Friday, November 30, 2007

First Sinhala Language Pay television channel?

The replacement for SET SAB on Dialog TV is expected to launch soon. For almost a week the channel space occupying SET SAB has been scrambled and marked as "Test" and from yesterday the EPG on that location has been activated and it is displaying names of Sinhala Language programmes/movies.

We believe that the channel known as "Citi Hitz" will be the replacement. This may be the first pay television Sinhala Language channel in Sri Lanka. Anyone with more information regarding this channel such as the launch date and type of programmes expected, etc is welcome to comment.

In other news it seems that all transponder levels have been stabilized however at certain times their is no synchronization between the audio and video on some channels.

We hope that the December programme guide will be received soon by subscribers and also the December EPG will be updated soon and accurately by Dialog TV.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


AMD said...

I received my guide by courier last Saturday.

Tomorrow at 5.30 pm, Miss world LIVE from China on Star world

yakuza said...


yakuza said...

no programme guide for me yet

yakuza said...

anyone knows what time zee sports show ICL matches.

i think marvan is playing today

AMD said...


Todays match at 5pm

rajeev_e_tech said...

Not only DTV has the audio and video sync problem, as i have a dish tv connection in that NAT GEO dosen't sync at all, for the past 1month i have seen this probelm in my connection does any one have dish tv connection and has the same probelm.

yakuza said...


no problem with natgeo on dtv.

rupavahini said...

Radio channels not coming DTV

sahan said...


how can i watch dialogtv in two televisions? i also have an old cbn sat decorder.. how to configure that to watch DTV in the tv located in my room with same account?


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

is it just me or are the EPGs dead?

LANKA INFO said...

EPG is not aval'ble till tomorrow.

yakuza said...

epg is stuck since yesterday

no program guide either

but still get the constant reminder to pay bill. (irony)

yakuza said...

hi guys

any of you use slt ADSL 1000/= package.

is the usage meter on the slt site working for december ?

yakuza said...

someone confirm

dtv blackout for me at 10 am

yakuza said...

ok working again


Rukmal said...

Off the Topic

But worth to c...

Rukmal said...


You can use the decoders RF out.
Use a normal Antenna cable and connect it to ur room TV. Tune for the channel you set from the decoder for UHF.

Other method is

Just connect the RF out to ur normal antenna wire using a "T" connector and tune the TV

Hope this will help you..

alf said...




Priyantha De Silva said...

Now all of you can share my Monthly Satellite TV guide via below links,

The Link 01,

The linka 02

yakuza said...


good work man

Looser said...

Thank you Priyantha you are doing a great job

LANKA INFO said...

Dear everyone…
More surprises coming from DTV very soon…
:: Already DTV have enhanced the Video quality. (DVD Quality & max delay 8 – 10sec).
:: EPG available for most of the channels.

:: As you know TP4 waiting for you for the past 3 month with 18 channels…
:: CITI HITZ local HBO coming on before 2nd January.
:: SRTV going to replaced with a new Tamil Channel. (20th December)
:: …..& much more….

TechnoGuy said...

Picture quality is a bit better now on TP1. TP2 and TP3 have not much difference.

KFC Rajagiriya (actually Kotte) has got Dialog TV with the new Decoder (DVD-like slim) and also a larger Dish.
The picture quality looked pretty good on their LCD screens, so I wonder if the larger Dish is improving signal quality. Or possibly the Decoder is improved.
They were showing TEN Sports and there was basically no pixelation at fast movements when watching from near. When I came home TEN Sports looked like hell during fast movements. Why?

So you mean that TP4 will be coming in December or so? Could you hint at what the new channels are?

I,Robot said...

They have taken off SET MAX and replace it with that useless SET SAB since this evening.
Seems like Dtv people cant live without this useless unwanted channel.

bank_dude said...

Well... since these DTV people increase their retals, have you noticed that DTV installation vehicles are not moving around the cities like earlier. It has proven that sales have being dropped. When Muhunthan operating CBN and before the price hike under DTV, they sold lot of connections to customers. Basic logic is DTV people does not understand the customer's requirements. If you carefully analize CBN package structure, we can come into conclusion that CBN adressed customer's requirements perfectly. When they introduce HBO, lots of customers came to CBN including myself. Once they introduce ESPN and Star sports it was the same. Basic package we had at that time aimed to educational channels. Intermediate pack was a family pack which has all sports channels. Premium pack for entertainment. Once DTV tookover, family pack is a disaster and no sport channel for basic pack. Now it is worse. Premium package is out of reach for middle class families like us. Still I can remember when I first purchase my first mobile phone in 1998 and Dialog had limited coverage and lower call charges compare to other networks. Mine was Peak out 7/= incoming 1 min free for peak hours and it was a coperate package. They penetrated market well. DTV is not following Dialog's stratergy. People will buy their product if the product is within the reach. As we all know cost of living is getting high day by day and it is a common thing. To survive, DTV has to sell more connections rather than price hike. I personally feel that Lite 100 is also a failure. Correct me if I'm wrong but that is the truth. Due to this ruthless attitude of DTV people move to Dish TV. In a way DTV is helping to promote Dish TV and also helping India to strengthen their economy. Let us wait and see until SLT or someone comes with an alternative.

yakuza said...

agree with bank dude

the new packge prices are unrealistic. lack of common sense of the dtv marketing department is to be blamed.
what were they thinking

remember the old days when a KIT sim was rs.2500/=
now i think it is about rs. 400/=. cheap bastards now keep on giving all kinds of offers because of tight competiton.

LANKA INFO said...

SET SEB replaced to SET MAX temporally from last evening just for 2days due to some urgent maintaining.

Techno Guy: unable to confirm the TP 4 starting date.

CITI HITZ coming on December 10th 2007.

For more details Call 777679679

*** After the major upgrading in the transmission platform now the telecast is available in DV picture quality.

Dimu said...

Promo clips of the new channel (CITI HITZ ? ) is oing on at the moment.

It says uninterupted movie channel from 10th December 2007.

LANKA INFO said...

As I said earlier CiTi HiTz starting officially on tomorrow onwards & the test transmission available for all DTV Customers from last evening.

Looser said...

It says uninterupted Movie channel but shows the clips of old teledramas!

Actulally what is it?

TechnoGuy said...

CiTi HiTz

This is going to be Sri Lanka's first dedicated Movie Channel, and as in other worldwide movie channels such as HBO, it will probably broadcast tele-dramas as well.

CiTi HiTz is already showing shorts of various films/tele-dramas. Accoding to these shorts, CiTi HiTz will be broadcasting both old and new Sri Lankan productions.

They also have interviews with directors and actors, as well as "behind the scenes" videos. This makes CiTi HiTz come very close to the international HBO in terms of extra features. "A Local HBO".

Keeping with the Sri Lankan television traditions, CiTi HiTz is likely to broadcast music videos from various films between movies.

I'm impressed. Looks like Dialog can do a very good job if they want to.

Since I am a person who has only seen two local films in a cinema hall ("Sooriya Arana" and "Samanala Tathu") so far, this will be a great opportunity to witness Sri Lankan abilities in film-making.

This will be a sure selling point for Dialog Satellite Television in the future, especially if CiTi HiTz is available in the Rs.100/= package. If it goes any higher, the momentum will reduce.

Movie producers too won't grumble much about this. Their films will still gain popularity, and Dialog will pay for them. But cinema owners aren't going to be too happy. Yet still, Majestic Cinema, Liberty and Savoy still survive showing Western movies.

Overall I believe that CiTi HiTz is going to a real HiT tomorrow. I hope I won't be wrong.

LANKA INFO said...

God News for everyone,

From tomorrow onwards you can answer & win prices during the English Premier League football match using Dialog 9988 port no.

This is 1st time in sri lanka & the DTV Cx’s can vote for International satellite channel ON AIR competition.

For more details - 777679679

Priyantha De Silva said...

I wish " CitiHitz" to be a great movie channel around the world.

Well done DTV , introducing a new path. We know there'll be some ( Many) mistakes with the beginning. But, it's better to be do than postpone.

As TecnoGuy has said,
I also like to mention , don't leave it to the higher packages. this is the time to sell many DTV equipments around the country. First, sell them without expecting more profit. If someone has DTV 100 connection, He wants to watch others as well after some time . First, do it on cheapest way!

@ bank_dude ,

Yes, If we, (Normal) can get what's happening in the country and feel the heart beat of the middle and lower classes people,
Why the respectable people of DTV management can't get !

Yesterday, I heard from a respectable person of SLT,
Air tel of India is going to give Out call in any time in the day for any network, for Rs. 1.50 , going to start in Sri lanka in next two months.That's why mobitel, diolog and tigo are so much loving with us these days.

That's the competition, Hope it'll come for DTV as well.

yakuza said...

which channel is city hits on

619 said...


Its good to hear the Airtel news.

y the way.
In which package the CITY HITZ is going to add ?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled -"CiTi HiTz" launch today some new developments-


sahantv said...

why can Dialog tv ad up Sirasa and mtv shakthi tv.??? they all in capital maharaja group????