay television channel?".


NadineYunoki said...

Ohh please continue animax once again. We're missing all our favourite programmes...We realy miss Animax a lot.